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Terms of Use


This Agreement and the Terms of Usage are made with You with SOSComplete, LLC (” Company,” ” we,” or ” us“).

These terms and conditions along with any other documents they explicitly incorporate in reference (collectively” Terms of Use”), together with any other documents they incorporate (collectively ” Terms of Use“) are the basis for your use and access to www.brianlett.com as well as any functions, content, or services that are available on www.brianlett.com (the ” Website“) regardless of whether you are using the Website as a guest or registered user.

Read the Terms of Use thoroughly before using the Website. When you access the Website or click to agree or accept to the Terms of Service at the time this option becomes available by clicking the button, you accept to be bound by and to abide by these terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy that is incorporated in this policy as a reference. If you don't want to accept these Terms of Use, which include the agreements referenced in this document, you should not use or access the Website.

This Website is provided and accessible to users at least 18 years old or older. When you access this website you warrant that you're of the legal age to enter into a legal contractual agreement with the Company and that you meet the eligibility requirements above. If you don't satisfy these conditions You are not allowed to access or use the Website.


MODIFICATIONS to the Terms of Use

We are able to modify and update these Terms of Service from time to time, at our discretion. The changes will be immediate when we announce them and will be applicable to all users who access and use the Website following the posting date. The continued use of our Website upon the announcement of updated Terms of Use signifies that you have accepted and accept the modifications. It is your responsibility to review this page from time-to- date to ensure that you are aware of any changes because they are binding for you.



The use of this website is subject to our Privacy Policy. We invite you to read our Privacy Policy, which governs our Website and informs visitors of our practices for collecting data. Your consent to our Privacy Policy is now and is incorporated into the Terms of Use.



Use of our Website is subject to the Disclaimer of the Company. We invite you to read our Disclaimer that also applies to the website and informs users about specific limitations to the information through the website. Your agreement with the Disclaimer is hereinafter included in these Terms of Service.


Accessing the Website and ACCOUNT SECURITY

We have the right to remove or alter this Website as well as any of the services or materials we offer on the Website in our absolute decision without notice. We are not responsible in the event that for any reason, the entire or any portion of the Website is not accessible at any time or for any duration. At times we may limit access to certain parts on the website, as well as to the entire Website, to visitors who are registered users.

In order to access the Website or any of its resources, You may be required to fill in certain registration details or other details. It is a requirement for your use of the Website as well as any other resources downloaded from it that the information you supply to the site is accurate up-to-date, complete, and current. You acknowledge that any data you enter when you sign up on this website or in any other way in any other way, not only to the use of any interactive features of the Website, will be governed through our Privacy Policy and you agree to our actions in relation to your personal data in accordance in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

If you select or receive an account name or password, or any other type of information as one of the security protocols You are required to treat this information as confidential and you should not divulge the information to anyone else or organization. You understand that this account is solely personal to you and you agree not to provide anyone else with access to this website or any part of it, with your username or password, as well as any other information regarding security. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized access or the use of your username or password, or any other security breach. Also, you agree to quit your account before the conclusion of every session. Be extra cautious whenever you access your account via an open or shared computer to ensure that other users can't access or store your password or any other personal details.

We reserve the right to deactivate any user password, username, or any other identifier either by you or supplied by us at any point in our sole discretion, for any reason whatsoever even in the event that in our view you have violated any of the provisions in these Terms of Service.


No UNLAWFUL or prohibited use and intellectual property

You have been granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, irrevocable right to use and access the Website and all the resources accessible for download on the Website in strict accordance with the terms of these Terms of Use.

As a condition for your access to this Website, you promise to the Company that you will not make use of this Website, or the other resources that are available to download via this Website to serve any reason which is prohibited or unlawful in these Terms. You are not permitted to use either the website or resources accessible to download from on the website in any way that could harm or disable, burden, or compromise the functionality of the Website or hinder the use of any other person's satisfaction of the website. You must not acquire and/or attempt to acquire any information or information by any means not specifically made available or accessible via the Website.

The content that is component of this Service like text images, logos, graphics, images, the compilation of these, as well as any software that is used on the Website, are the sole property that belongs to the Company or its partners and protected by copyright laws and other laws protecting intellectual property rights and proprietary rights. You are required to comply with any copyright or other notices of proprietary rights as well as any other restrictions in the content, and you will not make any modifications to it.

You must not alter the content, publish, transmit the Website, reverse engineer it, participate in the sale or transfer or creation of derivative works or exploit in any way any of the material whether in whole or parts, available on the Website, or any of the other resources accessible for download on the Website.

It is important to note that the Company Content isn't available for sale for resale. Your use of this Site or the content accessible for download on the Website does not allow users to use any illegal utilization of the protected information and specifically, you are not permitted to delete or alter any rights of proprietary nature or attribution notices contained in any of the content. The content that you use is protected exclusively for personal use, and you will not make any other use of the content without explicit written consent from the Company and the owner of the copyright. You agree to not have any ownership rights over all protected materials. We don't grant you any rights, whether express or implied, over the intellectual property rights of our Company as well as our licensed licensors, except in accordance with these Conditions.

The Company name, the Company logo The Company's name, logo, Company slogan, as well as the related logos, names as well as product and design names and slogans are the trademarks owned by the Company or its affiliates or licensing partners. You are not permitted to use these marks without prior written consent by the Company. Other logos, names, product, and design names, and slogans displayed on this site are trademarks of their respective owners.


For educational and informational SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY ONLY

In the manner described more clearly as stated in this Disclaimer, the information provided on this Website as well as the resources that are available for download on this website are intended for informational and educational reasons only. The information provided on this website and the resources accessible to download from this Website are not intended to constitute or should be construed or understood to constitute tax, legal, financial or health advice, medical advice, or any other expert advice.


Accuracy AND PERSONAL Responsibilities

In the more detailed information contained within the Disclaimer, we've tried our best to make sure that the information we provide on this Website as well as the tools available for download are up-to-date and offer valuable information, however, we cannot warrant any accuracy or reliability of the information. We do not hold the Company or any employees or its owners are liable or accountable for any mistakes or omissions that appear on this website or for any damages that you suffer due to your failure to seek the advice of an expert who is experienced in your particular situation.

When you use this Website you assume personal liability for the outcomes that result from the actions you take. You agree to accept all responsibility for any injury or injury you sustain due to the use or non-use of the information provided on this website or any other materials available for download from this website. You agree to make use of your judgment and exercise due diligence prior to making any decisions or adopting any plan or policy which are recommended or suggested on this website.


No guarantees as to Results

As stated more in-depth in the Disclaimer You agree that the Company has not provided any representations or warranties regarding the outcome of any action, regardless of whether it is recommended by this Website or not. The Company offers informational and educational materials which are designed to help users succeed on this website. However, you must recognize that your success or failure, in the end, will depend on your personal efforts, your specific circumstance, and a myriad of other factors that are beyond the control or expertise that are the responsibility of the Company.

It is also important to understand that previous results cannot guarantee similar results. So, the results that are obtained by anyone else – whether customers or employees of the Company or not, based on the guidelines laid out on this website do not assurance of you or that any individual or company will achieve similar results.



The use of the Website and emailing the Company constitutes an electronic communication. You agree to receive electronic messages and you acknowledge to ensure that any agreements, notifications, disclosures, and other communications we send to you electronically, by email, as well as on our Website, will satisfy all legal obligations that these communications are written.

We'd love to correspond with you via electronic mail There are a variety of areas on this website which allow you for sending an email communication directly to our Company. This type of email or electronic communication, however, is not a formal commercial or contractual relationship. In the manner described more thoroughly within the Privacy policy, we make reasonable efforts to ensure that all communications remain private, however, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of these communications. We also cannot guarantee that we will have no obligation to divulge these communications as a result of a court decision.


Utilization of Communication Services

The Website may include bulletin boards, chat rooms news groups, forums, and communities, personal websites including calendars, blogs, calendars, comment sections, or other communication or message facilities that allow you to connect with the general public or members of a group (collectively, ” Communication Services“), you accept to utilize these Communication Services only to post or send messages and other materials that are appropriate and relevant to the specific Communication Service.

As an example and not to limit your rights You agree that, when you use the Communication Service, you will not defame, harass, insult or harass or in any way violate the rights of law (such as the rights to privacy and publicity rights) of anyone else or publish, share or upload, distribute, or spread any unlawful or defamatory, profane or offensive or illegal topic such as name, material or data; or uploading files that contain software or other materials which are protected under Intellectual Property Laws (or through rights to privacy and publicity rights) in the absence of owning or have control of the rights related to them or have obtained all required consents. Upload files that contain viruses, corrupted or damaged files, or any similar programs or software that may affect the functioning of another's a computer. Advertise or solicit sales or purchase any products and services, for any commercial or commercial purpose, unless the Communication Service specifically allows such messages; conduct or transmit surveys or competitions, pyramid scheme, or chain letters. You may download any files uploaded by a different user of the Communication Service that you know you should be aware of, cannot legally distribute in that way; alter or remove all author credits, any legal or appropriate notices, labeling, or proprietary designations that identify the origin or the source of software or other content included in the file is uploaded. This may hinder or restrict anyone else from accessing and using the Communication Services; violate any codes of conduct or other guidelines that could be in place for a specific Communication Service; harvest or otherly collect information about other users such as e-mail addresses without their permission, or violate the applicable law or rules.

The Company is not under any obligation to oversee any of the Communication Services. However, The Company retains the ability to examine any material that is posted on any Communication Service and to remove any material at its own discretion. It is the Company retains the option to end the access you have to all or any Communication Services at any time without notice, for any reason regardless of the reason.

The Company reserves the right to at any time to share any information necessary to meet any law or regulation, legal procedure, or governmental request or to alter, deny to publish, or delete any information or content either in whole or in parts, in the sole discretion of the Company.

Be cautious when sharing any personal information regarding yourself on your participation in any Communication Service. The Company is not in control of and does not endorse messages, contents, or information that is available on every Communication Service and, therefore the Company expressly disclaims all liability in connection with any Communication Services and any actions caused by participating within the use of any Communication Service. Hosts and managers have not been authorized to act as Company spokespersons and their opinions are not necessarily those of the Company.

The materials you upload to the Communication Service may be subject to limitations posted on use reproduction, dissemination, or both. It is your responsibility to adhere to these limitations if you upload the material.



We are a community that is determined to provide security and acceptance for those with a variety of races and religions, sexual orientations, genders, and various other identities. Therefore, those with opinions or beliefs that are oppressive are not accepted within our community or our programs. We expect our members to be respectful, kind, and open to the other members. We encourage healthy dialogue however, we don't allow discussions that promote an oppressive system and its dynamics.

You are prohibited from making or posting any kind of material or content that is threatening, abusive or vulgar, infuriating and harassing, or deliberately false, defamatory or vulgar, offensive or that is infringing or that violates any law or the rights or humanity of other people. We are not tolerant of violence, harassment, stalking, or other disrespectful behavior towards others.

If, in our sole decision, you violate these rules in any way you agree that we have the right to immediately and permanently suspend all access and participation in any course, program, or online community, without any refund.



The Company is not claiming ownership of the information that you submit to the Website (including suggestions and feedback) or upload, post, input, or upload to any of our websites or related Services (collectively ” Submissions“). By uploading, posting, entering your Submission, submitting, or providing your Submission, you are giving the Company as well as the affiliated businesses, as well as the sub-licensees necessary to make use of your Submission in connection with the running of their Internet business, including, but not limited to limitations, the right to reproduce and distribute, transmit publically display, perform and reproduce, modify your Submission, translate it, or reformat your submission and to use your name as part of your Submission.

No compensation will be given for using your submission in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The Company is not bound to publish or utilize any Submissions you provide and is free to remove the Submission at any point at the sole discretion of the Company.

By uploading, posting or submitting, entering your Submission, or by submitting it you warrant and affirm you have or hold all the rights related to your Submission as stated in this section, including without limitation, all rights that are required to post, provide and upload, input, or submit your Submission.


Links to websites of third parties and services

The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites (” Linked Websites“). The Linked Websites don't belong to The Company as such, and therefore they are not under the control of any Company-employee. The company does not have any responsibility for the content that appears on any Linked Website that includes the inclusion of any hyperlink within the Linked Website or any updates or changes to the Linked Website. The Company provides these links solely to provide you with a service including any link that does not constitute any endorsement of the Company of the Website or any endorsement by the Company of the Website nor any connection with its owners.

Certain services that are made available through the Website are provided by third-party websites and organizations. If you utilize any product, service, or feature that is accessible on the website, you agree and acknowledge that the Company can share this information and information with any third party with which they have a contract. The company has a contractual agreement to provide the requested service, product, or service on behalf of the website's customers and users.



The Company offers various templates and/or forms that are available for purchase and download on this site. The Company provides you with limited individual, non-exclusive and transferable permission to utilize our templates and forms for your personal or for internal business use. Except for the exceptions stated in this agreement you accept and acknowledge that you are granted no right to modify the change, modify, duplicate or create derivative works from reverse engineer, modify, improve or otherwise exploit any of our templates or forms in any manner whatsoever, except to fill out forms and templates for use by you.

When you purchase or download Forms you acknowledge that the forms purchased or downloaded may only be used to fulfill your personal or professional use. They are not to be sold or distributed without written permission by the Company.



The Company periodically offers various courses as well as programs and material that are available for purchase on this site. The Company gives you limited, personal, non-exclusive, and non-transferable permission to access our programs, courses as well as the associated materials (collectively”the ” Courses“) to use for private or business-related use. Except for the terms and conditions stated elsewhere you acknowledge and acknowledge that you do not have the rights to modify, alter copies, reproduce or create derivative works from or change, or reverse engineer improve or exploit in any way or use any Course in any way.

In order to purchase or take part in the Courses, you agree that the Courses you buy or download can only be used for personal or professional usage and cannot be distributed or sold without prior written consent from the Company.

In order to purchase or take part in the Courses, you also agree to not develop any derivative work that is based on the Courses, and you shall not sell any other products or services that are based on the information on the Courses.


Utilization of free downloadable CONTENT

The Company offers various services on its website that users can access through an email address. The Company gives you limited, personal, non-exclusive, and non-transferable permission to access our resources that are provided with an email address (the ” Freemium Content“) to use for your personal or internal business purposes. Except for the terms and conditions stated elsewhere you agree and acknowledge that you are not entitled to alter, edit or copy, duplicate or create derivative works from modifying, reverse engineer, or improve or exploit in any way any part of our Freemium Content, in whatever way.

When you download the Freemium Content you acknowledge to the Fremium Content you download may only be used to use for personal or business usage. It is not to be sold or distributed without written permission by the Company.

When you download the Freemium Content, you further acknowledge that you will not create derivative works that are based on your use of the Freemium Content and you shall not sell any similar products or services based on any information found within the Freemium Content.



The Company could at times give information to an unrelated third party as podcast guest interviews or an interview on a different platform blog posts by guest bloggers, or any other form of communication. The Company cannot control any information supplied by third-party guests. They are not responsible for examining the authenticity of any information given and cannot ensure the accuracy of any claims made by guests of such.

Participants who consent to be guests on any podcast hosted by the Company consent to the transfer of any intellectual property rights they might be granted in these interviews to the Company and also grant the Company with a license for the rights they are not able to transfer.



The company makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees concerning the operation or performance of this Website. The company further makes no REPRESENTATIONS or WARRANTIES of any sort, either implied or explicit in relation to the information CONTENTS, MATERIALS PRODUCTS, DOCUMENTS, PROGRAMS or BOOKS included on or accessible through this website. To the fullest extent permissible by law, the COMPANY DOES NOT MAKE ANY WARRANTIES, either express or implied, including implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS for a specific purpose.



You agree to release the COMPANY of any and all liability or loss that you or any other person or entity that is associated with you might suffer or suffer as a result of using the Information on this Website and/or the resources you may download from this site. You acknowledge that the company will not be liable to you for any type of damage, including direct intangible, indirect, special or consequential, monetary, or consequential losses or damages for the use of this WEBSITE.

The information, software PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND INFORMATION available on or through the Website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. The website is regularly updated with changes to the information HEREIN. The Company and/or its partners may make improvements and/or changes to the Website at any TIME.

The COMPANY and/or its suppliers DO NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS about the quality, reliability, AVAILABILITY, TIMELINESS, and accuracy of the information products, SOFTWARE Services, and related GRAPHICS INCLUDED on the Website for any purpose. To the MAXIMUM extent permitted by applicable law, all information as well as SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS SERVICES, and related graphics are made available “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY or condition of any kind. The COMPANY and/or its suppliers SHALL DISCLAIMER ALL WARRANTIES AND conditions with respect to this INFORMATION, SOFTWARE PRODUCTS Services, and RELATED GRAPHICS, including all implied warranties or conditions of MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR purpose, TITLE, and NON-INFRINGEMENT.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, in ALL CASES, THE COMPANY or its suppliers be liable for any DIRECT OR INDIRECT, PUNITIVE or SPECIAL INCIDENTAL or consequential DAMAGES or any DAMAGES whatsoever, including, without limitation, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USER DATA or profits, arising OUT of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the website with the delay or inability to access the website or related services and/or the provision of or the failure to provide services or for any information products, software, or other SERVICES, AND RELATED GRAPHICS OBTAINED via the website or OTHERWISE that arise OUT of the use of the WEBSITE IF BASED on contract, tort, negligence or STRICT LIABILITY, or OTHERWISE regardless of whether the COMPANY or any of its suppliers have been advised of the possibility of DAMAGES. Because certain states/jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or LIMITATION of LIABILITY for consequential or incidental DAMAGES, the above LIMITATION is not applicable to you. If you are unhappy with any part of the website or any of the terms and conditions of use Your sole and exclusive remedy is to cease using the website.



You waive all and all claims that you might be able to claim, either at present or in the near future, in connection with or related to this website or the Company or any of the contracts you sign with the Company or any of the Company's products and services.

In the event that you try to make a claim of this kind, you specifically agree to make such a claim in binding arbitration at Minneapolis, Minnesota. You also agree to and do waive any right to arbitration in a group and agree to hold an arbitration that relates exclusively to the individual claims you and/or any other entity connected to you make towards the Company. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you also acknowledge that you will be accountable for all expenses that arise from beginning the arbitration process and management of any arbitration.



The Service is managed, controlled, and managed by the Company from its offices within the USA. When you use the Service from outside of the USA You are responsible to comply with local laws. You agree to not access the Company Content that you access via on the website from any other country or in any way that is prohibited by applicable laws, restrictions, or rules.



You agree to defend, indemnify, and indemnify the Company as well as its directors, officers and employees, agents, and other third parties for any damages, costs, or liabilities (including reasonable attorney's costs) related to or arising from your use of or inability to access or use the Services or Website or any user-generated content posted from you or by your breach of any provision or conditions of the Agreement or your infringing any rights of a third-party or you are violating any applicable laws, rules, or regulations. This Company is entitled at its own expense to assume the sole defense and control over any other matter that is subject to indemnification by you and in this case, you will cooperate fully together with your Company to assert any defenses.


Termination and Access Restriction

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion to end your use of the website as well as the associated services, or any part of it at any time without notice. To the fullest extent allowed by law, you consent to the resolution of every dispute that arises in connection with or relating to this website or the Terms of Service in accordance with the arbitration Clause above. The use of this Website is prohibited in any country which does not adhere to all of the provisions in these Terms, including not limited to this section.



You agree that there is no partnership, joint venture, or employment connection that exists between yourself and the Company due to this agreement or your use on the website. The Company's execution of this arrangement is subject to the current laws and legal procedures and nothing in this agreement shall be in derogation of the Company's rights to comply with any governmental courts, legal, and law enforcement demands or requirements regarding your usage of the Website or information gathered or provided by the Company in connection with this use. If any provision or provision of the Agreement is deemed as invalid, or ineffective according to the applicable law, which includes the warranty disclaimers, but not only the warranty disclaimers as well as the liability limitations outlined above, the ineffective or unenforceable clause shall be considered to have been superseded an effective, legally binding clause that is most closely aligned with the intention of the initial section and the remaining provisions of the agreement will continue in force.


The entire agreement

If not otherwise stated the present agreement, together and this Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, unless otherwise stated herein Privacy Policy as well as the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy, is the sole contract between you and the Company regarding the Website. It replaces any prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals that are electronic, oral, or written, that are exchanged between the User and Company regarding the Website. A printed copy of this agreement, as well as any other notice in electronic format, will be admissible in any judicial or administrative proceedings based on or in connection with this agreement to the same degree and under the same conditions as other business documents and records initially created to be maintained by printing format. It is the explicit wish of the parties that this contract and all documents related to it are made in English.



The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion to alter the terms under those under which this Website will be made available. The current version of the Terms will prevail over any previous versions. The Company suggests that you periodically go through the Terms in order to be updated on our developments.



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