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August 11, 2022

Best Cheap Hosting for WordPress Woocommerce Ecommerce [Spoiler]

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, with an extensive repository of themes and plugins. No matter your business needs, you can quickly and easily set up a fully functioning website using WordPress. Here I will reveal the best hosting for WordPress eCommerce. Read on to learn about their features and pricing plans. And once you’ve decided, it’s time to choose the right hosting plan for your website.

a. SiteGround

If you’re looking for a reliable and cheap WordPress hosting provider, consider SiteGround. Founded in 2004, the company prides itself on offering better customer support than other hosting providers. Their support team has responded monthly to over 1000 phone calls, support tickets, and live chat requests. If you want to ensure the same level of support and speed, choose SiteGround. You’ll be glad you did.

As far as security is concerned, SiteGround’s services are top-notch. All of their servers use advanced security measures to keep your data safe. In addition, you’ll have access to free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and Cloudflare’s free CDN. You can also benefit from SiteGround’s free CDN and SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. They also have three data centers across three continents, so you can pick whichever one is most convenient for your website. In addition to excellent security features, SiteGround offers 24/7 support via phone, live chat, email, and ticket.

For those of you looking for the best hosting for WordPress eCommerce, consider SiteGround. Their plans are built with eComm in mind, with plenty of features. Their StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plan all include additional eComm features. So it is no surprise that SiteGround is rated as the best WordPress hosting for eComm. In addition to their excellent support team, you’ll also find a host with a good uptime record.

In addition to its top-tier security features, SiteGround also provides PCI compliance with its GoGeek plan. SiteGround also offers free customer support. Unlike many other providers, SiteGround’s support staff is available around the clock. It is hard to imagine a better hosting experience for a WordPress eCommerce website. You’ll be glad you chose SiteGround.

b. Bluehost

Looking for the best WordPress hosting service, look no further than Bluehost. With its easy-to-use dashboard and WordPress-specific features, Bluehost can quickly and effortlessly set up your website with just a few clicks of the mouse. Its customizable cPanel is also a great feature, providing advanced management tasks and complimentary email accounts. And if you need help, Bluehost’s customer service team is available around the clock.

While there are many web hosts out there that offer 24/7 support, Bluehost stands out from the competition. They provide live chat and email support, which are highly useful for most technical issues. The company also offers specialized WordPress support agents, which you can access only if you pay for the WP Pro tier. Their agents are highly knowledgeable and quick to respond to your questions. So if you have any questions, the knowledge base is the best place to start.

If you are looking for a good yet cheap eComm host, Bluehost has several plans to suit every budget. The primary goal is $2.95 a month, while the top WP Pro plan starts at $5.45 per month. All programs are fully customizable and offer many features, including built-in malware detection, a free SSL certificate, and a staging environment. So if you are starting, a basic plan might be enough. If you’re running a small online store, however, you’ll want to consider the Plus plan, which removes the limit on the number of websites and storage. In addition, Bluehost offers 24/7 support and custom themes.

Although Bluehost may not be the best choice for large enterprises, it’s still an excellent option for many people. Its customizable platform is a great way to start an eComm site. In addition, the service is backed up by expert support, making it an excellent option for individuals and small businesses. With Bluehost, you can quickly and affordably manage your website. For example, you can easily install WordPress with a single mouse click. Alternatively, you can opt for a managed WooCommerce host, providing the support and guidance you need to keep your site running smoothly.

c. LiquidWeb

Regarding WordPress hosting, Liquid Web’s offerings are among the best in the industry. Their managed hosting offers a range of features and benefits, including 24/7 customer support and fast page loading. Liquid Web’s managed plans come with a small monthly fee, but the benefits outweigh this small fee. For one, Liquid Web’s platform is built on PHP7, SSL, and Nginx, which optimizes the speed of your WordPress site. The web host also offers several pricing plans, including monthly, annual, and custom.

Liquid Web’s managed WooCommerce hosting is ideal for eComm businesses. You can choose a plan that suits your specific needs, from a small shop with a few products to a large marketplace with thousands of products. It’s also scalable, and you can choose from multiple high-performance plans – from a basic plan to an Enterprise plan that supports millions of customers and thousands of orders a day. Using a managed hosting plan, you’ll be able to focus on the shop without worrying about the rest of your website. In addition, liquid Web will migrate your website from another provider at no additional charge, and you can also enjoy a discount if you pay yearly.

The servers used by Liquid Web are designed explicitly for WordPress eComm sites. These servers are lightning-fast, thanks to server-level caching. However, be sure to prevent caching when you have dynamic content or a dynamic checkout process. Liquid Web’s managed WordPress sites are fine-tuned to be optimized for eComm. Its automated backups feature allows you to download them as separate or database files and restore a portion of your website.

d. Nexcess

If you’re looking for cheap hosting for your WordPress eComm website, Nexcess is an excellent option. They offer multiple server locations and WooCommerce support. While many hosts have more than one location, Nexcess has five. You can select as many as 20. In addition, each server is optimized for specific purposes, so you’ll get faster loading times for your website. And while other providers might offer unlimited hosting, Nexcess has the lowest price per GB.

The Liquid Web family of brands includes Nexcess. They offer a variety of plans for any website. They specialize in cheap hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento sites, and they’re the perfect choice for any commerce website. With over 500,000 websites under management, Nexcess is an excellent option for eComm sites. In addition, you can expect a quick load time and uptime.

The flexibility of cloud hosting makes it the best choice for eComm sites, especially those that feature multiple languages. Nexcess automatically scales its resources based on demand. You can increase RAM during a sale period and then scale back to everyday needs. You only pay for the resources your site needs during peak traffic. Nexcess also allows you to customize the hosting packages according to your website’s needs.

The support team at Nexcess is responsive and knowledgeable. You can easily access your account from any computer and offer 24-hour support. In addition, they are available to answer all your questions and help you customize your hosting experience. In addition to managing your website, Nexcess offers cheap managed WooCommerce hosting plans with additional eComm features. For example, addressed WooCommerce hosts include abandoned cart plugins, custom fields, staff accounts, and mobile-optimized images.

e. GreenGeeks

If you’re looking for a good yet cheap host for your WordPress eComm website, you might want to check out GreenGeeks. This company is not just about offering solid speed but also excellent uptime, exemplary customer support, and cheap prices. In addition, their website provides plenty of tutorials and articles for a quick start. So while customer service isn’t the most impressive feature of GreenGeeks, it’s good enough.

The most appealing aspect of GreenGeeks’ eComm hosting is its low monthly fee. Of course, you’ll only have to pay $2.95 per month, but that’s still an affordable price for most web admins. However, be careful: if your website starts to consume a lot of resources, it will be prompted to upgrade. Generally, GreenGeeks is best for small and medium-sized websites with minimal traffic and growth.

One of the main concerns that website owners have is security. They don’t want their data stolen or their websites hacked. Additionally, they don’t want their customers’ personal information to fall into the wrong hands. GreenGeeks has built its server environment with biometric and key card security measures to address this issue. It also backs up the server nightly, so you won’t have to worry about losing data.

The speed of a website is primarily determined by its host server. High-quality hosts use cutting-edge servers, such as the latest HTTP3 / QUIC protocol, which helps speed up websites’ browsers. An excellent hosting company is essential for a positive user experience, and GreenGeeks hosts deliver. If you’re looking for a plan for your WordPress eComm website, you might want to check out GreenGeeks.

1. How to Find the Best Hosting For WordPress WooCommerce

Considering starting a business online? Have trouble finding the right hosting for your WordPress Woocommerce website? Then read this guide. In it, I’ll give you tips on how to find the best WordPress hosting for your website. Listed below are the best web hosts for WordPress and WooCommerce. Using WordPress-specific hosting is essential for your website’s performance and security. You can choose among DreamHost, Kinsta, Cloudways, and Pressable.

a. DreamHost

While most hosting companies offer a cPanel backend, DreamHost does not. Unlike cPanel, which provides a standard framework for managing the backend, DreamHost has a proprietary management interface. DreamHost does not give one-click installers for the most popular eComm platforms. However, it does offer unlimited bandwidth and generous storage for its accounts.

Many developers have praised the features of DreamHost. Their remixer tool, called Remixer, makes it easy to customize your site without touching the code. You can also choose a theme that best suits your website and business. DreamHost themes include standard eComm elements. Additionally, they automatically adjust to fit the screen size of different visitors. That means no more frustrating site navigation issues for your customers.

Cloud hosting plans are another feature available from DreamHost. These are essentially a network of interconnected cloud servers. Cloud hosting is a sound option if your traffic spikes from time to time. Unlike shared hosts, you can add resources whenever needed. Cloud hosts start at $4.50/mo and go up to $1,400 per month. These plans can be very flexible and will scale as your needs grow.

DreamHost offers many pre-configured plans for WooCommerce. You will also find the DreamHost interface easy to navigate. You can easily configure WooCommerce with the pre-set configuration. If you do not know what to do, DreamHost’s support staff can help you. You can also access them via phone or live chat. There is also a 24/7 live chat option available to answer your questions.

b. Kinsta

Besides providing the best performance, Kinsta also provides backups hourly and daily. Backups save your changes and can be restored if needed. Backups are available for both live and staging sites. Moreover, you can increase the frequency of backups to every six hours. With Kinsta, you won’t have to worry about security concerns any longer. Your site’s data is protected from hackers and other online threats.

Another advantage of using Kinsta for your eComm website is that you don’t need to pay extra for CDN or SSL certificates. You can expect blazing-fast loading times and super-fast customer support. In addition, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of installing security plugins to protect your website. Finally, you won’t have to worry about losing sales if your site goes down.

If you’re looking for high-quality managed WordPress hosting, look no further than Kinsta. Their team of experts is available to help you with your needs. You’ll get one-click cloning, multisite support, role-based access permissions, and GeoIP protection. Moreover, Kinsta also supports add-ons such as Redis, WP-CLI, and Elasticsearch, which makes it perfect for building and maintaining your eComm site.

Kinsta also has a very nice dashboard. You can check this dashboard’s traffic level, resource consumption, and other parameters. You can also add several companies to your account, attaching the sites to different companies. And you can even track the changes made to your site with their detailed log. It’s all here, proving that Kinsta is the among the best and cheapest hosting for WordPress Woocommerce sites.

c. Cloudways

There are many reasons to choose Cloudways as the best host for WooCommerce. This company offers free SSL certificates and servers in over 60 global data centers. In addition to that, you can quickly scale your server. It can handle multiple WooCommerce stores and allows you to choose a data center location close to your target market. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about scalability issues.

The Cloudways control panel is divided into two parts: applications and servers. You can have multiple servers per account and install various applications on them. The interface offers detailed information about server and application resources and enables you to switch between PHP versions and scale up your servers to accommodate more traffic. You can easily add, remove, or stop servers through Cloudways’ interface. Once you’ve chosen the right hosting for your site, you can launch your online shop in no time.

One of the main benefits of Cloudways is its ease of migration. While many other cheaper hosting providers require you to reinstall the application or move it to a different server, Cloudways experts will help you migrate your store for free. This way, you’ll avoid service outages. Cloudways also offers a plug-and-play solution for WooCommerce developers. All pre-installed plugins are available for you. With Cloudways’ managed platform, developers and digital agencies can also access 24/7 support.

Cloudways allows you to manage your server’s resources and monitor its health. There’s an array of tabs that you can use to view and modify server-level settings. You can view and manage individual resource usage and schedule maintenance. You can also configure the PHP memory limit, which is recommended at 256 MB. You can toggle whether or not to display error messages to your visitors. The team collaboration feature of Cloudways is a great bonus.

d. WP Engine

Before choosing a hosting for your WordPress site, choosing the right one is essential. You’ll want to choose a company that offers the most advanced features, such as an Elasticsearch-powered Instant Store Search and multi-factor password authentication. You’ll also want to consider how much traffic your website expects to receive. While you may be able to get by with a free plan, it will be best to opt for a paid plan with large monthly bandwidth.

If you’re looking for a more robust hosting service, try Bluehost. This premium hosting service includes WooCommerce and a Beaver Builder page builder plugin. In addition, this service consists of a free SSL certificate, an abandoned cart technology, and a built-in staging environment. You can also get a managed firewall option and automated PCI compliance scans. You’ll also be able to manage your store with a custom hosting dashboard.

You’ll also want to check out Bluehost’s tutorials. Bluehost offers a variety of tutorials that walk you through setting up your store and using various marketing tools. A2 Hosting, on the other hand, doesn’t offer WooCommerce out of the box. Their plans, however, include 1-click installs for several services and apps. However, they require you to set up a WooCommerce theme from scratch.

For high-traffic WooCommerce sites, object caching is essential. Without object caching, pages load slowly, negatively impacting revenue and search rankings. Also, good hosting plans will block SEO crawlers, which can cause problems with the performance of your WooCommerce site. Alternatively, it would help if you considered a hosting provider that blocks SEO crawlers. Finally, you can learn about Cloudflare rules for WordPress and choose one that meets your needs.

e. Pressable

If you plan to start a website with WordPress and WooCommerce, you must choose the exemplary hosting service. If you have no idea how to find the best hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce, read this article. This article will give tips to help you find the right cheap hosting provider. Listed below are some of the most popular hosting providers. These will allow you to host your website quickly and effectively.

Bluehost offers advanced features for online stores and WooCommerce pre-installed. Other features include daily backups, managed updates, and free SSL encryption. You can also take advantage of their concierge service, expert support, and exclusive tools. Bluehost and WP Engine are two of the original managed WordPress hosting providers. These two providers are known for their customer support and concierge services, which make it very easy to get your website running quickly and efficiently.

When searching for cheap WooCommerce hosting, keep in mind your business needs. Shared hosting providers are not ideal if you want to run an e-store with WordPress. Instead, you should look for a provider that can accommodate your needs and the features and capabilities of WooCommerce. These hosting companies are popular among millions of businesses worldwide, and their support staff is accommodating. You can contact them for more information.

2. Where to Find Cheap WooCommerce Hosting

When looking for a cheap WooCommerce host, you’re most likely looking for a dynamic IP address. While this might be acceptable for a basic plan, this type of IP address is shared by many other websites. While shared IP addresses are permitted in certain circumstances, you should consider getting a dedicated or exclusive private IP address for your website. Dedicated IP addresses are better for eCommerce and SEO and will ensure that your visitors can’t track you down.

There are a few reasonable options if you’re looking for a cheap Woocommerce host. While Cloudways is a relatively small host by industry standards, its plans are excellent and cheap. The company uses third-party server infrastructure, making it more affordable for individuals and businesses. They also offer 24/7 expert support and environmentally friendly practices. The only real downside to a cloud host is that it’s more expensive, but that’s not to say that you can’t find a suitable deal.

The most valuable plans include free domain name registration and unlimited email hosting. You should consider managed WordPress hosting if you don’t want to deal with plugin maintenance. Managed WordPress hosting companies offer excellent support and help. WooCommerce stores require a lot of resources, so it’s wise to sign up with a company that provides these. This way, you can be confident that your site’s security is well-maintained.

a. Cloudways

If you’re in the market for cheap woocommerce hosting, you’ve probably considered using Cloudways. This provider has optimized its VMAN stack, which includes Varnish to cache dynamic content, Apache for serving static files, Memcached for caching database queries, and cPanel for configuring databases. All of these tools work together to improve web performance and speed. If you’re considering Cloudways for your hosting needs, consider the following advantages:

Cloudways has an excellent knowledge base, with step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guides. Their response times are impressive, and their team of experts is ready to help you. You can also customize your server settings, which can be handy if your website grows and changes in size. It is also possible to configure the backup frequency and duration to suit your needs. If you’re unsure whether Cloudways is the right option, try out the free demo to see if it meets your needs.

Another great benefit of Cloudways is its low price. It costs only $1.49 monthly for up to ten emails and offers free website migration. In addition, Cloudways provides free automatic backups and 1-click restoration, and they compensate you for downtime with credits for the following month’s service. So it’s not only cheap, but also very easy to use, and you’ll be pleased with its performance and features.

Another advantage of Cloudways is that it supports several cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services. So whether you want to host your site in a data center in the United States, Europe, Asia, or South America, Cloudways can accommodate your needs. In addition, you can use the cPao (Computer Platform As a Service) to manage your website and store, and Cloudways offers free automatic migration.

b. SiteGround

If you’re looking for cheap woocommerce hosting, you’ve come to the right place. SiteGround is a managed hosting service with features specifically designed for online stores. The affordable plan is great for new websites, but you may want to upgrade once your site gets more traffic. It is also possible to pay only for the resources your site uses. With SiteGround, you can always upgrade your plan when necessary, without any hassle.

SiteGround’s cheap woocommerce hosting packages include multiple features and are cheap for beginners and experienced web admins. You can choose from three hosting plans with a different amounts of web space and other useful features. You can choose from three plans: starter, essential, and professional. The price for these plans is as cheap as $3.99/month. For this amount of money, you can host an entire website with thousands of visitors or a single store with a high traffic volume.

SiteGround’s managed hosting plans include free SSL certification and many other features to improve the performance of your online store. In addition to automated WordPress updates, SiteGround offers SSL certificates. In addition, all of its plans come with free Cloudflare CDN, and all features out-of features are caching. You can also opt for the free Cloudflare content delivery network to enhance your online store’s performance. Cloudflare speeds up the loading time of your website for different geo-locations.

If you’re looking for cheap woocommerce hosting, you can start with the StartUp plan from SiteGround for $6.99 per month. The basic plan has several restrictions, including a limit of one website and 10 GB of storage space. Other programs provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, so it’s not recommended for established e-commerce platforms. However, if you’re serious about running your site, consider upgrading to a more advanced hosting plan with unlimited storage.

c. Liquid Web

One of the main benefits of Liquid Web’s cPanel hosting is its incredible uptime. Thanks to their streamlined servers and site-wide caching, you won’t experience downtime as frequently as other hosting companies. Additionally, Liquid Web offers refunds if your website goes down more often than you’d like. To ensure your site is always up and running, check your bandwidth quota before signing up for a hosting package.

Liquid Web offers dedicated and VPS hosting options for online businesses. These plans are committed to your needs, offering 100 percent network and power uptime. You can also expect your server to run at maximum capacity and receive round-the-clock support from a Liquid Web representative. With Liquid Web’s premium plans, you can quickly expand your online store without worrying about downtime or server problems. Dedicated hosting plans, however, come with a higher price tag, so you can only use them for an unlimited number of products.

Liquid Web’s cheap WooCommerce hosting plans include a full suite of plugins by IconicWP. These allow you to customize your website without worrying about additional licensing costs. Additionally, all plans come with free abandoned cart software, allowing you to follow up with customers who abandoned their shopping carts. Lastly, Liquid Web offers six different programs based on your needs and the number of visitors you want to reach.

There are many benefits to Liquid Web’s cloud and VPS plans, including excellent support. The company owns its own data centers and uses the most satisfactory hardware. Their customer service team is capable of providing you with excellent assistance, while their “Enterprise” level of support can help you build solutions for your business. You can also get free SSL certificates and a white-glove migration when you choose the Liquid Web Plus plan.

d. Kinsta

You should know where to find cheap WooCommerce hosting to run an online store. Cheap hosting plans usually assign you a dynamic IP address that you can share with many other websites. A dedicated IP address is much better for SEO and eComm purposes. You should also consider adding an SSL certificate to secure your site. These factors will help you to increase sales through your online store. However, you should be aware that you should never compromise your security and speed for a cheap hosting plan.

A dedicated WooCommerce hosting plan from Bluehost starts at $10 per month and will be ideal for your store’s initial growth. Then, as your business grows, you can upgrade to a higher-tier Bluehost plan. The higher-tier plans include automated backups powered by CodeGuard.

e. Scale Dynamix

A premium edition of Scale Dynamix Woocommerce hosting is available with free application support and specialized help. Besides offering technical assistance, you can also sell physical products with the premium edition. Its servers function on Google’s cloud platform. There are no hidden fees. You can use the accessible version of Scale Dynamix for one year, then choose a premium plan for another year. The free program has a minimal number of features, but you will have to pay a per-transaction application fee.

Scale Dynamix provides enterprise-grade hosting that supports a wide range of platforms, including WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. In addition, the company’s scalable platform claims to offer intelligent server allocation to react to traffic spikes and manage costs. Customers who choose this plan can expect to pay between $499 and $1,299 per month. However, there are a few cons to consider before making a purchase.

While the Starter plan is the cheapest, it isn’t the best for large businesses. This is because it has low limits: it only allows 25,000 monthly visitors and comes with 10 GB of storage space. The Scale plan, on the other hand, limits your monthly traffic to 400,000. With this plan, you won’t have to worry about a slow-loading website. Astra is a lightweight theme that uses a CDN.

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