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August 16, 2022

Which is the Best Unmanaged VPS Hosting Provider?

Unmanaged VPS means you are the one who chooses the operating system (OS) for your virtual server. You get full access to the server and can install and configure all applications you need. For example, you can install content management systems and database management applications on your server and control its settings. You can also customize your server to suit your requirements. In addition, unmanaged VPS is less expensive than managed VPS, which is why many people choose it. But which is the best unmanaged VPS hosting provider?

Table of Contents

[A] 6+ Best Unmanaged VPS Hosting Providers

1. HostGator

Hostgator website builder

When choosing an unmanaged VPS hosting provider, you want to choose one that offers you as much control as possible. HostGator lets you customize your VPS environment with many different options for installation and configuration.

This means you have full root access and can set up unlimited domains and subdomains, email services, databases, and FTP accounts. You can also set up private nameservers if you need them.

Hostgator easy website builder

One of the key differences between the two is how much RAM you can use. Unmanaged VPS hosting allows you to choose the operating system that your server will run on. While some people prefer Windows, others prefer CentOS. It would help if you also chose whether you want root access.

Finally, you’ll need to know whether you need root access or not if you need it for your website. An unmanaged VPS hosting provider can offer one-click installation and additional features for those who don’t want root access.

hostgator hosting plans

HostGator offers excellent pricing plans for unmanaged VPS hosting. Their customer support is exceptional, and they have great programs that meet your needs. They’re also a perfect choice for edge computing. Their dedicated support team will help you with maintenance and hardware upgrades.

And they’re also free to move your content from another hosting provider to theirs! This makes HostGator the best unmanaged VPS hosting provider.

hostgator main benefits

While unmanaged servers aren’t suitable for everyone, they can be a good option for some websites. They give users access to all the resources on the server, so you know how much RAM and CPU power is available to your site.

In addition, you can build dynamic websites and webshops on them. You’ll never have to worry about other users on the same node affecting your site’s performance. The downside of unmanaged VPS hosting is the cost, but it’s worth it if you consider transitioning from shared web hosting to eCommerce.

2. InterServer

Interserver web hosting review

If you’re looking for a cheap but effective VPS hosting provider, look no further than InterServer. The east and west coast location offers top-notch performance and lightning-fast loading speeds. SSD storage provides 20x faster than standard SATA drives and features self-healing hardware.

This provider also offers top-notch security and 99.9% uptime guarantees. In addition, its services are backed by excellent customer service, a comprehensive range of control panels, a cloud remote backup service, and Breadbasket scripts.

A flexible and affordable US VPS is an excellent option for developers. Developers can start small and scale up their platform as their project grows.

A managed US VPS is not necessary if they have prior experience in the field. In this case, they can save money on the management fee by taking care of the technical aspects themselves.

For experienced developers, Webdock is the perfect solution. It provides scalable Linux cloud VPS servers with the ability to add additional storage.

Interserver best hosting review

A cost-effective VPS hosting provider is necessary for any small or medium-sized company. A well-managed VPS provider should not be too expensive, as it can help save money compared to hiring an IT expert.

This type of service is also a good choice if you have no previous experience in server administration. You don’t need to worry about managing the server, as the provider will do it for you.

OVH offers a variety of data centers worldwide. While there is no US data center, the Canadian data center should provide decent performance.

Additionally, OVH data centers are equipped with multiple layers of security. OVH’s machines run on Intel Xeon E3-12xx v2 series processors. Their servers are connected to 100Mbps and 1Gbps networks.

Moreover, OVH allows users to upgrade to a managed VPS anytime.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost Hosting Reviews

There are many advantages to choosing a managed VPS hosting provider such as DreamHost. The managed VPS hosting plans have many features and support that the unmanaged VPS plans do not.

The decision between the two should be based on how much technical knowledge you have and how much time you are willing to spend to manage your website.

The managed VPS hosting plans come with technical support available round-the-clock.

The unmanaged VPS plans from DreamHost feature SSDs for storage and RAM. The company also fine-tunes the page load time of its managed VPS services. RAM is easily scalable through its management panel, and bandwidth is unlimited. DreamHost offers four VPS hosting plans for different needs, including shared and dedicated VPS hosting.

InMotion Hosting’s plans come with twice the RAM and two to four times the storage as the comparable DreamHost plans. So, if you’re looking for the best VPS hosting provider, InMotion Hosting should be your first choice.

DreamHost Pros and Cons

The support from DreamHost is great. They offer excellent uptime and a variety of technical support options. In addition, they provide free SSL Certificates for their customers, as well as a control panel that is easy to use.

You can also choose from a variety of web servers, as well as a variety of different operating systems. For $10 per month, you can get a powerful VPS and unlimited bandwidth. They even have a free migration service.

Despite their sometimes-spotty customer support, the DreamHost unmanaged VPS hosting plans offer a good value for the money. Prices range from $15 to $120 a month, and you can get lower monthly rates by paying upfront for one or three years. There are no hidden costs or unexpected price hikes.

If you want to host an incredibly complex site, they can provide custom solutions at an affordable price. Besides that, they have premium support and 24/7 monitoring.

4. HostPapa

hostpapa hosting review

If you’re looking for an affordable managed or self-managed Virtual Private Server hosting provider, you may want to consider HostPapa. This company is based in Canada and has provided services for more than 180,000 sites in 2016 alone.

In addition to providing reliable hosting services, HostPapa also offers numerous useful features, including a 99.9% Network SLA, 102 servers globally, and round-the-clock customer support.

hostpapa reviews

The Starter plan has no automated backups. Instead, you can use their Backup Service, which costs an extra fee, to download backups manually. While this method isn’t ideal, it’s still better than none.

However, the backup process takes a long time and isn’t as robust as with some of the more expensive providers. Nevertheless, HostPapa is a good choice for large websites, and their customer support is second to none.

SiteGround and HostPapa both offer daily backups, and they also have more advanced security measures. In addition, both hosts provide free SSL certificates and Weebly site builder tools.

hostpapa hosting reviews

SiteGround also has more support and better customer service than HostPapa, but the former is more expensive than the latter. Lastly, both companies offer a free 30-minute one-on-one training session.

While GoDaddy’s unmanaged VPS services are generally acceptable, they are still below the industry standard. While it’s important to remember that there are no guarantees with free VPS hosting, you can expect better support from the host. GoDaddy’s long-standing reputation is an excellent reason to continue using the company, and they don’t plan to disappear anytime soon.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost review and plans

Considering the benefits of Bluehost’s unmanaged VPS plans, if you’re looking for a reliable, affordable web hosting provider. You can get dedicated resources for your website, including RAM, storage, and CPU cores.

Bluehost’s VPS plans also provide free SSD storage compared to other hosting providers. You can use all of these resources as needed, and Bluehost has a price point that fits almost any budget.

Bluehost website security

When it comes to customer support, Bluehost provides excellent telephone and live chat support. It doesn’t offer email support, but its knowledge base is extensive. Pricing is straightforward, with a hefty discount on the second year.

You can even use Google Single Sign-On to log in to your account from any computer. Bluehost offers a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your VPS plan after 30 days, so there’s no risk in trying it out.

Bluehost free apps

Besides providing excellent performance, Bluehost unmanaged VPS plans are flexible, allowing you to manage your server and create custom passwords for different aspects of your account. Bluehost also provides full FTP access to your website and will enable you to create as many FTP accounts as you need.

And because Bluehost uses cloud technology, migration is automated and safe. This security challenges finding a better deal in a VPS hosting provider.

Bluehost’s VPS hosting plan provides root access if you’re a tech-savvy web developer. You don’t have to share the Operating System with other customers, so your files will be protected from hackers and unauthorized users.

Bluehost website builder

Bluehost VPS hosting offers flexible access control to set up different passwords for different aspects of your account and a master password for general account management.

Additionally, the Bluehost VPS also provides full root access to your website.


6. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean Review

When looking for an unmanaged VPS hosting provider, you may wonder whether DigitalOcean is worth the money. However, the benefits of this provider are apparent, and the company offers several features that might be important to you.

For example, customers can create unlimited Snapshots and Backups at any time for a fee of $0.02 per GB. Additionally, customers can schedule automatic regular backups for 20% of their droplet cost.

Digital Ocean Reviews

While it’s true that many companies offer unmanaged VPS services, this is not the case with Digital Ocean. They charge by the hour and have a monthly quota that’s easy to check.

Unlike many other companies, you can set up email alerts to receive a notification when your account reaches a specific amount of space. Moreover, users can back up their files and DB with their server’s backup module.

Digital Ocean Cloud Host Review

With DigitalOcean, you can host several websites on a single droplet. In addition, you can easily manage your server with the help of their free control panel. However, droplets run slowly, so heavy PHP scripts will slow them down.

Fortunately, you can set up a database with DigitalOcean, and you’ll be able to use it to run your applications.

Digital Ocean Hosting Reviews

With the competition between unmanaged VPS providers, comparing spec and price is essential. Performance depends on many factors, including location, type of website, theme, and optimization. No two unmanaged VPS hosting providers are the same.

But some companies do stand out from the crowd. Check out Vultr, DigitalOcean, and Vultr, for example. They are industry leaders.

[B] What is the Best VPS Hosting Service?

There are a variety of providers out there, but Liquid Web strikes a nice balance between flexibility and fully managed hosting. Although it is a bit more expensive than most other providers, Liquid Web is the easiest way to get started with VPS hosting.

You can do almost anything with your server, with a few caveats – you should probably avoid streaming the adventures of your pet blobfish.

1. DreamHost

DreamHost Hosting Reviews

The setup process on DreamHost is simplified and uncomplicated. It is also somewhat limited, grouping core functionality under “Goodies.” Goodies include advanced features like Cron Jobs and bonuses like Google Ads coupons.

Most of DreamHost’s options are buried deep within the dashboard or in emails you receive. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the process.

The servers of DreamHost are powered by SSDs, which are 200 percent faster than conventional HDDs. This results in a page loading time of around 2.35 seconds. The company’s managed services include frequent updates to your website’s operating system, software, and program language.

You can also quickly scale your RAM and bandwidth via their management portal. In addition, they offer uncapped bandwidth and don’t limit your website’s bandwidth.

DreamHost Pros and Cons

The customer support staff at DreamHost is responsive and helpful. You can ask questions or get support through forums. Although DreamHost doesn’t have phone support, its in-house team is available around the clock through live chat.

DreamHost also maintains a separate website that keeps updated on system updates, critical issues, and downtime. In addition, the company’s team works to resolve issues quickly and help you get back online as soon as possible.

Aside from the technical support staff, DreamHost offers 24/7 email and live chat support. It provides live chat and email support seven days a week from 5:30 am to 9 pm Pacific time. While their standard support is adequate, customers can request a callback.

Support is also available through discussion forums and knowledge base articles. In addition, the company has a dedicated team for WordPress and OpenStack issues. In case of any problems, DreamHost guarantees that a representative will contact you within twenty-four hours.

2. HostPapa

hostpapa hosting reviews

Customer support is an essential feature of any VPS hosting service, and HostPapa excels at it. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to help you with any technical issues and recommend email platforms based on your requirements, such as Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365.

In addition to providing a dedicated support team, HostPapa also offers online video tutorials and a knowledge base with frequently asked questions.

HostPapa Green Company

HostPapa’s features include a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space. The Starter plan is sufficient for two websites, while the Business plan supports up to 100GB of SSD storage. In addition, the Business Pro plan offers added security measures.

These features are perfect for small online businesses, blogs, and personal web pages. They also boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee and will help you transfer your existing website without requiring you to spend more money than necessary.

hostpapa hosting review

The performance of HostPapa servers has improved considerably over the past few years. However, they are not as fast as some of their competitors, but they are still fast enough for most purposes.

HostPapa’s servers are in Germany, Sydney, and London, so their uptime is always above 99.9%. And if you need to make frequent changes to your website, HostPapa’s Network Status page will tell you.

hostpapa reviews

Another great feature of HostPapa is the option to choose a control panel. You can easily manage your website with its control panel, and most hosting plans include it.

If you’re running WordPress, HostPapa uses cPanel but does not configure it. In addition to a control panel, you’ll find one-click installation buttons for other CMSs.

3. FastComet

FastComet Hosting Reviews

While plenty of good options are available, you should know the limitations of FastComet VPS hosting. The Starter Plan is limited to one domain and website, with only 15 GB of disk space.

Although this isn’t an issue for small websites, you may want to expand your website. For this reason, you should opt for a mid-tier or higher plan that provides more resources and features.

FastComet Best Hosting Reviews

FastComet is confident in its service, offering a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with its service. Although site performance and customer satisfaction are often the main reasons for choosing a hosting provider, there are instances where a problem can derail all of your hard work.

If this happens, FastComet provides free daily backups stored off-site and for 30 days. These backups can help restore older versions of your website if needed.

fastcomet customer reviews

For beginners, FastComet’s website offers tutorials and support via live chat. Its official blog also contains many articles relating to the use of the hosting service, including topics like WordPress, web hosting, development, security, and open source.

FastComet also offers 2FA with support for Google Authenticator, LastPass, Authy, and more. Furthermore, you can sign up for the company’s official newsletter, which features helpful tips on hosting.

FastComet Customer Service

FastComet VPS hosting is affordable, with a free domain name for the first year. After that, you can pay through PayPal or other credit cards. There are few upsells, but you do get cPanel and WHM. Both control panels offer easy navigation and usability, while the latter offers more customization.

However, FastComet offers cPanel, which provides a single control panel for all your site management needs.

4. Kamatera

Known for its cloud service platform, Kamatera offers instant scalability through a virtual private server. Moreover, the virtual server comes with NVMe blazing-fast SSD storage. Besides, the company offers free trials and pay-per-use plans.

You can even modify the specifications of the server yourself, depending on the requirements. Its technical support team is responsive and helpful. For several reasons, you should choose Kamatera as your virtual private server hosting service provider.

First, you should use the Kamatera VPS hosting service to sign up for a free trial. You can start your preparation by signing up for a 30-day free trial and choosing the configuration that best suits your needs. The free trial plan comes with 1000 GB of traffic and storage.

After that, you must select the server location, operating system, and specifications. You can also decide whether you want to pay monthly or hourly. Once registered, you’ll need to set a password for your root account and add your hostname.

Choosing the correct OS version is essential, and you can choose between Linux and Windows-based servers. Not every application is compatible with Linux; some may require a Windows server for testing. However, Kamatera offers Windows servers as both desktop and server.

Moreover, there are thirteen data centers where you can host your server. Besides, these servers are equipped with Intel Platinum 8270 processors. Whether you’re looking for a simple, affordable Linux or Windows-based VPS hosting service, Kamatera has got you covered.

In addition to having a dedicated server, you can get VPS hosting services with dedicated IP addresses. Unlike shared hosting, VPS offers more flexibility than shared servers. A single server can host a variety of websites. For more significant sites, you can opt for dedicated servers.

For smaller ones, a VPS can be a great solution. A dedicated server will give you complete control of the configuration and help you customize it to your needs.

[C] Who Are the Best Virtual Server Providers?

We’ve tested several virtual server providers and have a few recommendations. HostGator, InMotion, ScalaHosting, and DigitalOcean have all gotten high marks for uptime, but which one is best for you? Read on to find out! We also reviewed other popular virtual server providers like A2 Hosting and DreamHost. Read on to find out the best virtual server providers for your needs!

1. HostGator

hostgator main benefits

If you are looking for a reliable virtual server provider, look no further than HostGator. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee to keep your website accessible and search engine-ranked.

In addition, their plans come with a free year-long domain, which makes creating your website more accessible. Below are some reasons why HostGator is the best virtual server provider for small and medium businesses.

hostgator hosting plans

First of all, HostGator offers excellent reseller hosting packages. These plans are ideal for beginners, as they are easily managed and fully customizable. You will also benefit from their 24/7 live chat, phone support, and comprehensive knowledge base.

These benefits make HostGator the best virtual server provider for beginners and experts. There are other benefits to choosing HostGator. You can use their free account to get a free domain name and host several websites at once, allowing you to sell them under your company brand.

Hostgator easy website builder

HostGator has various shared hosting plans and other more advanced web hosting options. As an entry-level provider, they have a standard package with unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, and an uptime guarantee. HostGator is an excellent choice for people who want to start a small website or develop a large one.

In addition to shared hosting plans, HostGator offers two types of VPS plans. Shared hosting plans provide the most cost-effective option for beginners, while VPS plans are designed for businesses that need more resourceful resources.

Hostgator website builder

With three different VPS plans from HostGator, you can choose the right plan for your needs. Choose between Windows-based or Linux-based servers, as well as a choice between HDD or SSD storage. You can also get managed dedicated server options from HostGator.

You can start a website immediately with one of HostGator’s shared hosting plans. Most of these plans have unlimited bandwidth and storage.

With a few exceptions, the basic strategy has a limit of one domain, but it is still an excellent option for beginners. You can add more features by purchasing add-ons, such as a private SSL certificate. You can also buy a dedicated IP address for a business website if you need one.

2. InMotion

best inmotion hosting review

InMotion offers several different virtual server hosting plans. Shared Hosting plans include the Launch, Power, and Enterprise plans. Launch plans include features such as two websites, ten email accounts, and 50 gigabytes of SSD storage.

Power plans come with more resources and a higher level of support. Finally, enterprise plans are geared towards large businesses or sites that need a dedicated server for security and increased uptime.

inmotion hosting plans

InMotion’s servers are fueled by SSD drives faster than spinning hard drives. This is a benefit not available with most web hosts. They also charge an extra fee for this type of storage. Another feature that InMotion provides is a free SSL certificate.

Most other providers charge anywhere from $30 to $60 a year for this. Customers need to provide phone verification to purchase services, which is a hassle if they don’t live in the United States.

inmotion hosting security

InMotion Hosting offers free domain name registration and transfers and provides credits for domains. In addition, their Business plans come with excellent security features that keep your website safe from attacks.

cPanel also provides a free SSL certificate, signed by Comodo, one of the most trusted SSL brands in the industry. InMotion also offers a free SSL certificate through cPanel.

InMotion hosts its servers in the United States. The east coast server is in Ashburn, Virginia, and is connected to two tier-one ISPs via BGP. The west coast server is in Los Angeles and has four tier-one ISPs. It has a carrier-grade network core from Arista.

inmotion hosting review

Performance tests from 35 US locations have been performed to ensure the highest uptime and reliability for all customers.

If you are looking for a more advanced hosting solution, InMotion is one of the best providers. The premium VPS plans offer robust features and are easy to manage. They also allow you to host up to 100 websites for a much lower cost than shared hosting.

The VPS plans are split into three different methods. The VPS-1000HA-S plan includes 4 GB of RAM and four dedicated IPs. VPS-2000HA-S plans include up to 8 GB of RAM, five dedicated IPs, 6 TB of bandwidth, and 260 gigabytes of SSD storage.

3. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean Reviews

You can choose from one of four plans offered by DigitalOcean, ranging from $4.55 per month to a thousand euro monthly plan. You can select a Linux distribution and a set of preinstalled applications depending on your needs.

The service also offers the option to create a droplet from an existing VM image. This provider has many advantages, including an extensive feature set and daily payments.

Digital Ocean Review

The DigitalOcean droplet is powered by SSDs and only runs on Linux. It is fast, flexible, and easy to use. It also offers an extensive knowledge base with tutorials. You can also choose between three payment methods – credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. It’s up to you which you prefer.

There are a few drawbacks to the service, though. Some companies charge much more than others, so consider this before committing to one.

Digital Ocean Hosting Reviews

For instance, the App Platform Professional plan starts at $12 per month and comes with one container. This plan is better for production applications and offers more flexibility and freedom.

The company offers two types of storage – Block Storage and Object Storage – and you can also assign additional volumes to Droplets. The latter works like conventional block devices, reducing the risk of data loss in case of hardware failure. There’s no need to hire an IT expert for a complex project.

There are a few cons to DigitalOcean. One disadvantage is that it doesn’t have many deployment regions compared to other cloud providers. But you’ll be glad you chose DigitalOcean because it removes the hassles of deploying your infrastructure.

Digital Ocean Cloud Host Review

However, fewer deployment regions are an advantage for many companies. The company also offers higher speeds, better features, and more flexibility. So if you’re considering using this virtual server provider, take note of the pros and cons before you sign up.

If you’re looking for a virtual server provider that offers affordable and high-quality hosting, DigitalOcean is the one for you. With a $5 per month plan, you can start using DigitalOcean’s cloud platform immediately.

So whether you need a simple, straightforward Linux instance for your website or an extensive, complex application, DigitalOcean can provide the perfect cloud solution. And with its flexible pricing, you’ll be able to scale up and down as your workload changes and choose a Linux distribution that works best for you.

4. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting’s managed VPS plans are an excellent choice for those who want to focus on marketing. While this virtual server provider uses Linux servers, it does take care of updates, backups, and malware scans. Customers who choose this option can choose from servers in Scala’s own data center or from those of DigitalOcean.

Another drawback of Scala’s Shared Hosting plans is that their operating systems and databases run on traditional hard-drive capacity. As a result, they may be a bit slower than a fully SSD-powered solution.

ScalaHosting’s self-managed VPS/Cloud plans are very customizable. With them, you can choose CPU Cores, RAM, SSD storage, and bandwidth, and even install extra cPanel and SPanel for free. In addition, the company has an impressive range of plans and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Scala offers free SSL certificates to all their customers to make it even better.

Three shared hosting plans are available at ScalaHosting, each with different features. Shared hosting allows for a cheaper individual rate but may negatively affect performance. If you plan to host several websites, the Scala Mini, Start, and Advanced plans are the best options, with 30,000, 60,000, and 120,000 visitors, respectively.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that Scala does not offer Windows-based shared hosting. Therefore, in addition to Scala’s plans, we recommend hosting providers with Windows-based servers.

Scala Hosting offers many different hosting plans, but its managed cloud VPS is the most popular and best. It also provides a free domain name with all its programs, integrated Cloudflare CDN, and Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Furthermore, ScalaHosting also offers free migration services for unlimited sites and automated remote backups. Weighing the pros and cons of ScalaHosting, we can conclude that this company is the best virtual server provider for most users.

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