19+ Best Website Builders for Small Business [Ranked Below]

Reviewed By - Brian Lett 

A website builder is software that allows you to create a website using drag and drop commands. Many website builders include a variety of templates that you can use to create the website of your choice. Most of them also have drag and drop features that allow you to move and change different components of your website. You can also find templates for different purposes, such as for portfolios or e-commerce stores.

The right website builder must have easy drag and drop functionality, a user-friendly interface, and customer support. In addition, you should check if your builder is mobile-compatible. This will ensure that your website will be viewable on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. A website builder should also have an option for limiting the number of plugins it uses, which can negatively impact your website's performance.

Here, I have reviewed and ranked the 19+ best website builders for small business, plus my top picks so that you can choose the best one for your business.

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Zyro is a fantastic beginner-friendly website builder with the power to set up a fully functioning eCommerce website in no time.

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Squarespace is for anybody wanting to produce a stunning website or online store with hosting and domain included.

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Wix's powerful website builder allows you to quickly create stunning website with advanced SEO and marketing tools. 

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Weebly is a free website builder that makes it simple to create a blog, website or online store for nearly any niche.

best HostGator web hosting services

Gator Builder

Gator Builder automatically produces your website with an optimized layout and industry-specific web design.

shopify ecommerce website builder


The Shopify eCommerce platform is one of the best choices for online digital and physical sales processing.

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1. Zyro Review

Best Website Builder for Newbies and Small Business Owners (Starts at $2.99/month)

best small business website builder

Brian's Thoughts

Zyro by Hostinger claims the top spot when it comes to website builders for beginners and small business owners. This web builder provides it's users with everything that they need to bring their website to life. Furthermore, Zyro's customer service is always eager to help should you have any questions or need some guidance. 

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • 99.9% uptime
  • AI Heatmap
  • AI Logo Maker
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Photo library
  • Built-in CDN
  • All plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage
The Bad Stuff:
  • No free option
  • Unable to swap templates
  • Lack of advanced features

The Zyro website builder is extremely user-friendly and offers many great features. For example, you can create a logo with their free logo maker. Just enter your basic information, and it'll make a logo tailored to your business. Moreover, the site is mobile-friendly, which will display well on all devices. Many websites don't perform well on mobile devices, but Zyro's design will automatically optimize your site for mobile browsing. It also offers a mobile editor.

Why Zero's Website Builder Claimed the #1 Spot 

If you're looking for a website builder offering a free trial, look no further than the Zyro website builder. With a free trial, you can create your website and try it out to see if you like it. You'll also notice that all the themes and designs are mobile-responsive, which is fantastic for SEO. There are only a few extras you'll need to pay for, including a business email account and priority support.

a. User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Interface

If you're looking for a new host for your WordPress website, you've probably come across the Nexcess WordPress hosting review.

This hosting provider's native user interface is intuitive, and there's no learning curve. The features of Nexcess's performance monitoring tool, for example, are easy to use and fast.

But then, there are the free site migrations, performance monitoring tools, and performance monitoring dashboard, which make this host a good choice for beginners.

b. Outstanding Website Uptime

Boasting a 99.9% uptime, Zyro's service includes free cloud hosting, which helps ensure that all your websites have good performance and loading times. The company's servers also protect your site from DDoS attacks, resulting in unwanted downtime. In addition, the company's dedicated team is constantly improving its services and infrastructure so you can count on excellent uptime.

Zyro is a surprisingly affordable website builder - it costs just a fraction of the price of Squarespace and Wix. It is also straightforward to use. Of course, there are some tradeoffs - such as the lack of bells and whistles - but those won't matter much for small business owners.

Zyro's drag-and-drop website builder offers a lot of templates for different use cases. It's easy to customize these templates and use them in any way you want. The Zyro platform also has a heat map feature, showing where your visitors spend most of their time on a page.

c. Artificial Intelligence Heatmap (AI Heatmap)

Zyro's AI heatmap feature will help you determine which parts of your website attract visitors' attention. It also enables you to decide where to place your call-to-actions and buttons. By using this tool, you'll be able to optimize your site's layout and improve your conversion rates.

Zyro's website builder offers a robust suite of features, including multiple payment methods, advanced shipping options, and cross-channel selling. This website builder can also handle multiple languages and supports more than 70 payment gateways, credit cards, and shipping carriers. It also has AI tools that help manage your website.

Zyro is an easy-to-use website builder that provides excellent value for money, particularly for those who need a website to launch soon. Its intuitive site editor, free web hosting, and AI tools make creating a website easy and fuss-free.

d. Artificial Intelligence Logo Maker (AI Logo Maker)

One of the most attractive aspects of Zyro's AI Logo Maker is that it's free to use, and you don't need a designer to get started. Its design tools make it simple for anyone to create a professional logo, and its templates are high-quality.

You can use these logos for your website, social media profiles, and business cards. In addition, Zyro is known for its affordable prices, and its logo builder comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can even use Zyro's AI Website Generator to create a custom website. All you have to do is answer a few questions and make some fundamental design choices. The program will then generate a range of different site designs. If you don't like one of the designs, you can easily edit it.

The Zyro AI tool also allows you to generate catchy slogans for your business. It will also help you create unique and professional text content for your website.

As mentioned above, it can also generate heat maps, showing which parts of your website draw the most attention. This information will help you optimize your content and increase conversions.

e. Free SSL Certificate

To secure your website, you will get a Free SSL certificate when using Zyro. This certificate will make your site accessible to visitors on a secure connection. Furthermore, it will help Google update your results when you use HTTPS URLs. Updating your URL with HTTPS will speed up the crawling process if you are using the Google Search Console.

Speed is one of the most critical aspects of optimizing your website for SEO. Zyro has many features that help you improve your site's load time. This includes preloading images to make your site load faster. It also offers several SEO options and features to help increase your traffic and ranking. And all its plans come with a Free SSL certificate.

If you're looking to create an e-commerce site, Zyro has you covered. It has more than a dozen languages supported, real-time shipment tracking, favorites and wish lists, and a WYSIWYG editor that lets you create media-rich HTML product descriptions. Zyro also offers support for Stripe, PayPal, and 2Checkout.

f. Free Photo Library

The Photo Library is one of the many features available in Zyro. Its features will allow you to display various photos on your website. Thus, you can add as many as 100 pictures and manage them from the dashboard. To add products to your gallery, choose an image and type, set a price and sales price, and even add an SKU number.

Zyro offers a library of over one million license-free images. It also provides SEO-optimized descriptions for each photo. In addition, photos can be resized, positioned, and uploaded to the gallery. Using this library will allow you to create an attractive and professional-looking website.
Besides the Photo Library, Zyro offers other features to make your website more user-friendly.

As you know, one such feature is its in-built AI-powered tools. Its AI-powered tools include a website generator, a slogan generator, and a logo maker. This tool will help you build a website that will increase sales, and it will also help you optimize it for SEO.

g. Built-in CDN (Content Display Network)

When it comes to getting your website ranked in Google for the search terms that will drive targeted traffic to it, page load speed is an important factor. 

Using a CDN can make a huge difference in the performance of your website. It allows content to be cached on servers near the end user. This reduces network ping and the amount of data transferred across the network. It also improves security by blocking malware, bots, and spam. CDNs also offer features to filter traffic by country.

As a result of Zyro's built-in CDN, your website will load more quickly, keeping the search engine happy. 

h. All Plans Include Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

Zyro is a new website builder that provides powerful design tools. With its drag-and-drop website builder, you can create a website without coding skills. Unlimited bandwidth and storage are also included in the plans, along with a free domain name and three months of free email. The service also offers a wide variety of templates.

You can connect a Zyro website to your domain, create an online resume or curriculum vitae, or sell your services and products. If you don't plan to sell anything online, Zyro offers a free plan that is ideal for those who don't need an online store. You'll also get unlimited bandwidth, storage, and customer support.

Zyro's website builder is user-friendly; even beginners can create a website without coding. Users can choose from various templates or deploy an AI tool to design their site for them. Regardless of your choice, you'll be able to select a plan that fits your needs.

What I like/dislike about Zyro:


  • Beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Artificial Intelligence features make Zyro unique.
  • Fast and friendly customer support is available 24/7.


  • Zyro lacks the advanced features that you will find in Elementor. 

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2. Wix Review

The Most Popular Website Builder ( Personal websites start at $16/month; Ecommerce websites start at $27/month )

best website builder for small business

Brian's Thoughts

Wix is my second favorite when building your website quickly and easily. If you could benefit from a personalized service that echoes your brand, you need to look no more than Wix to meet your demands.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Has a free option
  • Offers several web design templates
  • Extremely user-friendly Editor X interface
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence
  • Superb eCommerce store features
  • Ability to sell digital downloads
  • Outstanding uptime and customer support
The Bad Stuff:
  • Unable to swap templates
  • Analytics data is limited
  • The responsive design does not always look good on mobile when first designed for desktop.

Wix offers a more flexible and faster design than many other website builders. Specifically, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence helps you intuitively design your site. It also makes backups for your site.

 However, there are better solutions for large websites. For example, its navigation menu cannot support more than two levels of deep substructures. It is also worth noting that the free version of Wix only includes some design elements and features. Also, Wix advertisements are not included in the free version.

There are many advantages to building a website with Wix. The website builder provides a variety of industry-specific layouts, allowing you to easily customize your website. You can move elements around, add your own fonts, upload graphics, and even install apps.

a. Web Design Options

Wix allows users to customize their websites, including their fonts and colors. This allows for creative control. For example, users can choose a particular color scheme and their favorite typeface. Likewise, they can change the layout of their website at a later date. In addition, Wix offers a range of design templates to choose from, including a traditional site.

Wix's website builder allows users to edit and add new pages to their websites. They can also edit the website menus and create visual transitions between pages. They can also change their background colors, select an image for the header, add a title, and use various other elements. However, users must upgrade to use some of these advanced features.

Choosing a layout is a crucial step in creating a website. Wix's drag-and-drop editor allows users to move elements anywhere they wish on a page. Wix also offers an extensive library of tutorial videos that walk users through the site builder and customization options. The videos are available in Wix's main menu. Once the site is live, users should receive a message confirming that it is live. They should also receive a direct link to the site.

In addition to designing websites, Wix offers a range of apps to support your online business. Wix apps cover everything from restaurant ordering to interactive quizzes. They provide a modern interface and look great. Using Wix apps is an excellent way to stay competitive. They also allow users to chat with other users and customize their websites.

Wix's site-building interface uses right-click context menus, a feature many other site builders miss. These menus enable users to easily edit text and images. They can even customize the layout of each page, adding new pages or changing the navigation hierarchy. They also can password-protect individual pages or require a membership sign-in.

b. The Editor X Adventure

Wix's editor X feature makes it easy to build responsive websites without coding a single line of code. It includes drag-and-drop tools, flexbox technology, and custom breakpoints to make your design unique and fit any screen size. Editor X also comes with designer-made templates.

Editor X makes it easy to create responsive websites with fluid-responsive designs. Breakpoints allow you to change the layout of individual elements based on screen size, preventing unnecessary resizes and broken images. You can customize breakpoints and have your site responsive with a button.

With Editor X, you can create an online store, accept subscriptions, or create bookings and restaurant orders. It also has advanced design tools, like a super-flexible CSS grid layout. You can also easily dock, anchor, and stack elements. In addition, Editor X features three pricing tiers: Starter, Premium, and Enterprise.

Wix Editor X is user-friendly and intuitive, but it has drawbacks. Its editor is more flexible than Wix's, but it allows you to modify many aspects of the site. It also lacks support articles, but you can always use the Wix callback service. Wix has promised more templates in the future.

Wix Editor X is designed to make creating websites as easy as possible. All of the templates available on the platform are mobile-friendly and fully responsive. They also have a lot of useful plugins for increasing the functionality of your site. And they allow you to preview your designs on different devices. And the templates are sleek and sophisticated. These features can help your website look professional and professionally present your business.

Editor X also offers a wide range of design choices. For example, it allows you to change the font and color scheme without rebuilding the entire website. In addition, Wix has a robust media library with video animations and vector art graphics. With a Combo plan, you can have 20 templates to choose from. You can also opt for a higher premium plan without any ads.

c. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

Wix's Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) can automatically create an elegant and customized website for your business. Wix's ADI uses ten years of data from 86 million users to make the website that best suits your business. In addition, it can add images and change the layout and content of your site as needed.

The Wix editor is filled with features and options that can be intimidating for new users. Wix offers several third-party apps that can enhance your site. You can choose from hundreds of designs and customize the look of your website. Wix also provides an automatic backup feature, which means your site won't be lost after going live.

Wix's ADI also adapts its website to different devices and browsers. As a result, Wix websites load quickly and respond to user input. Unfortunately, many DIY website owners need more time to experiment with their designs to see if they look good on all devices.

Wix's AI-powered website editor has a drag-and-drop interface similar to PowerPoint. Plus, it lets you control your site's content and aesthetic. 

Wix ADI also asks you a series of questions to determine the look and content of your website. After you answer the questions, the system will generate a customized website for your business. Wix ADI also offers you a variety of features to further customize the look and content of your site.

Wix is a cloud-based website builder. It offers more than 500 templates designed by professionals. It also allows you to customize and change text and content. The system is very user-friendly, and Wix provides tutorials to help you navigate the website-building process.

d. Excellent eCommerce Capabilities

Wix is an excellent choice for people who need an eCommerce solution that's easy to manage. The platform offers comprehensive eCommerce features and supports physical and digital products. It also features real-time shipping and multiple payment options. 

However, it's one drawback that it doesn't support Amazon integration. If you are looking for an excellent eCommerce solution that's easy to manage and has a high customer satisfaction rate, Wix is a perfect choice.

Wix is an excellent option for those who want to invest in something other than a single site builder. While it doesn't come cheap, its plans offer value you won't find with other similar platforms. For example, the Combo plan is affordable and provides a reasonable range of features. 

Moreover, the Business Unlimited plan offers the best bang for your eCommerce dollar. Wix also offers three different types of support for its users.

Wix's eCommerce templates offer many features, including customizable shopping carts and SEO tools. It also allows users to calculate sales tax automatically. Wix has a wide variety of templates, and users can filter them by industry. 

Before choosing a template, however, users should note that it's impossible to switch themes after publishing. Furthermore, Wix's templates are mobile responsive. As a premium service, Wix also offers an additional benefit - no Wix ads!

Wix has a simple interface with a small number of buttons for creating a website. However, it's important to note that its integration with Amazon is more complex than its counterparts. Users looking to integrate with Amazon will probably want to look elsewhere. 

Another drawback of Wix is that it takes more work to customize later. As such, Wix is best suited for self-starters and is not as complex as BigCommerce or Shopify.

e. Blogging Tools

Wix is one of the top choices for building a website for creative businesses. Compared to many other website builders, Wix lets you build a site with drag-and-drop functionality. Many digital company owners understand that creating a website is only worthwhile with the proper tools to make their sites effective.

Wix has an easy-to-use interface that gives you complete control over the appearance of your website. Its user-friendly software allows you to quickly create a website without programming skills. Furthermore, you can avoid getting stuck in the middle of designing and building your site. It even offers SEO and marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Wix has a wide range of templates for both personal and business websites. Wix is also very affordable, and you don't need coding experience to use the program. You can even take advantage of premium features that cost a few monthly dollars. Wix's templates will make you feel like you built your own website!

Many website builders require 24-36 month contracts. Wix offers a flexible plan where you can upgrade your website as you like. For example, you can add a premium service for $5 a month. You can also cancel at any time. Wix also offers security features. The service provides a secure server; you won't have to worry about hackers and spammers attacking your website.

Another advantage of Wix is that it makes engaging with people through your website easy. You can invite customers and employees to provide feedback, and copywriters can fill in placeholders. This helps ensure that your website is optimized for search engines.

f. Online Folder for Photos and Videos

The Wix Online Folder for Photos and Videos lets you store your photos, videos, and other files in the cloud. It has several great features, including an image editor. The photo editor allows you to crop, resize, and enhance images. 

It also allows you to add text and background overlays. You can even choose whether to make your uploaded files public or private. However, remember that photos and videos may be stored in a different country than where you registered.

If you're a beginner, Wix has an extensive tutorial center, including tips and videos. It also has a handy photo album creator that guides you through the process. You can also set your Wix gallery to private and only let specific clients view it. 

Another great tool is the Wix Photo Album App, which you can download from the App Store.

g. Mobile Sites

Building a website with Wix is easy and fast. It has several built-in features and an editor that guides you step by step. For example, the Wix editor prompts you to input information about your business, like your business name, category, address, social networks, and contact information. Once you've done that, you can create a minimal viable website in about 5 minutes, with just a few changes.

Wix comes with over 500 professionally designed templates. These templates are easily customizable to meet the needs of any business. They are responsive and optimized for mobile devices. You can even customize them with your branding and animations. Wix also offers a sanity check to ensure your website looks great and matches your added content.

Wix offers a range of plans at affordable prices. The Combo plan has the right features and flexibility for most budgets. If you're looking to sell a product, the Business Unlimited plan is the best option. Wix also allows you to choose the type of website you'd like to create and the editor you'll use.

Wix offers hundreds of templates that can be customized to meet your needs and your budget. The Wix editor also has a drag-and-drop site builder, which allows you to make changes to the look and feel of your website. 

In addition, its AI-based system is a powerful design tool, which means you can customize every aspect of your site and add additional content. Moreover, it can help you create a website in minutes.

Nonetheless, Wix has some limitations. For instance, it is unsuitable for a content-heavy site and only supports two levels of navigation. It also doesn't allow you to export your blog posts and content. However, once you're done with the initial setup, Wix is easy to use.

h. Wix Code

One of the main benefits of building a website with Wix code is that it allows you to easily translate your site into other languages. Wix also offers the ability to customize your coding. The Wix App Market is an ecosystem of apps you can install to add features or new functionality to your website.

Wix also offers various templates for different types of sites. This means you can choose your site's look and content without much effort. Wix templates come preloaded with content and allow you to add your own content or replace the existing data. In addition, the website editor is easy to use and will only take five minutes to master.

Wix also allows you to upload videos to your website. This feature is only available with a few competing website builders. Other sites, such as Squarespace, only allow you to import videos from external sources. Furthermore, Wix offers over 800 templates, compared to 140 with Squarespace. These templates look professional and attractive.

Wix also offers three different editors. The ADI editor is great for those who need more confidence in their HTML skills. The ADI editor will ask you a few questions and build a primary site for you. You can use the standard editor if you have more experience and want to customize a Wix template. Both editors are mobile-friendly.

Wix also offers powerful analytics and marketing tools. With these tools, you can track and analyze visitor behavior in real-time. As a result, you can make informed decisions using the Wix platform and improve your website's performance.

i. Outstanding Wix Customer Support

If you have a question for Wix, you can reach Customer Care via live chat or an online contact form. Live chat is available 24/7, and agents respond quickly. In addition, they can help you with your specific issue and provide advice. You can also find relevant articles on Wix's site or request a callback.

Wix has an extensive knowledge base that is searchable and updated regularly. Understanding customer support's value is essential, mainly when your website depends on it. Many businesses want to rely on themselves rather than other companies for help. So a good knowledge base is essential to get started with Wix.

Wix provides nearly 1,000 templates for building a website. While they may not be as visually impressive as Squarespace's, Wix's templates offer more customization options. For example, Wix allows you to drag and drop different elements on a page. 

Wix also allows you to place your components anywhere on the page. Most other website editors force you to stick to a grid, making mobile sites look odd.

Wix allows you to accept credit cards, PayPal, Square, and Stripe for payment. A small fee is added to each transaction. Wix offers seven paid plans, a free-for-life plan, and a 14-day money-back guarantee for all plans. It also has a help center where you can find answers to common questions. You can even contact Wix developers by email for support.

Wix is an excellent option for small businesses. Its user interface is intuitive and powerful. The software also comes with several apps and features. For instance, you can use Wix to run an online store, manage your email marketing, or set up an appointment booking system.

j. Excellent Load Speed and Uptime

Wix has numerous data centers worldwide, and your website will always be served by the data center closest to where your visitors are located. This will ensure the fastest possible load times for your site. 

Wix has also optimized its site viewer and reduced IFrames to make animations load faster on desktop and mobile devices. This will help your website load more quickly than ever before.

Wix is also highly secure. It rarely experiences downtime and has highly reliable infrastructure. Wix is built on a fully managed infrastructure, so your site will be highly reliable even in extreme circumstances. There is no need for you to purchase your own server or manage updates. Wix is an all-in-one solution that will ensure you can focus on the things that matter most to your users.

Wix is also easy to use for eCommerce. Setting up products and payment methods is easy. The platform also offers various features for eCommerce, including tracking profit margins and adding cost-of-goods information to products. However, if you plan on making money from your website, you'll need to upgrade to the Business Unlimited plan to use the full features of Wix's eCommerce tools.

Another feature of Wix that makes it easy for small businesses to update their content is the ability to integrate Google and other services. Although Wix makes SEO easy for novice website owners, it has a few limitations for growing sites that rely on non-branded organic search. Wix also doesn't have a comprehensive marketing suite, so you'll need to hire a professional to optimize the website for SEO.

Wix has a great list of features and offers a free trial for new users. Plus, annual plans come with a free domain name and SSL certificate. Additionally, you can also download valuable integrations from the Wix App Market. 

The Wix App Market also offers suggestions on optimizing your site for SEO and marketing. In addition, Wix Ascend adds email marketing, social posts, and personalized notifications.

What I like/dislike about Wix:


  • Outstanding uptime and load speed.
  • Does not charge additional transaction fees.
  • Several customization opportunities. 
  • Very intuitive and easy to follow.
  • Incredibly user-friendly Editor X interface.


  • The free trial does not allow you to accept payments. 
  • Once you choose a template, you unable to switch to a new template.

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3. Gator Website Builder by HostGator

Easy and Inexpensive (starting at $3.46/month)

website building from HostGator

Brian's Thoughts

The Gator Website Builder offers the easy-to-use Gator Website Builder, a powerful tool that features gorgeous templates, fantastic uptime, and the capacity to sell products—even digital downloads. This well-rounded website builder has everything you need to sell products or grow your blog.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Fantastic prices
  • Incredibly user-friendly editor
  • Outstanding social media integration
  • Beautiful, modern templates
  • Well-designed interface
  • Allows you to switch themes easily
  • Royalty-free stock photos included
  • Excellent uptime
  • Every plan allows you to accept some form of payment
The Bad Stuff:
  • No free plan offered
  • Unable to schedule future blog posts
  • Not for complex sites

a. Gator Website Builder Common Uses

i. Online Stores

The Gator Website Builder has a feature called eCommerce, which allows you to create an online store. By following the instructions in the setup wizard, you can set up and manage products. You can also set up different shipping methods and integrate PayPal, Stripe cards, and Cash on Delivery.

Gator is a good option if you want a simple and cost-effective website builder. It offers a Starter plan and a Premium plan that comes with priority support. The Starter plan has basic features, but does not offer the most customization options. If you're a beginner, Gator is probably not the best choice for you.

Gator offers 200 professional design templates, a stock photo library, and ecommerce functionalities. It also has a social media management tool that will help you manage your site. It also features no ads and free SSL certificates. The Gator website builder makes creating a website easy for beginners, as well as for people with web design experience.

Gator provides 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat. The Premium and higher plans also come with priority support. Additionally, Gator includes a forum where you can interact with other Gator users. The forum is an excellent resource for troubleshooting and getting answers to any questions you might have.

Gator's editor features a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to drag elements onto the page. This is very similar to the editing features of PowerPoint. It also includes an onboarding tutorial. The Gator interface is fast and easy to use, and the customization possibilities become apparent as you use it.

Another great feature of Gator is its ability to manage products. The tool allows you to manage both physical and digital products. The Gator platform has an analytics suite and a lot of media content storage, making it ideal for businesses with a large amount of media content.

Gator also has a feature called "post preview" that makes it easy to edit and preview a post. It's available in every Gator plan, so you won't have to pay extra for it.

Another feature that Gator offers is a blog section. This feature is separate from the builder and opens in a clean interface. Gator's blogging features include media and basin formatting tools, making it easy to set up beautiful pages.

You can choose your own blog theme separately from your website theme, or you can opt for free stock images.

ii. Business Websites

Gator offers a range of features that are ideal for business websites. These features include advanced email marketing tools, integrated lead capture forms, landing pages, CRM, and more.

In addition, the design section comes packed with several customizable tools. Gator also allows you to create your own blog.

Getting started with Gator is easy. The onboarding process is straightforward, and the dashboard offers quick access to tools and settings.

You can easily resize and change the appearance of texts and images, as well as add images from your computer or from stock images. Moreover, Gator offers easy-to-use features to embed social media, blogs, and videos.

You can choose from over 200 professional design templates for your website. The software comes with a free SSL certificate, which makes it more secure for visitors. It also offers unlimited content, bandwidth, and visitors.

Gator also provides free website analytics. You can also easily customize your website using the Gator website builder's drag-and-drop interface.

Gator's website builder has built-in logo maker, which is useful for creating logos for business websites. In addition, it has a massive gallery of layouts and images. Other features include social media integration, which helps boost your website's traffic.

Social media links automatically attach to your pages, and a contact form lets people easily get in touch with you.

You can track visitors' behavior by checking the website's analytics dashboard. It offers detailed data on the number of unique visitors per month, bounce rate, and session duration. You can also get an overview of your site's visitors and categorize them by geography, language, and more.

Among the most popular business website builders, HostGator has plenty of features for small and mid-size businesses. 

iii. Blogs

If you want to create a blog for your website, you'll need a tool that can create it. Gator Website Builder has an editor that allows you to customize your blog to your liking.

You can edit the theme of your blog to create a professional and eye-catching page. Gator allows you to import a number of free images and videos to make your blog stand out.

Gator is a website builder that comes with an easy-to-understand onboarding tutorial and a variety of tools that are easy to use. It lets you change fonts and colors, as well as add stock images and embed social media. It's simple, yet effective for creating a professional website.

The Gator Website Builder also comes with a free built-in Logo Maker. In addition, it offers an extensive gallery of images and layouts. The platform also has built-in SEO functionality that allows you to increase your traffic and monitor your local competition. The Gator Website Builder is easy to use, and the HostGator support team is available around the clock.

In addition to Gator Website Builder's easy-to-use features, the software has the capability to integrate social media features and e-commerce features. The software also combines the extensive experience of the HostGator web hosting company with the knowledge of a website builder.

Creating a website from scratch is difficult, time-consuming, and often expensive. That's why Gator Website Builder offers a simple, easy-to-use interface and affordable prices. It's also a great choice for personal websites or small businesses.

Gator Website Builder's eCommerce features let you add an online store to your website. You can sell digital products and physical goods.

You can import product catalogs into Gator using an Excel or CSV file. It also supports discount codes and integrated shipping. Gator Website Builder also allows you to add global variants and different categories of products.

iv. Portfolios

While Gator seems to be a simple website builder, it has a lot of power and customization options. You can use up to 15 elements to create a stunning website. Once you have your theme and template, you can start building your website.

Gator comes with a free custom domain, so you can keep your site after the billing plan is finished. It also lets you set up a custom email address. It works with Thunderbolt email, Mac Mail, and Microsoft Outlook.

Gator also comes with a built-in logo maker, which helps you create an impressive logo and get your site noticed by your potential customers. There's also a large gallery of layouts and images to choose from. The built-in storefront also lets you sell physical or digital products.

GATOR also allows you to set up contact forms for your visitors. These forms allow them to get in touch with you if they have any questions or need assistance. This is especially helpful for web stores and sites that provide services. GATOR also offers live chat support, which is convenient for people who want to communicate with the website's owner.

Gator also lets you integrate social networks into your site. This feature is great for people who don't have a lot of website building experience. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for even beginners to create their own website within a matter of minutes. The social media integration also makes Gator a great choice for sites with plenty of media content or those who offer a service.

The best portfolio website builder is the one that offers an SEO-optimized design. It doesn't require you to learn how to code and it's easy to match the vision of the business website creator.

It also doesn't require you to learn new skills, which is important for anyone creating a portfolio website. A user-friendly system is necessary for creating a stunning portfolio.

Gator also offers multiple plans for its website builder. The Express Start plan costs $3.84 per month, but includes a free SSL certificate, 3 email campaigns per month, and a three-product online store. It also comes with priority support and appointment booking.

Gator also offers a free trial, so you can test it out before making the decision to use it.

b. The Three Gator Website Builder Plans

If you're considering using the Gator website builder to start your business, you may be wondering which plan is right for you. There are three different plans: the Express Start Plan, the Express Site Plan, and the Express Store Plan. Each plan has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the top three reasons to go with one of these plans.

i. Express Start Plan

If you're just starting out, a Gator Website Builder Express Start Plan is likely a great option for you. This package includes unlimited storage space and a free custom Gator domain. This package offers an attractive look to a business website, and includes integrated automated shipping and social media features.

The Gator Website Builder Express Start Plan also comes with a quick start guide that covers everything you need to get your site up and running. It also allows you to add a variety of products, including those for digital download. You can even add multiple product categories and global variants. The website builder comes with a complete set of tools for adding and managing products.

Regardless of the type of website you're planning to create, Gator's platform is easy to use. The dashboard is streamlined and includes easy-to-understand instructions and a site swapper. It also allows you to add cool image features, integrate social media posts, embed videos, and more.

You can even change the font on your site or edit your text. Gator offers several templates that will help you create the ideal website for your business. In addition, the website builder has the ability to embed videos and blogs. You can add social media profiles through the Gator website builder.

ii. Express Site Plan

The Gator Website Builder Express Site Plan comes with unlimited space and a custom Gator domain, which you can keep. The plan offers a professional look to your business website, along with integrated automated shipping and social media features. It also comes with priority support. You can choose a monthly or yearly plan to get the most out of your Gator Website Builder.

The Gator Website Builder Express Site Plan is an affordable option for building a website. It has unlimited features, including a free domain name, bundled SSL certificate, unlimited storage, a responsive design, and 24/7 support. You can choose from three different plans: Express Site, Basic Site Plan, and Business Plan.

The Gator Website Builder features an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design. It comes with 24/7 support and a free subdomain, though you can purchase an additional one if you wish. Prices are competitive, too, and the Express Site Plan comes with unlimited storage and page limits. You can also purchase an e-commerce site if you want to sell products or services on your website.

The eCommerce plan comes with additional features, including shipping and tax calculations. You can add physical and digital products to your website, and set up time-based downloads or unlimited downloads of the same product. You can also choose to add product listings from a variety of catalog formats. All of these features allow you to manage your store and make it easier to accept payments through Stripe.

iii. Express Store Plan

The Gator Website Builder Express Store Plan comes with a range of features and benefits. It includes a step-by-step quick setup guide and includes all the tools you need to get started selling products online. It also includes features such as importing a CSV file, manual product addition, integrated shipping, discounts, and discount codes. This plan also supports the creation of multiple products, categories, and global variants.

The Express Store Plan comes with unlimited storage space and a free custom Gator domain that you can keep. This plan also gives your business website a professional look and offers features like priority support and integrated automated shipping. You can also integrate social media with the Express Store plan. The Express Store plan also offers features such as online appointment booking and priority customer support.

The Express Store Plan comes with several features, including appointment features and AI-based premade sections. It is the most affordable website builder plan available, with prices ranging from $3.46 per month for an Express Starter plan to $8.30 per month for two years. You can also purchase additional features as a part of this plan.

The Gator Website Builder is an all-in-one website builder that is available with the HostGator web hosting platform. This option is perfect for small businesses and beginners, as it comes with a drag-and-drop editor. You can also choose between two editing options: a Traditional editor with a collection of templates, or an Express editor which provides a quick solution for automatic template building. The Gator Website Builder Express Store Plan is perfect for businesses who want to get started quickly and without hiring a professional web designer.

c. Is Gator Website Builder User-Friendly?

Gator Website Builder comes with many features and options for building a website. The Premium plan offers year-round customer support, available via phone, email, and live chat. You can also upgrade to priority support if you require a high level of assistance. 

The support center of Gator Website Builder also features a user forum and staff contributions that can help you troubleshoot any problems you may have.

i. Traditional Website Builder

While Gator Website Builder may seem like a traditional website builder, it offers many customization options. For example, users can add sections and drag and drop elements to create a custom website. 

The user interface is fast and easy to navigate, gradually revealing more features as you explore the program. There are eight large icons that you can click on to access various menus with sub-choices.

There are also in-depth tutorials that walk you through every step of the site-building process. Gator is also a comprehensive solution that includes domain registration, hosting, RSS feeds, social media integration, and other essential tools for a successful website. The website builder is easy enough to use that even beginners can set up a website in minutes. Moreover, it includes many features that can help you track your visitors and analyze their behavior, including search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics.

Although GATOR doesn't offer free trials, it does offer competitive paid plans. The eCommerce plan offers eCommerce functionality, inventory management, and downloadable digital products up to 1GB. GATOR is an excellent option if you're looking to create an eCommerce site. You can also integrate live social media feeds into your web pages.

While Gator Website Builder doesn't include a blogging platform by default, it offers users this option. After selecting a blog, you'll need to choose a template to determine the look of the posts and pages on your website. You'll also find a management page for your blog that lets you view posts in tile format and toggle the RSS feed on and off.

Gator Website Builder comes with enough features for a small business website but also offers some extra bonuses. For example, it includes built-in functionality for accepting PayPal payments and collecting email addresses, which other website builders don't provide. It is also much more affordable than other website builders.

ii. Gator Website Builder Editor

The Gator Website Builder Editor is a user-friendly tool that lets you create an attractive and functional website. It allows you to set up contact forms so that website visitors can reach you directly. These forms are essential for online stores or websites that provide services. If you're having trouble creating your website, you can contact Gator through its help center.

Gator's streamlined dashboard provides an overview of the process and main options. It also offers an easy-to-follow guide for the next steps. You can also choose from different templates and add content easily. There are also tools to manage a blog, use social media advertising, and send email messages. You can also link to apps for your websites, such as the App Market and LogoMaker.

There is an SEO settings section available in the Gator Website Builder Editor. This feature allows you to customize your text, logo, and background easily. You can also add a blog page or set up an eCommerce store. It also offers several marketing tools, like email marketing, newsletters, and eCommerce plans.

The Gator Website Builder Editor has an onboarding tutorial. You can change the size of your text, edit fonts, switch colors, and add cool features like social media links, videos, and blogs. The Gator Website Builder Editor makes it easy for anyone to create a website. The templates provided are organized by category, making it easy to choose a template for your site.

While the Gator Website Builder Editor may not have all of the bells and whistles of higher-end website builders, it is still an excellent choice for small businesses. The platform is reliable and offers 24/7 customer service.

iii. Gator Website Builder Dashboard

The Gator Website Builder Dashboard is very user-friendly and offers many options for customizing your website. For example, you can drag elements around and add sections to your site as you see fit. 

It also lets you edit fonts and colors. Moreover, you can add images from your PC or from stock images. In addition, you can embed videos, blogs, and social media into your site.

Gator's website builder comes with a free custom domain that you can keep even if your billing plan expires. You can also choose a custom email address to connect with your site. It supports Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbolt email, and Mac Mail. In addition, it supports PayPal integration and Stripe card support.

Gator provides comprehensive site-building solutions that are perfect for beginners and professionals alike. A quick onboarding process is a crucial advantage of Gator. In addition, the software is easy to use and doesn't require any coding knowledge or specialized software. Within minutes, you can have a live website.

Gator Website Builder's Dashboard is very user-friendly and intuitive and offers 24/7 customer support. In addition, the pricing plan is competitive, with unlimited domains and hosting included. 

Unlike Wix, Gator Website Builder comes with a domain, hosting, and unlimited storage. You can also choose a plan with e-commerce functionality and priority support.

Their reputation for quality service has led to the recent release of Gator Website Builder, which is designed to be simple. Besides the free domain and hosting, the Gator Website Builder also comes with a shopping cart and eCommerce plans.

 In addition, the Gator Website Builder dashboard is built in-house and provides a super-fast web experience.

iv. Gator Website Builder Templates

Gator Website Builder templates are easy to use and fully customizable. The software includes many elements like contact forms, images, live feeds, and music. In addition, the software comes with a short tutorial that explains how to use it. This helps you get started quickly and learn how to use it.

Gator is a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to customize their website's design and layout easily. Moving items on Gator is as simple as moving slides on PowerPoint. It has similar options, such as changing background colors and text size. Gator also comes with an onboarding tutorial that walks users through the steps of using the software.

Gator also includes a drag-and-drop editor, which makes editing and building a website easy for those without much website-building experience. In addition, pre-defined sections on each page break up the work and make it easier to complete. It also provides dummy content for all pages.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Gator Website Builder templates, you can contact the support team 24 hours a day. They offer phone, email, and live chat support. The Premium plan also comes with priority support. A forum is also available to help users with the platform.

Gator website builder has an array of business features, including blog functionality. However, the software is more suitable for beginners, lacking many advanced features. On the other hand, it is easy to use, and the interface is minimalist and clean. The software also allows users to easily customize blog posts, which is ideal for the beginner.

d. How Does Gator Website Builder Perform for eCommerce?

There are a few factors to consider when building an eCommerce website. One of them is whether or not you want to sell digital products. 

Gator eCommerce offers features allowing you to sell physical and digital products. You can also create product variants. 

These variations will be visible to your website customers. In addition, Gator eCommerce also integrates with Shippo, which helps you manage and sell your products efficiently.

i. Product Management

If you're looking for a powerful website builder for eCommerce, Gator offers a few plans to help you manage your products. Gator has a help center where you can find videos and other images to solve everyday problems. You can also get priority support for your website, but this service is only offered with the Premium plan.

Gator has a good product management tool, and it also has an integrated logo maker. It also features an extensive gallery of images and layouts. You can also integrate social media accounts for better promotion, automatically adding social media links to your pages. 

Gator also has a quick setup guide to help you start your store. This guide will walk you through adding products and using the eCommerce system.

The eCommerce system can support products with different categories and variants. It can also support digital products, which can help you reach your goals faster.

Gator's dashboard is simple and easy to navigate. It links various options, including a site swapper that lets you switch between different sites with a single click. 

You can also access tools to manage your blog, email marketing, and social media advertising. The Gator website builder also includes an app for logo creation.

Gator Builder allows you to edit text, sort images, and embed cool features. The user interface is simple, and intuitive and allows anyone to create a website. 

The editor has easy-to-use tools that will enable you to create a professional-looking website. You can choose the design and layout you want to use and customize the look of your website and blog.

ii. Shipping

Gator Website Builder's Shippo integration for physical shipping makes it easy to ship physical products from your online store.

It allows your customers to choose from various shipping carriers and shipping times, and it will automatically calculate shipping fees based on the product description.

Once you've configured your shipping settings, you can quickly generate shipping labels for your clients. 

In addition to shipping labels, the Shippo integration makes it easy to set up shipping times and carriers. In addition, it includes a free email marketing tool that helps you attract more customers.

For international shipments, Shippo can connect you to various shipping carriers. Its automated system processes millions of monthly shipments for more than 25,000 companies. 

You can get rates, create labels, and track your packages in one place. There's also an option to disable the Shippo Integration if you need more customization options.

If you're a small online business, Shippo will allow you to automate many aspects of your fulfillment operations. For example, you can automatically calculate taxes, adjust shipping policies, and even offer free shipping for large purchases.

Shippo is the preferred solution for international shipping. However, it is worth noting that it does not handle international returns.

Plus, Shippo offers shipping solutions that are branded by famous couriers, which provide direct integration to your online store.

Nevertheless, I did notice some areas where Shippo can improve. These areas include several essential customer services and client experience features, such as delivery date prediction, branded tracking page, and cross-selling features. 

Also, it does not have a mobile app for tracking orders, but it has a web-based dashboard where you can track orders and get updates on their progress.

For these reasons, I would like to see Gator Builder integrate with more shipping partners who can offer these important features. 

iii. Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your eCommerce website is to use a good SEO tool. A good SEO tool should be easy to use and give your website an edge over competitors.

In addition to phenomenal shipping integration, Gator Website Builder for eCommerce has essential SEO tools. For example, it can help optimize URLs, page titles, and alt text.

Plus you can customize your site by making it mobile-friendly. That means that mobile visitors will be able to easily access your website from any device. Gator Website Builder can help you achieve that.

Getting started with Gator is simple and easy. Its drag-and-drop editor makes setting up your website a breeze. You can customize the fonts and sizes of your text, use various fonts and colors, and even embed social media and blog posts. This allows you to create a website that is easy to navigate and search engine-optimized.

Gator Website Builder is intuitive and powered by artificial intelligence. You can start with a simple website by providing a few details about your business, uploading your logo, and tweaking the design. Its AI will build your website automatically. Gator Website Builder also has a drag-and-drop feature.

iv. Marketing

Gator Builder is an excellent platform for creating an online store and selling products. It has a built-in wizard that makes adding products easy, supporting categories and product variants. The builder even lets you sell digital products. 

Gator also features a built-in logo maker that lets you design a custom logo. This helps customers recognize your store. In addition, the tool has an extensive gallery of images and layouts that you can use to create your logo. 

You can also integrate your social media accounts to increase traffic. The social media buttons automatically attach to your pages. The site also features a contact form for easy customer contact.

Using Gator, it is easy to create a site. The layout is intuitive, and editing elements are accessible. The editor is very similar to Wix and PowerPoint. Gator has an onboarding tutorial that can help you get started. However, you should know that Gator does not offer drag-and-drop features.

Another great feature of Gator is its blogging platform. This tool offers a variety of blog templates that seamlessly integrate with the rest of the website. In addition, it has a tab that organizes your blog posts. You can manage these posts easily. Gator is an excellent platform for beginners who want to sell online.

Gator Website Builder is an excellent option for those who want to create an online store and sell products. It has powerful eCommerce features and is affordable. It is also backed by powerful website hosting. In addition, the platform can be upgraded as your business grows.

v. Analytics

The Analytics for Gator Website Builder for eCommerce provides a wealth of information about your online store. It includes information on unique visitors, total visits, page views, bounce rate, and time spent on the site. 

Furthermore, the dashboard also offers links to social media advertising and blog management tools. In addition, you can add a custom logo and use a social media feed for marketing your products.

This eCommerce website builder is straightforward to use and comes packed with features. It is easy to navigate, has switchable templates, and is excellent for beginners. The interface is clean and straightforward, and the website builder is compatible with mobile devices. Other Gator features include coupons, inventory management, and a shipping calculator.

The Gator website builder is also inexpensive compared to other eCommerce solutions. Its pricing is much more affordable than specialized eCommerce solutions and comes with significant business and marketing tools. 

There are several plans to choose from, with lower-priced plans having fewer features. You can also select a premium plan with unlimited storage and no transaction fees.

The Gator website builder has three pricing plans, each offering a range of features. For example, a start-up plan costs $3.46 per month, while the Premium plan costs $5.39. 

For businesses, the Gator Website Builder for eCommerce plan comes with a priority support system and 24/7 customer service. If you don't like the Gator website builder, you can always try another plan until you find the best one for your business.

The Gator Builder for eCommerce is also quick and has a high uptime. As a result, it's an excellent choice for beginners.

e. Is Gator Website Builder a Good Option for Bloggers?

Bloggers looking for a platform to create and manage their blogs can check out Gator. This platform offers many features, including easy-to-customize designs and fonts. You can also integrate social media responses, create blog posts, and add different elements to your posts. 

The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, and you can manage your site easily. It also includes apps from App Market, which allows you to integrate new features and applications with your blog.

i. Easy to use

Gator's website-building platform has a clean interface and straightforward navigation. The dashboard has various tools for managing your blog, email marketing, social media advertising, and more. It also includes links to the App Market and LogoMaker. Once you've decided to use the platform, the next step is to pick a design theme. After that, you can begin editing the page's content.

The Gator Website Builder offers more features than other website-building platforms, including mobile-friendly templates, G Suite productivity tools, and e-commerce features. Furthermore, there is a free domain and the ability to upgrade your website as you grow. You can even host your site with HostGator.

Adding content to your blog is easy with Gator. It has a wide selection of blog themes; you can customize them with fonts, colors, and design elements. Each post is easy to add and edit. The Gator dashboard has easy-to-use tools for formatting text, images, and video. Gator also allows you to add new applications from the App Market to add more features to your website.

For those who want a website with a little more customization, Gator offers a free logo maker and massive galleries of templates. It also provides social media integration, which helps you increase traffic by automatically attaching links to your social media accounts. It also has a built-in contact form so people can contact you quickly.

Gator offers several plans, from starter to premium, for as low as $3.46 a month. It also provides a free trial. You can even opt for priority support. In addition to website building, Gator offers an eCommerce plan for $8.30 a month which is very affordable for beginners. The company's support team is always available to help.

Gator is a new website builder from HostGator, a web host with a strong reputation for quality service. The site-building platform is easy to use and comes with a free domain name. It also offers an eCommerce plan with a built-in shopping cart. Gator also has an SSL certificate, which is essential for security.

Shopify is another excellent website-building platform that requires a lot of time and effort. Its fees for payment processing are higher than other website builders, but it has more features than the free alternatives. For example, it offers a native shopping cart solution, more than 300 themes, and native image editing tools.

ii. Easy to integrate social media responses

Gator Website Builder offers a drag-and-drop website builder, various templates, and social media integrations. The company also provides a customer support center that is available 24/7. The company's support agents are kind but can be overloaded sometimes. Additionally, it does not offer forum support.

Gator Website Builder's "pages" tab lets you easily edit individual web pages, including fonts and colors. In addition, you can embed fantastic images, social media posts, and videos. Gator's website builder also has a built-in tutorial so that you can get started right away.

If you need help getting started, Gator Website Builder offers several free templates that you can use for your website. There are templates for all kinds of websites, including business, personal, and personal. You can also choose a template that fits your needs perfectly. In addition, Gator Website Builder includes various customizable elements, including buttons, images, and live feeds. You can even add music.

Gator also offers unlimited storage, self-hosting options, and hundreds of templates. In addition, you can add RSS feeds to your website and integrate social media responses. These features can help you build a beautiful website without coding or troubleshooting. With Gator, you don't even need to have a design degree. Gator is the ultimate one-stop shop for website building.

Gator Website Builder is also known for its usability. Once you've signed up, you can choose from more than 200 professional-looking templates and customize the look of your site. It also includes an extensive stock photo library, eCommerce functionalities, and social media management. In addition, the software has no ads and offers free SSL certificates.

Gator also offers an e-commerce system. Its built-in logo maker lets you design a custom logo for your store. This helps customers recognize your brand. It supports multiple categories, product variants, and digital products, too. You can also customize the design of your website and update social media links.

Gator Website Builder is free and has an intuitive editor. It also has a free domain name and an SSL certificate for added security. Gator Builder's unlimited plans also provide unlimited bandwidth and storage and limitless visitors and content. 

All these features make Gator Website Builder an excellent choice for novice web admins.

iii. Easy to reach customer support

While Gator Builder is still reasonably new, customer support is already easy to reach and is highly responsive. The knowledge base contains well-written articles with clear images and the option to view previous versions of an article. The templates are responsive and look good on any device. Users can also access their saved history in the "manage" menu or by clicking on the clock icon.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. However, while the support is responsive and functional, there are better options. The more premium plans come with priority support, but free accounts may be subjected to long wait times. Some plans include a knowledge base and video tutorials.

There are three different pricing plans available. For instance, the Starter plan costs $3.84 per month and includes a free domain name and hosting. Gator Website Builder also offers eCommerce functionality and a free SSL certificate. In addition, the website builder has a wide range of free templates, and several paid plans are available for more advanced functionality.

Another great feature of Gator Builder is its drag-and-drop website builder, which makes it simple for any user to create a website. It also offers a vast selection of templates that are divided into categories. It also allows users to create mobile-responsive blog sites. And users can choose from a wide range of design elements, including fonts and colors.

Gator Builder is an excellent option for bloggers who are just starting out. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, a range of templates, and several features that will help your site grow as a business. In addition, it's affordable and reliable.

The Gator Website Builder comprises features and is more flexible than other web hosts. For example, you can create a beautiful website in minutes. 

The platform also has mobile-friendly templates, G Suite productivity tools, and inventory management. You can also add coupons and eCommerce features. 

Lastly, Gator Website Builder provides unlimited storage and bandwidth for your site.

What I like/dislike about Gator Website Builder:


  • Very affordable compared to other options starting at $3.46/month
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor that is very intuitive
  • Multiple plans to choose from based on your needs
  • Several stunning responsive designs to choose from
  • The ability to switch your theme at any time
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Price typically doubles upon renewal after introductory rate expires
  • Transaction fees are charged for lower and middle-priced plans
  • No free trial period is available
  • No automated abandoned cart recovery

GET Started With Gator Website Builder at $3.46/month 


4. Squarespace Review

Provides Stellar Web Design for Small Websites ($19/month or $168/year, which is $14 per month)

squarespace smaller sitebuilder

Brian's Thoughts

If you're looking to start a website, Squarespace is a powerful drag and drop website builder that can meet your needs. It also has an all-in-one email campaign system, integrates with several social media platforms, and offers a 14-day money back guarantee. Whether you're starting a personal blog or need a corporate website, Squarespace is a great choice. If you want a website that's more customized than the average, you can even create your own custom templates with this drag-and-drop site builder.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Gorgeous responsive designs that look just as awesome on mobile as they do desktop
  • Fluid Engine produces a more reflexive design in dedicated areas
  • Profound e-commerce abilities, including selling digital downloads
  • It lets you employ your custom code
  • Blogging tool enables you to schedule your posts
  • Sound help and analytics tools
  • Provides a Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage and monthly bandwidth accompany all plans
The Bad Stuff:
  • No free option
  • If upgrading from Squarespace 7.0, you have to completely rebuild your website.
  • Phone support does not exist
  • Unable to swap templates in the newer versions

Before creating your Squarespace site, you should know some essential facts about the service.

You can learn about its Web Design Template Categories, Fluid Engine, Integrated Online Photo Editing, Blogging, and Schedule Posts for Publishing Later.
If you are serious about building your website, you should also learn about Squarespace's support. While the support team will not solve your SEO problems, they can help you with many other issues.

In addition, Squarespace has a massive knowledge base that you can access whenever you need help. The knowledge base includes a searchable directory and video tutorials that can help you learn how to design your site with Squarespace.

a. Web Design Template Categories

If you're new to Squarespace, you'll probably need to choose a template. The templates available in Squarespace are flexible and responsive. You can also customize each one to meet your specific needs.

For example, if you plan to sell products or services online, you'll want to choose an e-commerce template.

You can choose from several different categories of templates to create the perfect website for your business. You can even select from templates that are dedicated to specific niches. For example, you can choose one dedicated to the healthcare industry or a template that suits the needs of a service business.

Each has different features and functions and is intended for further use. Therefore, choosing a flexible, responsive, and user-friendly template is essential. In addition, some templates will allow you to customize the font, layout, and images.

Some of the best templates for Squarespace websites are created for community or educational organizations. These mobile responsive templates are best suited for these types of websites. You can also use a Squarespace template for business websites.

In addition, this Squarespace web design template has a built-in scheduling system, which means it will be easy for customers to schedule a session with you.

b. Fluid Engine

Fluid Engine allows you to create web pages by dragging and dropping elements. The grid-based design also enables you to adjust the width of elements, add gradients, and customize margins and padding.

Fluid Engine also comes with a mobile-friendly mode that allows you to make changes to your site. This system also supports layering and resizing blocks by dragging their corners. In addition, fluid Engine's advanced design capabilities give you total control of your website's layout and style.

The new Fluid Engine editor is a significant improvement for Squarespace. Plus, it makes web design more intuitive and fun. For example, its new editor allows you to drag elements and adjust their placement.

You can also drag design elements from one section to another or pull them to the front. Fluid Engine also offers a new drag-and-drop editor. This new tool allows you to edit the layout of blocks and mobile sites.

If you are interested in integrating a shopping cart system into your Squarespace website, you should learn about Fluid Engine.

This drag-and-drop editor integrates with Squarespace's POS system and enables unlimited physical and digital sales. In addition, it supports multiple shipping options and automatically calculates sales tax at checkout.

It also offers customer accounts, product reviews, and wish lists. Plus, Fluid Engine is compatible with Squarespace's discount system.

One significant advantage of Fluid Engine is that it has a separate mobile layout editor. As a result, you can move content separately for mobile without affecting the desktop version.

Although this may require extra work, this feature is essential in today's mobile world. In addition, using Fluid Engine on your mobile site is a step from Squarespace's previous mobile editor.

One major drawback of Squarespace's Fluid Engine is that it no longer supports classic image block layouts. Furthermore, it no longer supports poster and collage image blocks.

However, a fluid Engine also eliminates the need to use Spacer blocks. As a result, users may need less custom code in their Squarespace sites.

c. Integrated Online Photo Editing

The Squarespace Integrated Online Photo Editing option gives website owners complete control over the photos displayed on their site. They can choose a template and edit it to match their style and needs.

 The style editor features modern website elements like text boxes, image placeholders, spacers, charts, web forms, links, and social media buttons.

Squarespace also offers a whole photo Aviary editor, which can be used to find a photo license and display it in a slideshow, stack, carousel, or stack.

Additionally, Squarespace allows users to choose a focal point for each image, so the best part of the image always appears on the page.

This feature is handy for photographers since they can use this tool to create galleries and mobile-friendly websites that are easy to manage on a mobile device. It also offers several presentation options, including slideshows, carousels, and grids.

Another significant benefit is that Squarespace allows users to edit photos and store them in the cloud. Unlike many free websites, this option is easy to use and incorporates Google Photos with Squarespace.

As a result, users can upload and edit their pictures from Google Photos directly to their Squarespace site.

d. Blogging and Schedule Posts for Future Publishing

One of the best ways to save time on your Squarespace blog is to batch-write several blog posts simultaneously. Writing posts in batches will ensure that your posts are published on a schedule that fits your schedule.

Batch-writing blog posts will also make the writing process more manageable. Moreover, you can set your posts to publish once they are ready.

To schedule a post on a Squarespace blog, log into your account and go to the Blog Manager. Then, click on the Publish Date option from here and choose a time that suits your schedule.

This simple process will save you from worrying about whether you will be online when you schedule a post.

After you've created a post, you can choose a title and excerpt for your blog. This excerpt will appear in your blog post summary and on other sites.

The title will also be the URL for your post, which Squarespace will automatically convert for you. Make sure the title is shorter, as Google prefers shorter URLs. The search engine will cut off if your title is more than 60 characters long.

To prevent this, write a short, concise title containing keywords related to your blog post.

If you want to make several posts simultaneously, you can save them as drafts. Then, you can repeat this process several times.

Once you've written several posts, you can schedule them to be published later.

You can also save a template for future use, which will have the settings you need.

e. Business Plan vs Commerce Plan

If you're selling physical goods and services, you'll want to know which Squarespace plan is better for you.

While Squarespace offers two eCommerce plans, the Business Plan is ideal for smaller businesses. This plan includes all the features needed for selling products and services but excludes the option to sell products on Instagram.

Additionally, Squarespace charges 3% for each transaction made on your website. In most cases, this transaction fee is a minor deal if you only sell a few items, but it can add up quickly if you sell many products.

The Business plan includes a range of helpful premium blocks, including appointment scheduling and donation-based functionality. It also allows you to sell through the Squarespace e-commerce platform.

However, you'll have to upgrade to the Commerce plan if you want to accept payments and pay a 3% transaction fee. You can also sell digital goods using the Advanced Commerce plan, which has more advanced features and a lower transaction fee.

When deciding between Business and Commerce plans, you should first consider how your business will operate. While the Personal plan is ideal for basic landing pages, the Business plan comes with features like portfolio templates, blogging, and a business email attached to your domain name.

Similarly, Squarespace's Commerce solutions include a full-featured e-commerce store.

While Basic Commerce is sufficient for most small e-commerce sites, Advanced Commerce is better suited for subscription-based businesses.
The Business plan on Squarespace costs $26 monthly or $216 annually ($18/month) and includes some e-commerce functionality.

This plan is excellent for businesses that do not need a complete online store but still want to keep costs down. It includes a business email, full customization, unlimited products, and donation capabilities.

f. Automatically Generates a Mobile Website

When you create a website, Squarespace automatically generates a version of your website that fits every screen. This means it will work perfectly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

You can even change the font size or line height of your text to suit each device. But there are some things you should keep in mind. First, you want your mobile website to be clear and readable.

First, you need to create a Squarespace account for your site. Once you have an account, you can use the Starter app to create a mobile website. 

After that, your mobile website will be autogenerated using your social media accounts. You can customize the website name and select a design style. Your site will feature your main photo, a gallery of your recent Instagram photos, and a blog.

The next thing you need to do is to optimize the mobile version of your Squarespace website. You'll want to make sure that it loads in about three seconds. If it takes longer than that, you'll lose potential website visitors. And you can also reduce the page weight to ensure that it looks perfect on mobile.

g. All Squarespace Accounts Include Analytics

If you're looking for ways to drive traffic to your Squarespace site, you've come to the right place. Squarespace analytics lets you know what types of actions are bringing traffic to your site, from paid ad campaigns to organic social media. This information can help you optimize your SEO efforts.

Analytics can be accessed from the Squarespace app or web browser. In the app, click the Analytics tab to view big-picture traffic and sales stats.

Users of Squarespace commerce plans can also view acquisition metrics, which show how visitors came to their site. You can also view analytics data offline, but you must have an Internet connection to refresh data.

In addition to Squarespace analytics, users can integrate third-party services with their accounts. For example, you can connect your Google Analytics account with your Squarespace account by entering your Google Analytics account number.

Google Analytics is a free service, and its integration with Squarespace is easy. First, you must create a Google Analytics account. Then, you'll need to choose the type of data you'd like to collect.

h. Excellent Uptime

If you are looking for a website builder, check out Squarespace. This site builder balances providing a simple interface for beginners and giving more experienced designers a place to create whatever they want.

In addition, the site builder is easy to use, and you can easily add extra pages and a multilingual website.

Although Squarespace is a good website builder, it could be better. Its average page load time is 6401ms, which is not optimal, but it is still terrific. 

A website's loading time largely depends on the content. You can use the Time Till First Byte (TTFB) measurement to check how long it takes for a website to load.

What I like/dislike about HostGator:


  • Gorgeous responsive designs that look just as awesome on mobile as they do desktop
  • Fluid Engine produces a more reflexive design in dedicated areas
  • Profound e-commerce abilities, including selling digital downloads
  • It lets you employ your custom code
  • Blogging tool enables you to schedule your posts
  • Sound help and analytics tools
  • Provides a Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage and monthly bandwidth accompany all plans


  • No free option
  • If upgrading from Squarespace 7.0, you have to completely rebuild your website.
  • Phone support does not exist
  • Unable to swap templates in the newer versions

GET Started With Squarespace Now!


5. Weebly Review

Best Website Builder With a Free Option (Starting at $0/month)

Brian's Thoughts

Weebly is easy to use and fast. If you're thinking about building a website with drag-and-drop ease, you might be interested in checking out Weebly. It is a website builder with a straightforward blogging interface and many templates. There's a free version, but if you're looking for something more advanced, you can choose a paid plan.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Free Option
  • Beautiful, responsive-design themes
  • Simple blogging interface
  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Robust commerce choices, including the capacity to sell digital goods
  • Website statistics included
  • Lets you swap themes without overhauling your site
  • Limitless data transfers with every plan
  • Exceptional uptime
The Bad Stuff:
  • Lacks image editing features
  • Restricted theme customization
  • Does not offer reusable image storage
  • Lacks a sitewide undo-feature
  • Customer service has a slow response time

Weebly's drag-and-drop platform allows you to create a professional-looking website with ease. It features over 50 million websites worldwide. In addition, the platform features an easy-to-use website builder, WYSIWYG blog editor, eCommerce tools, email marketing tools, and analytics dashboards. So whether you're a beginner or an expert webmaster, Weebly can help you get started and make a website that will grow with your business.

good website ecommerce platforms

a. Weebly's Plan Options Free and Paid

Weebly is a website-building platform that provides users with an easy-to-use interface and professional-quality websites. It has several plans, including Free, Personal, Professional, and Performance.

All plans include free hosting and a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the plans come with attractive, responsive templates that are fully customizable.

The top-tier programs also provide full e-commerce functionality. Moreover, they support third-party apps and extensions, which make it easier for website owners to customize their websites.

In addition, they allow users to export page content using zip files and migrate blog posts using RSS. This is important, as site portability can be a challenge.

i. Weebly Free Plan

The Weebly Free Plan allows you to create your own website for free. However, you need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want more advanced features.

The paid plans cost $25 per month, or $38 per year, and include many features you won't find on the free program. For example, you can remove the scrolling ads on your website, connect to Google Analytics, and add a custom domain.

There are several paid plans available for Weebly users. The free program offers essential website building, eCommerce tools, and email addresses, but it limits you to basic features. Paid plans also allow you to add custom domains and marketing tools. There are three paid plans to choose from Basic, Plus, and Professional.

The Personal plan is designed for personal use, while the Business plan is designed for small businesses. The Weebly Performance plan is an excellent choice for businesses that need a comprehensive website.

You can also connect your domain, making your website look more professional and SEO-friendly. The free plan is also suitable for people who want to build a small online store with 10 or fewer products. While it lacks advanced features, the free program is an excellent place to start.

The Weebly Performance Plan has additional features for a small fee. For example, you can purchase an email service to notify customers when they abandon their cart. Likewise, you can buy shipping labels.

ii. Weebly Personal Plan

A unique plan from Weebly might be right for you if you're starting to create a personal website. This plan costs $9 or $6 annually and comes with a free custom domain name. It also includes email accounts and phone support. However, look elsewhere if you're looking for more robust e-commerce features.

The free plan is the least expensive, but it also comes with fewer features and fewer perks. It lacks features that the more advanced programs offer, including progressive marketing tactics and inventory management. 

You'll also notice Weebly's branding is removed from your website. It may be a good idea to upgrade to the Premier plan if you still need more than the free program.

As mentioned above, the free plan is an excellent way to test Weebly before investing in the more advanced features. You can use it for personal projects or for mockups. The free program is limited to 500MB but has plenty of uses. 

However, it's also a bit less professional than the other plans, and you won't be able to connect your own domain. On the other hand, Weebly's paid plans offer more features and a higher level of customization.

Weebly's customer support is decent, but the company has become more challenging to reach. While you can get 24-hour support through its community, you may need to wait a few days before someone gets back to you. 

Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that the company's quality of customer service has decreased as it has grown.

The free plan has some limitations and is not the most affordable option. For example, it comes with Square pop-up ads. Choose the paid plan if you want to make money off your website. The paid program offers much more and is recommended for small businesses.

iii. Weebly Professional Plan

Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder with basic eCommerce functionality. This platform is easy to use and includes a large selection of templates. This platform is also easy to manage and allows contributors to add their own content. 

Unlike other website builders, Weebly does not lock you into their ecosystem. Instead, it will enable you to switch to another plan if you need more storage or pages.

The Weebly Professional Plan is a good option for most small businesses. It provides all of the basic functionality, but if you plan to run a large online store, you'll want to opt for the Weebly Performance Plan. This plan comes with SEO tools, custom branding, and more. Additionally, it also allows you to accept payments on your website.

The Weebly Professional plan offers unlimited storage space, advanced site statistics, and phone support. It is the next step up from the Weebly Personal plan. 

You can purchase this plan for as little as $12 per month if you choose to pay annually or $16 per month if you choose to pay monthly. It also includes a custom domain option and unlimited bandwidth and storage.

While the Weebly Professional plan is more expensive than the free plan, it offers many benefits. For example, it removes ads, adds unlimited storage, and allows you to use custom domains. 

The Professional program also provides a free domain name, but this domain is only valid for a year. You can transfer the domain from another registrar if you plan to sell products through your site. There are many more options available for your website, so choose wisely!

The Weebly free plan is good if you're on a budget or want to try the platform out for yourself. The free program includes the Square ads and community forum, while the paid plan adds a shipping calculator and pop-up notifications. Unfortunately, more is needed to justify paying for a premium plan.

iv. Weebly Performance Plan

The Weebly Performance Plan offers an excellent deal for dedicated eCommerce sites. The plan provides advanced marketing insights, shipping and tax calculators, and the ability to send abandoned cart emails. It also includes integration with a third-party email marketing provider. 

It allows for unlimited products and includes a fully integrated shopping cart. The platform also has a secure checkout system and inventory tracking. You can also integrate PayPal and manage customer reviews. 

The Weebly editor is very user-friendly. However, there are some glitches. Some elements may need to align correctly, and there are many places where you'll want to add a description. You can also bulk edit products, redesign categories, and specify variations. Each item has an SEO optimization screen that lets you customize it to your needs.

Unlike other website-building solutions, Weebly provides everything you need to start and maintain your website. This is a significant advantage for new or smaller businesses or individuals who need to learn how to code. It is also a good choice for small e-commerce stores but not large businesses.

Weebly offers four plans: the free plan is excellent for testing the software before investing in more advanced features. The free program includes 500MB of storage and provides analytics and marketing tools. You can also sell through the free plan.

v. Weebly Premium Plan

The Weebly premium plan is a monthly subscription that provides unlimited bandwidth and storage. It also comes with more features and the option to connect your own domain name. Nonetheless, the premium plan is a bit pricey compared to other platforms. 

Conversely, while a Starter plan will cost you as little as $8 per month, it offers limited customization. For example, you cannot change the background color of your content, and you cannot adjust its width. You'll also have to stick with the default design.

A Premium Plan has many advantages over the free plan as well, including a more comprehensive set of tools to increase your site's search engine rankings. In addition to search engine optimization tools, it also features a CMS, more bandwidth, and social media integrations. It also has an editor that allows you to optimize your meta titles and add alt text to images.

Weebly's templates don't look as sleek as Squarespace's, but they're still customizable. In addition, Weebly offers over 50 different templates designed for various industries. These templates look professional and effectively convey a message. While the Premium Plan is more expensive, you can use it free as a test site.

b. How Do Weebly's Website Design Tools Work?

Weebly's website design tools offer users a plethora of options and features to create a site that is unique to them. These features include drag-and-drop functionality, section elements, and theme customization. 

If you're ready to start designing your Weebly website, learn how to use the website design tools and customize your site's look.

i. Drag and Drop Functionality

One of Weebly's website design tools is its drag-and-drop functionality. Using this function allows you to resize images or change their size. You can also edit individual elements such as text, photos, and buttons. 

You can also change the color of any part or adjust its spacing. Weebly also offers a few special applications to help you with different tasks.

Weebly's drag-and-drop website builder allows you to create a professional-looking website without coding experience. The platform also has dozens of pre-designed templates, which you can modify as needed. 

In addition, it has a built-in eCommerce system that lets you sell your products and services online. Finally, Weebly offers a free plan that includes basic SEO if you're just starting out.

Drag and drop functionality allows you to change the position and size of your website elements to create a more personalized look for your website. You can also drag and drop elements to change the layout of your website. 

This feature will be helpful when you're making changes on the fly. You can also add video and audio elements. You can also insert an embedded form, such as a MailChimp subscription form.

Another essential feature of drag-and-drop website builders is that you don't have to learn coding languages to create a website. HTML and CSS are compelling coding languages, but they can be time-consuming to learn. 

Drag-and-drop website builders take care of all the codings, so you can focus on designing your website with a few clicks of the mouse.

ii. Section Elements

Weebly's website design tools have sections that are great for organizing and creating a hierarchy on your site. For example, you can customize the colors and fonts of a team and edit its content. There are also several options for adding custom content to sections. You can also change the background of an area.

Weebly's website design tools are straightforward to use. The interface is designed with a minimalist look and feel, and the steps are simple. The website-building experience is similar to other site builders, but the editing interface is much simpler. The website-building tools also give pointers and helpful tips on the themes.

Using a blog, you can add blog posts and pages to your Weebly site. Adding a blog can be a great way to share information with others or keep a journal of your thoughts. You can also upload pictures and videos to your blog. 

The Weebly blog feed will display recent blog posts. This feed is automatically updated every time you write a new post.

There are many great features in Weebly's website design tool. But they're limited compared to Wix's. 

For example, you can't change individual colors on the website. And unlike Wix, you can't customize the color of your site's footer. But, then again, it's easy to create a website with Weebly's site editor.

iii. Theme Customization

Weebly's Website Design Tools give users an extensive set of options for theme customization. For one, you can choose from hundreds of template designs and can add content and branding to their sites. 

In addition, you can customize each page's text fonts, colors, and settings. The customization features are just as comprehensive as most other site-building services.

Themes are categorized by type and can be found under Business, Portfolio, Personal, Event, Blog, and Other. In addition, you can choose from themes that are perfect for your online store (although store features are only available for the Business plan). 

The header is another critical area for customization. With Weebly, you can easily replace the title with another one that best suits your needs. You can also add new sections and select a different layout for them. You can change the background color of the header as well.

For instance, the Frank theme is designed to showcase artists and photographers. Its minimalist design lets you display high-resolution images on full screen. 

As a result, it's perfect for users who believe in the adage "less is more" and want their work to be the focal point of their website. It's also easy to customize, making it a convenient option for users of any skill level.

Finally, all website themes can be viewed in preview mode, which lets you see what they will look like on your site.

c. How Does Weebly's Page Management Work?

When editing your Weebly site, you'll notice that you can't undo your changes. Weebly doesn't have an available media database, so you'll have to manually upload images for each element on your page. Fortunately, the software includes a redo/undo button for text.

i. Adding New Pages in Weebly

Adding new pages is one of the most popular tasks when building a website on Weebly. First, however, you need to know a few things to make the process as smooth as possible. 

First, you need to log into your Weebly account. Once logged in, go to Site > Edit Site. Select the website you wish to edit, then click Edit Site > Pages. From there, you can add new pages. 

By default, the website will have only one standard page. However, you can customize its settings and set it to public or private. You can also specify a custom URL.

After adding pages, you can modify their settings and navigation. To do this:

  1. Go to the Pages tab on the top menu.
  2. Select the tab "Pages."
  3. Click the "+" button at the top-left of the screen.
  4. Please select a page type, rename it, and customize its header area.

ii. Clicking Navigation Elements in the Weebly Builder

In the Weebly Builder, you can add and remove navigation elements. In addition, the drag-and-drop technology makes it easy to drag and drop any part and see the result immediately. 

The drag-and-drop tool lets you add links to buttons, text, and images. Buttons are one of the most commonly used link elements. Drag the "Button" block into the page and drop it to the desired location.

Once you've completed building a page, you can add a subpage to the navigation menu. Drag and drop the page underneath other pages. The subpage will then appear as a drop-down menu within the main navigation. Once the subpage has been added to the navigation menu, click on the "..." icon to remove it.

iii. Weebly lacks an Undo feature for site changes.

The Undo button allows you to undo changes made to a website. This is useful if you accidentally delete something or make a mistake while editing the page. 

However, this button will only undo changes to the page's content. Unfortunately, you can't undo changes to the site's design, so this feature is of limited use with Weebly.

Moreover, Weebly's editor is limited when it comes to advanced customization. However, it does allow you to add custom HTML code. You can do this by clicking on the "Edit HTML/CSS" link in the lower-left corner of the Weebly interface.

iv. Weebly lets you enter text directly on the page.

You can add text to your Weebly site in a variety of ways. Adding a caption, for example, is as easy as typing in a caption box. The text editor will appear above the image, so you can easily add your caption. 

You can also change the formatting of your text using various tools in the editor. Finally, after entering the text, you can proofread it before publishing it.

When you're designing a website, Weebly offers a variety of paid plans. For example, the Weebly Personal plan lets you connect your existing domain and includes Square branding. 

However, this plan may only be suited for something other than a professional website. The Weebly website editor is easy to use, and you can add and style your text using tags.

d. Review of Weebly's App Center

The Weebly App Center is packed with great apps to add to your website, including eCommerce, marketing, and social networking apps. 

We've broken them down into three different categories to make it easier to find the right apps for your website. 

In addition, you can use the Weebly App Center to add apps to your site for free or subscribe to paid versions of these apps.

i. Weebly eCommerce Apps

The Weebly App Center is a great place to start if you're looking for ways to boost your eCommerce sales. You can integrate more than fifty apps with your Weebly website, many of which are free. You can also purchase premium versions that offer additional features.

The Weebly eCommerce plan costs $38 a month and includes some of the best tools for a small store. One of these is its Abandoned Cart Emails feature, which reminds customers to finish their checkout. It also partners with Shippo to give you the best discounts on shipping rates. 

Another feature is their Real Shipping Rate Calculator. These two features will help you determine shipping costs and minimize the costs associated with shipping.

One of the most attractive aspects of Weebly is its ease of use. Unlike many other website builders, you don't need to know HTML or CSS code. In addition to its drag-and-drop builder, the platform offers over 50 free website themes, 15 of which are designed specifically for online stores. 

These themes are responsive, mobile-friendly, and customizable. So whether you're selling products or services, Weebly can help you achieve success.

While Weebly's editor is simple and designed to help you create a site, advanced customization is possible through third-party apps. For example, you can edit existing HTML or CSS code using their editor. You can also add JavaScript or HTML to your site using the "Embed code" element.

ii. Weebly Marketing Apps

Marketing apps are a great way to connect with your customers and keep them engaged year-round. 

One of the best apps available in the Weebly App Center is MailBot, which is an automated email marketing assistant that helps you plan your weekly newsletters and decide what to send.

Facebook Chat is a popular Weebly app that lets you chat with your customers anytime, wherever they are. Another popular app is the Countdown Cart, which adds a stock countdown and a social proof widget to your store. In addition, you can integrate other apps into your Weebly store to expand its functionality.

The Weebly editor is intuitive and easy to use. You can drag and drop elements on your page, edit text, and integrate third-party applications. 

In addition, the drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize the appearance of your site. You can even add your own content and create a membership community.

Another helpful feature is a website activity stats feature. For example, you can see how many visitors visit your website each day and how many unique visitors you get. 

You can also see which of your pages are getting the most hits and from which websites. Using an upgraded account also lets you track the search terms that lead users to your site.

The App Center for marketing apps is an ever-changing dynamic collection of easily integrated apps that can help you market your website most efficiently. 

New apps are regularly added to the App Center, and this year's debut app, Marketgoo, helps even non-technical people increase their website's effectiveness. It blends seamlessly with Weebly's DIY ethos and provides tools for increasing traffic and analytics.

iii. Weebly Social Apps

Weebly's Social Apps promote content, emotions, and experiences. With social icons, your site will gain more visibility among your followers. 

You can easily add them to your Weebly site by dragging them. To get started, you can choose from several templates. Then, link each one to your specific profiles.

One popular app in Weebly is Facebook Chat, which allows you to chat with your customers anywhere at any time. You can also use the Countdown Cart, which creates a sense of urgency for your customers to buy your products. This app also adds a social proof widget to your site.

Weebly is a great way to launch a business website. It has an easy-to-use platform allows you to build responsive, mobile-friendly sites, blogs, and online stores. 

In addition, the service has many free and paid apps for users to choose from. The Weebly App Center also allows you to add additional features to your site.

You can also use Weebly's integrated newsletter email feature for email marketing. You can set up an email marketing campaign that will keep your customers interested throughout the year. You can also use this tool to notify visitors about your latest sales and promotions. 

If you want to promote your products through email marketing, Weebly offers MailBot, an automated email assistant that helps you schedule your weekly newsletters. It even lets you decide which emails you want to send your subscribers.

e. Weebly's Image Storage and Editing Capabilities

There are several good reasons to use Weebly for your image hosting needs. First of all, this website builder is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive editor. This makes setting up your store fast and easy, and the site's settings are foolproof.

i. Unfortunately, Weebly Does Not Offer Image Storage

While the visual editor on Weebly is easy to use, there are several limitations, such as the lack of image storage and editing capabilities. Moreover, the lack of an integrated stock library is a significant drawback.

The site relies on Flickr for pictures, which are often of questionable quality. As such, users must work extra hard to create a professional-looking site.

Although Weebly's free website builder offers many benefits, you must upgrade if you want to access additional features. For example, the basic plan only allows you to display ten products, but there are premium plans that will enable you to add advanced shipping and inventory features. However, even with these features, you'll find that Weebly could be better for large businesses.

Weebly offers basic editing features, such as cropping and applying filters to images. You can also choose from one of the 50 themes.

You can then upload images from third-party sources. However, you must note that Weebly does not store the photos on its servers, so you'll need to re-upload images for each element on your site.

While free plans don't offer image storage and editing capabilities, premium plans include features like a header image slider and a flexible footer function. However, premium features are worth paying for.

ii. You can adjust image brightness

Weebly's image storage and editing capabilities let you use professional photo editing tools, including brightness, contrast, and color saturation. It also enables you to add text and apply over two dozen adjustable Instagram-style filters. 

You can add a circular or linear focus effect to your image for an extra touch. Weebly also lets you use Wix's free stock photography.

iii. You can adjust image contrast

Weebly's built-in image editor is an excellent tool for adjusting image contrast and brightness. The tool gives you a host of different adjustment options so that you can customize your images to fit your website. You can also add text and filters to your photos.

Whether you're creating a portfolio website or an online portfolio, Weebly makes building a website a breeze. You can upload photos from your smartphone, reply to comments, and manage your site from anywhere. Weebly also creates responsive sites so that your website looks great across different platforms.

iv. You can adjust image color saturation

Using Weebly's image storage and edit capabilities, you can adjust your image color saturation to achieve your desired look. There are several tools available for this purpose. 

You can use contrast, brightness, and saturation tools to enhance your images. The contrast and brightness tools affect the entire picture, and changing the saturation will make the image brighter and more vibrant.

Changing image color saturation can also enhance the moods you want to convey. For instance, you may want to raise or decrease the saturation level to illustrate a happier mood or a passionate feeling. However, be careful not to over-saturate images, as they may turn viewers off.

Over-saturated images can appear tacky or unrealistic. You can also desaturate your images to achieve a more minimalist effect or modifier effect.

v. Apply adjustable Instagram-style filters

Using Instagram-style filters is a great way to enhance any image. These filters can add a vintage touch to your pictures, whether they are landscapes or photographs of people. 

They can also enhance your images' contrast. So whether you want them to look more vintage or modern, Instagram filters can help you create stunning prints that will catch the eye of your audience.

vi. Squarespace and Wix offer better photo editing

Nevertheless, with integrated Aviary online image editing tools, Squarespace and Wix offer more robust photo editing capacities.

Squarespace and Wix offer many features, but Squarespace has dedicated integrations with leading companies, while Wix's app market gives you access to additional tools for building a website. 

Wix also has a more extensive stock photography selection and can integrate with Big Stock photos. Wix also offers a gallery of cartoons and clip art-style images, which are helpful for specific sites.

Wix also offers business-oriented plans with extra storage, Google Analytics, and the ability to accept payments. In addition, Wix also provides tools for blogging, navigational galleries, and email campaigns. Their Blog app offers a more robust blogging experience, and you can even sell your products via Instagram.

While Wix's app store offers many valuable features, Weebly's could be more impressive. However, its ease of use and drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to design and customize a site. Wix also offers a robust eCommerce feature, but Weebly is more user-friendly, so you may prefer that.

Wix also offers a VIP plan, which includes free logo design and 20 GB of storage. This plan is ideal for big businesses, providing access to priority support and other benefits. 

For example, the VIP plan comes with priority support, 20GB of storage, and Ascend marketing tools, which help market your website.

f. Weebly's Blogging Interface

Weebly's blogging interface is straightforward to use. You can add or delete blog posts, edit the style of comments and images, and drag any element from the sidebar into your posts. 

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, but it lacks standard blog templates. Weebly's social sharing functionality is limited, but you can quickly delete comments and manage social sharing.

i. Save Posts as Drafts Before Publishing

The Weebly blogging interface allows you to edit your post and save it as a draft before publishing. Then, when you're ready to publish it, click on the Publish button at the top of your screen. This will publish your post and make it live on your website. You can also save the post as a draft, which means you can edit it later if you need to.

When you publish a post, you can customize it with categories, SEO Post Title, and SEO Post Description. The Weebly blogging interface saves drafts before publishing, which means you can edit them several times before publishing them. You can also see your drafts in the bottom toolbar, which you can click to edit. If unsatisfied with the current one, you can delete it and start again.

The blogging interface is simple and easy to use. You can drag and drop elements on a page, and they won't break your theme. You can also drag and drop external apps to your site. Some popular apps include Printful fulfillment, which makes it easy to create magazines, and PinPoll, a popular polling app. The blogging interface on Weebly is intuitive and easy to use.

The blogging interface in Weebly offers suggestions for SEO scores, which is useful when optimizing content for search engines. Additionally, Weebly's editors allow you to change a blog post's publishing date, status, and URL.

ii. Auto Announce New Posts on Facebook and Instagram

Weebly is an online platform for creating a blog. It offers multiple predesigned templates for business and personal use, including portfolios. 

All templates are easily customizable, and Weebly is an excellent choice if you want to run your business from one central location. This platform also offers numerous integrations with other popular tools. In addition, it comes with various demo templates, and you can customize them with the drag-and-drop page builder.

If you'd like to reach more customers and increase sales, Weebly's social feed plugins are an excellent choice. With these tools, you can engage with your audience and answer their questions. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are popular among consumers, and the ability to promote your business via social media channels will give your business an edge over the competition.

iii. Multiple Editors Can Work on a Blog Post

You can create multiple blog posts on Weebly. The editors for various blog posts can all work on the same post and use different tools for each post. The editors can add a title and add content to the post. They can also change SEO settings for the post and include header and footer elements.

You can assign different tasks if multiple editors work on a single blog post. Ensure that the people working on the blog post share the same account and permissions. This will prevent conflicts with the other editors' edits. 

You can also make multiple pages for your blog. For example, you can create a sidebar that lists your blog posts. This sidebar will appear on every blog post on your website.

You can assign editors to each blog post depending on your Weebly plan. The premium plans come with many additional features, such as multiple editors. In addition, you can add a header and footer code, as well as your page title and meta description. Weebly also offers SEO optimization, which means you can add meta tags to your blog posts.

Weebly offers multiple editors, but users must comply with the Weebly Terms of Service. This means that you cannot use Weebly's logos or trademarks. 

In addition, adding an editor is a cost. You need to pay extra for editing services, and they can also add extra work to your post. However, if you need more budget to hire an editor, you can always use a word processor to compose your blog post.

iv. All Edits to Your Posts Are Saved Automatically

When publishing a new post, all edits to that post saved automatically in Weebly's blogging interface. This feature is excellent if you want to make changes after publication, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

Weebly comes with a free plan, and its premium plans start at $6 per month or $26 per month when billed annually. The free plan comes with a small amount of storage and is limited to 500 MB. In addition, free plans are subject to Weebly's branding.

You can also use Weebly to run an online store or showcase products. It supports worldwide shipping and payments and offers flexible tax management. In addition, it allows you to create custom automated messages for your online store. The system even supports tracking and real-time reporting.

Lastly, Weebly offers many apps that allow you to customize the look of your site and add content. You can install these apps with a few clicks. WordPress, on the other hand, has thousands of plugins, but you should check to see if they are updated and have good reviews before installing them. 

In addition, both WordPress and Weebly offer themes that optimize for SEO. You can also install Yoast SEO to boost your ranking in search results.

v. A Publish Button Takes Your Weebly Site Live

Once you have finished editing your Weebly site, you can click the Publish button to make your changes live. This button differs from the Save button in Wix because it does not automatically save your changes. Once you have published your site, you can continue editing and publishing modifications and use the preview feature to check your work.

The editor on Weebly is simple and easy to navigate. It features a grey top bar that lets you manage your pages and change your site's settings. Below the top bar is a dark grey bar that contains the site elements. 

You can drag and drop elements in this panel to add them to your site. As you make choices, the panel switches to different function modes. Once you've finished editing your site, click the blue button to publish it.

The publishing process is simple. Once your site is live, you can edit it and add more pages. You can also upgrade your plan anytime to make your site more functional. You can also unpublish your site by clicking a button. 

It's easy to publish and unpublish your Weebly site anytime you want. The only drawback of Weebly is that it does not have standard blog templates. However, you can still use Weebly for your blog. On the contrary, it has several features that make your blogging experience as smooth as possible.

If you don't want your Weebly site to be publicly visible, you can delete it instantly. You can even delete it after it grows more extensive and more complicated. However, once you delete your site, it is forever, and you can't recover it. To unpublish your site, go to the Settings page and click on the Unpublish option.

g. Weebly's eCommerce Platform

Weebly's eCommerce platform is designed for a customer-focused customer journey. The interface allows customers to create custom pages and easily navigate the store. 

The platform makes creating a custom checkout process easy and offers helpful customer support. In addition, the user-friendly interface allows customers to make purchases without the need to enter a credit card number or navigate a complicated platform.

i. Import Products from Etsy, Shopify, or CSV

Using Weebly's eCommerce platform for your website is easy. Its features make it easy to set up products, shipping, taxes, and payments, and the platform automatically creates a storefront. 

It also provides complete control of CSS and HTML. However, there are some limitations that you should be aware of.

You can export product details into a CSV file using the Shopify or Etsy platform to manage your store. Then, upload the CSV file to Weebly. The eCommerce platform allows you to customize the import process.

Weebly's eCommerce platform allows you to add multiple images for your product pages. You can also insert product videos. Weebly's eCommerce platform also allows you to add several products to your storefront page. 

When visitors click on the product image, they are directed to the product page. This allows your customers to purchase your products without leaving your store.

Despite having a free plan, Weebly offers three premium plans: Personal, Professional, and Performance. The latter comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Despite its limitations, Weebly's eCommerce platform is a solid industry standard for building an online store.

ii. Accept Payments via PayPal, Stripe, and Square

Stripe and PayPal are two of the most popular payment processing platforms. Both are easy to use and secure. In addition, they offer a wide variety of options for merchants. So whether you're a new business or looking to improve your current checkout process, you'll find the right solution for your needs.

Stripe is an excellent option for businesses looking to accept payments via mobile. The Stripe Checkout feature streamlines checkout on mobile devices and works with Google Pay and Apple Pay. It also supports discounts and sales tax. 

Plus, it supports over 25 languages. PayPal is another popular choice for small businesses, offering several payment gateway services, including PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro.

Stripe and PayPal both offer a variety of integrations. PayPal provides a simple user interface and can be easily integrated into a website. 

Conversely, Square is more complex, requires more customization, and offers comprehensive developer tools. However, both companies offer good support and are very user-friendly.

Stripe and Square are good options for online and in-person payments, though they differ slightly in their functionality. For example, Stripe is great for eCommerce businesses that need a customizable payment solution. 

However, Square is better for small businesses, while PayPal is best for medium-sized businesses.

iii. Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is an essential component of running a profitable online store. It helps you track which products are selling and which are low in stock. It also enables you to find products when trying to sell them.

This is possible with Weebly's inventory management system, which allows you to manage your store's inventory from a single location. In addition, you can easily organize your products by category, SKU, type, and status.

Inventory tracking on Weebly's platform is easy and intuitive. In addition, the platform has an integrated shopping cart and a secure purchasing interface that lets buyers complete their purchases without leaving your website. 

You can also incorporate payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Again, the process is easy, and you can be up and running with the system in a few days. It is also easy to import an existing store design. In addition, Weebly's eCommerce platform supports small and large inventories. 

It also has an automated feature to let customers know when an item is out of stock. It also features drag-and-drop functionality, rich product descriptions, reordering, and free shipping. The platform also supports fine-grained tax controls and international capabilities.

iv. Abandoned Cart Notifications in the Performance Plan

The Weebly abandoned cart notifications feature is included in the performance plan. This feature allows you to track the number of items in a cart and send an email to the customer. The email is sent to the address associated with the user's Privy login credentials. 

The abandoned cart email is a great place to offer incentives and coupons to entice customers to complete their purchases. This helps convert more "at risk" prospects.

This feature is included in the Performance plan, which is designed for eCommerce sites. In addition, this plan contains advanced eCommerce features like PayPal payments, item reviews, shipping labels, and abandoned cart follow-up emails. 

Additionally, it includes priority support. For a $ 72-per-month performance plan, you will get all the features listed above.

The Weebly abandoned cart notification feature has many advantages. First, it can increase revenue for your store by recouping a certain percentage of lost sales. About 70 percent of carts are abandoned for one reason or another. 

The most common reason is a small discount or reminder. Many merchants recover ten to twenty percent of these lost sales. The higher the percentage of recovered sales, the better for your business.

v. Sell Digital Downloads Personal Plan and Higher

Weebly's eCommerce platform allows you to sell digital downloads with the Personal Plan or higher. The Personal Plan costs $6 per month annually or $9 per month every month. 

This plan also comes with a custom domain name. However, it needs the advanced e-commerce tools you need for your business. It also has a few drawbacks, including Square ads.

The Personal Plan and Higher plans include advanced eCommerce insights and tools for managing and optimizing your store. These tools help you monitor your store's performance and measure your sales. 

Other features of these plans include integrating social media with your site, store and product performance, email engagement, referral traffic, and more.

Weebly has several apps that help you sell more effectively. You may already use some of them, but consider adding more to maximize your sales. There are five eCommerce plans for Weebly's eCommerce platform, and each one is affordable compared to competing options.

vi. Bulk-Edit and Delete Products

Weebly's eCommerce platform lets you bulk-edit, delete products, and modify the appearance of categories and items. For example, you can use this feature to remove featured items or categories, edit navigation menu hyperlinks, and customize the look of things. The eCommerce platform also lets you use checkboxes to mark unavailable items.

Another feature that sets Weebly apart is its flexible product categorization. Users can create multiple categories and select specific products to insert into each category. 

When adding products to your store, you can enable the eCommerce feature, which allows your shoppers to browse the products that interest them most. Shoppers can filter products by color, price, and product variation to narrow their search.

Weebly's eCommerce platform also has features for selling digital products. For example, when customers purchase a digital product, they will receive a secure link to download it. In addition, you can import external products to sell them in your store.

Weebly's eCommerce platform also has an export tool that allows you to bulk-edit and delete products. The import tool will enable you to import a CSV file that contains your product data. Once you have imported the data, you can bulk-edit and delete products, allowing you to manage various products in the exact location.

vii. Lets Your Shoppers Write Product Reviews

You can insert more than one image if you have a product page on your Weebly store. You can even add sub-images below the main image. These will display in the product gallery when your mouse cursor hovers over them. In addition, a user can choose which products to show in each category. 

Once the products have been selected, the shopper will see the shopping cart menu item and can continue shopping. In addition, they will be given a chance to review the things they have purchased.

Weebly's eCommerce platform lets customers write reviews for products and offers a free plan. The free program provides basic functionality and a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you'll have to pay additional fees to access features like a real-time shipping rate calculator and email marketing. 

Weebly has many templates to choose from. Using the Weebly blogging platform, you can also add a blog to your site. The Weebly blogging editor works much like the website editor but lacks extensive management features. 

Instead, the platform is straightforward and gives you much control over your site's content.

Nevertheless, while there are better eCommerce platforms than this one, it's probably the cheapest.

h. Weebly's Mobile Site Design Capabilities

Weebly offers a robust mobile site design capability. In addition, the platform's responsive design looks good on mobile devices. The platform even provides an app that comes with an Apple Watch. 

The only drawback of Weebly's mobile site design capabilities is the lack of an available media database. Instead, users must upload images for each element.

i. Weebly's responsive designs look great on mobile.

Responsive design is essential for websites, as over 70% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. A responsive design automatically adjusts the layout of your site to fit smaller screens. 

This will ensure that your visitors have a good viewing experience no matter their device.

The first step is to choose a responsive design. 

Next, you can choose from a variety of responsive themes. Responsive themes look great on mobile and are easier to customize. In addition to being mobile-friendly, you can select a table-like layout. This allows you to customize your site to look great on any device.

Another great thing about Weebly's responsive design is that you can easily add new pages and elements to your site. As you add new features, existing sections will move around so that they're aligned. 

Although some templates can be too rigid for complex designs, Weebly's interface makes it very easy to customize major site elements.

Weebly also offers many marketing tools to improve traffic and sales. For example, you can create an email marketing campaign that sends out emails automatically when visitors complete a particular action on your site. 

You can also display pop-ups on your site to entice visitors to sign up for your mailing list or receive coupons. Fortunately, Weebly's marketing tools are available for free.

ii. Weebly has a button that takes you to a mobile site.

The Weebly Mobile App lets you create, edit, and manage your site on the go. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and has a simple design interface. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and sign in using your Weebly account.

The Weebly Editor allows you to customize your site's appearance and content. You can add new elements and replace old ones. You can also choose to add or delete fields, and Weebly will prompt you to confirm the deletion before doing so.

Another benefit of the Weebly Mobile Editor is its third-party app marketplace. As a result, you can integrate both premium and free apps. 

There are two types of editors: Classic Editors and Square Editor. To see what apps are available, visit Weebly's App Store and click on the App tab.

If you're new to responsive web design, you should familiarize yourself with Weebly's mobile site design capabilities. This feature allows you to make changes without having to restart the site. In addition, it has dozens of special features you can add to your site.

Weebly's editor is easy to use. Text formatting is easy to customize. Unlike Wix, Weebly has an editor that automatically saves changes. You can also add co-editors and specify who gets to edit the content.

iii. Weebly's app even offers an associated Apple Watch.

Weebly's plans start at $5 a month and include a custom domain, $100 Google Ads credits, and more. They also have several eCommerce and marketing tools and free phone support. 

In addition, there is a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied within 30 days. The only exception to the money-back guarantee is if you buy a domain name.

While Weebly is a good choice for small sites, there are better solutions for more significant sites. It lacks some key features, including easy filtering and sorting. Additionally, custom content types are limited. Finally, users may need help with the layout.

Weebly's website builder is perfect for you if you're not a technical person and still want to make a website. First, you'll follow a step-by-step tutorial to create a page. Then, with Weebly's drag-and-drop editor, you can modify and enhance the design of your page. The software is also free.

If you want to build a mobile site, Weebly has one of the best mobile apps on the market. Users can drag and drop elements to change their website design on a smartphone. 

The Weebly mobile app could be better, but it's close. Users can also get site transactions and traffic updates with this app.

While Weebly has several other great features, it needs some essential features. One prominent part is landing pages, which ensure your site is optimized for mobile. 

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Weebly's default editor. Instead, users must integrate third-party apps or work around the splash layout to create a landing page.

i. Weebly's Website Analytics

Weebly has a comprehensive website analytics tool that allows you to view information about your site's traffic. It includes information like page views and unique visitors for every day of the month. 

It also shows people's search terms to find your site, referring sites, and the most popular pages.

i. Even Free Users Get Some Site-Activity Statistics

Weebly's website analytics includes valuable statistics about your site's traffic and activity. However, the titles of some of the statistics need to be more accurate. 

Many users assume that the statistics represent the past month. However, the reality is that the statistics reflect only the current month.

Site-activity statistics include page views and unique visitors per day. 

Upgraded accounts also provide information on referring sites and search terms used to find your site. The top-visited pages are also displayed. In addition, the "Site Activity" section lets you see the most popular website pages.

Using Weebly is a great way to create and manage a website. It is easy to use and offers many features. It allows even non-technical users to create a website and manage it. In addition, the platform makes SEO easy and provides SEO tools.

While Weebly may not compete with Shopify, they've stepped up its eCommerce game since its Square acquisition. Paid accounts let you add Store and Product page types, import products, and accept payments through Square, Stripe, PayPal, and other third-party payment platforms.

In addition, paid accounts include features like abandoned cart notifications and 2.9 percent of the transaction cost.

ii. Professional Plans Can See Google Search Terms

If you use the Professional Plans on Weebly, you can see which search terms are used to find your site. You can also see how many visitors your website has received in a given month. 

You can also see how many times people have visited your site and how many people have visited your site on a particular day. If you're selling a product online, this information can be invaluable.

While Weebly's website builder doesn't have the most robust SEO capabilities, you can do some things to improve your site's ranking. For example, you can add "H1" headings to your website. 

This will allow Google to see the right pages of your site and rank them accordingly. You may even find that your website is among the top results in Google for specific keywords.

Consider the Business Plan or Professional Plan if you're creating a website for your business. These plans offer more features at a reasonable price and phone support. For business owners, the Business Plan has more power, a better customer experience, and more tailored analytics.

j. How Weebly Websites Can Be Transferred to Other Hosts

If you own a Weebly site and are considering moving it to another host, you may wonder how to do it. There are two ways to do this. First, you can download your site and store it as a ZIP archive. Then, you can upload it to another host.

i. You Can Download Your Site as a ZIP Archive

Fortunately, Weebly offers a way to export your site into a ZIP archive for easy transfer to another host. However, it needs to back up your blog posts and product pages. If you lose these files, you will have to rebuild them from scratch.

Before exporting your Weebly website, you should know what you are getting into. This method is only suitable for a short-term website or a large business because it can only arrange hundreds of pages. It doesn't also have the functionality to create product pages or a members area. Luckily, there are workarounds.

Weebly offers several plans that start at a low cost and have a few limitations. The free tier, for example, offers limited storage space, Square ads, and a 10MB maximum file size. However, if you plan on creating a more advanced website, you can buy a premium plan that includes unlimited monthly data transfers.

Weebly has an easy-to-understand editor. A grey top bar allows you to manage pages and change site settings, while a dark grey bar lets you drag elements into the editing window. After you've made your choices, the panel changes function mode. The orange button entices you to upgrade, while the blue button publishes your site.

If you're unsure how to transfer your Weebly site to WordPress, there are several ways you can do so. First, copy the text on your Weebly site, including the title, subheadings, and body text. 

Once you've done this, you can paste it into your WordPress site. Another option is to manually migrate your site's content. To do this, you must first save all your Weebly content onto your computer.

ii. You Can Host a Site Built in Weebly Elsewhere

You can host a Weebly site on a different server if you prefer. If you have a domain name, you can enter this in the domain field and point it to your new hosting account. You can add a subdomain to your Weebly site if you do not have a domain name.

There are many advantages to using Weebly for your eCommerce website. Their plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a user-friendly interface, and fully customizable templates. The highest-tier program even includes full e-commerce capabilities. 

Also, third-party apps and extensions are available to make your site more versatile. For example, Weebly also offers an export feature for page content via zip files. You can also export blog posts through RSS. However, site portability can be a challenging process.

Weebly has a built-in blogging feature, which allows you to add new pages to your website. To do this, go to the Pages tab and click the plus icon in the left-hand sidebar. You can edit the text on your website by clicking the corresponding boxes. You can also change the theme and settings of your site.

Weebly offers a free option for small websites. However, this comes with a few limitations. The free plan includes limited storage space, Square ads, and a limit of 10MB on file size. 

On the other hand, the Pro plan comes with features like e-commerce and a shopping cart if you are a small business or organization.

k. Weebly vs. Wix: Which Option is Better?

Weebly is more suitable for beginners and those looking for a simple design. 

On the other hand, Wix is ideal for eCommerce sellers who need absolute customization. Both builders make it easy to edit your site and provide essential built-in SEO tools. 

However, if you're serious about your online business and want a site with the highest search engine rankings, Wix will be a better choice.

i. Weebly vs. Wix

Weebly and Wix offer great editing tools, but the two have some differences. For instance, Wix has an editor that allows you to undo changes. You can also restore your site to its previous state if necessary. While Weebly has no such feature, it is still possible to restore deleted pages with the help of the Wix support team.

Wix also has an extensive app store with a much more comprehensive range of apps available. Weebly's App Center is constantly growing but needs to compete with Wix's. In addition, Wix apps are free, while Weebly apps have to be purchased.

Wix is more SEO-friendly. Its SEO features are far more comprehensive and extensive than Weebly's. For example, Wix allows you to add keywords and meta descriptions. It even offers an 'SEO Wiz' assistant that guides you through the process. 

Both options provide unlimited bandwidth and storage, but Wix's regular website plans don't allow you to make payments online.

Weebly is easier to use, but Wix is more advanced. Wix also offers more features, including a blog. Wix's editor isn't as integrated into the site builder but allows you to add text, images, videos, tables, and more. 

However, the Weebly editor offers a better editing experience. The Weebly editor also allows you to add different blog authors and schedule posts in advance.

Wix offers more templates, while Weebly has more modern themes. With proper customization, both platforms can look amazing. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to create a multi-tier menu. 

However, Wix is designed for something other than mega-sites and is better suited to smaller sites.

When it comes to pricing, Wix is more expensive than Weebly. However, it offers several free paid plans, ranging from $6 to $26 per year. Wix also provides a business plan that has e-commerce features. 

In addition, Wix has a large Wix App Market where you can download apps that enhance the platform.

While both Weebly and Wix have app stores, Wix is more comprehensive. Wix's App Market features a robust collection of over 250 applications, including more than 80 free ones. Both Wix and Weebly also offer 24/7 support.

ii. Weebly vs. Wix eCommerce platform

If you are looking for a website builder to run an eCommerce website, then one of the best choices you have is Weebly. This website-building service has over 800 free niche-specific templates that are fully customizable. 

These mobile-friendly websites are designed to look and feel good on any device. You can even create multilingual sites and target customers from all over the world. 

Plus, Weebly and Wix come with an impressive eCommerce design library and offer several marketing functions.

In addition to templates, Wix has a more comprehensive knowledge base and a more customizable interface. Moreover, Wix has built-in SEO tools, a complete support system, and social media. Wix also offers a free plan and premium plans with more features.

Wix allows you to sell both physical and digital goods. You can even optimize your products for search engines. With Wix, adding effects and accepting payments is fast and easy. The platform is compatible with PayPal, credit cards, and offline payment options. 

Furthermore, Wix is solid regarding the visual presentation of products. It allows you to add a zoom effect to images, integrates videos, and incorporate SEO. It also recently added an import/export feature for its product catalog.

Weebly also offers more blogging features than Wix. In addition to providing integrated blogging tools, it offers an extensive App Market, which allows users to integrate widgets and add-ons. It also allows you to add multiple authors to your blog and offers advanced SEO optimization.

The Wix App Center is significantly more robust than Weebly's App Center, and Wix's App Market contains more high-quality apps. In addition, Wix apps are supported by a team of professionals, unlike Weebly. Both platforms also have powerful built-in marketing tools, which may be of value to you.

In terms of price, Weebly has a free eCommerce plan. In comparison, Wix's top eCommerce plan costs $59 a month. Furthermore, Wix offers a free account with 500 MB of storage and 500 MB of bandwidth.

iii. Weebly vs. Wix SEO

Weebly and Wix are both competent options for building an eCommerce website. Both offer great SEO features to help your website get the needed traffic. For example, a Wix eCommerce store provides a mobile-friendly, fast-loading design. Besides, both platforms allow you to add meta descriptions and keywords to each page. Wix also has built-in security features that will keep your site secure.

Wix has been improving its SEO features in the past few years with a built-in SEO tool that will determine whether your site is optimized for search engines. This is particularly useful for those who want organic traffic from most search engines. Wix also allows all headers and doesn't restrict headline tags, which will help you avoid formatting issues. 

However, Wix has a problem naming image files - it will change the names for security purposes, harming image optimization.

Weebly has a rich feature set compared to Wix, but Wix is less customizable than Wix. 

If you need to make changes to your website often, Wix is a better option. Wix is also an excellent choice for those who need more extensive web development experience. Wix and Weebly have pros and cons, so find a platform that meets your needs.

Wix offers more powerful SEO tools than Weebly does. For example, Wix has its SEO Wiz, optimizing your website to be more accessible and practical. You can also add a free app, such as the Ranking Coach. Weebly's regular website plans have limited bonuses. Unfortunately, Wix also doesn't allow for online payments.

Wix is more flexible than Weebly, which means it's better for people new to website building. Wix makes it easy to sell both digital and physical products. Wix also makes it easy to connect inventory tools and product variants. In addition, it's easy to use Wix's open APIs to communicate with these tools.

Wix offers a drag-and-drop editor. However, it is limited by the number of templates available for you. In contrast, Weebly offers several professionally designed templates. The latter also allows you to customize the template.

iv. Weebly vs. Wix editor

When it comes to website editors, Weebly and Wix both have intuitive drag-and-drop editors. In addition, both offer a large selection of templates, though Wix has a slightly better selection than Weebly. 

However, the editor on Wix is generally easier to use and provides a lot more flexibility.

Wix also has a robust site history feature that lets you create an unlimited number of revisions to your website. This feature automatically makes revisions whenever you save your site. You can even rename or filter the revisions before restoring them. This feature is handy when you want to change a site and revert back to an earlier version.

Wix offers more templates, but Weebly offers more modern and visually pleasing designs. The Wix editor allows for more custom coding options, but the Weebly editor is easier for beginners. 

In addition, the Wix editor will enable you to drag elements anywhere on the page, which allows for more flexibility.

Both services offer paid plans. Paid plans start at $5 per month. You can also opt for a free program to build a simple website. Wix's plans include unlimited space, hosting, and a free domain name. If you are active in eCommerce, Wix will be a better choice.

Wix offers more powerful eCommerce capabilities and more customization options. While Weebly is better for beginners, Wix is better for more advanced users. Wix has more features, is easier to use, and offers more control over your site's appearance. You can also use both tools to optimize your site for search engine rankings.

Both website builder tools are easy to use. The editor on Weebly and Wix is block-based, which makes it easier for non-techies to use. In addition, Wix offers a free plan for beginners. Both tools are highly customizable, and the features can help your site stand out from the competition.

Wix offers more SEO options than Weebly. Wix also provides a comprehensive SEO guide that walks you through the process. It also offers more support for beginners with phone, email, and community forums.

What I like/dislike about Weebly:


  • Free Option
  • Beautiful, responsive-design themes
  • Simple blogging interface
  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Robust commerce choices, including the capacity to sell digital goods
  • Website statistics included
  • Lets you swap themes without overhauling your site
  • Limitless data transfers with every plan
  • Exceptional uptime


  • Lacks image editing features
  • Restricted theme customization
  • Does not offer reusable image storage
  • Lacks a sitewide undo-feature
  • Customer service has a slow response time

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Shopify is a platform for online stores. It offers hundreds of professional themes and a blogging platform. It also provides a variety of payment gateways and features. In addition, you can use many tools to maximize your revenue, such as an SSL certificate, marketing support, and SEO assistance. The platform is also easy to use and can be customized to your business. It also provides reports for sales by product, billing address, and traffic referrer.

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The Good Stuff:
  • 14-day free trial, no credit card required
  • Unlimited bandwidth, products and storage
  • Huge third-party app store
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Several beautiful free themes
  • Integrated payment processing
  • No transaction fees if using Shopify Payments
The Bad Stuff:
  • Plans may be pricey for beginners
  • So many options can be overwhelming
  • Lacking a robust email marketing tool

a. Shopify Offers Five Plans

The Starter plan costs $5 monthly and allows you to sell via social and messaging apps.

The Basic Shopify plan is $29 per month. It will allow you to create an online store, accept payments through credit cards, and issue invoices. You can also chat with customers and update your inventory and orders automatically.

The Regular plan starts at $79 per month, and the Advanced plan costs $299 per month and up.

The fifth plan is ShopifyPlus. This plan starts at $2000 per month and requires a twelve-month commitment. Again, it is meant for high-volume businesses looking for stability, and boasts clients such as Heinz, Jenny Craig, Staples and Bombas.

Each plan has different features, and you can match them to your budget bill. However, choosing the right one for your business can be challenging, so take some time to decide which one best fits your needs.

i. Shopify Starter Plan is $5/month

If you're starting out and don't need advanced features, the Shopify Starter Plan is the right option. This plan gives you access to basic features like order management and customer support and includes a 14-day free trial. After the free trial, you'll need to commit to a $5/month plan to continue using Shopify.

This plan is excellent for new and smaller businesses just starting out. However, if you're looking to expand quickly or sell a wide range of products, you'll want to upgrade to the Shopify Plus plan. 

This plan will give you 24/7 email, live chat, and phone support. You'll also get help setting up your store, as Shopify experts will help you with customizations.

Advanced Shopify plan includes third-party shipping rates, international payment processing, custom market pricing, and advanced reporting. Advanced Shopify plans are for businesses with high expectations and a monthly turnover of $10 000. 

In addition, the company's support staff is available around the clock, so you can be sure that your account will always be up to date and working for you.

While the Starter Plan doesn't require an eCommerce website, it allows you to post links to products on social media, manage your inventory, and run analytics through the Shopify backend. 

In addition, it will enable you to create little online stores on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Starter Plan is a primary option that allows you to create a website in minutes. It will enable you to upload product images, write descriptions, and start selling immediately through social media. 

Additionally, the Starter plan integrates well with Linkpop, a free link-in bio tool.

ii. Basic Shopify Plan is $29 per month.

The Basic Shopify Plan starts at $29 per month and offers basic features such as an online store builder. The plan also provides 24/7 customer support and unlimited bandwidth. It also has no limits on the number of merchants that visit your store. If you need more features, you can opt for higher-tier plans.

The Basic Shopify Plan is an excellent choice for starting small businesses. It has everything you need to get started, including an eCommerce store and a blog. It also has unlimited products and allows up to two staff accounts. 

Nevertheless, this plan lacks more sophisticated features, such as third-party calculated shipping rates, but you can add these features by purchasing shipping apps. In the long run, however, the Basic Shopify Plan is an excellent choice if you want to build a small business without spending much money.

The Basic Shopify Plan is the least expensive option, costing only $29 per month. It has several benefits, including unlimited products, two staff accounts, a website with a blog, a free SSL certificate, and automated order creation. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Basic Shopify Plan includes 24/7 support and two staff accounts.

The Basic Shopify plan is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises but also for larger companies with multiple locations, multiple staff members, and international shipping needs. 

The Basic Plan allows users to add purchase links to their existing website and includes some basic features, including inventory management and customer profiles.

The Basic Shopify Plan is $29 per month, which includes unlimited products and file storage. For this price, you also get complete credit card transactions and access to 30 credit card centers.

iii. Shopify Plan is $79 per month.

The Shopify Advanced plan is a paid plan suited for businesses selling products on a large scale. The program provides unlimited storage capacity, 15 staff accounts, and third-party-calculated shipping rates. 

Moreover, it includes advanced reporting and e-commerce automation. The cost of this plan is slightly higher than similar self-hosted solutions, but it's worth it for the superior features.

Shopify charges a transaction fee for each transaction made on your store. The price varies by plan, but it's typically between 2% and 1% of total sales. This fee covers Shopify's cost of hardware, software, and resources. The prices apply whether your store has a small number of buyers or a large number.

The Basic Shopify plan is $29 per month. It comes with an online store builder and 24/7 customer service support. Additionally, the Basic plan includes unlimited items to add all of your products to your store and maintain a blog. This plan also includes a card reader. You can even use this to sell in-store. 

The Basic plan also has no bandwidth limits, so you don't have to worry about your store growing too quickly or being overwhelmed.

The Advanced Shopify plan includes the basic plan's features but has lower transaction fees than the Basic plan. In addition, this plan includes unlimited staff accounts and allows you to assign inventory to multiple locations. 

You can assign up to eight locations, and you can assign your inventory to multiple locations. Additionally, the Advanced plan charges only 2.6% plus $0.30 per transaction, or 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction for in-person purchases. These fees vary depending on the country.

iv. Advanced Shopify Plan is $299 per month.

The Advanced Shopify Plan costs $299 per month and includes advanced features like custom reports, automation tools, and lower transaction fees. It also has unlimited product uploads and the ability to use third-party payment gateways. The Advanced Plan is more affordable if you only sell a few products. This plan is also recommended for large-scale merchants. The Advanced program also supports high-volume sales and comes with social media integration.

The Advanced Shopify Plan is designed for larger companies that need advanced features. The plan also allows you to store unlimited products and offers real-time carrier shipping. While this is slightly more expensive than the Basic Shopify plan, it is well worth the extra money if your online store snowballs.

The Advanced Shopify Plan comes with an advanced marketing solution. It also has analytics reports that can help you better understand your customers. Whether you run an online or offline business, this plan gives you control over all your data in one place. It is also affordable, making it a good option for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Basic Shopify plan costs $29 per month and includes 2 staff accounts. In addition, it has unlimited products, a blog, sales channels, and a free SSL certificate. Additional features of the Advanced plan include automated order creation, abandoned cart recovery, discount codes, and third-party shipping rates.

The Advanced Shopify Plan is a little more expensive than the Basic Plan but provides better shipping conditions, real-time carrier shipping, and an analytics and reporting system.

v. ShopifyPlus Plan Starts at $2000 per month.

ShopifyPlus is a fully hosted system that allows you to focus on marketing and design while the platform takes care of the rest. This plan also offers 200 TB of storage space, which should be more than enough for even the largest stores. However, it costs about $2000 per month and requires a 12-month commitment.

The Shopify Plus plan is available at various price points and depends on usage. The Basic plan costs $29 a month. It includes two staff accounts, unlimited products, an online store with a blog, sales channels, a free SSL certificate, discount codes, manual order creation, and abandoned cart recovery. The Advanced plan costs $299 monthly and provides 15 staff accounts, an advanced report builder, and third-party shipping rates.

The basic plan does not charge a transaction fee when using Shopify Payments. However, using a third-party payment gateway will pay a small transaction fee for each sale. This fee is higher than the 1% charged by Shopify Payments but still significantly lower than the 2% or so authorized by other payment processors.

Suppose you have a store on another platform. In that case, you can migrate your account to Shopify Plus with Bulk Account Inviter, which imports customer accounts from the other platform and invites them to activate their accounts on the new store.

While not an official Shopify app, Bulk Account Inviter is similar to the Transporter app. It emphasizes personalization and automation, and you can use it to create dynamic sales based on your customer segments. It also lets you customize your checkout process to meet your and your customers' needs.

b. Building a Shopify Store

Building a Shopify store is easy if you follow the proper steps. You can register a domain through Shopify or use a free, modern theme. The Dashboard is where you do most of the work. 

You can also use your store name to create a custom URL. After that, you must customize your store to sell your products and services.

i. Shopify Uses to Store Name to Create Custom URL

If you want to redirect traffic to your shop from another website, you can use Shopify. All you have to do is set up your store, go to the "Settings" tab, click on "URLs," and click on "Add custom URL." You must enter your shop name and domain name in the new window.

Creating a custom URL is a great way to set your shop apart from the competition and give it a more attractive look. Most people use a custom domain for their store for aesthetic reasons. 

It also makes the website address more memorable to customers. You can purchase a new domain directly from Shopify or a third-party provider. Be sure to choose a name that is easy to say and spell.

Changing the URL is easy; you can do it by purchasing a new domain or transferring your existing domain. However, it takes up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect. You can also set your new domain as the primary domain. 

Once you have created a new domain, Shopify will automatically connect it to your store and change the DNS settings on the domain.

ii. You Can Register a Domain Through Shopify

When building a Shopify store, you have the option of adding a domain name to your store. Registering a domain through Shopify is easy, and you can connect an existing domain. 

Connecting your domain varies by domain provider, but it should be straightforward. When setting up a domain through Shopify, follow the instructions provided by your domain provider.

After creating an account, go to the 'My Account' tab and log into your account. Next, you'll be prompted to input your domain name, followed by an extension. Once you've chosen your domain, Shopify will display pricing options for each extension. 

If you've chosen the right domain, Shopify will review it and approve the purchase. Then, as soon as your domain propagates, you can use it to access your store.

Registering a domain through Shopify is very easy and fast. Once you've chosen a domain name, the next step is to add your products to your store. You can choose either an existing business or choose a new one.

iii. Shopify offers free modern-looking themes.

When it comes to a modern eCommerce store, one of the best places to start is with a theme. There are several free themes for building a Shopify store that you can use to create the ideal design for your brand. 

Some have a responsive design, so they look great on any device, and others are built specifically for certain types of products. So whether you're selling fashion, home furnishings, or other products, there's a theme to fit your needs.

If you're building a clothing store, you'll want to go with the Optimal theme, which has a clean, user-friendly design. It also has pre-built content and features like social media integration and a mega menu. 

Another theme is the Belle theme, a multi-purpose theme perfect for various online stores. Whether selling shoes, jewelry, or other items, Belle will help you create a stylish and functional store.

Another popular free Shopify theme is Boundless. It features an easy-to-use navigation button and looks great on mobile devices. This theme is best suited for clothing, art, and home stores but can also be used for other niches.

iv. Shopify Dashboard is Where You Do the Most Work

The Shopify Dashboard is where you do most of your work when building a Shopify store. It's a powerful tool that allows you to monitor your sales data in real-time and has plenty of useful features for running a successful business. If you're unsure how to use it, here's a guide to help you get started.

The Shopify Dashboard allows you to manage your incoming inventory, track products from suppliers, and schedule when they'll arrive. It also allows you to organize your products into categories and create collections. You can also set when specific groups are available.

The Shopify dashboard allows you to view metrics about your store's sales and visitors. You can also see the conversion rate and the number of store sessions, which increase as you increase your sales. In addition, the analytics section allows you to see which products are converting the best.

v. Add a Product Page - You Enter Product Details

To sell your products, you must have a product description. It should be written to entice your audience to buy it. While you can copy and paste from the manufacturer's report, it's best to have your own copy. Also, your product description should be unique, increasing its visibility in search engines.

 In addition to the report, you must also have an image for your product. This image will display on the storefront and in the Shopify POS system. 

You can upload photos by clicking the "Upload Image" button in the upper right corner. Once you've uploaded images, hovering over them will reveal more options.

The next step is to add the products to your Shopify store. You can edit the details of the products at any time. But you must be careful about the tags and collections you add to your products. 

Then edit the details of your products. First, you need to go to the Shopify admin page and click on the tab "Products." Then, in the products tab, click on "Edit Product" to edit the details of your product.

vi. Shopify automatically assigns prices and SKUs

When building a Shopify store, you can automatically assign prices and SKUs to all your products. However, there are some things you should remember to make sure you're using the correct format. 

SKUs are unique identifiers for each product. They can consist of four to eight characters. Therefore, they should be easy for your staff to understand. However, it would be best if you also ensured each character has a specific purpose.

Shopify offers an excellent built-in email marketing solution. This feature lets you send notifications via email when inventory runs low and even enables you to tag users based on their purchase habits. It also offers built-in functionality to create a multilingual version of your store.

If you're selling physical products, you can use the 'In Stock feature to show your inventory and sell items in multiple locations. The system also keeps track of out-of-stock products and automatically stops orders until you replenish your inventory.

vii. Shopify Payments allows you to accept payments.

If you've been wanting to accept payments for your products or services on your online store, Shopify Payments is the way to go. The platform works with PayPal, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay to process payments and provides 24/7 support. 

If you don't have a merchant account, you can use the free trial version to test the service before implementing it in your store.

Shopify Payments is the only payment processor that offers a unified payment back office for your online store. This makes managing failed payments and refunds easy and secure. 

Using third-party payment providers can be time-consuming and frustrating for your customers. Shopify Payments also syncs payments with your orders. This makes it the fastest way to handle your online store payments.

You can accept payments through Shopify Payments by following a few simple steps. First, you'll need a Shopify account. Next, you'll need to input your business details and EIN. You'll also need to select the type of business you're operating. In some cases, you'll need to provide personal information as well.

viii. Create a Shopify Blog to Engage With Customers

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to promote your eCommerce business. With over 7.5 million blog posts published daily, your eCommerce store must stand out. A blog can help you get more traffic and convert more sales.

Blogging is also a cost-effective form of marketing. It is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and can generate three times more leads. Blogging also helps customers gain confidence in your products. 

When you provide valuable information about your products, your readers will see that you care about their needs and are an authority in your field. Your blog is also helpful in increasing your online visibility and SEO.

While creating a blog can be intimidating, it is one of the best ways to boost your brand and engage your customers. There are a few things to consider before starting a blog, however. First of all, it is imperative to create unique content for your Shopify blog. 

It would help if you also were willing to spend time maintaining it. The more original content you can post, the more likely your readers will be to return to your store and make a purchase.

c. Shopify's Customer Service Team

If you are looking for a service provider that offers top-notch customer support for your online store, look no further than Shopify. 

This eCommerce platform provides phone and chats support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, Shopify has an active discussion forum and a designated regional phone number.

i. Shopify Offers 24/7 Phone And Chat-Based Support

Shopify offers several customer support options. Its help center is a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions. The staff members are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. 

They can also walk you through an issue using screenshots. You can also call the Shopify hotline for additional assistance.

The Simple service uses historical inquiries and your Shopify store's knowledge base to answer your customers' questions. They also respond to messages through social media, so your customers can get assistance with anything from product selection to payment issues. 

Whether it is an email, phone call, or social media post, Simplr's team of experts is there to help.

Live chat is another way to provide live customer support. The chat app is designed for small to medium e-commerce businesses with a dedicated support team. 

It allows you to connect different service channels and integrate customer data into one app. This eliminates the need for siloed software.

Phone support is also available, though it's limited to Shopify platform-related problems, such as troubleshooting your website. Its intuitive interface is user-friendly, and its features are versatile enough to suit all sizes of businesses.

ii. Shopify Has An Active Discussion Forum

A popular social networking Reddit subreddit called "Shopify" is an excellent resource for Shopify questions. It has almost 110k members and is a fantastic place to discuss any topic related to Shopify. 

While members are not allowed to promote their own stores or solicit sales, they can ask questions, share ideas, and get answers to their technical problems.

This forum is geared toward higher-end Shopify users with over $5 million in revenue. It is a very active community with over 4,000 posts and 3,000 new monthly comments. 

The community is also great for networking with entrepreneurs in a similar industry. However, users must be aware of the community's rules.

There are numerous Shopify discussion forums on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also find active communities on subreddits and Slack workspaces. 

Many of these sites also offer an extensive knowledge base. You can find experts in various fields in these communities. In fact, one casual search for "Shopify" in the Warrior Forum found nearly 3,000 choices!

The Money Makers forum has around 22,000 members. It is smaller than the Shopify Community but equally helpful. Members are encouraged to ask questions and share their successes and failures. 

Members can also access free training materials provided by the forum's founder. Many of the topics discussed in these forums center on marketing, sales, and profits.

iii. Shopify provides Designated Regional Phone Numbers.

To provide adequate customer service, Shopify has a feature that allows its users to choose specific regional phone numbers for customer service. This feature can be found under Settings > Notifications. 

When customers click the button, they'll be asked to enter a phone number, which they can confirm. For example, if the region they live in is the San Francisco Bay Area, they can select 310-589-7787 to receive customer service support for this region.

Shopify is a web-based platform that powers millions of successful brands. It offers point-of-sale and eCommerce features, enabling people to start new businesses or expand their existing ones online. It has helped companies make $496 billion in sales to date. 

In addition, customers can quickly contact Shopify for questions or technical support.

d. Shopify Provides Benefits to eCommerce Stores and Dropshippers

Shopify provides many advantages to eCommerce business owners. 

These include an Out of Box eCommerce Solution, a User-Friendly Dashboard, Beautiful Free Templates, and Thousands of Apps, which add tremendous flexibility. 

This is why many online business owners are choosing Shopify as their eCommerce platform.

i. Out-of-the-Box eCommerce Solution

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform with many inbuilt tools for dropshippers. It offers maximum flexibility and choice in sourcing products and automatic inventory syncing through its secure cloud system. 

It also allows you to sell products across various channels, including eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce solution that includes building and listing a website, managing customer conversations, and marketing. It offers hundreds of free themes and various marketing tools, making it easy to customize a website and collect everything from one dashboard. Signing up is easy, and you can add products immediately.

Shopify also provides expert customer support that is available 24/7. Support reps are friendly and responsive and can answer any questions you may have. The software also supports selling on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and has its own POS software for in-person sales. 

If you sell at multiple locations, you can consolidate them into a single account, saving time and money. Shopify is the gold eCommerce solutions standard and an excellent choice for small businesses.

ii. User-Friendly Dashboard

The User-Friendly Dashboard of Shopify gives you a glimpse of your sales and performance statistics. With the help of this dashboard, you can track your sales performance and understand what is working and what is not.

You can also view the ratings and installation history of various apps. In addition, the Shopify dashboard has many powerful tools that you can use to improve your business.

The Dashboard allows you to manage your orders, customers, and inventory. Specifically, its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for even the novice to understand and operate their store. The valuable features are links to different dashboard areas, a left-side bar, and an information center.

The User-Friendly Dashboard of Shopify also features charts that let you see how your sales are performing. Unfortunately, while the dashboard features 20 charts on its homepage, you can't customize them. 

To make adjustments, you'll need to adjust the settings. The Live View tab is also available. We'll talk about this in a minute. 

And finally, when it comes to reports, Shopify has the Reports menu.

The Live View tab is a powerful tool that shows sales from every channel. It helps online shop owners to determine which marketing and promotion campaigns are working. Using the Live View, you can also see whether your payment gateway is user-friendly or not. In addition, it can show you the percentage of returning customers.

The Managed Stores tab on the Partner Dashboard of Shopify gives you an overview of all your clients' stores and helps you to keep track of their performance. 

You can also access important information regarding the clients' stores, such as their total number of installations, publishing status, customer ratings, and earnings to date.

iii. Several Beautiful Free Templates

If you're planning to launch a new business, Shopify has a range of beautiful free templates to choose from. These include the Crave theme, designed to be professional, with bold colors and a vibrant look. 

This template is best suited for a website that will sell high-quality products. The template also comes with built-in social media icons.

This template is perfect for introducing your products and creating a menu-like experience. It includes a simple layout, large product images, and predictive search features to create an engaging experience for your visitors. 

It also consists of a small catalog, which helps small businesses create a personal story about their products. 

Another template, Taste, is designed for bottled products and drinks and comes with a clean, minimalist look. In addition, the template has a handy social media icon and is very user-friendly.

The Narrative template is simple but powerful, with a full-screen video and a pop-up menu. In addition, this template has a comprehensive layout and can be customized to meet your business needs. 

Before you choose any template, check its technical specifications and the customizable features it offers. Whether a template is free or paid for, it's essential to know how you can use it to create the best possible shopping experience.

Shopify templates are highly customizable and flexible. These templates are made for the latest web development trends and include all the elements required for the proper functioning of an online store. 

Furthermore, these templates load quickly to give your visitors a seamless experience. In other words, they make it easier for people to browse through your store, make purchases, and return for more.

iv. Thousands of Apps Add A Lot of Flexibility

While Shopify makes uploading products and managing inventory extremely easy, there are a few drawbacks. These drawbacks can be solved by using an app that allows you to customize your design and set up sales and discounts. 

The apps are easy to use, and you don't have to spend a fortune to get started. They even offer tips and tricks to get created, which is excellent for people with little or no website design experience. 

In addition, you don't have to worry about writing backend code because the apps are so easy to customize. You can even change colors and fonts. These are great solutions to real-world problems and can help you create a beautiful and functional store.

Shopify has thousands of options if you want the ultimate app to enhance your online presence. Several apps are free, while others cost a few dollars. In addition, you can use free trial versions to test the platform and see how well it suits your needs. 

You can also subscribe to a monthly plan and pay $9 monthly. This plan allows you to access premium features, including VIP Support, Advanced Targeting, and Custom flows, which can be invaluable if you're running a business online.

The wide variety of apps that Shopify offers is a fantastic feature. You can use hundreds of third-party apps or the Shopify App Store to get apps from independent developers. 

These apps will help you manage customer information and orders and even automate specific processes. This way, you can spend more money on marketing your online store.

v. Shopify Payments Make it Easy to Get Paid.

Shopify Payments make it easy to get paid by accepting credit card payments. Once you've set up your account, you can set up a payment schedule. 

The time it takes to get paid will depend on your chosen method, but most shops receive payments within one to two business days. You can also receive an email when the funds arrive.

The pay period varies from country to country but is usually about one business day between when a customer places an order in your store and when it reflects in your account. 

Payments are generally processed on working days, but weekends are often combined into costs. The length of your pay period will depend on your payment gateway, bank, and payment platform.

If you're selling products in different currencies, Shopify Payments make it easy to get paid. The rate is usually 2.4% or less for transactions in other currencies, plus a small fee. In the US, this fee is $15. The currency conversion rate varies depending on your location.

You can add Shopify Payments in Shopify Settings under Payments Provider. You'll need to enter your Employer Identification Number and banking details. You may have to provide additional information depending on your country's rules. This service is faster than PayPal and Stripe and is integrated into your store dashboard. It also does not require a merchant account.

Shopify Payments makes it easy for buyers to spread out the cost of their purchases. This payment method is similar to Klarna and Afterplay and allows buyers to purchase products over a more extended period. It also reduces the number of fees associated with sales.

What I like/dislike about Shopify:


  • 14-day free trial, no credit card required
  • Unlimited bandwidth, products and storage
  • Huge third-party app store
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Several beautiful free themes
  • Integrated payment processing
  • No transaction fees if using Shopify Payments


  • Plans may be pricey for beginners
  • So many options can be overwhelming
  • Lacking a robust email marketing tool

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7. Bluehost Website Builder Review

Top Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting & Phone Support for Businesses ($19.33/month)

Bluehost drag and drop builder

Brian's Thoughts

Bluehost's website builder is easy to use and offers a variety of tools to customize your website. You can add text boxes, videos, photo galleries, and more to your site. You can also add a custom domain and connect it to your hosting account. You can also add HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to your website. Bluehost also offers excellent customer support, and they have a wealth of knowledge about website creation.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Affordable, easy to use website builder for Bluehost users
  • Huge library of stock photos and templates
  • Guides you while learning the WordPress CMS
  • Utilizes WooCommerce to build online stores
  • Comes with a free SSL certificate
  • Great customer support
The Bad Stuff:
  • No free option
  • Unable to switch templates once website is published
  • Photo editing is limited
  • Layout could be organized better

Bluehost website builder allows newcomers to create a website with minimal code. The platform uses WordPress, which is very popular. However, even experienced WordPress users can use the site builder. The best part is that the platform comes with a free domain for the first year, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Bluehost also offers free updates for WordPress, so you won't have to worry about updates.

a. Bluehost Website Builder Plans, Prices, and Features

Before signing up for Bluehost's website builder, it's essential to understand what each of the four plans offers. The Basic plan starts at just $2.95 a month, while the Choice Plus plan costs $5.45 a month. Other options include Online Store and Online Store + Marketplace, which start at $9.95 monthly and $12.95 per month, respectively.

i. Basic Starts at $2.95 per month.

Bluehost offers several hosting plans, from the cheapest to the most expensive. If you are starting out with a website, you can choose to sign up for the Basic program for just $2.95 per month, and you can get unlimited bandwidth and storage. Other features include cPanel, SSL, and customizable plugins. 

In addition, you can customize your site by choosing one of Bluehost's themes and templates. You will also get a domain name and SSL, an absolute necessity for an online store.

Bluehost offers live chat and telephone support 24 hours a day. The support team is friendly and helpful; most customers give them a 5-star rating. In addition to providing live support, Bluehost offers cancellation options for any plan. This means you can cancel your plan anytime if you need to.

Bluehost offers three website builder plans. Each plan includes unlimited website hosting, a free SSL certificate, and email marketing. Plus, Bluehost also offers a free domain for a year. Bluehost is unlike other standalone website builders, and their platform is built on WordPress.

Bluehost provides drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy to create a website. You don't need coding or technical expertise to build a high-quality website. It is also highly flexible, allowing you to design it the way you want. 

In addition, you can upload unlimited files, create a limitless number of products, and even create social review pages. Its support team is also available round the clock, so you'll never be alone if you have any questions.

Bluehost also offers shared and dedicated hosting. Depending on your budget, you can select the best hosting plan for your needs. The Bluehost Basic Plan is affordable, starting at just $2.95 per month, and includes free SSL and CDN. There is no need to know how to use the CDN or SSL since you'll get these services with a click of a button.

The Bluehost Website Builder Basic plan includes more than 300 templates and an email marketing tool library. The basic plan also includes free SSL security, essential for protecting your website. All of Bluehost's hosting plans are affordable, reliable, and speedy. They are perfect for beginners and small businesses alike.

ii. Choice Plus Starts at $5.45 per month.

To run a professional website, you should consider the Choice Plus plan. For instance, this package offers a dedicated IP address, daily backups, and Codeguard. It also provides excellent security, including a free one-year backup. Whether you are starting out or an established blogger, you can choose this option with Bluehost.

Bluehost's Choice Plus plan includes unlimited space, bandwidth, and a dedicated IP address. It also comes with a free domain name for a year. It also consists of two experts who check for spam and keep your website safe. While this is the most expensive shared hosting plan offered by Bluehost, it has excellent features and various benefits that make it a great value for the money.

Bluehost offers packages, including the Basic, Choice Plus, and Pro plans. These plans cost less than the Pro plan but include more features. For example, the Basic program only allows you to host one website. On the other hand, you can choose an unlimited number of websites with the Choice Plus plan.

In addition to the Basic and Choice Plus plans, Bluehost also offers a free trial of the Office 365 mailbox. This cloud-based service allows you to access emails and files from any computer. In addition, you can use the Choice Plus plan to protect your domain and site from spam and to set up advanced privacy protection.

Bluehost's basic plan is the least expensive option, and the Basic plan is ideal for new bloggers and small business owners with limited traffic. Bluehost also offers a three-year plan at a special discount. It's perfect for those just starting out in the world of blogging.

Despite the features offered by Bluehost, it can sometimes be challenging to navigate the platform. The advertising from Bluehost is a little too intrusive and clutters the platform. Their goal is to upsell customers. So, even if you're happy with the service, Bluehost will try to sell you something more.

Bluehost offers an integrated WordPress platform. However, the price for managed WordPress is higher than for shared hosting. It also provides a base version, which includes 100 design templates. In addition, you'll have access to email and social media marketing tools, as well as appointment scheduling tools.

iii. Online Store Starts at $9.95 per month.

If you want to set up an online store, the Bluehost Website Builder plan is perfect. This service features eCommerce functionality such as unlimited products, processing payments, inventory management, etc. It even offers a subscription option so you can automate recurring payments.

Bluehost offers WordPress integration and a staging area for private testing as an added bonus. Additionally, you get a free email account, customizable cPanel, and multiple customer support options. The Bluehost online store plan is ideal for websites with up to 50,000 visitors per month.

Bluehost Website Builder offers two plans: Basic and Pro. Both offer 36-month contracts with introductory rates for the first term. Specifically, the Basic plan costs $2.95 per month, equal to a one-month initial rate. 

However, the Basic plan doesn't come with many premium design templates and lacks e-commerce support with WooCommerce.

For more advanced functionality, Bluehost has several plans for sale. Starter plans include free domain registration and a basic web hosting package. Advanced plans start at $11 per month and come with many features and options. You can even upgrade your project to an eCommerce plan. 

Finally, if you're looking to start a more complex online store, choose the Choice Plus plan, which includes domain privacy, automatic backups, and more.

iv. Online Store + Marketplace Starts at $12.95 per month.

Bluehost offers a variety of eCommerce solutions. Its Personal plan is priced at $12.95 per month and includes essential features such as order management, inventory management, and email marketing. 

It also offers SEO consultations and prioritized technical support. There are also paid plans with more advanced features, such as priority support and a dedicated account manager.

Website builders that support eCommerce features must also have good hosting. A good eCommerce platform must be fast and have high-quality web hosting. The basic plan needs a lot of features. You'll have to pay extra for access to discount codes, gift cards, and the ability to sell on social media. 

For small businesses, the Business plan is a good choice. Its only drawback is a one-time fee of 1% of your sales. However, this fee is waived when you use the Online Store feature.

A premium plan includes WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Bluehost WooCommerce plans include a website and blog with unlimited products, email marketing, website traffic analytics, payment processing, and a storefront theme. 

You can also opt for the Premium plan to add features such as online bookings, subscriptions, and advanced product customization.

Whether using WordPress or WooCommerce, Bluehost is a solid choice for hosting. The Starter plan lets you add "Buy Now" links to social media profiles, blog posts, and emails. It also offers a 14-day free trial.

b. Creating a Website With Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost is an excellent hosting company that provides 24/7 support, an extensive knowledge base, and a drag-and-drop editor for website creation. 

The website builder makes it easy to add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. It also has a knowledge base for everyday tasks, such as managing images and connecting a domain.

i. User-friendly setup wizard

Bluehost Website Builder is an excellent choice if you need more clarification about the basics of creating a website. Its setup wizard is user-friendly and guides you through the entire process in no time. It also includes the popular WordPress installer. 

In addition, Bluehost Website Builder also provides domain management Marketing & SEO tools. With these tools, you can create free email accounts and manage your site's database.

Bluehost Website Builder has pre-made pages and sections that make it easy to start. In addition, it includes a drag-and-drop page editor. 

Bluehost Website Builder also supports Gutenberg, which lets you add content and features without any coding knowledge. You can also use Mixed Mode to add content from third-party apps.

Bluehost offers many different web hosting plans. You can choose from shared, virtual private, or dedicated server hosting. The plans also include free domain registration and SSL certificates. 

Using Bluehost to host your website will also give you additional benefits, like unmetered traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and marketing credits. 

Lastly, Bluehost is an official WordPress-recommended web host. Finally, Wix is another popular option for creating a website. This platform allows you to create professional-looking websites with advanced tools.

Both Bluehost and Wix provide 24-hour support. Additionally, both companies are excellent choices for building a website. However, Bluehost offers more design freedom, while Wix is more adaptable. 

In addition, Wix provides more editing assistance, which makes it easier to troubleshoot issues. If you're in doubt, Wix and Hostgator are both excellent choices.

ii. Drag-and-drop editor

Bluehost Website Builder is a drag-and-drop editor that helps you build a website using the WordPress platform. However, you must have a WordPress website before using Bluehost's drag-and-drop editor. 

Although you don't get as much design flexibility with this drag-and-drop editor as you would with a standalone site builder, Bluehost Website Builder does come with access to the full range of WordPress tools, including blogging, media management, SEO, and eCommerce. It also allows you to move your website to another location. 

So, depending on your business needs, this drag-and-drop editor may be a good fit for you. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to add images and customize the text on your website. You can also add a logo and customize the fonts and colors of your buttons. 

In addition, you can integrate thousands of apps with Bluehost Website Builder, which will help you customize your website. Visit the Bluehost marketplace and search for and install apps that are right for you.

While Bluehost Website Builder is straightforward, it only offers partial server control. You need to install WordPress to run your website, which is included in the package. This will allow you to add new content and functionality as you go. WordPress also allows you to sell physical products as well as digital ones.

Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support and a wealth of resources for users. In addition, their knowledge base and resource center has plenty of tutorials for Bluehost Website Builder and WordPress.

iii. Search engine optimization settings

Search engine optimization is one of the most important things to consider when creating a website. This is important because it will help you get better rankings on search engines. 

Bluehost's Website Builder allows you to add SEO settings and metadata to your site. These settings will help your website to be indexed by search engines and attract more potential customers.

The Bluehost website builder is easy to use and has many helpful features that make it easy to create a professional-looking WordPress website. In addition, the company offers excellent customer support and SEO tools to help you optimize your website for search engines. 

Plus, you get a free domain name and hosting, and the interface is user-friendly and intuitive. You can also use various templates and tools to create a professional-looking site.

Bluehost's SEO tools make optimizing a website easy for even the novice. Its SEO dashboard shows you how well your site performs and compares it to competitors. It also offers tips and advice to help you improve your website's search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization settings are essential for getting traffic. The best way to do this is to learn how people use search engines and what they are looking for. This will help you choose the right keywords and incorporate them into your content. 

But, of course, other factors influence your website's ranking. Bluehost's team of experts is here to help you optimize your website.

iv. Full WordPress dashboard access

Bluehost Website Builder is a perfect choice if you are looking for a WordPress platform that allows you to customize your website. 

The website builder offers an easy-to-use interface with a ton of valuable features. For example, users can customize pre-built sections and create custom pages. They can also add SEO titles, meta descriptions, and URL slugs.

There are several plans available, and all of them include 24/7 customer support. You can contact a live representative via email, phone, or live chat. Bluehost even provides multiple phone numbers to choose from, so you won't have to use a single phone number to get support. The support department is also an excellent resource for general questions or assistance with your website.

Bluehost Website Builder is a good choice if you want a cheap, simple, easy-to-use WordPress hosting solution. It also offers a 30-day free trial and a money-back guarantee. It also provides an easy drag-and-drop editor and over 300 website templates.

With Bluehost, you won't have to worry about the technical aspects of running a WordPress site. The Bluehost Website Builder offers full WordPress dashboard access and doesn't limit the amount of data you can store or transfer. You can choose the features you need to maximize your website's potential.

One of the best things about Bluehost Website Builder is the ability to create customized forms. For instance, you can customize each form's text, color, and contour. It also offers thousands of app integrations. In addition, you can search for and install apps to help you build a custom website.

v. Blogging with Bluehost website builder

Bluehost offers many different types of templates for creating and maintaining your own blog. These templates include business, blog, portfolio, and personal sites. 

Once you have chosen a template, you can write and publish content. You can also install plug-ins to further customize your site. Once you've selected a template, you can use the Bluehost website builder to customize it.

Bluehost offers four different types of hosting plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one that's right for you. For example, if you're starting, you can sign up for a Basic plan. This plan is inexpensive and will be enough for you to start your blog. But, of course, you can always upgrade later if you need more space.

Once your Bluehost account runs, you can start adding content to your new site. You can even learn how to use WordPress and publish your first blog post. After that, you'll have access to the Bluehost website management tools. You can add new posts and add images to your website.

Bluehost's website builder includes a WordPress media manager, which lets you upload images up to 512MB. The media manager also lets you add titles and descriptions to your pictures. You can even add a basic image editor to your new site. This way, you can easily edit the appearance of your blog without having to deal with coding.

Bluehost's website builder is perfect for you if you want a more straightforward way to make your blog. In addition, it offers WordPress functionality and customization features that other website builders do not. 

It also provides 1-click WordPress access, so you don't have to worry about making changes to your site. It also offers 24/7 support.

c. Pros of the Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost is an affordable and dependable web host with an unbeatable support team. They can resolve any issues in a matter of minutes, and their team is fast and astute. 

In addition, the website builder offered by Bluehost is an excellent value for the price quoted. I'm a freelance writer specializing in diversity, equity, marketing, and organizational productivity. When not working, I play chess or 8-ball pool.

i. User-friendly onboarding wizard

The Bluehost Website Builder is a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies creating an attractive website. It follows a section-based structure, meaning you don't have to know HTML or CSS to create a beautiful design. 

Sections are essentially like Lego blocks, allowing you to quickly assemble the necessary pieces to create an appealing website. You can even upload photos and post documents or videos like in a standard WordPress installation.

The Bluehost Website Builder offers a user-friendly onboarding wizard that walks you through the setup process. It's a powerful but user-friendly tool that's perfect for beginners. 

It also provides several features, including an unlimited number of products, site optimization, customer product reviews, website traffic analytics, and online payment processing.

The Bluehost Website Builder is unlike other website builders. It's based on WordPress and is highly intuitive to use. It also gives you access to the whole WordPress admin dashboard to install plugins, which makes the site-building process easier.

ii. Choose a design for your niche with a keyword.

When building your website, you can choose a design by keyword. This makes building a website easy for beginners because you can click a few buttons and build the sections of your website. 

In addition, the website builder is built on WordPress, which means you can still use the dashboard and install plugins, just like a self-hosted WordPress site.

Using the Bluehost Website Builder is an excellent choice for budding entrepreneurs and bloggers because you can create stunning websites without any coding experience. 

Building a website is one of the most efficient ways to establish your presence on the web and reach your niche audience. It is also great for businesses that want to expand their brand presence.

iii. Section-based design is easier for beginners.

Bluehost Website Builder comes with intelligent templates and a library of stock images. The tool also comes with a suite of custom fonts and is mobile-friendly. This helps users create an attractive website on any device. 

More than half of visitors now access websites through mobile devices. The responsive layout of the templates allows them to meet the expectations of mobile visitors.

The user interface of Bluehost Website Builder is quite intuitive. Users can add different website elements, such as a text form, video embeds, image galleries, and a countdown timer. Moreover, they can also access e-commerce features such as WooCommerce, which enables them to sell thousands of products.

In addition, Bluehost Website Builder comes with an excellent knowledge base and 24/7 live support. The knowledge base has guides on getting started, adding custom code, managing images, connecting domains, and more. It also provides easy-to-use tools for managing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

iv. Based on WordPress, which provides flexibility

Bluehost has an excellent WordPress-based website builder, making creating your own website easy. You can choose a template compatible with your domain name and customize its appearance by selecting one of the many built-in themes. 

The Bluehost website builder can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard and offers a wide range of premade page sections. It also provides a variety of layout options and elements.

This website builder is easy to use, even for beginners. It has over 300 ready-made templates that you can use to create a professional-looking website. In addition, it has a built-in Smart AI that enables you to edit the layout in real-time. This helps you ensure that your website looks good on any device.

With the Bluehost website builder, you can create a website without technical skills. You can create pages, add components, and use drag-and-drop features. You can also register a domain name and choose the design and color scheme you want.

d. Cons of the Bluehost Website Builder

There are some pros and cons to Bluehost's Website Builder. While it still leaves the site owner in control, the platform is far less hands-on than other drag-and-drop design tools. 

On the other hand, Bluehost's support team is excellent, and you'll likely get the answer to most of your questions. The company even has a cancellation option if you're unsatisfied with their service.

i. It's still a self-hosted WordPress site.

Bluehost's Website Builder may be a good option for creating a website without a script. In addition, Bluehost has many advanced features that help you customize your site and improve your SEO ranking.

The website builder also gives you access to various marketing tools, including email opt-ins, schema, a/b tests, and more. Unlike Wix, however, Bluehost doesn't charge you for these services.

Bluehost's website builder allows you to integrate your WordPress blog with your Bluehost website. This means that changes you make to your WordPress blog will automatically reflect on your Bluehost website. The interface allows you to customize the design of your blog pages, too. You'll also get SEO features, such as a custom title, meta description, and URL slug.

In addition to its website builder capabilities, Bluehost is a web host. Bluehost will allow you to create any website if you're a beginner. You can choose from a basic, premium, or basic template.

ii. Wix and Squarespace are more hands-off.

Please remember that while the Bluehost website builder is an excellent option, it still depends on the WordPress CMS platform, which has a bit of a learning curve. 

If you're looking for an easy way to build your website, Wix and Squarespace are ideal options. Wix has a drag-and-drop editor that makes making changes easy and fast. In addition, its App Market features many valuable add-ons, such as donation boxes, hotel booking systems, and restaurant apps. You can also connect to various APIs. 

Squarespace also has a Marketplace where you can buy Squarespace extensions. However, these are primarily focused on eCommerce.

Squarespace's editing system is more limited than Wix's, but it's still relatively easy to edit your website and make changes. There are 100 templates available to choose from, which are responsible for different screen sizes. You can do so if you want to add a custom theme or edit CSS. However, this does limit your customization options.

Although Squarespace and Wix are both great options, Wix's builder is more complicated than Bluehost's, especially when making changes. In addition, Squarespace is more hands-off because it offers pre-made templates, while Wix provides an unlimited amount of custom designs. 

While Wix's template library is much more extensive, starting with a blank template is best to avoid learning everything from scratch.

iii. Website designs could be more creative.

Bluehost's website builder allows you to create a website with many features, from customizing pre-built sections to custom pages. There are also SEO features that will help you optimize your site. These include SEO title, meta description, and URL slug. These features can help you drive traffic to your website and increase sales. 

However, if you want something a little more creative, you can use the Tailored Design as a Service. It comes with live chat, email, and phone support.

Bluehost Website Builder's design style is section-based. This approach means that it is less flexible than a standalone site builder. Although website designs could be more creative, they can be great for individuals or businesses just starting with WordPress. They can even be ported to another host if needed.

While Bluehost's site builder does not have Wix Editor's creativity, it offers many free WordPress themes. The site builder also provides a variety of pre-made page sections and multiple layout options. Compared to Wix's editor, the Bluehost website builder is far simpler.

What I like/dislike about Bluehost Website Builder:


  • Affordable, easy to use website builder for Bluehost users
  • Huge library of stock photos and templates
  • Guides you while learning the WordPress CMS
  • Utilizes WooCommerce to build online stores
  • Comes with a free SSL certificate
  • Great customer support


  • No free option
  • Unable to switch templates once website is published
  • Photo editing is limited
  • Layout could be organized better

Create a Beautiful Website or Online Store With Bluehost Website Builder

8. Elementor WordPress Page Builder Review 

Elementor Banner Website Builders

Brian's Thoughts

Elementor enables you to add state-of-the-art styling, layout, and design components to your WordPress content without needing to know any code. In the latest Elementor Pro version, you can devise your whole WordPress theme without coding skills.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Free version provided
  • Includes a library of stunning, ready to use, page designs
  • Vast array of content modules provide incredible design flexibility
  • User-friendly intuitive drag-and-drop elements
The Bad Stuff:
  • If you are a B2B web designer or developer, there is no white-label option
  • Some hosted options get pricey

Elementor is a visual page builder for WordPress. It has over 5 million active installations and is perfect for anyone who uses the platform.

Whether you're a web designer or a developer, it will help you create beautiful pages quickly and easily. Moreover, it supports dynamic content, which makes it a good choice for marketers who rely on building websites.

Furthermore, Elementor also has an extensive library of ready-made page templates. This can save you time and ensure a uniform appearance across your site.

Plus, you can also choose to customize the templates for specific types of content. There are over 300 available templates. These templates can be accessed via the "pages" tab in the editor.

a. What is Elementor for WordPress?

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create your own page or element. For example, it gives you an easy way to create a contact page by dragging and dropping form elements and styling the text. 

The plugin comes with thousands of templates to choose from. It also has a new Pro 2.0 version that adds new templates.

i. Visual Designer for WordPress

Visual Designer for WordPress is a lightweight plugin that allows you to build your web pages in a drag-and-drop editor. The tool has several web design components that you can style to fit your brand. For example, the drag-and-drop editor can place tabs, masonry layouts, and more.

You can use Visual Designer for WordPress to make your website look stunning and professional. You can also use it to enhance your design skills. 

This platform also allows you to create responsive websites, meaning your work will translate seamlessly to mobile devices. 

What's more, it's free to download. You'll only have to pay for the plugins and themes you use to build your website. That way, you can start with a basic version and move on to more advanced versions as your business grows.

Visual Designer for WordPress makes it easy to design a website in minutes. You can choose from various templates or customize a template to match your site's design. 

The drag-and-drop editor is similar to Divi's editor but allows you to design as you go. However, you must remember to save your changes if you want to make any changes.

WordPress is a popular content management system. It is easy to learn and offers a vast support community on forums. Even if you're not a web developer, you can find help on forums and get started with your website. Once you've learned the basics of WordPress, you'll be well on your way to creating a beautiful website.

ii. Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin

If you are interested in building a website from scratch, a drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress can be a great option. Many options are available, including Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and the free Beaver Lite plugin. Beaver Builder includes a visual editor and multi-site capabilities.

These page builders are straightforward to use. In addition, you can customize them with drag-and-drop features and change the appearance of your website whenever you like. 

You can also add widgets and prebuilt themes to your website. But keep in mind that drag-and-drop page builders are not for beginners. So you may want to make some changes to your website before launching it.

A drag-and-drop page builder is also a powerful tool that can make building a website more convenient. It lets you edit your website in real time and provides an excellent visual. 

In addition, drag and drop functionality allows you to move elements around, hiding them and saving them. As a result, drag-and-drop page builders benefit non-technical users, freelancers, and small businesses.

One drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress is Elementor. It has more than two million installations and provides real-time editing capabilities. A free plugin is available, while the paid version costs $49 for a single site.

iii. No Coding is Required

Elementor is a WordPress design plugin that lets you add advanced styling, layout, and design elements to your content. It also includes an option to create a full-page design, and it even has blocks for specific sections of your site. 

This plugin allows you to change the style of your content without knowing any code. With the click of a button, you can edit a widget in just a few seconds, and it will automatically update everywhere. It also offers a template feature that allows you to reuse the same widget on as many pages as you need to.

With Elementor, you can build unlimited websites in minutes - even if you're not a coder. The drag-and-drop interface and powerful toolset mean that even the most novice web admins can create beautiful pages. Moreover, you'll enjoy many options, including 90+ widgets and unlimited design possibilities.

Elementor is easy to use. The interface is user-friendly and comes with professionally-designed templates. Plus, you can create a custom footer template. These footer templates can apply to the entire site or specific posts. If you're a beginner, the Elementor interface is perfect for you.

Elementor also comes with dozens of widgets that you can use to boost your website's functionality. These include videos, buttons, social icons, image galleries, and counters. It also has an API that you can use to integrate it with other systems.

b. What Are the Benefits of Using Elementor?

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to import full-page designs and blocks into your site. Once imported, the blocks can be inserted into any page. 

In addition, the plugin has a library of designs that can be browsed. Users can search for arrangements by template name, page type, or tags. They can also save their designs as templates and reuse them. Elementor also offers website kits.

i. Drag-and-drop editor

The Elementor drag-and-drop editor is among the most popular WordPress plugins. It boasts over five million active installations and offers extensive features. As a result, you can build professional websites more quickly with Elementor. 

The drag-and-drop editor is fast and powerful and can handle any theme. It also has powerful editing tools and widgets. You can also easily switch between widgets and pages.

Using WordPress to build a website, you will want to invest in a drag-and-drop editor. Using a drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly create and customize your site's look without touching any code. The drag-and-drop builder helps you control every aspect of your site, including sidebars, layouts, and content. You can also choose from over 300 ready-made templates or create your own.

Drag-and-drop editors are a powerful way to design your website and make it easier to use. There are several types of drag-and-drop editors, each with different benefits and features. Some of them are free, and others cost a few dollars. For example, the Elementor drag-and-drop editor is complimentary, while others require a monthly fee.

Drag-and-drop editors for WordPress are an excellent option for non-technical website owners. Drag-and-drop page builders give you more control over your pages and boost search engine rankings. 

In addition, you can reuse elements and save your designs for later use. Drag-and-drop page builders can also help you create microsites within WordPress. This allows you to manage multiple sites with a single WordPress installation.

The Elementor drag-and-drop editor has an intuitive interface that allows you to easily customize different parts of your site. You can even drag-and-drop components to customize your theme. This drag-and-drop editor is free, but you can upgrade to a premium plan for more features and support.

If you want to create a professional-looking blog, a drag-and-drop editor can make that a reality. You can alter your existing design with over 30 Column Shapes and a customizing design option. Some shapes span the entire column width, while others only leave a little space on either side.

Although the drag-and-drop editor for WordPress is not as powerful as the "WYSIWYG" editor, the interface is straightforward. It allows you to drag and drop elements and add custom post types. In addition, you can create multiple layouts and save each one separately. You can also use a custom Themify panel for additional styling options.

ii. Real-time previews

Real-time previews are an additional benefit of Elementor for WordPress. Additionally, real-time previews let you see changes to any module as they happen. This feature makes the Elementor plugin superior to other page builders. Plus, the widget has more than 20 field types and includes advanced options for advanced users. It also offers customizable page templates.

The drag-and-drop feature of Elementor for WordPress makes designing more straightforward and more convenient. Users drag widgets to the desired areas on the page and make changes to the individual devices. In addition, Elementor comes with a library of over 100 paid and free templates. This tool will help you create responsive websites that look great on any device.

The drag-and-drop feature is available for all content types and makes creating different pages and layouts easy. For example, users can drag and drop images, headlines, and videos. They can also insert widgets and change their display settings.

The Elementor plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. As a result, users can create any page or content layout without any page-building expertise. There are two major versions of Elementor. You can choose the one that works for your needs. The first version has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and comes with WooCommerce widgets.

The Elementor plugin has a five-star rating in the official WordPress directory. The drag-and-drop feature lets you create and customize pages without knowing the code. The drag-and-drop feature also enables you to see the changes you make in real-time. Elementor is suitable for all websites and themes, from personal blogs to large business websites.

iii. Customizable templates

If you're interested in having a more personalized site, consider using customizable templates from Elementor for WordPress. These templates can be applied to any page on your site, and you can find them in the My Templates tab. Customize these templates using the Theme Builder tool, which lets you create custom elements and specify their display conditions.

The Elementor interface also has a global setting for setting preferred fonts and colors. These settings are also easy to change, as you can click a button and see the change. You can also change the background color and other global settings at any time, and those changes will be applied to all pages on your website.

In addition to its premade templates, Elementor for WordPress has an extensive library of customizable templates. You can even create your own custom template by using the Elementor editor. Once you have completed the template, you can customize its layout by adding sections, columns, widgets, and more.

Elementor Pro has a theme builder that can create custom headers and footers. The Elementor theme builder makes the customization of WordPress themes easier by reducing the need for coding. In addition, you can edit colors, fonts, and even the spacing between symbols. 

In addition, you can customize the layout of any part of your site by dragging and dropping elements and content into the design.

Elementor is a WYSIWYG editor that works with all types of WordPress themes. There are ready templates available for every topic. You can place elements where you want them and use the built-in widgets to add more functionality. The Elementor editor also offers premium templates for existing WordPress themes.

Elementor Pro can also help you create online courses. For example, you can easily create and manage online school or institution course plans and websites. 

This plugin is compatible with WordPress themes and is available in many languages. In addition, you can add social media buttons to your website or create multiple single-post templates.

Furthermore, Elementor is also great for creating new page designs. For example, you can customize the appearance of 404 pages and custom post types. 

Elementor will pull content from your site, and you can also apply different styles to your blog posts. You can also customize the fonts and typography in these templates.

iv. Automatic responsive design

You can use Elementor to create responsive designs for your site. To do this, use the responsive settings in Elementor. This will allow your site to automatically adapt to any device. To view the responsive settings, click on the responsive icon in the bottom right corner of your Elementor dashboard.

Automatic responsive design can make your site look better on all devices. This is a great way to attract customers who have different devices. This type of design is made using HTML and CSS rather than a program or JavaScript. 

Many people browse the web on other devices. Therefore, a web page should look good on every device, regardless of size. This is possible with Elementor for WordPress.

The plugin also offers an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it easy to work with. It also provides a developer API that allows you to add your own custom functionality and CSS. 

Another key feature is that it is compatible with popular WordPress plugins. Finally, its uncomplicated user interface makes it easy for beginners and professionals to customize their pages.

Elementor also offers an automatic responsive design feature. If you use the responsive mode, the theme automatically adjusts its design to fit the device's screen resolution. 

This makes it easier for mobile users to access and read your site. It also allows you to choose which elements are included in the mobile version of the site.

Elementor is compatible with all WordPress themes and provides ready templates for virtually any topic. The best part is that you do not need to know any coding to use Elementor. Elementor gives you more freedom to create your site with many possibilities. 

In addition, you can make it look different from any other website. If you want to see how Elementor works, download the free trial version.

Elementor has a template library that includes pre-built widgets, full-content layouts, footers, headers, and FAQs. The templates can be used on any page of your site. In addition, you can create new pages and blog posts using the Elementor side menu.

v. Easy to use

The Elementor editor is easy to use. You can customize the look of your pages by dragging and dropping elements, widgets, and templates. You can also preview your work before publishing it on your site. Unlike other plugins, Elementor for WordPress is easy to install and use.

Elementor comes with a WooCommerce Builder module that lets you rebuild product pages without the need for coding. It also includes Visual Form and Popup Builder modules, letting you build popups and forms. 

In addition, Elementor allows you to create global widgets and use custom CSS to edit any Elementor block. You can even deploy Elementor elements in your sidebar.

Elementor is an excellent choice if you're looking for a simple way to create stunning-looking pages for your WordPress website. It has a drag-and-drop editor, a responsive design, and an extensive library of templates and widgets. There's a free version and a paid version of the plugin. 

The free version offers basic features such as drag-and-drop editing, responsive design, and a vast library of free templates and widgets.

Elementor comes with a Popup Builder that allows you to create popups for any page or post. You can use it to create custom popups and replace the default content with your own. This popup will appear when the user clicks a button or a link.

Additionally, Elementor comes with multiple pre-designed templates and supports JSON import. To import a template, click the Add Template button or the arrow icon in the sidebar. Once you've selected the template, you can find it in the My Templates tab. 

You can also reload the imported template from within Elementor. Hover over the arrow icon or the Insert button, and the template will appear on the canvas.

Elementor for WordPress is a powerful page builder that allows you to build unique, beautiful WordPress websites without coding. Its drag-and-drop functionality is a big plus, allowing you to see how your design will look to visitors. There are also dozens of pre-built content widgets to use for your website.

Another great thing about Elementor for WordPress is its mobile support. Its responsive design ensures that it looks good on any device. In addition, you can customize your layout for different devices by changing the font size of certain elements. 

As a bonus, Elementor supports cross-platform compatibility, so importing your website's theme to another WordPress site is possible.

Elementor for WordPress comes with an ecosystem of add-ons and templates. A community of developers is constantly creating useful plugins and templates for Elementor. One example is Global Widgets, which lets you save a widget once and use it everywhere else. Another feature is the ability to save templates for different pages. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the Pro version of Elementor.

c. How is the Elementor Interface Divided?

The Elementor for the WordPress interface is divided into sections, columns, and widgets. Each section has a blue border to highlight its content, and a page can contain as many sections as needed. 

A section can have one or more widgets to add additional content elements. The Elementor interface is flexible, with countless drag-and-drop features.

i. Sections

You can customize the layout of sections, columns, and widgets on your site by using Elementor's interface. For instance, you can change the color of a section's background and how the background changes on mouse hover. You can also change the border and widget style of a section.

A section is an element that consists of rows and columns. The Elementor interface allows you to have as many columns as you need. You can also set the padding and margin on the columns. Besides, you can have up to 10 columns in each section. There's also an option to use a pre-built layout for the columns.

You can customize a section by dragging widgets or elements onto a page. In addition, the editor provides a WYSIWYG interface where you can see your changes in real time.

ii. Columns

Columns play an essential role in organizing the layout of a page, and they are available in the Elementor for the WordPress interface. You can add a Column to any Section or post and then customize the position and size of the column with a range of options. You can even move columns around the page to change their appearance.

There are different ways to change the appearance of columns, including adding custom CSS or changing the font color. In addition, you can adjust the spacing between each column by adjusting the margin and padding between the content and borders. 

You can also define the height of the column. Again, you can choose Default, Fit to Screen, or Min Height. You can also choose to stretch a section so that it spans the entire page width.

Elementor for WordPress is free and offers a full range of features. It rivals other premium plugins in terms of flexibility and customization. Its real-time editor lets you make changes in real-time and is flexible enough for even non-technical users to make changes. It also has over 90 widgets to help you customize the look and feel of your pages.

iii. Widgets

Elementor for WordPress has an interface divided into sections and widgets. The content area shows your standard theme, while the widgets section shows the design blocks you can use to create your own unique design. There is also a settings section, which allows you to preview your changes and undo changes.

The Elementor for WordPress editor is designed to work with the WordPress platform, and it is easy to get started. The interface is divided into widgets and section areas, including a toggle for hiding the sidebar. 

You can also use the Finder feature to quickly jump to different designs. This can be very useful when adjusting the settings on one of the widgets.

Elementor works with custom post types, too. It also has pre-built templates to make creating a new page or blog post a breeze. The free version has more than 100 full-page templates, and the Pro version has more tools and options. The navigation bar in the sidebar can be used to navigate the design hierarchy.

iv. Hierarchy

Elementor for WordPress comes with various features to customize your site's look. This powerful plugin makes it easy to add new site parts and customize existing ones. 

Moreover, you can save your customized designs as templates. With Elementor, you can use predefined layouts and dynamic headers to make your site look dynamic.

Elementor also includes a powerful design toolbar with over 40 widgets and features. For example, users can customize elements' width, padding, margins, and spacing. 

Moreover, they can also mark their favorite widgets. Elementor is designed to work on all devices and resolutions. It is also fast and has ongoing performance improvements.

To customize the Elementor for the WordPress interface, users can choose from ninety+ different elements. The interface also offers drag-and-drop capabilities. 

Besides, you can customize the background, hover effect, and border color. You can also choose from five different types of borders and twenty different shapes for dividers.

d. Is Elementor for WordPress Hard to Learn?

The Elementor WordPress plugin is easy to install and use and is available for download through the official WordPress repository. The plugin offers 50 content elements, including blog posts and page blocks. 

It also includes modules for building popups and WooCommerce product pages. In addition, it integrates with several popular marketing tools and offers custom CSS for any Elementor block. The plugin also makes it easy to create widgets and deploy Elementor elements on sidebars.

i. Easy to learn

Elementor for WordPress is a page builder that works with all types of themes. It also adheres to WordPress coding standards, making it one of the fastest page builders. However, there are a few things to consider when using Elementor for WordPress. 

The most obvious problem is that it may slow down your website, which can be detrimental to your SEO efforts. However, there are a few best practices that you can follow to ensure your website stays fast even when using Elementor.

Elementor offers many tutorials, including those for beginners. In addition, the documentation includes videos, in-depth articles, docs, and FAQs.

 Another excellent source for Elementor tutorials is the Sniffle Valve website. In addition, the creator, Lyle Chamney, has produced several free tutorials for beginners.

ii. Easy to use

Elementor for WordPress is a free plugin that offers many features at a low cost. It rivals paid plugins in segments, and its real-time editor allows you to make changes. 

It also lets you edit multiple versions of your site at once and make notable changes to each one. In addition, the plugin has a lot of customization options, and the user interface makes it easy to navigate.

You can customize your website with Elementor by dragging and dropping widgets. It also offers a page builder that allows you to export and customize your pages with various options. Elementor works with most themes and follows standard WordPress coding standards.

iii. Easy to customize

The Elementor plugin can make your website look unique. It allows you to customize elements such as columns and sectional layouts. For example, you can change the color, width, and padding of individual columns. You can also adjust the default settings for posts and pages. Customizing the elements on your website will set the tone for the rest of your website.

Elementor is compatible with all WordPress themes. It also comes with ready-made templates for every topic. Changing these templates gives your website a brand-new look. 

It also enables you to easily place your elements wherever you want without knowing to code. This feature gives you a lot of creative freedom and flexibility to create the look and feel of your website.

iv. Easy to import

Importing templates from a JSON file is accessible in Elementor for WordPress. To import a JSON file, click the arrow icon next to the template you want to import and select the file. 

You can then choose to open or save it to your computer. You can also reload the page to view a newly imported Elementor template.

Elementor offers an extensive library of pre-made page templates. These templates are SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive. In addition, you can save your own templates and create your own custom ones. 

Elementor Pro users can also use the Theme Builder feature to edit the core theme elements.

v. Easy to undo mistakes

Elementor for WordPress allows you to make design changes quickly and easily. Although you can always undo changes, it's best to be sure that you know what you're doing. 

The software is designed to be compatible with most plugins. If you need more clarification on compatibility, try installing plugins from reputable developers.

Elementor lets you undo any action you've just made by pressing the CTRL or CMD-Z. The tool also provides a history panel showing which elements were added, which changes were made, and which revisions were saved. Then, by clicking on a modification, you can easily switch back to the previous version.

e. Six Elementor Features That Make it Excellent

If you're looking for a template to use in your design work, Elementor has many options. For example, you can add a mobile preview or responsive design control to your page. 

It also offers detailed layout controls and inline text editing. These features make Elementor an excellent choice for anyone looking to make their website look professional.

i. The Elementor template library

The Elementor template library offers an extensive array of professional-grade Page layouts. It also offers premium stock images. In addition, you can create 404 pages, make custom layouts, and create a unique look and feel for your site. It is possible to customize the templates available in this library with ease.

You can choose from various templates and choose one that fits your needs and brand the most. For example, the Dental Clinic template is an excellent choice for a dentist's website, as it uses a soothing palette and clear calls to action. In addition, you can choose from templates for electricians, plumbers, and other industries.

The Elementor template library includes pre-designed content blocks, which help you create a website faster. There are also blocks for building landing pages and blogs. 

The pre-configured content blocks make it possible to customize the layouts without the need for any coding knowledge. You can easily find a suitable template with a few clicks of your mouse.

When choosing a template from the Elementor library, you must first choose a page to edit. Then, click the desired page in the Pages tab in your WordPress dashboard.

ii. Mobile previews and responsive design controls

Elementor has an excellent drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily manipulate and adjust every element. This includes text, images, and widgets. You can also place widgets within columns or sections and adjust the width and positioning of elements. 

The tool offers many productivity tools, including Ctrl + Z for undo and Ctrl + Y for a redo. In addition, you can duplicate sections and widgets in a snap by right-clicking on them.

Elementor comes with over 300 professionally designed templates and five basic website kits. This makes it ideal for those who want to create websites without learning HTML or CSS. The software's powerful features include mobile previews and responsive design controls. It is also highly customizable, making it a perfect solution for many projects.

In addition to having responsive design controls, Elementor's page builder is mobile-ready by default. You can easily adjust font sizes, margins, and columns depending on the screen size. The tool also offers real-time updates so you can make changes in real-time.

Another feature of Elementor is its history panel, which allows you to review all the previous versions of saved pages. This lets you see all changes made and includes a Revert button, so you can always restore the last changes. Another great feature is the ability to make nearly unlimited changes to each page. 

However, there are some limitations. For example, Elementor does not support global styles, which may be an issue for free users. In addition, creating a consistent look across all pages may make it tedious for you.

iii. Detailed layout controls

Elementor's advanced features allow you to customize your layout and adjust how your content is displayed. The advanced settings include options for borders, border size, and motion effects. 

These options give the user precise control over their layout without writing any custom code. 

In addition, the layout controls in Elementor are intuitive and make it easy to adjust the position of your content.

Elementor also allows you to hide certain sections and widgets on specific devices. For example, the hero image may not be displayed on the desktop version of your website, but it may appear on mobile devices. This way, your website will be fully responsive, and you won't need to worry about being incompatible with all devices.

Column Gaps are another Elementor feature you can use to customize spacing in your layout. This control is available in every Section and adds padding to each column. This function can create a consistent spacing density in all your templates. You can even apply this setting to existing pages.

The Elementor template library has over 300 ready-to-use page templates and blocks. These blocks can be mixed and matched to create cohesive designs. In addition, global widgets allow you to reuse the same format across multiple pages. When you make changes to one location, they will automatically apply to the other locations where you've used that widget.

iv. Inline text editing

Elementor's inline text editing capabilities make it an excellent option for web designers, marketers, and site owners. This feature makes editing text and inserting a link on a page or blog post easy. To do this, click an element to add the text and choose the text you want to edit.

This drag-and-drop page builder lets you edit text right from the template, and it has a rich collection of basic widgets and templates you can use on your site. Translating your content from one language to another is easy, and Elementor supports several languages.

Elementor supports responsive design, so you can create a website that looks great on any device. You can use one of two options - mobile and desktop -and the layout will adapt to a wide range of devices. 

You can also undo your changes easily. Elementor's history panel shows all the changes and actions you've made throughout a session, which gives you the flexibility to go back and fix mistakes.

If you're a text editor, you can easily use the inline editing features of Elementor to fix typos and other issues. Moreover, you can use keyboard shortcuts for performing various tasks. 

Furthermore, Elementor Pro features a complete site editor, which lets you design your entire site from one place. You can also use redo undo, revision history, and auto-save to save your work automatically.

v. Easy undo/redo and a total revision of history.

Elementor comes with a powerful undo/redo function and a complete revision history. This helps maintain the integrity and quality of your content. Click the History icon at the bottom to open the History panel. 

The History panel contains two tabs: Actions and Revisions. The Actions tab records every action you've performed in Elementor, and the Revisions tab records all saved revisions. This way, you can go back and change the design of a page to its previous version at any time.

The Elementor page builder is straightforward to use, with an intuitive user interface. Elementor includes 90+ widgets and 300+ designer templates. There are also widgets for social media icons, galleries, and carousels. 

In addition, Elementor comes with complete documentation, as well as a support team that is available to answer your questions.

Elementor is compatible with popular WordPress plugins. The source code is accessible, so you can add custom functionalities and CSS. It also offers to undo/redo functionality so that you can restore the page to its previous state. The revision history can be used to fix any mistakes you make.

Elementor offers five different plans. There is a free plan for personal use and a paid plan for businesses. The Essential plan costs $99 for 1 site, while the Agency plan costs $999 for 1,000 sites. 

The yearly plans are renewable and include 24/7 chat support, additional website kits, and VIP support. The Studio and Agency plan also allows team access and an Elementor Expert Profile.

vi. Clean code if you ever deactivate Elementor

If you're unfamiliar with Elementor, it's a trendy page builder that pairs well with lightweight WordPress themes. Its drag-and-drop interface lets you customize the layout to fit your specific needs. 

While Elementor itself is free, you can also purchase premium third-party add-ons. So if you want to customize the look and feel of your site even further, Elementor Pro is an excellent option.

One of the best features of Elementor is that it leaves clean code when you deactivate it. This is unlike the case with Divi. Divi pages become a jumbled mess of div IDs and classes when you deactivate it, so it's best to stick with it if you're using it for your design.

If you're experiencing issues with loading, there are several possible causes. First, your website's server might be using an outdated PHP version. This might cause Elementor to load poorly. Second, your memory limit isn't high enough for the plugin. Either way, it's best to use the latest version of Elementor.

Using the Elementor editor in Safe Mode allows you to deactivate plugins and themes without affecting your site's appearance. This mode helps test new features and fixes, but it won't affect the rest of the site's functionality. You can also use this mode to debug themes or plugins if you're experiencing issues with the Elementor editor.

f. How to Build Your Whole Website With Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress with a massive library of ready-made templates. You can use these templates or design your own from scratch. It works with any theme that uses the WordPress platform. It also works with many other popular plugins.

i. Templates

Elementor allows you to import templates from JSON files. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to click the Add Template button and select the JSON file you want to import. The second way is to connect the arrow icon - Import Template. 

You can find your imported templates on the My Templates tab of the Elementor app. Once the files are imported, you can reload them by clicking the Insert button on the Elementor canvas.

After choosing the templates you want to use, you can start building your theme. You can customize any page using Elementor. You can save a design for future use by going to the Elementor library and selecting the My Templates tab. 

The Elementor editor allows you to drag and drop elements and widgets to create your desired layout. In addition, you can see the changes in real time, so you can see the changes you're making as you go.

The Elementor theme builder also offers dynamic content, which allows you to dynamically insert content from custom fields and taxonomies. Custom fields are used to store extra information about the content. For example, you can use custom fields to store the rating of a product. 

This can be useful for review posts since most review plugins in WordPress store ratings on the products. These custom fields can also be added to regular posts and used in conjunction with custom post types.

To start building your theme, you'll need Elementor Pro. This plugin has a wide selection of ready-made templates that you can use to create your theme. Of course, you can create your own templates, too. With Elementor, you can quickly build unique websites without knowing any code.

Elementor is an excellent choice for a simple WordPress theme. You can customize the design and colors of your website to meet your brand identity and target audience. You can choose between free and premium Elementor themes. The latter is more flexible and has more tools to use.

ii. Drag-and-drop technology

If you want to create a custom WordPress theme, Elementor Pro is a great tool. It allows you to create and customize pages that are mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly. In addition, Elementor comes with over 300 pre-made page templates. 

You can also create your own and save them for future use. You can also use the theme builder feature to customize the core elements of your theme.

With Elementor, you can customize the design and layout of your site without writing a single line of code. This means you can import pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop elements and widgets to create the look and feel of your website. 

It is also easy to make minor changes to your theme that matches your business's style and branding. In addition, the drag-and-drop interface allows you to reference the entire revision history and recover previous design iterations.

Using drag-and-drop technology, Elementor Pro makes building pages a breeze. Its drag-and-drop design system is based on the Bootstrap grid and allows you to create responsive layouts and animate elements. 

You can also customize the look and feel of features by adjusting their properties and styles. However, although Elementor Pro is a powerful tool, it has limitations.

Elementor is also an excellent tool for creating custom product pages. It allows you to edit widgets, customize pages, and add a new template with one click. The Elementor editor also provides you with a library of pre-designed templates.

Elementor offers over 50 content elements and a WooCommerce Builder module that allows you to rebuild product pages with WooCommerce. It also supports custom post types, which are WordPress's way of storing specific types of content. For example, the default blog post type is "posts," but you can create custom post types to store different types of content.

Elementor also features a pop-up builder that allows you to collect email addresses from leads. The pop-up builder in Elementor Pro makes it easier to create pop-up forms. 

With the pop-up builder, you can even design your own pop-ups. Other advanced features include keyboard shortcuts and custom fields.

iii. Dynamic content feature

If you have a WordPress theme and want to create a page or post with dynamic content, Elementor is an excellent choice. It offers three active content types for your website: post content, post title, and featured image. 

It also allows you to insert dynamic data from popular plugins such as WooCommerce. For example, you can use dynamic content to create a page or post that has a different appearance than the rest of your website.

With Elementor Pro, you can use this dynamic content feature to insert content anywhere on your site. You can use this feature on a page or on the whole website. 

It does not require a custom post type, so you can easily display a phone number on a page or in a post, for example. In addition, you can change the content on a page by changing the settings of the dynamic range.

Elementor also has a theme builder feature that allows you to create custom templates. This feature allows you to use more than 100 elements. With so many options, you can customize your website however you want.

But before you start creating your pages and posts, you should understand the importance of dynamic content. This feature is essential, especially if you are a web agency since it can significantly cut production costs.

Dynamic content in a WordPress theme with Elementor Pro is an excellent option for maintaining the quality of your site's content. This feature allows you to easily insert dynamic data into your posts and pages and keeps your site up-to-date. While it may only work with some WordPress themes or plugins, it is ideal for sites that need frequent updates.

The plugin offers several widgets for adding dynamic content to your site. For example, you can add your site logo and featured image by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas area. 

Then, you can also add a parent-child menu to display the navigation menu of child pages. In addition, the plugin includes a taxonomy-based archive navigation menu.

iv. Compatible with all WordPress themes

Elementor is a page builder for WordPress that makes it easy to create all types of web pages. This powerful plugin lets you drag and drop elements onto a page and customize it to suit your needs. This means that you can create a professional-looking website without ever writing a line of code. While most themes are compatible with Elementor, some may be different.

This lightweight WordPress theme comes with plenty of customization options, including a live preview of changes to your website. You can easily change your site's font, color scheme, and other elements.

 The theme also has excellent compatibility with Elementor Pro, which enables you to create dynamic content design. It also comes with pre-built starter sites that use one of the most popular page builder plugins.

This multipurpose theme is compatible with WooCommerce and most WordPress plugins. It also features a massive library of ready-made templates. You can choose from over 180 Starter Templates, all of which are modern, colorful, and packed with great features. It is also translation-ready and RTL-ready.

One of the best features of WordPress Elementor is its compatibility with various extensions. For example, WPML, designed to translate web content, can be easily installed alongside Elementor. 

This plugin enables you to create professional content in several languages and is helpful for many types of websites. It is perfect for online stores, international online resources, and more. Moreover, you don't need any special programming skills to use WPML.

You can use Elementor themes for building any website. You can choose from hundreds of templates and customize them to suit your needs. You can also use Elementor Pro to create customized sections. 

You can also add a social media share icon to your header and footer. Elementor themes are designed to be fast and load pages efficiently.

GeneratePress is an exceptionally well-built, lightweight, and fast-loading theme. It also has comprehensive global style controls, dozens of pre-made layouts, and over 70 font options. 

It also includes WooCommerce integration. Additionally, this theme has dozens of customization options and is compatible with Elementor Pro.

What I like/dislike about Elementor


  • Free version provided
  • Includes a library of stunning, ready to use, page designs
  • Vast array of content modules provide incredible design flexibility
  • User-friendly intuitive drag-and-drop elements


  • If you are a B2B web designer or developer, there is no white-label option
  • Some hosted options get pricey

GET Elementor to Build Beautiful Websites with 

No Coding


9. Duda Website Builder Review

building websites using Duda review

Brian's Thoughts

Keeping it simple is what Duda does best.

Duda website builder is a tool that allows you to create your own websites for your business and personal use. The basic plan comes with a free 14-day trial and includes the site's core features. It is perfect for smaller companies or portfolio sites and has many of the same features as premium plans.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:
  • Features a top-of-the-line editor
  • Robust tools for formulating mobile websites
  • Effective traffic analysis
  • Proficient web store tools
  • 100+ templates
  • It lets you employ custom CSS and HTML code
  • Strong e-commerce possibilities, with supporting assets for digital memberships and downloads
  • Limitless storage and monthly bandwidth with every plan
The Bad Stuff:
  • No free option
  • Somewhat expensive 
  • The widget store is limited
  • Cannot switch templates
  • The fully responsive designs are restricted to Flex sections and templates

a. Duda Website Builder Pricing Options

Duda offers several plans to meet the needs of different types of companies. For example, the Basic Plan costs $19 per month, the Team Plan costs $29 per month, and the Agency Plan costs $59 per month. 

Custom plans are also available. Listed below are the details for each plan. Each plan offers different features and benefits depending on the level of service needed.

i. The Basic Plan is $19 per month.

Duda is a web development platform that offers many features for creating and editing a website. In addition, there are several pre-made features and the ability to add your own. 

The platform also includes permissions-based access for customers and instant client feedback. It also provides tools for team collaboration, a shared library for saved assets, and SEO and page performance optimization.

The Duda Website Builder Basic Plan is an excellent value but has some limitations. The basic plan allows you to build one website. You must pay for additional subscriptions if you need to develop more than one site. However, the plan will be enough if you're looking for a personal website.

You can also subscribe to Duda's team plan for $59 monthly. This plan is ideal for small businesses. It allows up to four editors for a single website. It also has a live chat option. It also allows you to manage team members.

You can use Duda's Content Library to import content from social media, gather business information, and manage files. But the basic plan does not allow you to connect imported content to widgets. 

Additionally, it can't sync your website's content with other sites. On the other hand, the Basic Plan has a handy collaboration tool.

Creating a professional online presence is a big challenge if you're a small business owner. So many people make a social media profile but need to learn how to build a website that stands out. Duda has the answer to this problem with its premium website builder. Its service also includes tailored training for high-volume users.

The Basic plan allows you to create up to four sites. Specifically, the plan is ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and web production agencies and comes with a 14-day free trial. 

The Basic plan includes core features and SEO-friendly content. However, if you're still determining if you'll need all the features, you can start with the basic plan for just $19 per month.

The Duda Website Builder Basic Plan is $19. It also comes with a library for files and photos. In addition, it includes a client management tool, which is lacking in most other web builders. As a result, Duda is an excellent choice for solopreneurs and small businesses that want a simple website with many features.

ii. The Team Plan is $29 per month.

The Duda Website Builder Team Plan includes all of the features and services of the Duda Unlimited plan but also has team collaboration tools, access to Duda experts, and more. 

In addition to these features, the Team plan offers priority email, chat, and phone support. It also includes marketing materials and a client management suite. This plan also allows for white labeling and comes with powerful analytics.

The Duda Website Builder Team Plan is for teams and freelancers building websites for multiple clients. This plan supports up to four team members and costs $29 monthly. It also offers unlimited storage. 

The monthly plan also includes a limited version of the connected content library, which lets you manage images, files, and basic business information. In addition, you can add additional websites to the plan for an extra $19 per month.

The Duda Website Builder Team Plan has many benefits, including unlimited API calls, SSO, and managed services. In addition, you can work with certified Duda experts, share templates, and customize your website. You can also benefit from customer email support and a 14-day free trial.

For small businesses, creating an online presence takes time and effort. While many people create profiles on social media, a professional website is often better. Having a separate online home is also beneficial. Regardless of the size of your company, having a website is a valuable asset for your business.

Duda Website Builder is the best option for businesses needing a website without much customization, but there are better choices for those seeking complete creative freedom. In addition, the interface can be overwhelming if you're attempting to stretch the templates. 

Wix is the way to go if you want more creative freedom, but if you're looking for a cheap site, you'll need to spend more money to get more features.

The Duda Website Builder Team Plan is an excellent option for small businesses. It has excellent client-management tools, and you can assign access permissions to team members. You can also create custom templates and add branding to your website. And don't forget about Duda's 14-day free trial!

iii. The Agency Plan is $59 per month.

Duda's Agency Plan includes many features and is ideal for agencies. This plan allows a team of up to four members to work on a single website. 

Each member has unique permissions and roles and can publish comments on specific website elements. This plan also allows you to create white-labeled reports, which you can send to clients.

The Agency plan gives you access to up to four websites for $59 per month. You can use this plan for small clients or multiple businesses. It includes AWS hosting and publishing per page, so you can easily update one page at a time. The Agency plan also allows up to ten different users to edit the site. It also includes an email domain that you can customize.

The Agency Plan gives you unlimited access to the Duda platform and various website creation tools. It is best for those serious about running their own websites or needing a more comprehensive solution.

Despite the Agency Plan's advanced features, it is costly compared to other website builders. Duda is the best choice for you if you're a freelance web designer. It offers tools for managing clients, which other builders don't have.

Whether you're looking for a simple website or a complex corporate site, Duda will offer you what you need. Duda's templates make creating the right website for your business easy. You can use templates created by the agency plan or create your own. Duda offers 98 professional templates, which are organized by category.

The Duda Website Builder Agency Plan is slightly more expensive than the other plans. Still, if you're serious about building a professional site, you'll be able to easily customize everything. 

You can also use apps and widgets for greater customization. This plan also includes an SEO-friendly tool and a host of other features. It's also straightforward to learn and use.

b. How to Build a Website With Duda Website Builder

Duda is a website builder focused on speed, ease of use, and responsive design. Your website will look great on both desktops and mobile devices. 

Additionally, you can choose from several website templates and customize any section. However, the company skews its marketing towards digital publishers, hosting companies, and agencies.

i. Features

Duda is an online website builder that allows you to create a website in various sizes. This will enable you to design a website that looks great on every device. In addition, Duda includes a variety of pre-populated sections to help you get started. These include gallery pages, testimonials, and contact forms. Duda also lets you customize elements like the background color, menu layout, and border width.

With Duda, you can also add widgets to your site. Widgets are shortcuts to various dashboard features. They help to improve your website's SEO ranking and make it easy to share content with others. Widgets are easy to create and edit with standard HTML and CSS.

Another great feature of Duda is its drag-and-drop editor. This feature helps you easily create and customize any page on your website. You can even import content from other websites and blogs. With this option, you can save time and effort when creating a website. Another feature of Duda is its compatibility with multiple devices.

Duda also comes with an eCommerce add-on that allows you to build an online store. You can sell physical and digital items through your site. There are several eCommerce templates that you can choose from. Once you've found one that suits your needs, you can sell up to ten items for free.

Duda provides a variety of website templates and themes for you to choose from. Hundreds of designs are available to choose from, and you can customize them with your own content and coding. Duda also lets you save templates for future use. This way, you can easily create new pages with the look and feel you'd like.

ii. Responsive

Duda Website Builder has recently launched a new feature: responsive website building using a flexible template. This allows you to customize the layout of your site, ensuring that it looks great on all screen sizes. In addition, Duda will enable you to save your custom layouts and build a template library. 

As a bonus, Duda is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the industry's leading cloud solution. The service includes unlimited storage and bandwidth and a global Content Delivery Network.

Duda is perfect for artists and small businesses. It allows you to incorporate your own design into the site and is easy to use. If you're not comfortable with coding, you can use Duda to create a website without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. This means you'll have more freedom to customize your layout and add more content.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to get started. Duda also promises super-fast loading speeds, which enhance user experience and boost SEO performance. Duda also boasts an innovative "User Journey" feature, which lets you customize the experience for different types of visitors based on their location and behavior.

Duda is an excellent solution for creating a responsive website for those new to the field of web design. It works on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Duda can get expensive as your business grows, but its features will help you create a memorable site.

iii. Backups

Duda Website Builder provides users with backup options. Every time you make significant changes to your site, you should save a backup. You can do this on the site settings tab. You can also set up automatic backups when you publish or enter developer mode. Your website will be backed up at least once every 24 hours.

Duda provides users with a variety of templates. Its fully responsive templates include SEO features such as meta titles and descriptions. In addition, they have a responsive design, header tags, image alt tags, and URL redirects. Duda also provides unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

The Duda website builder provides many header styles. You can choose a different background color and alter the style of your text with just a few clicks. When building a website, you can also change the color of your text and images using the "Color Picker" tool. You can also edit text colors and add borders to your header.

Once you've set up your website's basic settings, you can begin adding pages and content. The Duda website builder allows you to import your content and assets from an existing website. You can also add new pages to the main navigation menu. Once you've made your content, you can edit or delete them.

Google Analytics is another feature that comes with Duda. It's easy to set up and requires a tracking ID. Duda's paid plans also provide automatic backups.

iv. Migration options

There are several different migration options available when using Duda Website Builder. Each of these methods has its own benefits and drawbacks. Considering a manual migration method, be aware of the time and effort involved. 

Although manual migrations can provide an exact copy of your existing website, there may be better choices for people with limited time, limited budget, or specific features.

Manual migration is the most time-consuming method and may not be an option if certain features of your original website are still in place. This process can take up to five hours per site. In addition, it may be a good idea to have a content library or custom templates before starting the migration process.

If you're in the market for a website builder, Duda offers a 14-day free trial. To access this trial, you must complete a short form about your business. Once completed, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on the link to sign in to your Duda dashboard and answer a few questions about your business.

Duda also offers templates that are designed for agencies and web designers. These templates can be shared between team members and used on multiple sites. 

In addition, you can assign different permissions to team members. For example, you can allow some team members to write blog posts while others may only be able to manage web design.

The Duda website editor allows you to change text and graphics to suit your business needs. You can also change the font size and font and customize the colors of your buttons and other elements. You can also use HTML and CSS to build widgets and embed settings panels.

c. Are the Duda Web Design Tools User-Friendly?

You will want to look for some features when choosing a web design tool. These tools include drag and drop functionality, backup and restore functionality, and eCommerce add-ons. 

Let's take a closer look at the features of the Duda Web Design Tools.

i. Has a backup and restore feature

The drag-and-drop editor in Duda Web Design Tools makes it easy to add, remove, and replace elements on your website. This helps you save time and effort during the development phase of your website. It also allows you to add videos and 3-D images and duplicate any page. 

Another helpful feature is the ability to import content from your client's content library. This makes it easier to add a fresh look to your website anytime.

The responsive website builder in Duda is compatible with different devices and platforms, so creating a mobile-friendly site is easy. It also features a photo editor that lets you crop, resize, and add overlays to your images.

Duda also offers a backup and restore feature that allows you to convert your website if something goes wrong. Again, the paid plans start higher than most competitors, so they're a good option if you need to restore your website during a disaster.

Duda's website builder was launched in 2008 but is still relatively new. However, it's easy to use, and the site templates look great. There are over 30 templates and ten blank ones. The drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly, but you should stay within the boundaries of the template. Otherwise, you'll run into problems.

ii. Has an omnichannel eCommerce function

Whether you're a web designer, developer, or agency, Duda Web Design Tools has an Omnichannel eCommerce function to help you sell more products, drive traffic, and increase sales. Duda offers a variety of features, including pre-configured landing pages and ready-made sales materials. 

It also has ongoing webinars and workshops. Duda also offers a reseller program where you can resell its services to other web agencies. Reseller plans provide free website hosting, unlimited bandwidth and page limits, and access to the Duda API.

Duda is compatible with many payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and Google Checkout. You can easily create store categories and products using Duda, and your products will automatically sync with your store catalog. You can also use Duda to trigger promotions, particular messages, and pop-ups based on user behavior. 

Duda supports over 40 payment gateways, including major credit cards, and can automatically calculate sales tax for online sellers. You can also create coupons for your online store.

Duda also includes a white-label version of its eCommerce functionality. This allows you to brand your site with your branding. It also lets you edit your site on the go, using your smartphone to upload pictures, update links, and manage your contact details. 

Duda offers customizable shipping options, white-labeled reports, and popular tracking codes. Furthermore, you can customize page meta titles and descriptions, create custom URLs, and even add alt text to images.

Duda makes building a website a simple task, and the software allows users with coding experience to access the source code for further customization. Its low learning curve makes it suitable for small business owners. Moreover, Duda will enable you to set up a subcontract for a website design project.

iv. Has built-in buttons

Duda Web Design Tools provides various tools to enhance your web design. For example, its blogging tool lets you create and save posts, format text, and add images. 

It has built-in buttons for navigation, and a settings tab enables you to adjust the spacing between elements. There's also an option to change the widget's width and the component's height.

The Duda editor has a clean, consistent layout and a toolbar that is always available. It provides shortcuts to switch pages, undo your last edit, and save your work. It also grants you access to a dashboard page. From here, you can manage your site and create a new one. The system also has a feature that lets you connect your website to your personal domain.

Duda also has built-in buttons for social media, including Facebook and Twitter. The controls are available in different sizes and colors, though they're not customizable like those on other design tools. 

The Share bar, meanwhile, is limited. Instead of having a menu bar, users can add buttons for Twitter or Facebook. Duda also provides a Facebook comment box and an on-page Twitter feed.

Whether you're looking for a free website builder or a professional design, Duda is an excellent choice. Its simple page editor makes creating a modern site quick and easy. It also offers an extensive collection of templates and elements. 

d. Duda eCommerce Features

Duda is an eCommerce platform that makes designing an online store easy. The software is user-friendly and offers many features and customization options. 

You can add a store under the eCommerce section, create a separate store control panel page, and integrate shipping with UPS and FedEx.

i. Add a store under the eCommerce section

To add a store under the eCommerce section of Dudada, click on "Add new" and then choose "Custom Ecommerce." Then, select "Ecommerce." You'll see a new page on your website. The eCommerce section has a Help box where you can get a walkthrough of the features of your new store. 

In addition, you'll find a Store Control Panel where you can add and manage your products. Here, you can configure payment methods, shipping options, and more. By default, credit card transactions are encrypted using SSL security.

The eCommerce section of Duda provides many features that make it a valuable tool for online stores. It includes a complete sales system, shopping carts, checkout pages, and PayPal buy buttons. It also allows you to connect your store to Google Analytics, create a custom privacy policy, and create a 404 page.

Before creating your eCommerce site, set up the settings of your site. Make sure to fill in all the relevant information regarding your business. If necessary, you can bulk import your content from another website, including images and assets.

ii. Store Setup Wizard

Duda eCommerce has many features for building and managing an online store. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, it does not have a limit on the number of sites you can create. The only limitation is that you must copy over your site's existing content. 

There is also a range of marketing email templates to choose from, and GDPR compliance is guaranteed. Users can also integrate their social media accounts into their stores.

Another great feature of Duda is its SEO and marketing tools. This platform has a lead generation template and a new letter tool to help you boost your search engine rankings. It also offers custom branding, a sitemap, SSL certificates, and tight integration with Google Analytics. Overall, Duda offers a more comprehensive package than most website builders.

Duda offers a 30-day free trial. It is compatible with over 40 payment gateways and provides a free SEO add-on. It also does not charge a commission for online sales, which is an excellent feature. 

It also has a built-in user management platform that makes collaboration with clients easy. This also allows tracking of who has access to what parts of your website.

iii. Separate Store Control Panel Page

Separate Store Control Panel Page in Dudo eCommerce features lets you customize all aspects of your store. This page allows you to control your store's appearance, from displaying your main menu to changing the width of your content. 

You can also use the Pages section to create new pages and edit existing ones. Widgets, or page building blocks, are also easily dragged and dropped into place.

A separate Store Control Panel Page in Duda eCommerce is an additional feature that can make your store look more professional. This page lets you customize your store and product pages by adding widgets and products. These widgets allow customers to quickly add items to their shopping carts and complete transactions. You can also customize the content of your store's widgets.

Duda is an excellent third-party eCommerce solution that will give you the flexibility you need to create an exceptional online store. It allows you to customize product pages with multiple colors and sizes. It also allows you to monitor your stock levels. And with the top-tier plan, you can also sell downloadable digital products.

iv. Shipping Integrates With FedEx and UPS

The Duda eCommerce platform provides its users with an extensive range of e-commerce features, including managing orders and shipping, sending delivery updates, organizing multiple shipments, and displaying tracking information on receipts. 

The platform also allows for automated taxation and shipping. The software also integrates with UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping services.

Shopify offers extensive online store tools, including an in-house fulfillment network that allows users to find the best fulfillment center for their products. In addition, Shopify Shipping provides real-time shipping rates, allowing you to save up to 88% on shipping costs. 

Duda also includes valuable SEO tools, including an automated sitemap generator and a Local Business Schema tool that provides structured data to search engines.

Duda's eCommerce platform allows you to sell products in various ways, including through Instagram. By tagging products on Instagram, users can create a direct link to their online store and get a quick overview of the product's price and details. 

In addition, the Duda platform works with Google Shopping Feeds, a feature that lets your products appear in Google searches. Customers can click on the ad to visit your site and purchase the product.

v. Integrates With FirstData PayPal and Stripe

Duda is a powerful and intuitive shopping cart and eCommerce platform. You can easily configure the look and feel of your store and set up SSL encryption to protect your credit card transactions. 

In addition, Duda includes a user-friendly control panel for a specific product and inventory management.

You can build your site using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. This allows for easy site construction and faster deployment of updates. All Duda websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services, which means there are no bandwidth or storage limits. They are also optimized for Google PageSpeed. You can also customize your domain name and make backups of your website.

PayPal and Stripe are two of the most popular payment processors eCommerce sites use. This is because each of them can handle payments online and in-store. However, there are some differences between PayPal and Stripe, and a lot depends on your personal preferences and needs.

vi. Duda supports selling e-goods

Duda has a wide range of features to help you sell e-goods. These include an easy-to-use product wizard and the ability to manage categories, SKU numbers, and other store-specific settings. It also offers options for setting up non-US currencies and custom rates. 

Additionally, the system supports importing product lists and digital downloads. The basic plan offers 100MB of storage space for images and content. Upgrades to the Advanced and Unlimited eCommerce plans allow users to store up to 10GB of data.

Duda also offers a free plan that lets you sell up to ten products. It is easy to add more products and new payment methods if necessary. You can even integrate PayPal with the store. Duda also supports over 40 payment gateways, accepts all major credit cards, and calculates sales tax automatically. It also can automatically generate coupon codes for users.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced e-commerce expert, Duda has you covered. This powerful platform also lets you import content from your existing website. Specifically, Duda also manages your store's products, subscriptions, orders, and shipping. It also offers premium add-ons for agencies, such as SSL, favicon, privacy settings, and 404 settings.

What I like/dislike about Duda


  • Features a top-of-the-line editor
  • Robust tools for formulating mobile websites
  • Effective traffic analysis
  • Proficient web store tools
  • 100+ templates
  • It lets you employ custom CSS and HTML code
  • Strong e-commerce possibilities, with supporting assets for digital memberships and downloads
  • Limitless storage and monthly bandwidth with every plan


  • No free option
  • Somewhat expensive 
  • The widget store is limited
  • Cannot switch templates
  • The fully responsive designs are restricted to Flex sections and templates

GET Duda to Create Stunning Websites with Ease

10. Webs.com Website Builder Review

Webs.com website builder platform

Brian's Thoughts

If you are looking for a website builder that provides a professional-grade single-page website, you have likely heard of Web.com.

The company was founded to help small businesses thrive online. Its design consultants are experts in search engine optimization and will help you create a website optimized for your target audience. They have a library of more than ten templates and a variety of themes within each template.

Page Builder Score
The Good Stuff:

  • Instinctive, user-friendly interface
  • Helpful e-commerce and WordPress tools
  • Extensive library of templates and stock images
  • Self-hosted
  • Exceptional uptime during testing
  • Fantastic customer support

The Bad Stuff:

  • No free option
  • Basic photo editing
  • No VPS, cloud, dedicated, or VPS plans
  • Cannot switch templates
  • Very short refund period

a. Web.com Website Builder Pricing Plans

When it comes to Web.com Website Builder pricing plans, there are several different options to choose from. The Starter Plan is just $5.99 a month, the Enhanced Plan is $12.99 a month, and the Pro Plan starts at $22.99 a month. All three plans have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it's best to read the fine print before choosing a plan.

i. Starter Plan As Low as $5.99 per month

For a low monthly fee, Web.com is a good choice for a small-business website. The Starter plan comes with unlimited pages, a free domain name, and 1GB of storage. It also offers email support. The Starter plan also includes a variety of free tools and templates to get your business online.

The Starter Plan is the cheapest plan, with two months of email and hosting included. You can also choose to include eCommerce functionality for just $3.99 a month. Other benefits include an unlimited number of website pages and priority customer support. The Starter Plan can be used for personal projects, small businesses, and portfolios, as well as blogs and various niches.

If you'd like more advanced features, you can upgrade to the Professional plan. It costs $12 per month if paid annually, or $15 per month if paid monthly. This plan increases your traffic to 100,000 visitors a month and allows you to use eCommerce functionality. It also unlocks advanced statistics and supports site search. You can also purchase an annual membership to the Performance plan, which costs $26 per month.

The Starter Plan comes with all of the basic features you need to get up and running. It lets you build niche websites, business sites, portfolios, and blogs using WordPress. It also offers security, marketing, design, SEO, and backups. You also get a free domain name. The Starter Plan does not include access to third-party themes or plugins. Nevertheless, you can experiment with different page layouts and styling options until you find the perfect one.

ii. Enhanced Plan As Low as $12.99 per month

If you're on a tight budget, Web.com's website builder is a great option. Its plans start at free, and go up from there. The free plan comes with a subdomain and displays the Square and Weebly branding. This doesn't exactly convey a credible business image and doesn't establish customer trust. The $12.99 per month plan offers more features and can also be used to sell digital products.

This plan includes third-party integrations, unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited pages, and mobile optimization. It also offers phone support and analytics integration. Those features are crucial for any website. It's easy to build and customize your site with Web.com, but be sure to do your research before you sign up.

For instance, as I reviewed above, Zyro is another inexpensive website builder. Although it lacks the integrations and third-party add-ons of WordPress, Zyro offers excellent uptime and reliability. Its plans also include powerful marketing integrations, such as visitor remarketing and Google Analytics. There's also a plan specifically designed for eCommerce, which includes unlimited products, accepting multiple online payments, and connecting with Shopify.

GoDaddy is another good option for beginners. The basic plan is free and comes with a domain name, SSL security, and a business email address. Other features include an online store and 24/7 customer support. However, there's no free plan with Zyro. The site builder launched as a spinoff project of Hostinger, but it offers many of the same features and functionality as the more popular players.

iii. Pro Plan Start As Low as $22.99 per month

If you're just starting out and don't have much money to invest in your website, then the Basic plan is likely the best option. This plan comes with ten website pages and 10GB of storage. However, to add features such as PayPal, Google Analytics, and VideoPress, you'll need to upgrade to a more expensive plan. The most expensive plan is the $39 per month Business plan, which offers unlimited storage and support response time within an hour. The plan also allows you to sell an unlimited number of products, which is a big plus.

Website builders such as Web.com offer many features that you might want to consider. The website builder tool provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and a large library of mobile-friendly website templates. It also supports multiple languages and allows you to integrate YouTube videos and Google Maps. You can even build a free online store with this plan.

The Basic plan costs just $22.99 per month or $16 if billed annually. It also includes a free custom domain for one year, payment integrations, and 6 GB of storage. The Professional plan adds advanced website statistics, shopping cart functionality, and telephone support. This plan is recommended for smaller businesses and eCommerce websites.

If you're not too tech-savvy, you can also choose a free website builder with a custom domain. This plan also includes a marketing dashboard with 100 marketing messages per month. If you want to sell physical goods or services, the Standard plan costs $22.99 per month. A more expensive plan, the Premium, includes unlimited email marketing.

b. Webs.com Site Tools

There are many features of the site builder, including drag-and-drop functionality. Unfortunately, while creating pages with the drag-and-drop interface can be easy, many must-have features have been removed. 

For example, the drag-and-drop editor no longer allows for CSS customization, and switching between WYSIWYG and HTML editing is no longer available. According to Webs, "too few users" are using such advanced features.

i. Customization options

Webs provide essential SEO functions and tools, including page titles, descriptions, and meta tags. It also offers site traffic tracking and Google Analytics. 

Premium users also receive additional means, such as email blasts and the ability to use certain HTML elements. In addition, Webs allows you to create custom domain names and 404 pages.

Adding a blog to your website is easy with the Webs' blog tool. You can set up categories for each post and assign contributors. You can also allow or disallow comments. 

In addition, the Webs blog tool lets you send rich-formatted email blasts and let users join your blog through the Facebook Connect app.

If you're new to Webs, there's a video that explains the process. The website's dashboard also contains FAQs and support. If you need help, click on the Help button. You'll find plenty of information to help you get started and ensure your site looks its best.

Webs have social media buttons for both Facebook and Twitter. For example, a pop-up window will appear with the many options for sharing your website by clicking the orange Plus button. It also has a Facebook-like control and a Twitter feed listing. Moreover, you can also use social links to your social media accounts.

In addition to the basic website tools, Webs has an editor that lets you customize your template. There are also hundreds of templates, which are categorized into various categories. Some are free, while others require a Pro plan. 

Customization options include uploading your own images and customizing the color scheme. Customizing web fonts is another option, but customization options are limited.

ii. Drag-and-drop builder

A drag-and-drop builder is a quick and convenient way to create a website without coding or technical knowledge. You can also select the features and design tools best suit your needs. Drag-and-drop website builders are perfect for small businesses.

Drag-and-drop website builders are a good choice for businesses that need to be more technical. With them, you can create a beautiful website in minutes without hiring a web designer. This feature is handy for entrepreneurs who are in a hurry to get their business online and only have a little time to dedicate to learning more about web design. 

These drag-and-drop builder tools allow first-time website owners to create a website quickly and professionally.

Another great feature of drag-and-drop builders is their ability to let users create custom layouts without coding. Unlike WordPress, which requires you to preview changes, a drag-and-drop builder enables you to change elements and rearrange them according to your preferences. This feature also allows you to reorder the elements within the builder and change their order and layout.

iii. Template selection

Webs provide a collection of elegant templates, which you can customize with the help of its site tools. The 'point-and-click' user interface makes creating accounts and profile pages easy. If you need to customize the appearance of your website further, you can use its app store to download additional add-ons.

The templates are free and available in several categories. There is also a search filter option to find the template you want. This will help you shorten the selection process. So whether you're creating a site for personal or business use, there's a template that's right for you.

Premium plans include more tools. For example, premium users can send email blasts and use certain HTML elements. There are also more integration options with third-party services. 

There are also more affordable plans for Webs.com, but the premium features come with costs. Despite the low prices, Webs' design isn't awe-inspiring, and the lack of advanced tools could leave some business owners unsatisfied.

You can also customize other parts of your site. For example, you can edit the navigation bar, footer, and site body. In addition, you can upload your own video channels, embed YouTube videos, and more. 

You can also build a website structure using modules using the site tools. These modules have several categories, including Popular, Combos, Media, and Commerce.

In addition to the templates, Webs offers SEO tools, including basic meta tags and site titles. The paid plan also allows users to customize the identification of individual web pages. 

Webs also include an internal traffic tracking tool. If you'd prefer to use Google Analytics instead, you can insert the tracking code from Google Analytics into the Webs dashboard.

iv. Flexibility

Webs.com is a website-building service with a lot of valuable features. They have free plans that are enough for simple websites. You can also buy a paid program with more storage space and bandwidth. 

However, the free plan does not have an export function, so you'll have to recreate your site from scratch if you need to update or add new content.

Webs also offer SEO tools that help optimize your website for search engine optimization. 

In addition to a site title and meta description, Webs has a built-in tool for tracking internal traffic. Instead of using Google Analytics, you can integrate it with your Webs account. Then, all you need to do is insert the Google Analytics tracking code in the Webs dashboard.

Webs' editor is easy to use and offers drag-and-drop building capabilities. The user interface features a dock at the bottom of the page, making it easy to create and manage web pages. It also offers a selection of layouts and styles to enhance viewers' experience.

In addition to essential website-building tools, Webs also offers a variety of tools for e-commerce, document sharing, Etsy integration, and SEO tools. However, the templates could be more flexible, and some users might find the designs dated. 

Also, Webs.com's templates are less customizable than those found in Weebly or WordPress. For example, the ability to customize fonts and color schemes is limited.

c. What eCommerce Tools Does Webs.com Offer?

This eCommerce platform has various tools available for creating and managing online stores. It includes the Set Up Wizard, a Site Building Interface, and analytics. 

BigCommerce is best for large to medium-sized online stores, and the biggest drawback is that there are no transaction fees or unlimited product variants. 

Additionally, its store site builder is not as intuitive as Shopify's. Finally, the editor has many features which can overwhelm newcomers. However, its tools can be helpful for your growing business.

i. Set-Up Wizard

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that lets you set up an online store in minutes. It is a free eCommerce plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress and guides you through setting up your store. WooCommerce is great for both physical and digital products. It also lets you sell affiliate goods.

When you install WooCommerce on your site, it will automatically set product data and create product pages. Just follow the wizard to complete your first step in setting up the eCommerce software on your site. However, every word you use on your website is essential. 

For example, "Buy Now" can sound a bit pushy too early for buyers. A more subtle phrase might be "Learn More." Whatever copy you write, make sure it reflects your goals and your customer's buying process.

For small-to-medium-sized businesses, WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It powers over 30% of online stores. It is also free and open, so anyone can contribute to its development. You can install and configure WooCommerce on your site from the WordPress dashboard.

ii. Site Building Interface

Webs.com offers a powerful Site Building Interface for creating an eCommerce website. After signing up for a free account, you'll need to select a category and choose from a list of application-specific templates.

For example, if you're in the food and beverage business, you can choose from 41 templates. In addition, you can upgrade to a paid account if you want to create an online store with more advanced features.

Webs also include SEO tools that help you rank well for your keywords. You can edit page titles and descriptions and monitor your SEO score. In addition, Webs offers a Local Listing service that will submit your business information to over 100 local directories. These services are free for the Basic plan, but you must pay for the Local Listing service if you want to use the SEO Booster feature.

You can use PayPal as your payment processor if you choose. The Site Building Interface also supports Donate and Buy Now buttons, making it convenient for your customers to make purchases. However, you must sign up for a paid plan to accept payment through PayPal.

iii. The analytics section displays valuable stats.

The Webs.com Analytics section displays valuable stats that help you understand the behavior of your website. For example, you can see how many visitors viewed each page of your website and how much money they spent on it. 

This information can help you plan future promotions or determine which products your customers are most likely to buy. It can also help you monitor the ratio of marketing costs to revenue.

iv. Enter up to 500 products

The Webs eCommerce tools allow you to enter up to 500 product listings and offer a variety of additional features, such as Facebook marketplace integration. They are easy to use and come with video tutorials to guide you through the process. 

However, users may feel pressured to upgrade to the paid plan, which is only necessary if you sell hundreds of products daily. Overall, Webs is a solid solution for small to mid-sized online retailers.

v. It has an App Store

Apps for Webs can be anything from stores and blogs to calendars and photo albums. Some can also link to external sites. Although the app selection is limited, it does cover the basics. 

Premium users can also insert responsive live chat. The downside is that the feature used to be easy to use but is now unintuitive.

The Webs App Store is a marketplace where you can purchase and install tools for your website. This allows you to add more functionality to your site. 

For example, you can buy widgets from third-party developers, add a blog, or install a photo gallery. The App Store also offers tips and tools to help you market your site.

If you want more functionality and features for your site, you can purchase apps that help you expand your business. If you're a small business owner, Webs is a good choice. 

Its drag-and-drop builder is easy to use. It also has a membership function, which lets you add and manage members. It also allows you to create member-only pages.

vi. Lock off a portion of your site to paid members

If you are a member of Webs.com, you can lock off a portion of your website to paid members. However, you must follow specific guidelines if you lock off a part of your site to paid members. 

First, you can't put obscene, lewd, harassing, or sexually explicit content on your site. You should also avoid posting content that is inaccurate or in violation of these Terms of Service.

You can select a Paid membership tier if you want to lock off a part of your site to paid members on Webs. This will give you access to a limited portion of your site and allow you to create additional membership tiers. In addition, this will enable you to sell more products than you can with a free membership. 

In addition, you can sell subscriptions, offer discounts, and even track orders and shipping. You can also integrate your Facebook marketplace into your site if you wish.

In addition to limiting the amount of content available to paid members, you can also block certain links. For example, Webs does not allow links intended to manipulate your site's search engine ranking. If you use such links on your site, you will be considered a part of a link scheme, and it may affect the quality of your search results. 

Furthermore, you must refrain from using hidden text or links to deceive users. By doing this, you are violating Webs' Terms of Service.

vii. Monitoring orders and Shipping Tracking

Order tracking is an integral part of eCommerce. It lets customers know where their order is, when it will arrive and whether there's been a delay. It also helps reduce post-purchase anxiety. It's also a time-saving tool for customer support representatives.

Order tracking is not just important for customers; it's also useful for e-commerce businesses. Knowing where an order is in the fulfillment process allows firms to rectify problems before customers even learn about them. 

For example, with order tracking, a business might discover shipping delays, address errors, or failed deliveries once they've lost a customer.

The customer experience is a hot topic in eCommerce. A survey from ProShip found that almost all customers want to know the status of their order. In addition, customers tracking an order quickly and efficiently are likelier to make a repeat purchase. 

However, only some tracking tools are created equally. Some require customers to fill out multiple forms or provide personal information.

viii. Facebook marketplace integration

Facebook marketplace integration lets your website sell products to Facebook users. This feature lets you list your products in different groups, and buyers can easily find them. Facebook marketplace integration is free and easy to add to your website. 

However, you should know that the process for integration may vary depending on your version of Facebook. Again, you can consult the help center for more details.

Facebook allows you to sell your products across the country, a massive plus for e-commerce businesses. In addition, the company estimates that there are 800 million monthly active users on the Marketplace. This vast audience makes this platform an excellent place to practice retail arbitrage.

Whether you're selling physical products or digital, the opportunity to sell on Facebook is a perfect way to reach millions of potential customers.

Facebook is a social networking site that plays a significant role in a business's life. Companies can use Facebook to connect with customers, create business pages, and post advertisements. The number of potential customers varies depending on the sales pitch. 

d. Top Webs.com Website Builder Alternatives

There are several good free and paid alternatives to Webs.com, including Duda, Gator Builder, Wix, and Shopify. These websites are beginner-friendly and offer a wide variety of features and functionality. 

However, if you're looking for something more robust and customizable, try one of the more expensive alternatives.

i. Duda

One of the most impressive features of Duda's website builder is its extensive feature set. It offers options for everything from mobile site customization to detailed data analytics. 

It also offers free e-commerce add-ons and multilanguage support. In addition, the user experience is streamlined and intuitive, which makes it an ideal choice for web designers creating multiple websites for clients.

The downside of Duda is its cost. Its yearly plans start at $14 per month, while Squarespace starts at $16 per month. However, there is a 14-day free trial, so you can test the service before committing to a monthly payment. 

Duda might be worth the price if you're starting a web design business. Its premium plans come with advanced tools, like a photo editor, and are flexible enough for growing and customizing your site to meet your needs.

Duda also has a straightforward editor that makes it easy to customize your website, though it lacks the Weebly editor's creative control. 

Instead, Duda is focused on creating clean, professional websites that are mobile-optimized. It also offers a variety of features for customizing your site, including a drag-and-drop builder.

ii. Gator Builder

Gator Builder is a great website builder for beginners. Its intuitive design allows even a novice to create a quality website quickly. While it lacks the advanced features that Webs.com offers, Gator is simple and easy to customize. For instance, you can add your logo, add a sidebar, and customize your blog posts. In addition, it has an extensive knowledge base and a good support team.

Gator has several premium plans, and those plans are very reasonable. They also include a domain name, hosting, website analytics, and a free SSL certificate. So whether you sell products or run a blog, Gator plans to fit your needs.

Gator is a website builder from the famous HostGator hosting company. Its simplicity and affordable price make it an excellent choice for beginners and small businesses. This platform provides a drag-and-drop editor and a complete web solution with the domain name and hosting.

Additionally, it allows you to integrate various productivity tools like email and social media. However, there are a few shortcomings. The free plan is limited, and the app store has few add-ons.

Gator also offers a built-in Logo Maker, a massive gallery of layouts, and eCommerce functionality. The free plan only allows you to add up to 50 products, while the more expensive will enable you to sell unlimited items. You can also add a contact form for your website.

iii. Wix

Wix is an excellent website builder but lacks the customization options that Webs.com offers. It works fine for small sites, portfolios, and eCommerce stores but not for sites with many products. 

Additionally, Wix isn't suited for people who are on a budget. Luckily, other Webs.com website builders alternatives can accommodate most types of projects.

Wix is one of the best website builders available but it is also expensive. Customizing your site can be prohibitive, especially if you want advanced features. 

You can also get a more robust website builder for less money. Plus, other popular website builders include Squarespace and Shopify. These two websites have advanced drag-and-drop functionality and are mobile-friendly.

Wix is an excellent choice for those who want to make a custom website. The platform allows you to use dozens of templates to create a website that reflects your style. However, if you're looking for a quick website, Squarespace may be your best option. In addition to Wix, there are other website builders like Weebly.

Wix is available as a free or premium plan. The basic plan comes with over 500 templates, and you can build unlimited pages. The only downside is that it comes with a Wix subdomain, which means your site will be hosted on Wix.com's servers. 

Premium plans have extra benefits, like a custom domain, free SSL certificate, and built-in eCommerce. Wix also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and a huge database of templates.

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11. BigCommerce Review 

Bigcommerce user experience development company

In this BigCommerce Review, we'll explore the pros and cons of BigCommerce. We'll also look at the Content delivery network, Free templates, and customer service. 

Considering using BigCommerce for your business, view all of these factors. This way, you'll be sure to find the right solution for your needs.

i. Page Builder

BigCommerce has recently released its page builder, which helps non-techies customize their website. This tool provides access to theme template files and allows users to edit advanced templates. 

The editor enables users to drag and drop content from their website or upload a custom design. However, users must have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS to fully customize their website with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce provides 12 free templates to choose from. These templates are attractive, eye-catching, and designed to create an optimal online buying experience. 

Plus, the templates come in various colors and font faces and are all mobile-friendly. The tool is easy to use and intuitive to navigate. BigCommerce Page builder is available to all BigCommerce merchants.

While the interface can be a bit confusing for beginners, once you get used to it, BigCommerce is very easy to use. It's very similar to a WordPress dashboard and is intuitive to use. 

It also allows users to change the design of their store as they see fit. This can significantly benefit people with little or no knowledge of web design.

BigCommerce has a unique content delivery network, meaning pages load faster than their competitors. This improves the overall user experience and searches engine visibility. In addition, BigCommerce features a built-in blogging function. The administrator can customize the content of the blog as desired.

ii. Content delivery network

BigCommerce has an integrated content delivery network (CDN) that works in the background to deliver your content quickly. This helps improve the experience for users and search engines alike. 

One downside of BigCommerce's CDN is that it is difficult to access SEO settings. They are hidden away in the product area and are difficult to access if you're not a developer.

A CDN is a system of servers that stores and delivers web content. For example, BigCommerce uses a CDN to deliver its content globally and quickly. This is critical because search engines use site speed to determine rankings. Therefore, a better user experience means a higher ranking in search results. 

Furthermore, BigCommerce's CDN allows for detailed reporting on traffic, sales, and conversion rates.

Customer support is another benefit of BigCommerce. Their customer support pages offer videos, forums, knowledge bases, and other ways to contact the support staff. In case of problems, they can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. 

However, some customers have complained about using the live chat feature. Furthermore, many users don't like that it's only sometimes available.

BigCommerce offers a free trial period. In addition, the company also offers several features that will make managing your eCommerce site a breeze. For example, you can add coupon rules and discount codes, schedule shipments, and target certain client groups. 

BigCommerce also supports SEO. This is important because many eCommerce sites get a majority of their traffic from search engines, and optimizing your website's URL to improve your rankings in search results is vital to growing your business.

BigCommerce uses a CDN to minimize the time it takes for a page to load. In fact, Google uses site speed as a ranking factor. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely shoppers will abandon their shopping cart. BigCommerce's CDN has 20 data centers in various locations, minimizing this problem.

iii. Product inventory management

Product inventory management in BigCommerce is a powerful feature that allows you to manage your product availability. In addition, the system will enable you to customize product options, including the amount of stock and the reorder point. 

You can also define different product options, such as customizable or text. Using product inventory management in BigCommerce will help you avoid inaccurate displays and ensure your products are always in stock.

Whether running a small online store or a large enterprise, inventory management is essential to a successful eCommerce operation. You need to know where your products are and avoid making mistakes that could alienate customers. 

The good news is that you can automate product reorders and inventory replenishment processes using inventory management software. For example, if you manage multiple online stores, you can automate copying content from one store to the other. You can also use a warehouse management system to streamline your inventory management.

A critical feature of inventory management in BigCommerce is the ability to show the current inventory level of your products on all pages. This allows you to inform your customers of the quantity of each product.

It is also important to note that different platforms will impact available quantities, so keeping up with these numbers in real-time is essential.

Inventory management is a complicated process that can take a lot of time. A simplified approach can help reduce errors, speed up processes, and increase revenues. 

Many vendors rely on empirical data rather than actual sales data to calculate inventory levels, which is often inaccurate. The best way to avoid mistakes is to train your employees on proper inventory management practices. Ideally, they should attend training every six months to maintain consistency.

Good inventory management software will also offer better reporting. This means that you can access your sales information across all your channels without logging into each one separately. 

By syncing sales information from all your sales channels, you'll be able to see the most recent news and make adjustments. Some software even offers insights into seasonal trends and best-selling products.

iv. Free templates

BigCommerce has a great selection of free templates. In addition to these, you can create custom templates for your website. BigCommerce also provides a wide variety of paid templates. 

Paid templates are usually $145 to $235. This e-commerce platform allows you to sell physical and digital goods and has many valuable tools to help you market your store. BigCommerce also offers HTML and CSS options to help you customize your site's code.

Although BigCommerce offers free templates, the templates are generally very similar, and most offer just four styling options. This means that you'll likely only be able to choose one or two free templates rather than the hundreds of available themes on other platforms. There's also a limited selection of mobile-friendly, e-commerce-friendly templates. As a result, finding the best template for your store can take time and effort.

Another benefit of using BigCommerce is that it's responsive and works as an AMP, which means it's optimized for mobile users. This has SEO implications and can make your store look better in search results. AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an initiative backed by Google and is intended to deliver site content to mobile users in less time. AMP templates strip out certain types of code in favor of a simplified, more mobile-friendly design.

BigCommerce's dashboard and drag-and-drop design editor have similarities to those on Shopify. Some users report that the layout builder could be more intuitive than Squarespace's layout builder, but BigCommerce's support staff is readily available to assist you in any way you need. The company also offers free 24/7 technical support and provides free access to its experts.

BigCommerce themes come in a variety of styles. Some are more contemporary than others. Some come with customizable product grids and feature-featured products. Furthermore, you can also split up products by brand or type. 

This allows you to easily customize the look of your store to better match your branding. You can even preview your new template with your existing store to decide if it fits your site well.

Another benefit of BigCommerce is the ability to upload your own custom themes. While most themes sold on ThemeForest run for $200+, you can download over eighty free themes. You can also use BigCommerce's drag-and-drop site editor and page builder to customize the look of your website.

v. Customer service

BigCommerce offers comprehensive customer support that can help you solve any problem. In addition, to live chat support, users can access their help center to ask questions and receive answers to any situation. 

BigCommerce also offers help in multiple languages. Customers can also contact the BigCommerce support team by phone or email. BigCommerce is famous for its customer support.

BigCommerce's customer service representatives are available round the clock. You can call them to get assistance with your online store or email them to ask for help. They will be happy to help you with any issue or problem. Moreover, their customer support team will gladly answer your questions and address your concerns promptly.

Customer service at BigCommerce is a great thing! The company has offices in Sydney, London, and San Francisco and supports thousands of retailers from around the world. 

BigCommerce charges its customers in U.S. dollars. Payment is due at the time of service and will be automatically charged on the billing date unless canceled before that date. Depending on your chosen services, BigCommerce's fees can range from $120 per month to thousands of dollars.

Customer service at BigCommerce can help you improve your business by improving customer retention, generating more sales, and getting referrals. With a free trial, you can try it out for 15 days and see if it's for you. It also offers real-time analytics and helps you track your customers' behavior.

BigCommerce is one of the top e-commerce software providers in the world. Plus, it provides cloud-based software solutions for growing online businesses. 

The company was founded in 2009 and had three North American and Oceania offices. The company is privately owned but has recently raised additional funding to help businesses grow their online sales.

vi. Security

BigCommerce makes the security of your online store a priority. The company constantly updates its security system to ensure a safe shopping experience. It also complies with the PCI DSS information security standard, which protects credit card information for online payments. This standard is used across all BigCommerce-powered online stores.

This certification proves that BigCommerce has high standards for data security. In addition, BigCommerce is one of the few eCommerce SaaS platforms that has been ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. This certification ensures the company maintains a formal, effective security policy, processes, and systems.

BigCommerce's security team can recover the entire platform in minutes. First, however, there must be a way to recover individual accounts or data. So instead, the company recommends using a CSV export of data. 

Alternatively, you can export your data to a third-party or local file system. You can also use a backup service to restore data.

BigCommerce offers several layers of security, including two-factor authentication and fraud monitoring. 

It also provides 24/7 customer support. BigCommerce also has a secure payment system, which uses encryption to prevent unauthorized transactions. 

Overall, BigCommerce has a positive reputation for security and is safe to use. Its security features make it an excellent choice for many eCommerce businesses.

BigCommerce Enterprise has unlimited technical support and offers solution Architecting, account management, and a host of other services to help you build a better online business. 

It also offers priority support, which ensures you receive answers to your questions within 30 seconds. You'll also receive comprehensive recommendations and advice.

vii. Multi-currency support

The multi-currency functionality of BigCommerce has many benefits for the small business owner. It offers support for over 100 currencies and integrates with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, eliminating the need to pay conversion fees. 

Multi-currency functionality allows merchants to set pricing for different currencies, allowing shoppers to pay in their own currency. It also allows users to update currency exchange rates with just one click.

The feature also lets you set price discounts and coupons based on currency. 

This feature allows you to localize your marketing campaigns and increase sales in global markets. For example, Quality Bearings, a UK-based online retailer of bearings, took advantage of the multi-currency functionality and now sells to customers in 110 countries.

BigCommerce offers online customer support via forums, videos, and a knowledge base. You can also contact support agents by phone or email to ask questions and get help. 

Alternatively, you can visit the community forums to find answers to common questions. The support page encourages users to try to solve problems through the forums before contacting support.

Among its competitors, BigCommerce offers a robust set of services for small and mid-size businesses. It powers e-commerce for over 60,000 brands worldwide, including 30 Fortune 1000 companies and industry-leading brands.

viii. Integrations

BigCommerce has a robust API for integrating with other platforms. It has unlimited API calls and lets you quickly transfer data between different stores. This allows you to minimize the risk of system overload and provides real-time data sharing. In addition, BigCommerce offers pre-built integrations that are ready to use.

BigCommerce's customer portal is equipped with a variety of integrations that can be used to automate critical business processes. These integrations can help businesses to reduce operational costs while improving the customer experience. Many integrations can consolidate customer information, automate complex business processes, and integrate multiple applications.

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Its customers include some of the world's largest enterprises. BigCommerce has a rich feature set that allows for flexible and scalable digital sales strategies. 

Cleo's application connector for BigCommerce can help you get started quickly. A built-in wizard establishes an API connection with the BigCommerce application and lays the foundation for integration.

The integrations between BigCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics allow you to automate and plan your business processes. You can also access customer data from your CRM via BigCommerce. The integration between these two platforms is incredibly flexible and can be easily customized to suit your needs.

ix. Learning curve

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform with a complex learning curve. It is designed for more prominent retail brands and offers sophisticated customization. 

However, it is suitable for first-time online store owners or companies with limited tech experience. If you need clarification on another BigCommerce is the right choice for your business, try a 15-day free trial to see if it's right for you.

BigCommerce is a world-class eCommerce platform. It supports many online stores, from small startups to high-profile corporations. Its flexibility and low total cost of ownership make it an ideal balance between open-source and SaaS eCommerce platforms. In addition, its built-in features and flexible APIs make it one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market.

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that offers customizable templates and marketing tools to help you sell your products online. While it requires technical skills, the learning curve is less steep than on other platforms. 

People without a technical background can adjust HTML and CSS to get the most out of BigCommerce.

Before you sign up for a paid plan, you should decide how much functionality you need. BigCommerce offers three monthly plans, an annual plan, and a custom-priced enterprise plan for large organizations. 

While both plans include a free trial, it's recommended that you research your business's needs and budget before deciding on a plan. For example, if you plan to use BigCommerce for only a small website, you should opt for the Basic plan.

Expect Big Things From BigCommerce

12. Volusion Website Builder Review

volusion united states

Volusion is one of the leading website-building platforms available online. Its features range from basic to advanced. You can also customize its look and feel with the help of templates. 

This website builder is generally at an affordable price. However, there are some disadvantages to using this platform. First, look at its interface, pricing, and reporting tools.

i. Features

Volusion is a website builder that has many valuable features. Besides offering a drag-and-drop website editor, it also has an advanced SEO feature. It helps you configure search engines' metadata to index your site. 

It also lets you enable search engine-friendly URLs, canonical links, and the full URL for your home page. It also can sync with other platforms, which can help you expand your reach.

Volusion also includes an email marketing feature to help you drive repeat purchases. You can send personalized promotional emails and newsletters to your customers from the admin area. 

The software also includes a built-in affiliate program, which allows you to partner with affiliate marketers and receive commissions from sales. 

Volusion also will enable you to manage your inventory efficiently. For example, you can update your inventory levels at any time and track your stock levels.

Other features of Volusion Website Builder include an easy-to-use backend editor. In addition, there are options for selecting a theme and adding elements. 

In addition, the editor has a drag-and-drop capability to move elements around. You can also access the backend editor via a mobile device. The mobile app also lets you manage your inventory and upload images.

Volusion also features tools to help you with SEO. These features can help you improve your meta tags, product descriptions, and custom URLs. You can use all of Volusion's features to maximize your visibility online.

ii. Interface

Volusion is an eCommerce platform with an interface that could be more user-friendly. For example, the menus could be easier to navigate and need to make easier to customize content. 

In addition, its lack of a built-in blogging solution and lack of content types make it less suitable for beginners who want to build a website from scratch.

Volusion has a comprehensive customer support service that can be contacted around the clock. In addition, the service offers live chat, telephone, and email support. Users can also create a support ticket online. 

This is helpful if there's a specific question that you'd like answered. But remember that the support staff only works on weekdays and holidays.

Volusion also offers a wide selection of templates for eCommerce sites. You can choose between 80 free templates and 280 premium templates that range from $50 to $895. 

Though the templates look good, they could be more flexible and only allow you to customize them as much as you'd like. In addition, you can outsource your SEO for a small fee, saving you a lot of time.