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October 16, 2022

Rocket.net vs Kinsta: An Epic WordPress Hosting Head-to-Head

When it comes to hosting a website, it is essential to choose the right one. Here, we compare two hosting services (Rocket.net vs Kinsta) and examine their pricing and features. Lastly, we'll take a look at their support and security. Both hosting companies offer a free trial to decide which is best for your needs.

At-a-Glance – TL;DR

  1. Rocket.net is a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers a wide range of features and services.
  2. Kinsta is a WordPress hosting provider that offers a wide range of features and services.
  3. Rocket.net was founded in 2020, while Kinsta was founded in 2013.
  4. Rocket.net is based in the United States, while Kinsta is based in the United Kingdom.
  5. Rocket.net offers many features, including unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts.
  6. Kinsta offers many features, including unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts.
  7. Rocket.net offers a variety of plans, while Kinsta also provides various programs, but not as many as Rocket.
  8. Rocket.net provides 24/7 customer support, while Kinsta also offers 24/7 customer support.
  9. Rocket.net has a 97.3% customer satisfaction rating, while Kinsta has a 97.8% customer satisfaction rating.
  10. Rocket.net has a 4.5/5 star rating on Capterra, while Kinsta has a 4.7/5 star rating on Capterra.
  11. Rocket.net has a 4.5/5 star rating on G2 Crowd, while Kinsta has a 4.6/5 star rating on G2 Crowd.
  12. On Trustpilot, Rocket.net has a 4/5 star rating, with 71% of reviewers rating it as “Excellent,” while Kinsta has a 4.5/5 star rating, with 82% rating it as “Excellent.”
  13. Rocket.net has a starting price of $30/month, while Kinsta also has a starting price of $30/month.

Table of Contents

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Rocket.net vs Kinsta managed wordpress review 2022

[A] Kinsta's and Rocket.net's Services Compared Head-to-Head

1. Features

When choosing a web host, security is crucial. Rocket has impressive security features, including a WordPress Website Firewall, Hack & Malware Removal, and Automated WP Core and Plugin Updates. On the other hand, Kinsta has plenty of features, including resource isolation, DDoS protection, hardware firewalls, and Google's high-security network.

In addition, Rocket and Kinsta offer a staging feature whereby customers can create staging areas to test new changes before deploying them to the live site. This feature is available for free on both platforms. In addition, both hosts support HTTP/2, which significantly speeds up website loading times.

rocketnet Internet hosting

2. Price

While Kinsta and Rocket.net are great options for hosting WordPress websites, they have different price plans. If you want a plan that allows you to host a large number of websites, Kinsta is probably the best choice. Both companies have high uptime and security features and offer free migration. You can also use a free CDN on both services.

Depending on the amount of space you need, you may be able to save money with Kinsta if you choose an annual plan. You can also take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee. You can even get a free two-month trial when you sign up for a yearly billing plan.

Another important factor in hosting your website is security. Kinsta and Rocket provide various security features, including a dedicated WordPress Website Firewall and Hack and Malware Removal. However, Rocket has several free features that Kinsta doesn't offer. For example, Rocket provides a free SSL certificate for your site, while Kinsta does not.

Kinsta is a great wp engine alternative

3. Security

When it comes to hosting, security is an essential factor. Kinsta and Rocket offer excellent security features, including a WordPress Website Firewall, Hack & Malware Removal, and Automated WP Core and Plugin Updates. In addition, they both provide DDoS protection and resource isolation, which can make a big difference in terms of security. Kinsta and Rocket also support Google's high-security network, which will help keep your website as secure as possible.

Kinsta offers high-quality security, including DDoS protection, uptime monitoring, and SSL support. And it also includes free CDN and firewall services, which help you make your website faster everywhere in the world. Kinsta also offers automatic database optimization, which can improve the performance of your WordPress site.

either kinsta or rocket.net are excellent cloudways alternatives

4. Support

The main differences between Rocket.net and Kinsta support are found in their live chat functionality. Live chat is an option that is available on both sites, but Kinsta has a more robust live chat experience. Users of both services will find that the chat window is always open and will never disappear if you change your browser settings or navigate to another page. In addition, live chat history is saved, so you can browse through it when necessary. Similarly, you'll also get email updates about any updates to your chat history. Finally, both providers have live chat capabilities, although you'll have to wait for them to reply.

Security is essential in hosting, and both Kinsta and Rocket have impressive security features. Kinsta offers a firewall and DDoS protection, as does Rocket. They also provide 24/7 support and a free CDN to accelerate your website worldwide. Kinsta also provides hardware firewalls and resource isolation for increased security.

Kinsta and Rocket.net review 2022

5. Price tiers

Pricing is the most crucial factor when choosing a hosting web service. Kinsta and Rocket.net offer different price tiers based on their monthly bandwidth. Kinsta has lower price tiers and supports multiple WordPress websites without additional fees. Moreover, Rocket offers a free staging area where you can make changes before deploying them to your production site.

Security is another crucial factor for hosting services. Kinsta and Rocket both offer comprehensive security measures. Both have automated malware removal and automated WordPress core and plugin updates. Both providers have high-security network configurations, including hardware firewalls and DDoS protection. Kinsta's data centers are located all over the world, which means that your site will be protected from DDoS attacks.

No website builder but Rocket has superior support

6. Cache plugins

When it comes to speeding up your website, Rocket.net and Kinsta have different features that they both offer. For instance, Kinsta has a built-in cache that stores your site's resources on initial requests and reuses them on subsequent requests. This means that your site will load faster, and your users will have a better experience.

Kinsta also supports code minification, reducing the size of CSS files. You can ask for support if you're unsure which option is right for you. You can also turn off additional scripts from loading to reduce their size. However, you may not need these advanced features.

Another essential feature that Kinsta offers is staging. This feature lets you quickly test your changes before deploying them to your production site. This helps you ensure your site works as intended before deploying your changes to the live site. Again, this feature is free with both options.

no VPS with Kinsta but a 30 day money back guarantee

7. Redis

If you're looking for a web host for your site, then you're probably wondering how to choose between Rocket.net and Kinsta. Both companies provide website hosting services, but their main differences lie in their server infrastructure. Both sites run on Google Cloud and use the C2 compute-optimized machine family. Kinsta's standard VM instances are optimized for performance, and Google has benchmarked them. On traditional plans, you get up to twelve CPU cores and 8GB of RAM. Enterprise plans offer more resources. Kinsta also allows you to integrate a CDN with your site.

Security is essential in choosing a hosting plan, and Kinsta and Rocket offer impressive security features. Both companies provide WordPress Website Firewalls, Hack & Malware Removal, and Automated WP Core and Plugin Updates. Kinsta has several security features of its own, such as hardware firewalls and DDoS protection. In addition, it uses Google's high-security network.

cloudflare enterprise wordpress hosting

8. Control panel

The control panel on Rocket is a great place to make changes to your website. It includes options for updating theme and plugin versions, deactivating plugins, and deleting items. In addition, it shows backup copies, date-wise, and allows you to restore a backup if necessary. It also allows you to take manual backups. You don't need any technical knowledge to use the control panel, and it's free.

Security is another crucial factor when choosing a web host. Rocket and Kinsta offer impressive security features, including a WordPress Website Firewall, Hack & Malware Removal, and Automated WP Core and Plugin Updates. Kinsta also offers DDoS protection, hardware firewalls, and resource isolation. In addition, they both use Google's high-security network to protect your website from malicious activity.

[B] What Are the Main Benefits of Rocket.net

Unlimited traffic, powerful servers, and an easy-to-use interface are just a few benefits you can enjoy with Rocket.net Web Hosting. Here's what you need to know about these features.

Also, check out RocketThemes, which has a control panel that allows you to change your themes, deactivate plugins, and delete items with a single click.

All of these features will keep your website updated and protected. In addition, using RocketThemes is easy as there is no need for coding skills.

Rocket.net was founded by Ben Gabler

1. Unlimited website traffic

Rocket.net web hosting is excellent for new and growing businesses. With a large CDN, most traffic will not count toward plan limits. Rocket also offers additional bandwidth for $0.08 per GB. These features will ensure your website will always be accessible. However, you should know that there are limits on the amount of traffic sent to your site.

The speed of Rocket hosting is phenomenal, and the cost of this hosting service is very reasonable. The company uses enterprise-grade servers and uses the latest technology to protect websites. Additionally, Rocket offers custom SSL certificates for your website. In addition, they optimize their assets (eg. image optimization) to improve performance and speed.

Rocket has also recently upgraded to a Cloudflare Elite CDN, which provides lightning-fast speeds from any location. It also has a DDoS shield to protect your website from DDoS attacks. Moreover, their CDN uses more than 200 locations to deliver your pages and prevent attacks.

In addition to unlimited website traffic, Rocket offers Managed Hosting packages. This hosting option is designed specifically for agencies and other high-traffic users. It offers white-label branding and support around the clock. In addition, the company has a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard for easy website management.

Rocket-net Easy to Use web hosting

2. Easy-to-use interface

If you are unsure how to set up a website, you might want to check out the Rocket.net web hosting control panel. This is a very user-friendly interface that offers a wealth of features for both beginners and experts. For instance, you can install new themes with just a mouse click.

Rocket Hosting also offers automatic updates for both themes and plugins. In addition, it provides many tools to manage your website and even lets you add SSH keys to your account.

Rocket Hosting provides detailed analytics from the Web Application Firewall (WAF), CDN, and security. It also allows you to add as many users as you need. In addition, you can manage billing, provisioning, WordPress installs, and more.

Another benefit of Rocket is that it offers a secure file manager. The secure file manager comes with Brute-Force protection, Key-based access, and (S)FTP support.

Rocket has an easy-to-use interface for small businesses with little or no web development experience. Its centralized dashboard makes website management a breeze. Additionally, it manages the migration from your previous host, configures Cloudflare, and optimizes WordPress and WooCommerce. While Rocket is not the cheapest hosting solution on the market, it compares favorably to premium web hosting services.

Rocket has a wide variety of plans, including Managed Hosting and Agency. You can choose a plan based on your requirements. They have extensive knowledge and phone support if you need it. In addition, they offer live chat support and email support.

Additionally, Rocket supports WooCommerce, so you can contact WordPress experts 24/7 if you have any questions.

rocket hosting accelerated and protected wordpress

3. 24/7 customer support

Rocket offers a 24/7 customer support team, unlimited SSL certificates, and 256-bit encryption. It also monitors its server files for viruses, malware, Trojans, and other threats. Moreover, the company is protected against DDoS attacks.

The company is also equipped with a Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which helps speed up websites by caching content at the edge. This means that users can load pages faster, no matter where they are located worldwide.

Moreover, Rocket net can support up to 16 million visitors. It is also equipped with a layer of security that prevents automated bots from accessing your website. A file manager is also available for you to manage your website's content and files. One downside to Rocket.net web hosting is that it doesn't currently offer a file manager.

Rocket is an ideal solution for those without extensive web development experience. Its centralized dashboard makes managing your website easy. The company will also collect your existing site's migration, configure Cloudflare, and optimize your site for WordPress and WooCommerce. Although Rocket is not the cheapest web hosting option, it is comparable to other premium hosting options.

Rocket hosting offers excellent customer support, with phone and live chat options available around the clock. Additionally, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Finally, if you are unhappy with your web hosting service, you can cancel your account for a full refund. This way, you can try Rocket hosting out for free and see if it's the right choice.

4. Powerful servers

With Rocket Hosting, you can easily create and publish a staging site in just a few clicks. The company also offers free auto-updates for themes and plugins. It also provides support around the clock.

If you're running a heavy-duty website, you'll want to get a higher-end plan. The cost of a higher-tier program will depend on how much traffic you expect to receive from your site.

In addition to offering robust hosting solutions, Rocket also offers enterprise-grade servers. Their servers use advanced security features to keep your site secure and safe from cyber-attacks.

In addition, they provide malware scanning and removal for free. Rocket hosting is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to establish an online presence and expand their market.

Users can easily migrate their site using the Rocket Dashboard. For smaller areas, the migration is easy and seamless. Alternatively, they can use FTP to migrate large sites.

Either way, the process ensures that your site stays live during the migration, and you can preview the results before submitting your site.

Rocket Hosting also provides unlimited SSL certificates and 256-bit encryption. Additionally, the company protects against DDoS attacks and monitors your files around the clock. It also uses a CDN, Cloudfare Enterprise, which delivers pages and images to the user's location. It also caches CSS and JavaScript for faster loading times.

Rocket for Agencies Features the fastest digital experiences

5. Low-latency connections

One of the most significant advantages of Rocket hosting is that it is fast. Compared to other hosting platforms, Rocket web hosting is quick and does not come with many distractions, including social media buttons and advertisements. In addition, its simple interface makes it easier to manage your site, and its speed lets you focus more on your content.

As a result, Rocket is an excellent choice for small and mid-sized businesses. The company supports up to 16 million visitors and is also equipped with a layer of security to prevent automated bots from accessing your site.

The company also offers detailed statistical information regarding visitors to its websites, which helps you anticipate potential problems before they occur.

Rocket also offers multiple SSL certificates and 256-bit encryption. The company also monitors your files for viruses, malware, and DDoS attacks to ensure a safe environment for your site. Their network has over 200 locations worldwide, ensuring low-latency connections and better security.

Moreover, Rocket's Anycast technology enables visitors to load your site anywhere, even in a different country or time zone.

The low-latency connection is an essential feature of your website. If your visitors are based in the United States, you'll be better served if your website is located in the same country.

According to statistics, about 90% of e-commerce customers are from the United States. This means that if you're trying to attract local customers, low-latency connections will help you increase your online presence.

6. Easy-to-use tools

Rocket hosting provides users with a user-friendly dashboard for managing website content. The Rocket Dashboard is divided into several sections: File Manager, Backups, Logs, and Traditional Server Activities. Each section contains tools to help you manage and monitor your website.

The dashboard also offers you the ability to manage your site's backups and restores, as well as to install new themes and configure other features.

Rocket web hosting is especially suitable for small businesses, agencies, and those using WooCommerce websites. The company provides powerful servers at affordable prices.

It also offers managed WordPress services. Rocket web hosting provides several features and tools for managing WordPress sites. The company also offers Managed Hosting packages for businesses.

Rocket hosts support unlimited site traffic, enterprise-quality servers, and advanced security features. Its firewall system protects your site from hacking.

It uses the latest security software, and you can even install custom SSL certificates. In addition, it offers 24/7 support and features an array of advanced tools to help you manage your website.

rocket-net free migrations

7. Cloudflare's Rocket.net Website Hosting offers fast speeds

Rocket Hosting is cloud-based, which means that it uses a high-speed network. This means that the server can handle high-traffic volumes and that users can view the site quickly.

Further, it offers advanced security for your website, including 256-bit encryption. The company also monitors its servers around the clock to protect against viruses, malware, and Trojans.

In addition, it shields your website from DDoS attacks. Besides, Rocket Hosting uses Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which helps your site load faster by caching pages, images, CSS, and JavaScript at various locations.

The company offers four plans, with a minimum monthly price of $30 and a minimum annual price of $25. The plans are priced competitively and include full-page caching and Argo Smart Routing. They also have no PHP worker limits, and they prioritize HTTP/3. The company also provides a WAF for extra security and protection.

Another benefit of Rocket hosting is its ability to protect websites from comment spam. It blocks hidden and malicious files and reduces comment spam by up to 90%. The servers are enterprise-class and use the latest security software to protect your website. Rocket also allows you to use custom SSL certificates.

[C] What Are Some of The Downsides of Using Rocket.net?

1. It Cost More Than Shared Hosting on Less Powerful Platforms

Compared to other hosting services, Rocket.net web hosting is more expensive. However, this hosting company's platform is incredibly fast. They also provide a high level of security and block automated bots. This means that users can browse through your site with ease. There are also enterprise plans available, though.

If you need to host many websites, you might want to consider paying more. But if you're planning to host a single website, the Single plan is the most cost-effective option. The Single plan costs $49 a year and includes one year of support. The Plus plan includes hosting for three websites.

The most important reason for paying extra is the security features. You'll get unlimited SSL certificates and 256-bit encryption. The company also monitors files 24/7 to protect them against viruses and malware. It also shields your website from DDoS attacks.

Additionally, Rocket.net uses Cloudfare Enterprise CDN, which caches web pages and images at their edge locations. This means that your website will be fast and reliable no matter where your visitors are.

However, this hosting provider's service is backed by enterprise-quality servers and offers unlimited website traffic. In addition, these servers use the latest software to secure your website and support custom SSL certificates.

As a result, the company offers a secure hosting environment that is very affordable. There is also 24/7 email and live chat support, so you can easily reach a support agent anytime.

rocket-net offers great hosting security

2. It does not offer a free trial

While Rocket.net does not offer a free, they offer a $1 promo offer which gives you full access to their services for just $1 for the first month. However, customers who sign up for the base plan will not be able to receive on-call support or email support from Rocket Hosting.

Many other options are available if you have been looking for a cheap web hosting plan. One of the most common options is Rocket.net, which has a user-friendly interface.

Its founders are seasoned veterans who know the web hosting industry inside out. They are dedicated to providing customers with game-changing service.

While you can never be delighted with a hosting service, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. Rocket offers unlimited SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption to protect your website from malware and other threats. The company has over 200 strategically located locations that shield it from DDoS attacks. Additionally, they provide a fast CDN that speeds up your site.

[D] What Are the Main Benefits of Hosting With Kinsta?

Kinsta is a hosting web service that specializes in WordPress. It has an easy-to-use dashboard, automated backups, and low PHP worker limits. They also offer on-demand backups. So if you want your website to be as secure as possible, Kinsta is a great option.

Kinsta Google Cloud Platform

1. Features

If you're looking for a reliable website host, look no further than Kinsta. This host provides excellent features that any website owner should check out. In addition to supplying 99.9% uptime, Kinsta also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. This is achieved because Kinsta uses a cloud-hosting infrastructure, which tends to be more reliable. It pairs this with continual monitoring and uptime checks every minute. If an error does occur, Kinsta will credit your account within thirty minutes.

Kinsta's platform allows you to host multiple sites on the same account. The hosting platform also provides a staging environment, which can be used for testing new features, plugins, and designs. Then, when you're ready to go live, you can push your changes live. This allows you to test changes without risking the website's security.

Kinsta's infrastructure also allows you to scale up your website slowly while providing enough resources for your needs. Security is another crucial aspect of running an online business, and Kinsta includes protection against malware and hackers. This service is beneficial for eCommerce sites, which are vulnerable to malicious activity. Kinsta's technology monitors your site for malicious activity and protects against DDoS attacks. It also supports SSL encryption, one of the most important security considerations for any website.

screenshots of trustpilot reviews for kinsta

2. Pricing

Kinsta web hosting plans are priced according to your site's monthly visits, not bandwidth. So if you surpass the monthly limit, you'll pay an extra fee. However, you can bundle up those numbers to save money. You can also choose over 20 data centers worldwide to host your site.

Kinsta offers tiered pricing for small and large businesses. While each plan has different features, you won't have to upgrade to get the same features. The basic service offers one website, while more expensive plans offer up to 100 sites. You can try out different methods to see which best suits your needs.

Kinsta also offers live chat support. The live chat option is an excellent feature if you're unsure how to use a tool. The company also has a blog section that provides content for customers. These blogs also explain the different features of Kinsta, and their support staff will answer your questions.

If you're looking for a hosting company that can handle large websites, Kinsta is a good choice. You can easily upgrade from one plan to the next with a few clicks. Its price can be slightly high, but you can upgrade to a more expensive plan.

kinsta platform

3. Reliability

If you're looking for a web hosting provider, you might want to check out Kinsta. The company is built on cloud-hosting infrastructure, which helps ensure that your sites are always online. In addition, Kinsta's team of professionals offers 24/7 support via their MyKinsta dashboard. Moreover, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and provide numerous features.

The reliability of Kinsta's cloud-based service is also a big plus. It's built to withstand spikes in traffic. It can deal with these situations by using LXD technology and scaling CPUs. It even provides SSL certificates, which can help prevent lawsuits and improve your SEO.

The Kinsta analytics panel provides valuable information about cache health and performance. It displays information such as the cache component stack, chart, and top cache bypasses. Another practical data point is the HIT cache ratio. This measure tells you how many requests were successfully cached and how many were not. When the cache expires, the site goes from “EXPIRED” to “MISS.” Increasing the expiration time can help improve the HIT ratio.

Another essential feature of Kinsta's support system is the availability of real-time chat support. This feature is not present on all hosting providers. Instead, it's available 24/7 via the Intercom widget, a live chat solution that works with the company's dashboard. Moreover, the system allows you to store the history of chats. You can also browse through this history and get notifications via email.

4. Support

Kinsta is a company that offers web hosting services for various websites. Their user interface is easy to navigate and provides a quick overview of the primary account features. The platform also supports the hosting of multiple sites with a single account. In addition, Kinsta offers live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can submit tickets to the help desk or use messenger to contact them. Even if you're unavailable during the support session, the support representative will continue contacting you and keep your site running smoothly.

Kinsta offers security for your site and helps protect it from cyber-attacks. It scans your website every 60 seconds and 720 times daily for malware and other threats. Additionally, it uses hardware firewalls and software restrictions to help protect your website from hacks. If your site becomes hacked, Kinsta can take necessary action immediately to ensure its continued operation.

Kinsta offers a Starter plan that allows up to one website, 10GB of disk space, and bandwidth for 20,000 visitors per month. You can also choose a higher-tier plan if you need more space and resources. The highest-level programs allow up to twenty websites and 400,000 monthly visitors.

kinsta network and Trustpilot reviews

5. Staging environment

If you're ready to start using the Staging environment of Kinsta web hosting, you can click the button and start working with it. It takes only a few minutes to get started, and you'll be able to see all of the options available on the live site. The Staging environment is a copy of the live site, and you can access it using the same credentials you use for the live version. The only difference is that you'll be able to change your credentials if you need to for security reasons.

To use the Staging environment, simply log in to the Kinsta dashboard using the same credentials you would use for the live site. This will create a replica of the live site. After making the changes to your live site, you can test the changes to your staging environment before pushing them to live. To make sure that everything works properly, make sure that you clear your cache on your live site before going any changes to your live site.

Staging environments are beneficial for testing and development. Kinsta allows you to create as many as five staging environments on one account. In addition, the Premium Staging Environment add-on will allow you to create as many as six different environments simultaneously, giving you more flexibility. You can even clone multiple staging environments to make the process easier.

6. Free Let's Encrypt certificates

A secure website is essential for your business, and a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate can ensure the integrity of your website. When using Let's Encrypt, you'll never need to worry about phishing attacks or fraudulent websites, and your visitors will be more likely to trust your site. In addition, Google and other major search engines also rely on this certificate, so it's an excellent security measure. But before you can activate it, you must install it on your server.

Some hosting companies include free Let's Encrypt certificates as their web hosting plans. However, you should ensure that your web host supports the Let's Encrypt protocol. SSL is crucial for security because websites without it will show visitors a “Not Secure” warning. Furthermore, Google and other search engines may penalize your site if it doesn't have an SSL certificate. In addition, non-encrypted sites won't have as much trust and traffic, which can affect your business.

Many large hosting companies are now implementing Let's Encrypt support for custom domains. You may be able to enable this feature in your control panel. Once you've activated the quality, you'll begin seeing your site's HTTPS certificates issued. The good thing about Let's Encrypt SSL is that it doesn't expire, and the certificate is automatically renewed, so you can rest assured that your website is protected.

kinsta vs rocket

7. Kinsta's dashboard is clean and modern.

Kinsta's dashboard is simple, modern, and easy to use. It's designed to replace the confusing cPanel interface, and you don't have to know HTML or CSS to get your site up and running. It also includes detailed analytics and notifications. With Kinsta, you can manage your WordPress site easily without wasting your time in cPanel.

Kinsta has excellent customer support. You can use email or live chat to contact support. It also has a knowledge base that is filled with tutorials and articles. It's worth reading customer reviews of Kinsta to find out what they have to say about the service. However, if you aren't sure it's right for you, don't worry – it's free!

Kinsta has a user-friendly dashboard, and you can easily install WordPress and manage your subscription plans from here. It also has a handy analytics tool to track visitors and optimize marketing campaigns. You can add multiple teams and clients and manage their websites from one dashboard. Each member will have a unique ID that can be used to track who is visiting your site.

Kinsta offers a free trial for their managed WordPress hosting. You can also get free add-ons for your account. Kinsta has a fast and secure hosting environment, and they are optimized for lightning-fast performance. They use Cloudflare Enterprise CDN and Google Cloud technology to provide the fastest possible service. If your website has been compromised by malware, Kinsta's security experts will remove it for you. If you've got a site backup, you can even migrate it to Kinsta for a small fee.

Kinsta uses virtual machines in Google Cloud Platform data centers for fast data transport. The company operates 13 data centers to offer a multi-regional deployment, meaning that your website will be closest to your visitors and load faster. This is an excellent feature for businesses looking for a reliable and secure website.

[E] What Are Some Downsides of Hosting With Kinsta?

1. It has strict visitors limitations

The starter plan of Kinsta is a good option for a small business site, although it has strict visitor limitations. For example, a start-up website can have 25,000 monthly visitors. The starter plan also comes with 10 GB of storage, so you might need to upgrade if you want more. If you plan on running an online store, you might consider upgrading to a PRO plan, which has much more space and visitor limits.

The business plan comes with double the number of PHP workers per site and supports multiple eCommerce requests. The Business 1 plan supports up to 100,000 monthly visitors and 30GB of storage. The Business 2 and Business 3 plans have double the PHP workers and are also compatible with multiple requests per site. Kinsta has a limited number of monthly visitors, but the Business 4 plan supports up to four million visitors per month.

The speed of a website is critical. It can determine whether or not a site is booming, and it can affect the search engine ranking of a website. In addition to speed, Kinsta also provides automatic backup. Users can set up to 14 days of backup time; longer backup times are possible with higher subscription plans.

The price of a plan with Kinsta depends on how many visitors you expect your website to receive each month. The entry-level plan costs $30 per month and includes 25,000 visitors and 10 GB of storage. For an additional $5 a month, you can upgrade your plan to gain more resources.

Kinsta also offers a multi-user environment. This means that you can add team members and assign them different roles. This is particularly useful if you have a large business or a team of employees. It also provides flexibility to set different levels of users, allowing you to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Using a group also provides benefits such as the ability to submit requests to senior members.

Kinsta Money Back Guarantee

2. Kinsta doesn't offer domain name registration

Unlike many domain registrars, Kinsta does not offer domain name registration, but they do offer other benefits. In addition to providing fast load times, Kinsta also features a simple dashboard, allowing you to manage and monitor your WordPress site easily. The company also provides detailed analytics.

Kinsta's support system is straightforward to use. They provide online support via a widget. In addition, the system stores previous chat conversations, and you can keep your chat window open while browsing through the dashboard. They also offer phone support. This is helpful if you have problems with your site.

Another feature of Kinsta is its ability to offer promotional plans. For example, you can get two months free if you purchase a year of service. However, the cost is considerably higher if you opt for a monthly plan.

The standard plan costs $35 per month, while the top-tier plan costs $1,650 per month. While this price is slightly lower than its competitors, it is still higher than most. Also, some of the tools other web hosts offer are unavailable through Kinsta.

Kinsta's starter plan is ideal for small business sites that don't require a lot of bandwidth or files. However, if you plan on making an online store, you may need to upgrade to a more premium plan. This plan does not support domain name registration but offers free site migration. It also allows you to copy over your site from another web host without using cPanel.

If you are not using Google's website hosting services, you can also use Google Domains. This hosting web service includes privacy protection. Additionally, Google Domains includes built-in email forwarding. With Google Domains, you can create up to 100 email aliases for your domain and forward them using your Gmail or another email client. Additionally, you can transfer domains registered with other registrars to Google Domains.

Although Kinsta does not offer domain name registration, they provide automatic website backups. Backups are available every six hours or an hour, depending on the plan. Users can also upgrade to hourly backups for an additional fee.

These backups are very convenient for websites that change frequently. The company also offers a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, ensuring an encrypted connection between visitors and your server. However, a beefier SSL/TLS certificate is essential if you create an online store.

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service powered by Google's Cloud Platform. Its in-house team of experienced developers creates a quality service and ensures the speed and security of your website. Kinsta offers multiple hosting plans, from small websites to massive enterprise packages. They also provide developer tools.

Kinsta is a good option for those who do not want to spend much on domain name registration. Their hosting plans start at $30 per month for essential services. They also provide customer support. The support team will answer your questions and help you to create a website.

3. Kinsta doesn't offer phone support

Kinsta is a hosting web service that offers fast servers, a built-in server cache, and advanced analytics. The company also provides free SSL certificates and a complimentary CDN, which can help your website load faster and be more secure. It also offers automatic database optimization and a self-healing feature. However, there are a few cons.

First, Kinsta doesn't offer phone support. However, you can still get email support and live chat support. You can also log in to MyKinsta to receive help if you're having trouble. You can also use the company's ticketing system, which will help you get your questions answered.

Kinsta offers a free 30-day trial. During your free trial, you can get answers to any questions you might have. They also provide WordPress customer support and a daily backup of your site. Additionally, you can set up a staging server to see your website before publishing it live. Kinsta also offers several hosting plans for individuals, including a premium option that includes an online dashboard, automatic backups, DDoS protection, and two-factor authentication. Finally, despite the lack of telephone support, Kinsta's technical support team includes WordPress experts, so you can expect prompt, helpful answers to any questions you may have.

SiteGround also offers more support channels than Kinsta. For instance, you can get email support and live chat, which is crucial for your website's security. The company's tech team also keeps an eye on the health of your site, so it's essential to have a proactive support team available whenever you need help. They'll resolve any issues and get your site back up and running as soon as possible.

The Kinsta pricing plan starts at $30 per month for one site. It includes unlimited bandwidth, storage, and free SSL certificates powered by Let's Encrypt. It also offers staging environments for simple and complex WordPress sites. This allows you to test changes before you publish them live. This is especially helpful if you have multiple versions of your site. For example, the staging environment will enable you to switch PHP versions without affecting your live site. Moreover, you can test new plugins and small changes before implementing them on your live site.

The monthly cost is higher than that of many competing web hosting services. For example, Kinsta costs about $35 a month for two WordPress installations. However, you can opt for the higher-tier Enterprise plan if you want more advanced capabilities. However, the top-tier program is $1500 per month. You can also upgrade or downgrade your project with a single click.

[F] Between Rocket.net and Kinsta, Which Host Do You Recommend?

On a performance level, Kinsta and Rocket.net both perform very well. However, I give a clear edge to Rocket.net based on its affordability once your website traffic starts to scale.

While Kinsta's prices climb significantly based on the number of visitors your website receives, Rocket.net's plans provide the best value for the price. Please see the chart below.

1. Monthly Cost Determined by the Number of Website Visitors

Price Per 1,000
Monthly Visitors
$30.00 (Starter)$35.00 (Starter)
Price Per 10,000
Monthly Visitors
$30.00 (Starter)$35.00 (Starter)
Price Per 100,000
Monthly Visitors
$30.00 (Starter) $110.00
(75K visitors @ $1/1K visitors + $35 subscription)
Price Per 200,000
Monthly Visitors
$30.00 (Starter)$210.00
(175K visitors @ $1/1K visitors + $35 subscription)
Price Per 400,000
Monthly Visitors
$60.00 (Pro)$340.00 (Business 3 Plan)
Price Per 1,000,000
Monthly Visitors
$60.00 (Pro)$675.00 (Enterprise 1 Plan)
Overage Charges PER 1000 visitors
(extra fees above your existing plan)

In this section of our Rocket.net and Kinsta comparison, I am going to show you how to get fast and reliable hosting for the greatest number of websites at the lowest possible cost. The chart below will give you a clear picture of which host is more affordable based on the number of websites you need to host.

2. Monthly Cost Based on Number of Websites

Price for 1 Website$30$35
Price for 2 Websites$60$70
Price for 5 Websites$100$115
Price for 10 Websites$100$225
Price for 20 Websites$200$340
Price for 100 WebsitesCheck Site$1,300
Price for Additional
WordPress Installs
(if allowed)
Not Allowed
Above Plan Allocations
Not Allowed
Above Plan Allocations

A website cannot be hosted without disk space. Thus, I will compare and contrast Kinsta and Rocket.net regarding how they charge per gigabyte of space used. When it makes more sense (ie. costs less) to go with a cheaper plan and pay gigabyte overages, this will be indicated in parentheses.

3. Monthly Cost Established by Disk Space

Price for 10GBs
of Disk Space
$30 (Starter Plan)$35 (Starter Plan)
Price for 20GBs
of Disk Space
$50 ($30 + 10GBs at $2/GB)$55 ($35 + 10GBs at $2/GB)
Price for 40GBs
of Disk Space
$90 ($30 + 30GBs at $2/GB)$95 ($35 + 10GBs at $2/GB)
Price for 100GBs
of Disk Space
$300 – Unlimited Vistors
(Tier 3 Agency Plan)
$215 – 25,000 Visitor Limit
($35 + 90GBs at $2/GB)

4. This is the WINNER!

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