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July 18, 2022

What is the Fastest WordPress Hosting in Europe?

When searching for the fastest WordPress hosting in Europe, look no further than DreamHost. With their 1-click Installer, you can quickly install WordPress without additional software.

However, where you are will often determine which host will suit you best. For example, DreamHost is a preferred choice in Czechia due to its reputation. On the other hand, if you are in Latvia, you can benefit from excellent local services by going with HostGator. This hosting company was founded in 2002 and had servers in different parts of the world.

Nevertheless, I hope this guide will point you in the right direction so that you can make a key decision on the latest, highest quality (yet cheap) hosting, whether you are an established enterprise or a small startup just building up your list of customers.

a. Bluehost

If you're looking for the fastest WordPress hosting in Europe, Bluehost is your best choice. Their onboarding process is straightforward and includes questions about the goals of your site, the features you want on it, and your tagline. You can even purchase a Bluehost Marketplace theme to customize your site. Bluehost's servers will install WordPress for you so that you can start immediately. They'll also handle all of the technical details for you.

A2 Hosting was established in 2003 and has become the leader in the WordPress hosting industry. They're notorious for their aggressive marketing campaigns but treat every customer equally. Their data centers are located in four cities across the United States and the EU.

They have multiple servers, including NVMe hosting. And they're backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can't lose. A2 also has a data center in the Netherlands, which gives you the best speed in Europe.

If you're looking for the fastest WordPress hosting in the EU, then Bluehost is your best bet. Their turbo boost servers are designed to load web pages at lightning speed. They also use a sophisticated caching system called Jetpack, which optimizes your site to make it as fast as possible. In addition, they have geo-redundant data centers worldwide, so your site will be in a good location no matter where your visitors are.

b. Kinsta

If you're looking for a hosting service that delivers some of the fastest web speeds, you should look no further than Kinsta. This hosting company offers a custom dashboard and a ‘MyKinsta' portal that lets you create, manage, and test your WordPress sites. Other features include automatic backups, plugin updates, and resource usage stats. You can even add your SSL certificate and enable secure FTP access.

The website's performance is awe-inspiring. Kinsta has a 99.9% uptime goal, and you don't have to worry about performance problems like cPanel. You can even use their service for multiple sites, which is easy. Several paid plans range from $30 for a single website to €200 for a whole year. Unfortunately, there is no phone support or live chat, but you can contact a customer support representative via email or the support ticket system.

The reason that Kinsta is so fast is simple: its technology. They use Google Cloud to host their iCloud data. This is the same technology that many large corporate websites use. There's a reason why Kinsta has a 5% churn rate – customers who leave are forced to come back again. You'll be glad you did! They're worth it! Please keep reading to learn more about the service and its features.

c. InterServer

While many top hosts will offer a money-back guarantee, InterServer stands out for its ease of use, flexibility, and comprehensive account management portal. You can easily update your hosting plans, install plugins, and more in the doorway, and request a refund if you're unsatisfied. The company also offers a price lock guarantee, which means you'll pay the same price every month for the life of your account.

InterServer's client area is easy to navigate. They use cPanel as the dashboard interface, which can initially be intimidating. However, the search bar makes finding a specific function easy. If necessary, you can transfer your website to another host, and all your files will remain secure. Nevertheless, the host has an inconsistent uptime, which can be frustrating. If you're looking for an affordable European WordPress hosting option, InterServer is worth checking out.

Another positive of InterServer is its data centers. The company has four data centers across the US. Three of them are located in Secaucus, NJ. Another is its EU location, which means you'll have to pay an additional $8 per year for a domain name. In Asia, this might affect the loading speed of your website. Lastly, InterServer doesn't spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns.

d. Cloudways

While Cloudways offers many features, its only disadvantage is that it does not include traditional control panels and email hosting. Those features make the overall cost of your hosting more expensive and require more setup time. Regardless, you can count on Cloudways to deliver a fast WordPress hosting experience that will meet your needs. However, there are a few drawbacks that you need to keep in mind when deciding on a hosting plan.

While it's true that the company uses several different types of servers, it's also important to consider what the hosting environment offers. This way, if one server crashes, it will not affect other sites. Moreover, Cloudways' servers use Thunderstack, a powerful combination of features. These features combine to produce blazing-fast page loading speeds. Cloudways also offers CDN (content delivery network) service, which allows users to access their content faster and have a broader audience.

As a managed WordPress hosting provider, Cloudways has many benefits to offer. In addition to multiple users, it has advanced caching and search optimization systems. Furthermore, Cloudways provides the flexibility to switch between PHP versions and database engines. Its servers are based in the UK, and it contributes to the price in US dollars. Unlike many hosting providers, Cloudways does not charge per visitor or hour. Unlike other hosting providers, Cloudways charges only for the hours you use, so you can quickly scale your website as your needs change.

e. LiquidWeb

The managed WordPress hosting plans from Liquid Web comes with WP CLI capability so that you can install multiple WordPress sites without hassle. Moreover, they provide hundreds of plugins and themes. Furthermore, they have a live chat support system for eCommerce shop owners. Finally, Liquid Web guarantees 100 percent uptime for all hosting plans. With such impressive features, it is easy to see why LiquidWeb is one of the fastest European WordPress hosts.

The company does not offer shared hosting plans but focuses on high-end hosting solutions. They are not limited to WordPress alone but also provide dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS solutions. Liquid Web aims to bridge the gap between managed WordPress hosting and shared hosting with its range of premium products, such as VPS and dedicated servers. As a result, it can focus on the needs of sophisticated hosting customers while providing affordable packages for beginners.

Apart from being fast, Liquid Web offers bare servers which don't have any app-specific configurations. Instead, users can customize the server instance by using web server software. Furthermore, they can use the Cloudflare content delivery network, which reduces latency and speeds up website loading in far-off EU locations. Additionally, Liquid Web has three data centers in the US and one in the EU, offering free migration services for WordPress sites.

f. SiteGround

When you want to host WordPress, you'll want to look for a fast host. If you need the fastest possible, look for a company with a high-quality network. If you need more resources, choose a company with more server locations, such as in the US or Europe. SiteGround has a very high level of security and offers a range of features to speed up your site.

SiteGround users populate several affiliate groups. Their members are asked not to discuss SiteGround negatively or risk being banned. However, they're quick to help those who need support, and they'll recommend them without disclosing their affiliation. However, it would be best if you still did your research before making a final decision. For example, if you're unsatisfied with SiteGround's support, you can try a free trial.

Those who want to host a professional website should look into the features of SiteGround. They offer dozens of articles and a separate section for WordPress tutorials. Additionally, SiteGround's FAQ section has topics for beginners. Whether you're looking for shared or dedicated hosting, you can't go wrong with SiteGround. The company is so secure and fast that they even guarantee their service will be up 99.9% of the time.

1. How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in Europe

There are many different ways to choose the best WordPress hosting in Europe, but there are some things that you must look for. The hosting plan's storage and bandwidth are the first things to look for. For example, running effective marketing or advertising campaign may need a hosting plan that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. You may also need features like a customer support system or a dedicated IP address.

a. BlueHost

While BlueHost offers comparable web hosting services, it also pays you $150+ per sale as an affiliate. So, if you purchase the $5.45/month plan for three years, you will be paying $194 for hosting services – leaving you with about $46 for “real” value. And Bluehost also boasts that it's “recommended by WordPress,” but that's more hype than value.

If you look around, you'll find several hosting plans for your WordPress site. For example, dedicated hosting is an excellent option if your website is trendy. But if you're a smaller business, shared hosting is a great option. It's less expensive than dedicated hosting and will give you experience and knowledge of hosting a website. In addition, the price for shared hosting is only $1.99/month, so it's a great way to start if you don't have much experience.

Another thing to remember with Bluehost is that they have European data centers. That means that the server's response time will be faster than average. And you'll also be guaranteed 100% uptime. Regardless of the plan, Bluehost's servers are designed to scale up as more customers sign up. And while this means that your website won't experience any noticeable performance issues, the infrastructure is still scalable. You'll be able to host one website on their Basic plan, with up to 50GB of SSD storage, a free CDN cache, and an SSL certificate.

Siteground also offers reliable WordPress hosting in Europe. This hosting provider has a data center in the United States near Chicago and one in Europe, which ensures a fast connection for your European visitors. If you're wondering how to test your site's load time, use the Pingdom tool to see how fast it loads in the EU. You compete with significant businesses if it takes more than a minute to load a page. You don't want your customers to abandon your site because your page takes too long.

b. SiteGround

Regarding European web hosting, you'll be happy to know that SiteGround has two regional data centers. They're one of only a handful of major hosting companies with data centers in three locations, making them a particularly appealing choice for regional businesses. They opened their second London data center in November 2015, which UK-based clients greatly welcomed. In addition to its two data centers in London, SiteGround has locations in Australia, Singapore, and the United States.

SiteGround offers many great features, including WordPress-specific customization, security solutions, and speed. You can even use their auto-setup process or migrate your existing site to their service. SiteGround also has a Starter plugin, which is great for testing out changes before you launch them on your live website. They also let you add collaborator accounts to your account, which makes it easier for you to manage your website.

In addition to its two European data centers, SiteGround has two server locations in the Netherlands and Germany. It updates WordPress automatically and patches against known vulnerabilities. It offers backups daily with up to 30 copies, including a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also provide support through email and social media platforms. If you're unsure whether SiteGround is right for you, look at their reviews and see for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

As one of the largest hosting providers in Europe, SiteGround offers a variety of features to support WordPress-based websites. You can manage your domain and website simultaneously, allowing you to scale your business with them as your site grows. In addition to supporting the most popular CMS, they also offer 24/7 support. A one, two, or three-year contract allows you to control your site and its performance.

c. OVH

If you're in the market for a new hosting provider, you might wonder whether OVH is a good option. You may have heard of OVH, but not many people know this company. However, many OVH customers swear by the company and its uptime statistics. They have 99.99% uptime and do not experience any scheduled maintenance. They also have a disaster recovery plan you can activate if you share any downtime.

OVH is one of the leading hosting providers in the world. Founded in France, OVH expanded to other European countries in 2006, including Spain and Senegal. OVH is one of the largest hosting providers in Europe and North America. They have 17 data centers worldwide and host websites for nearly 18 million users. Their WordPress hosting plans are easy to use and affordable, making them a good choice for newcomers.

Some hosts restrict bandwidth, but OVH offers unlimited bandwidth and uses fair usage policies. This means you won't have to worry about paying extra for a spike in traffic. When checking out, OVH also lets you select your CMS. OVH CMS is a good option, but cloud-based hosting is a bit buggy. You can't use the CDN with some plans, but it will work perfectly fine for most.

OVH is not the biggest fish in the web hosting ocean but is the largest provider in Europe, serving 1.4 million clients in 138 countries. With its extensive network of data centers and multiple locations, OVH is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable web host. However, OVH may not be your best option if you're starting a small project. But if you have a website, OVH might be the best choice.

d. Cloudways

Cloudways is a company that focuses on cloud-based services. Their Cloud WordPress hosting service offers a built-in cache, SSD disks, and modern databases. This makes it easy for even the smallest webmaster to set up and manage a WordPress website. For more information about Cloudways, check out their website. This review will give you a good idea of what to expect from this company. We've included the top benefits below.

First, Cloudways's servers are blazing-fast and have allocated resources. Then, they protect your site from other sites on the same server. In addition, they offer the Breeze caching plugin for free to all of their customers. Finally, all of their hosting plans come with built-in advanced caches. If you're worried about performance, Cloudways' European-based hosting plans are the way to go.

Another benefit of Cloudways is its ability to host WordPress automatically. Once you've added your domain, Cloudways will host WordPress for you. In addition to being automatic, you don't have to worry about setting up the application or making changes to it. The endless possibilities that come with this hosting are a great perk. Another great thing about Cloudways is that their prices are pretty affordable, even for those of us in Europe.

Besides having great support, Cloudways also has a great selection of server resources. With a Cloudways server, you can use NVMe Storage for your data. It is a much faster memory type than traditional hard drives, and you can easily upgrade to a higher memory level if your needs change. It also comes with a free migration service, so you can try the server without paying anything.

e. Liquid Web

Liquid Web has one of the most comprehensive support systems of any European WordPress hosting provider. They offer 24/7 support and are committed to getting back to you within 59 minutes. The company also provides live chat support, which is not found on many other hosts. They also guarantee 100 percent uptime. A 30-minute response time is reasonable, but they're not the only ones ensuring it. There are a few cons to this hosting provider.

First and foremost, Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting. It is a higher-end hosting provider and does not cater to beginners. They offer VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting as well. They don't focus on attracting the most basic website owners and have invested in various high-end hosting plans. While Liquid Web is not the only European WordPress hosting provider, it still offers excellent performance and many other features.

Despite the high cost of managed WordPress hosting, Liquid Web offers three tracks for managing a website. The basic plan provides a free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, site staging, and automatic daily backups. Furthermore, you get access to cPanel, which makes installing popular WordPress blogging and eCommerce tools a breeze. In addition, Liquid Web provides full root access and WooCommerce eCommerce tools.

The company's server infrastructure is also highly reliable and scalable, but you'll have to pay a little extra for their plans. However, you'll have more control over the amount of traffic your website receives. And with a 100% uptime guarantee and service level agreement, Liquid Web proves it's worth every penny. For this reason, Liquid Web recommends its starter plan.

2. The Best European WordPress Hosting Providers

Before you choose a web host, it's vital to compare uptime and reliability. Although uptime is essential with any web host, WordPress sites require more reliable hosting. Your hosting provider should offer guaranteed uptime and a track record of excellent reliability. If your website is unavailable for long periods, you may miss out on valuable opportunities to attract new customers. Also, compare pricing tiers – not all web hosts are created equal.

a. SiteGround

Whether you're starting a new WordPress website or need to migrate an existing one, SiteGround is the right choice. The company has a sustainable business model and focuses on its users' experience, not its bottom line. The result is a secure, reliable, feature-rich hosting experience. SiteGround continues to add new features and tools for its customers. In addition, the company is adept at managing WordPress and has hosted several technical events for developers.

In addition to its developer-friendly features, SiteGround offers PCI compliance and free Git & staging areas. The company uses its custom server backend, meaning it's not a cPanel-based web hosting platform. For this reason, SiteGround is better suited to higher-traffic websites than smaller ones. You can test the website speed without signing up.

If you're looking for a European web hosting provider, you should check out SiteGround. The company has an excellent network of super-fast servers and a cloud infrastructure. It also offers optimized WordPress hosting and business-focused features to help you scale your website. The company also allows you to manage your domain and site, so you'll never be in a bind.

SiteGround has several data centers in critical locations around the world. This helps to decrease the distance between your server and your site's visitors. In addition, this helps with speed and security. The company recently switched servers to PHP 8. Unlike many other shared hosting companies, SiteGround switched to PHP 8.0 and PHP 7.0. This higher version of PHP has many benefits, including higher security and speed. SiteGround's test website performed nearly twice as fast as PHP 7.0!


IONOS is one of the leading European WordPress hosting providers. It offers a range of hosting packages, including shared and professional. Additionally, their shared plans include free lifetime domains, SSL certificates, and access to email. IONOS was initially founded in Germany and was formerly known as 1&1. With more than eight million websites, they can provide the best European WordPress hosting experience. However, they aren't the only company offering this service.

Support is another area where IONOS excels. While you can find help from their knowledge base or live chat option, you will likely need to call them occasionally. It can be frustrating when you need assistance, but IONOS's dedicated customer support agent will answer your call. If you're unsure of anything, you can always contact the support team by phone, which is available 24/7. Alternatively, you can use the knowledge base or a personal consultant.

Another positive point for IONOS is its impressive speed. Google is known to penalize sites that take too long to load, so IONOS uses both a Wildcard SSL certificate and a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate to protect your website. If your website is not secure, it can't be classified as safe. In addition, IONOS has tools for improving website speed. If your site is slow, people will leave in frustration, decreasing your profits.

IONOS is a leading web hosting provider based in Germany. The company has more than 7,000 employees and hosts 12 million websites. Their product offering is extensive, and they focus on WordPress hosting. Their claims of fast uptime are impressive, but there is no way to account for natural disasters. Aside from these, the company is very affordable. They also offer 24/7 customer support and DDoS protection.

c. tsoHost

While tsoHost does not advertise any of its backup features, we found that they offer them. The company announces that they can provide you with “managed WordPress hosting.” However, there is no mention of automated backups or automatic updates, and they don't offer domain names on some of their plans. We found that tsoHost's page load times were decent but not particularly fast. We recommend looking at other providers for those who want to test tsoHost's performance.

tsoHost is a reputable UK web host that offers various hosting plans. Their prices are competitive, though not as low as those of Hostinger, a Dutch hosting company. However, unlike Hostinger, tsoHost's prices are not inclusive of VAT. Furthermore, their free SSL certificates only come with their Ultimate and Maximum plans, and they're only available for the first year.

tsoHost is one of the few European providers to support WordPress. They have a range of packages that suit any website. They also offer a free first domain and daily backups, and they also have a great WordPress SEO optimizer that makes indexing your site easier. Founded in 2003, AccuWeb is a small hosting provider that has been serving businesses since 2003. With data centers across the globe, they offer both managed WordPress hosting and reseller hosting.

Besides their excellent support, TsoHost offers various web hosting plans that suit your needs. Shared hosting is great if you're not an advanced developer, but if you're looking for a reasonable price and the best possible service, TsoHost has many packages that fit your needs. A premium plan also offers a custom domain name. These plans are designed to give you peace of mind about your website's performance and security.

d. InterServer

If you want fully managed WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, or a VPS server for your website, InterServer is your company. They offer excellent customer support, fast response times, and a complete hosting plan collection. In addition, the company offers an entry-level package with an impressive feature set. Finally, for those of you who don't have a lot of experience with WordPress, they also provide tips and articles for the popular CMS.

InterServer uses cPanel as its control panel, a feature that has increased the price of many hosting companies. However, using this control panel is very easy, although you'll have to use the cPanel interface to add a domain or set up a webmail account. The company also provides an easy-to-use interface with tools that make it easier to manage your website and install WordPress.

For security, InterServer uses a one-click installation of 450 cloud applications. To protect your website from hackers, you can install SSL certificates for free and use a one-time-use code to sign in. Then, you can quickly transfer your website to another host. InterServer also offers free SSL certificates for each website. However, you should be aware that the uptime is inconsistent.

Despite the low prices, InterServer offers a few seasonal discounts. For example, during their $1-month sale, you can get InterServer for just $2.50/month, which is a great deal when you're just starting. You can also purchase InterServer for one year in advance for $30, which is about $84 a year. In any case, the price doesn't increase.

e. Cloudways

Cloudways is a company that focuses on cloud services. The Cloud WordPress hosting service features an SSD disk space, a built-in cache, and modern databases. Cloudways also offers advanced support for themes and plugins. However, you must pay extra for advanced support if you require assistance with specific WordPress issues. But for the price, you won't get better service anywhere else. The pros far outweigh the cons.

Cloudways' WordPress hosting service is among the most famous European enterprises, with over 450 million sites powered by the platform. It makes it easy for content creators to publish content and has the features required for eCommerce sites and static business websites. The software is easy to install and customize and can handle millions of visitors. You don't need to spend hours installing WordPress; the company takes care of all the technical issues, such as security and monitoring.

Besides excellent customer support, Cloudways offers the one-click installation of many popular web applications, including WordPress. Users also have the option of choosing the PHP version and database provider. For example, MariaDB 10.1+ and PHP 7.x are recommended by Cloudways, allowing you to switch between the two without a hassle. In addition, Cloudways doesn't restrict the number of web applications you can install on your site, and you'll be charged only for the hours you use. This is a significant advantage for users who want to experiment with different applications and need to understand the technical aspects.

If you are looking for blazing-fast WordPress hosting, Cloudways has a plan for you. Cloudways' unlimited hosting plans will scale up or down with your website's size, and the company will take care of every detail. Cloudways comes equipped with a built-in cache plugin called Breeze. In addition, you can select between Apache or Nginx and MariaDB to run your database.

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