January 14

Earnings and Income Disclaimer


SOSComplete, LLC, BrianLett.com, and Brian Lett himself cannot and will provide any assurances about the possibility of achieving results or making any money using our suggestions, advice, or tools. What we can promise is that you will be satisfied with our instructions.

We offer a no-risk refund within 48 hours and a 30-day conditional guarantee. Furthermore, it is vital to be aware that the products and services offered by our company are designed for educational and informational only. This page or any of our sites or any other of our content or our curriculum does not constitute a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results or future earnings, and we don't provide any medical, legal tax, or other advice from a professional.

The financials mentioned on our websites are intended to illustrate concepts only. They should never be interpreted as estimates of actual earnings or guarantees of future or even future performance. Be cautious and always consult with your accountant, lawyer, or professional advisor before taking action on this or any information relating to the change in your lifestyle, financial, or business situation. Only you are accountable for your actions, decisions, and the results you achieve in your life. When you sign up here, you consent not to make us responsible for your choices, actions, or outcomes, at any point, in any circumstances.


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