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August 8, 2022

What Are the Best DDOS Protected Dedicated Servers?

There are several benefits to using a dedicated server. First, these servers provide you with complete system resources without having other users impact your performance. The processing power you need for your hosting depends on your website's size, how many visitors you expect each day, and the types of applications you'll run on the server. Finally, a dedicated server is ideal for a fast-growing hosting project that needs to increase its system resources quickly. But what are the best DDoS protected dedicated servers? Please read on.

a. Liquidweb

The Liquid Web dedicated servers are backed by CloudFlare's vast network, which acts as a buffer against DDoS attacks. It blocks and absorbs harmful traffic. Liquid Web allows you to add Cloudflare to your account from the dashboard. Cloudflare offers protection against Layer 3/4 and Layer 7 attacks and implements a challenge system to ensure that your website remains available.

Managed servers by Liquid Web, including IPMI access and pre-installed secondary drives. This enables you to manage your server remotely and provides excellent DDoS protection. In addition, the managed plans offer centralized hosting management and superior DDoS mitigation. A managed server from Liquid Web also provides a server with advanced security measures and proactive sonar monitoring.

Liquid Web offers unmanaged, managed, and multi-server plans. All plans feature DDoS protection, a backup drive, and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. They also offer cPanel, Plesk, and CentOS Linux control panels. And you can also choose from an unmanaged or managed package if you'd like a more robust server.

Liquid Web's bare servers are designed for social media apps, eCommerce sites, and other high-traffic websites. These servers can range from two to 200, with managed services for mission-critical apps. Additionally, Liquid Web offers managed high-availability and high-performance server services. You can even host several websites on a single server, sharing resources between them.

For business owners, Liquid Web's managed plans ensure a solid allocation of resources and a high-quality server. The cost is reasonable but not too expensive for every small business. In addition, dedicated servers with devoted IP addresses from Liquid Web are more secure than those with shared hosting plans. And you'll never have to worry about a cyber attack again. And they also offer 24/7 customer support.

The Linux VPS plans offered by Liquid Web include 40 GB to 200 GB SSD storage, 10 TB of bandwidth, and 2 GB to 8 GB of RAM. Liquid Web also offers free backup quotas and site remediation. With Linux-based plans, you'll also get CloudLinux OS, which isolates each account from external threats and distributes resources among all accounts equally.

b. Liquidweb's Enterprise Hardware DDoS Protection

If you are concerned about the security of your website, then look no further than Liquid Web's Enterprise Hardware DDoS Protection for Dedicated Servers. This service offers the same powerful features as a cloud-based server but on dedicated hardware. Liquid Web's Storm servers feature solid state drives and support Linux and Windows. These servers also offer the flexibility to choose your hardware configuration and operating system.

As part of the Liquidweb service, you can take advantage of Cloudflare's content delivery network, which uses servers in the United States to distribute content to visitors. This can reduce latency and increase website loading speed, especially for users in far-flung areas. In addition, liquid Web's Enterprise Hardware DDoS Protection for Dedicated Servers is also included with all Liquid Web plans.

Liquid Web offers two types of server hosting: Small VPS and Dedicated Servers. Small businesses can save money by choosing the cheaper option, while enterprises can opt for Liquid Web's Private Cloud Services. You get the most reliable human support and enterprise-level security with both options. Regarding hardware and software security, Liquid Web offers a broad array of servers, VPS hosting, and managed private clouds.

Liquid Web's managed dedicated server plan uses an Intel Xeon Silver 4208 processor. It offers eight cores running at 2.1 GHz, 500GB storage space, a 1TB SATA backup drive, and five TB of outbound bandwidth. A Liquid Web server can be accessed by Windows and Linux devices, costing $149 a month.

Liquid Web's servers feature a Heroic support team that can be contacted directly via live chat and phone. Support staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, and response times are under 30 minutes. In addition, Liquid Web's team will replace hardware within 30 minutes if something goes wrong. This guarantee extends to a variety of issues, including server crashes. As a result, your website will be up and running as quickly as possible.

c. HostGator

When it comes to protection against DDoS attacks, a HostGator DDoS-protected dedicated server is an excellent choice. Its latest servers are up to four times faster than their previous generation, which means they can handle significantly more website traffic. In addition to their increased speed, HostGator DDoS-protected servers come with SSD storage and twice as much processing power and memory. This latest enhancement is in line with the company's long-term strategy and is another indicator that the company is committed to providing industry-leading products and services.

Dedicated servers from HostGator allow their user's unlimited bandwidth and space, which is essential if you plan to host multiple sites. The company's packages are feature-packed, and there's no limit on the amount of data you can transfer over your server. HostGator also offers unmetered bandwidth, solid hardware, and first-class support for both Windows and Linux. In addition, with HostGator, you'll have complete control over the entire server and can choose how fast you want your website to load and how much space you need.

While HostGator takes measures to protect its servers from malicious traffic, this doesn't prevent security breaches. Vulnerabilities in the software and passwords are common reasons for security breaches. While a HostGator DDoS-protected dedicated server comes with a money-back guarantee, you can't cancel the service after signing up. In addition, HostGator's uptime is great, and its performance is excellent.

In addition to providing a DDoS-protected server, HostGator offers reseller hosting and other services for individuals and businesses. You can choose between shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. The company's servers are Linux-based, with a 45-day money-back guarantee. And the company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to ensure you're satisfied with their service.

d. InterServer

InterServer is a company that provides dedicated servers and its own main data centers. The company's teams monitor the facilities 24 hours a day and offer reliable customer support if they have any problems. In addition, they provide servers with customizable configurations or prebuilt ones that you can deploy in 15 minutes. Regardless of the server you choose, InterServer's security measures are designed to protect your website and its users from DDOS attacks.

In addition to offering a DDoS-protected server, InterServer offers email accounts. To create an email account, choose your domain from the drop-down list, enter your username and password, and select a storage space limit if needed. Then, click on Create to get started. You will receive an introductory email client, but this is enough for daily mailing. If you want to start a fierce email marketing campaign, choose a more robust plan.

While OVHcloud and InterServer have similar features, InterServer has more advanced security features and a more comprehensive knowledge base. The company's dedicated servers also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're unhappy. If you're unsure whether InterServer is the most suitable choice for your needs, try the free trial. You can cancel your account without any questions within 30 days.

In terms of price, InterServer is the most affordable option, with one year in advance payment. After that, it will renew for $84 a year, offering Inter-Insurance for free. You'll also get a free domain if you purchase InterServer. You can also try A2 Hosting and Bluehost, both popular with beginners and professionals alike. All three providers offer a great customer support team, high-performance servers, and a native interface.

e. HostDime

HostDime offers several dedicated servers, ranging from two gigabytes to sixteen. Their servers feature cPanel control panels and quad, hex, or octa-core CPUs. In addition, the company has five different types of security protocols in place to protect your website from DDoS attacks. In addition to monitoring their servers with real-time bandwidth graphs and detailed server statistics, HostDime also offers round-the-clock customer support via telephone and live chat.

HostDime is the best option for a DDoS-protected server regardless of your website's needs. Their servers are located in multiple locations to prevent attacks from hitting your website. In addition, they are backed by various data centers to avoid downtime and to deliver a fast load time. Despite their lack of uptime guarantees, HostDime provides excellent support and is a top choice for online businesses.

Aside from various features and technologies, HostDime has an enterprise hardware DDoS protection service backed by NETSCOUT, a leading network security company. The company's NETSCOUT PeakFlow SP appliance system can protect a website from application-layer and volumetric DDoS attacks. As a result, HostDime clients can more confidently manage their critical applications and services by offering this service.

HostDime's Enterprise Hardware DDoS protection is inline in their data center and is ideal for those who don't want to add extra network latency. In addition to that, they also provide reverse proxy mitigation to filter out attack traffic. In addition, they offer an additional DDoS protection option for servers. This DDoS protection service costs $75//29 in the United States and can be upgraded to a higher price after one month.

f. JavaPipe

If you are looking for a DDoS-protected dedicated server, JavaPipe is the company to go with. This company has been in the Java hosting industry for over 20 years, and its mission is to make it easy for small and midsize businesses to scale their operations. As a result, JavaPipe provides various hosting options and plans for a long-term evolution to cloud computing.

One of the best ways to protect your website from DDoS is to install DDoS mitigation software. A DDoS attack floods a website with traffic that causes damage. To counter this attack, you can use firewalls and load balancing technology to filter traffic and block malicious sources. JavaPipe also provides a free security evaluation, which allows you to evaluate your server's protection from DDoS attacks.

For a DDoS-protected server, look for one with high-quality hardware. JavaPipe uses the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and fast DDR3 RAM. In addition, their servers feature local SSDs, which provide a significant performance boost compared to HDD storage. DDoS protection from JavaPipe is critical if your website is used for sensitive applications. WorldShield offers three layers of security designed to counter various DDoS attacks.

Other services offered by JavaPipe include cloud hosting for WordPress sites. This service uses an Interworx/Siteworx control panel, which lets you efficiently manage your site. The Cloud server includes one-click installation of more than 400 PHP applications. In addition to hosting a site, you can choose different plans, each offering additional features.

g. Cloud Servers

With the growing threat of DDoS attacks, most professional business houses are now switching to dedicated email servers. Unfortunately, these email servers are particularly susceptible to DDoS attacks. Once an attacker has located your IP address, they can launch a torrent of attacks. DDoS attacks can also have devastating effects on e-commerce websites, e-government websites, and e-sport websites. As a result, DDoS-protected servers are necessary for every business looking to protect their websites and data.

DDoS attacks are the most expensive form of computer crime. Not only do they cause websites to go offline, but they also lead to costly losses in terms of lost revenue. In addition, the recent rise of e-commerce websites makes this attack a severe threat to online businesses. Therefore, companies must take proper security measures and partner with a DDoS protection provider.

It would help to consider several factors when choosing the best server for your business. For instance, what kind of applications are you hosting? You should know the average processor requirements for your website's specific applications. Most app developers post these requirements on their websites. DDoS-vulnerable websites should use processors that have buffers, which allow for increased traffic without compromising the speed and performance of the server.

In addition to the security features of a Cloud server, it also offers instant scalability. With a cloud server, you can request more resources when needed, and the cloud service will take care of the rest. Additionally, cloud servers offer 100% uptime, which is especially important for rapidly growing hosting projects. For example, DDoS attacks can cause an online banking server to crash, preventing customers from accessing their money. For SaaS businesses, DDoS attacks can lead to massive revenue losses because SaaS apps rely on a network of servers.

Another key advantage to a Cloud server is its unmetered bandwidth. If your server has a lot of bandwidth, a large amount of traffic could overwhelm it. An unmetered server can save you money on monthly bandwidth and reduce DDoS attacks and their effects. That's why choosing a DDoS-protected dedicated server is so important. So, why should you consider a Cloud server instead?

h. HostDime

Unlike the other hosts, HostDime provides a high level of DDoS protection with its servers. As a result, these attacks can temporarily disrupt your website's ability to access the content. However, these attacks are preventable thanks to HostDime's data center security. In addition to DDoS protection, HostDime's hosting plans also include SSD storage, which provides the power of speed and performance.

This provider is globally recognized and offers robust solutions to meet all of your needs. The company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and multiple data centers for faster page loading. However, HostDime does not guarantee uptime, so it's impossible to make a final decision based on that alone. Nonetheless, HostDime's server prices are highly competitive, uptime is incredibly high, which is great for online businesses.

The company's Enterprise Hardware DDoS protection is in line with the data center, so there is no additional latency. This protection also includes reverse proxy mitigation, which exports incoming attack traffic to a third-party provider and then reroutes it back to the host. As a result, HostDime clients can protect their most essential services and applications from DDoS attacks.

DDoS attacks can cause hours or even days of downtime, causing millions of dollars in damages and putting many customers at risk. However, many companies offer DDoS mitigation to protect their customers from these attacks. In addition, many companies also provide relief for both application-layer and large volumetric attacks. By choosing a server from a top-rated provider, you can rest assured that it will be fully protected from such attacks.

i. Verisign

In a recent article, Verisign expanded its cloud-based DDoS protection service and has attracted dozens of new customers. Most of these customers are name-brand larger companies, but some are from traditional industries outside of e-commerce, such as healthcare. The company's new DDoS protection service offers several ways to protect your web-based business against DDoS attacks.

DDOS attacks are becoming more common. According to a recent survey, 78% of IT executives in the U.S. were extremely concerned about them. More than half did not have a DDoS protection system, but 71% said they planned to implement one next year. The growth in DDOS attacks is boosting interest in anti-DDoS solutions. One-third of respondents reported having suffered at least one DDOS attack in the past year, and 12% were hit at least six times.

DDoS attacks are a significant cause of website downtime, with 33% directly related to DDoS attacks. Approximately two-thirds of respondents said their downtime affected customers negatively and a half reported losing revenue because of the rest. Verisign researched corporate DNS systems and found that sites using managed DNS services have an average uptime of 98%. In contrast, companies hosting their DNS systems experience an uptime of ninety-three percent.

As a result, Verisign DDoS protection has increased dramatically in the last quarter of 2021 and is an excellent option if you need a high-speed server. The Verisign DDoS protection service runs in the cloud and guards against the growing number of DDoS attacks. Its cloud-based service shields your server from DDoS attacks while providing the best dedicated server hosting service.


NETSCOUT is a leading DDoS mitigation service provider deployed on critical government and enterprise networks worldwide. It offers a broad range of solutions, including on-premise appliances, virtualized solutions, and managed services, and has been proven to protect against 140Tbps of DDoS attack traffic. This solution also includes TMS, which allows legitimate traffic to pass through the network while blocking outbound attacks.

NETSCOUT's 1H 2020 Threat Intelligence Report highlights the impact of COVID-19 and the growing number of DDoS attacks. This first half of 2020 saw the highest number of DDoS attacks since the beginning of the century, with 4.83 million attacks occurring in the first half of 2020 alone. Furthermore, the volume of apparent attacks increased by 25 percent during the pandemic lockdown.

NETSCOUT is a leading provider of network and application performance management solutions. The company is in North America, Europe, APAC, the Middle East, and Latin America. As of March 2019, it has 3019 employees across different regions. The company's technology is based on the most advanced network detection platform. With this, NETSCOUT offers a broad range of solutions to ensure that all your web-based applications are safe from DDoS attacks.

NETSCOUT's security division, Arbor Networks, provides comprehensive DDoS mitigation solutions. Arbor TMS can detect and stop DDoS attacks at the application and network levels and even protect against volumetric attacks. Its on-premises solution, Arbor Cloud, and TMS can protect your entire network from advanced DDoS attacks. Arbor's APS technology supports both VMware and KVM hypervisors.

k. Verisign Cloud

You're not alone if you're wondering whether Verisign Cloud is the best DDoS-protected dedicated server. Network World, a publication of IDG Communications, recently published a special section on cloud-based DDoS protection. It's worth taking a look, as Verisign has grown from a simple Certificate Authority to a leading player in Network Services.

The Verisign Cloud has many benefits and is a good option for anyone looking for an effective DDoS mitigation service. Verisign can detect and prevent DDoS attacks and recommend the best mitigation strategy based on the severity of the attack. In addition, the company's Open Hybrid API allows organizations to send threat information directly to the cloud-based service. Another significant advantage of its DDoS mitigation service is that it includes CDN-based components that mitigate both DNS and CDN-based DDoS attacks. Other benefits include automated rate controls, traffic profiles, and workflows to prevent unnecessary mitigation actions.

If you're looking for the best DDoS protection solution for your business, you must choose a reliable DDoS mitigation service that provides the proper security level. For example, Verisign's Openhybrid(TM) Customer Activated Mitigation delivers adequate protection for Layers 3, 4, and 7 of the internet and is an essential part of Verisign Cloud.

Choosing the best DDoS protection solution for your business is a wise decision. There are many options available, but Verisign Cloud is the top one. First, you must choose a company that uses open source technologies for a high-quality dedicated server. The Verisign Cloud DDoS protection solution will protect your site from malicious activities and prevent the website from being hacked.

l. Hybrid Servers

You can save a lot of money on DDoS-protected servers by using Hybrid Servers. These servers combine the benefits of dedicated servers with the flexibility of VPS. Hybrid Servers are activated immediately and come with a powerful web-based VPS Control Panel called Virtualizor. It supports KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, LXC, and Virtuozzo. In addition, you can set up billing by the hour to get the most out of your server.

The downsides of Hybrid Servers are limited. You can't use the full array of security options. Your hosting provider limits the number of security options to protect other tenants. Choosing a server protected by a DDOS protection service can be a good option if you're unsure which type is right for you. You can get the security and uptime you need when you combine your Hybrid Servers with a dedicated server.

DDoS attacks can put your website or business at risk of being hacked and cost millions of dollars in damages. Fortunately, many companies offer a range of protection options, from large volumetric attacks to application-layer attacks. In addition, by choosing a server, you can be protected from any DDoS attack. So, what is the best combination of DDoS protection and Hybrid Servers?

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