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August 2, 2022

How to Choose the Best QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting

Are you considering QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting? Read this article to choose the best Quickbooks desktop cloud hosting. QuickBooks is one of the most popular business software packages, and you'll save time and money by using a hosted version. In addition, with a Hosted Virtual Desktop, you'll only have to install it once rather than multiple times. And since you'll have your data online 24/7, you can access it anywhere. And with the Hosted Virtual Desktop, you won't have to install software on each computer, which makes it ideal for small businesses.

a. Apps4rent

The cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks is a fully managed service provided by Apps4Rent. Although the company is not an authorized QuickBooks hosting provider, the company's cloud hosting services are excellent and fit the needs of small businesses. In addition, the service provides a high degree of scalability and data recovery. For example, you can migrate your mailboxes from another server, and the company guarantees 99.99% uptime and zero data loss.

In addition to a desktop version of QuickBooks, the company also offers a web-based service for accounting software. With its cloud-based service, you will benefit from automated updates, complete remote access, and data entry. The company supports thousands of software applications. Users are praised for the speedy setup and helpful support. This service will make your life much easier. While it may not be suitable for every business, it's a good option for many small businesses.

Shared hosting is a good choice if you're looking for the cheapest QuickBooks desktop hosting. You can customize accounting options and get good loading speeds. However, shared hosting is unsuitable for larger businesses or organizations that expect high traffic levels. Dedicated hosting is better if your business requires a fast, upbeat QuickBooks application. When choosing a cloud hosting provider, look for a highly rated company for its customer service and security.

With shared hosting, your computer uses the same server as many other users. If you need to add new users, you can contact Intuit and request more space on a dedicated server. In dedicated hosting, your computer has its own virtual space, which gives you more control over the software. However, the physical server is shared with hundreds of users on shared hosting. Adding users to your account will require contacting Intuit, which may require additional fees.

b. Highness Cloud

Choosing the right cloud hosting provider is crucial for your business. There are several options, and choosing the right one will depend on your business needs. AbacusNext, for example, is a commercial host partner of all Intuit products. This company offers an intuitive, dynamic cloud application environment. Cloudvara, however, boots up businesses on how they work, whether on their computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

One of the primary benefits of choosing QuickBooks cloud hosting is enhanced security. Your data is protected from unauthorized access and stored on a secure cloud server. In addition, cloud hosting is incredibly convenient for companies with multiple users. Instead of purchasing various computers, you only need to buy one license. You'll never need to worry about limiting access to your data, and you can easily share it with external accountants. Cloud hosting also makes it easy to share accounting files with other businesses.

QuickBooks cloud hosting helps businesses stay on top of their finances. This service saves you time and money because third-party providers manage all updates and maintenance. For example, if you're running a small business, you can't run across the office to install software updates yourself. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can access your data from anywhere worldwide without worrying about your business being attacked. In addition, cloud-hosted software can work on a local printer, so you can continue to use it for other tasks.

Intuit also recognizes Right Networks as an Elite solution provider for QuickBooks desktop software. Their dedicated QuickBooks hosting service offers end-to-end encryption, firewall, and two-factor authentication for complete security. The company also provides excellent customer service. Contact their customer service representatives if you have questions about your QuickBooks hosting. You'll be glad you did! The cloud hosting company for Quickbooks Desktop provides access to your software via the Internet and even offers free remote tech support.

c. Cloudwalks

With the help of a reliable and secure cloud-based service, you can work on your QuickBooks data from any location, including your smartphone. You'll have access to your accounting data wherever you are, and Cloudwalks' round-the-clock technical support can assist you with your questions. And because you can easily access your data from any location, you can focus on other aspects of running your business. You can collaborate with multiple team members on the same accounting file without worrying about security or data loss.

The advantages of using a cloud-based hosting service for QuickBooks are numerous. First, you'll have access to your company's financial data anytime, regardless of location. You can choose from a wide variety of software versions and editions, depending on the type of business you're running. In exchange for cloud-based accounting service, you'll pay a monthly fee to a third-party hosting provider, depending on your chosen package. This fee varies according to the number of users.

QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting is an option for businesses looking for a solution to run their business. Cloudwalks' Quickbooks Desktop cloud hosting service allows you to access the desktop version of QuickBooks from any computer using a web browser. In addition, the software and data are stored on the cloud platform, allowing you to access the information from anywhere, using any device. And best of all, QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting is safe, secure, and convenient.

If you're looking for QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting, you've come to the right place. The company is an Elite QuickBooks solution provider – a designation that is often reflected on the company's website. They offer a dedicated QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting service and remote support from Intuit technicians. And their customer service is second to none. Understanding your needs is essential before choosing a cloud service for your business.

d. Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers

You'll want to choose an Intuit-authorized hosting provider when looking for a reliable place to host your QuickBooks software. While there are many third-party providers for this software, using an Intuit-authorized hosting provider is a great choice. This hosting provider has state-of-the-art data centers and an IT infrastructure compatible with QuickBooks.

Intuit Authorized Quickbooks Desktop Software – Intuit has a certification program for hosting options, so choosing the right one can ensure your company's security. In addition, Intuit has a special relationship with Right Networks, which means you can purchase both the software and the hosting options from this company. While Right Networks hosting plans are typically more expensive than alternatives, you can expect the highest customer service and security level.

Different types of QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting Providers – While the cost for QuickBooks desktop hosting is higher than for QuickBooks Online, you can access your software from any device with an internet connection. Using QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting is an excellent option for businesses with multiple employees since it allows multiple users to access the software simultaneously without worrying about their computers not having a working copy.

When choosing a provider for your QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting, ask yourself a few questions. The technology does not make the difference between good and bad QuickBooks hosting. Instead, you want a reliable partner to support you and help you transition smoothly. This way, your team will never wait for an answer to a question. QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting Providers can also help you grow your business by adding new revenue streams.

e. MyVAO

MyVAO is a leading provider of cloud hosting for QuickBooks Desktop and add-ons. It is a one-stop shop for all of your QuickBooks needs. The company maintains high-security standards and boasts 99% uptime. The company also offers daily backups for optimum data protection. If you need help with your QuickBooks software, you can call the 24/7 obsessive support team. Customers praise the quick setup and friendly support staff.

With secure, high-performance cloud computing, MyVaO offers a reliable and flexible hosting option for any QuickBooks-powered accounting firm. Their highly secure online accounting solutions give you complete control over the entire business process and enable you to access your data from any location. In addition, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, MyVaO offers unmatched security and reliability. You can even use it on the go to manage and track your accounting data from any computer.

Intuit-authorized hosting providers offer the highest level of customer support. They provide support around the clock and offer simple, no-nonsense pricing plans. You can use your own QuickBooks license or rent one. You can also bundle the licensing with the hosting service to ensure you don't need to worry about security issues. MyVAO Quickbooks Desktop Cloud Hosting is the perfect solution for your accounting needs. The company has a 24-hour customer support team to answer your questions and address any problems you may have.

Sagenext is another provider of desktop cloud hosting services. Sagenext offers enterprise-level QuickBooks hosting services with SSAE-18 Type-II (SOC-2) certified data centers and uptime of 99.9%. In addition, Sagenext's Technical Support Team is made up of Microsoft-certified experts and is available 24 hours a day to ensure the smooth running of your business. You can even access your desktop software remotely through your web browser.

1. Four Qualities the Best QuickBooks Hosting Providers Should Share

Before choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, you should consider its service levels and features. Round-the-clock availability, security measures, guaranteed uptime, and experience are all critical factors in selecting the most suitable QuickBooks hosting provider. But how can you know which company will offer the most satisfactory services for your needs? First, discover the top five qualities of the top QuickBooks hosting providers. Then, make your decision based on these attributes.

a. Round-the-clock availability

If your business is based in New York, you probably know the importance of round-the-clock availability. When your server is down or your internet connection is slow, you cannot use QuickBooks. To avoid these inconveniences, you should choose a provider that offers round-the-clock support and daily backups. You should also check whether your provider has an Intuit-authorized hosting seal, as this will help you get the support you need to keep your business running smoothly.

The reliability of your server is also an essential factor in your business's productivity. The best QuickBooks hosting providers should provide round-the-clock availability. Their servers should have 99.9% uptime, the highest industry standard. In addition, their servers should be secured from hackers and other threats. In addition to that, they should have privacy policies, which will protect your data from theft.

In addition to round-the-clock availability, you should find a provider that provides excellent support for QuickBooks users. Availability is crucial to your business, especially if you have many users. For example, if you face server problems regularly, your system should be up and running within minutes. A provider with round-the-clock availability will prevent you from having to spend time fixing the problem.

An excellent cloud provider should also have round-the-clock availability. Cloud-based hosting providers provide a secure backup option and are available around the clock to answer questions and resolve issues. They also offer round-the-clock technical support to help you fix the problems in your business. By choosing a cloud-based provider, you can ensure the security of your data and maximize your productivity.

If you're not sure about the quality of your host, consider checking whether the provider offers a free trial period. This will ensure that you are happy with the support quality and allow you to decide whether you want to continue the service. If you're satisfied with the quality, you can opt for a paid service. But if you're still unsure, don't hesitate to request a free trial.

b. High-security measures

When choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, ensure they offer top-notch security measures. A high-grade hosting environment will withstand data interceptions in transit and direct hacking attempts. If you're working on a computer that's not locked down, you risk someone taking a picture of sensitive client data or spying on you from a public Wi-Fi source. It's most rational to use verified sources, such as a VPN.

The most pleasing providers will have 24/7 technical support, which will be helpful if problems arise. In addition, they should have highly trained technicians to address any issues. You'll also benefit from customer support via chat, email, and phone. QuickBooks hosting service providers usually offer two different types of web hosting. Which one you choose will depend on your budget and the requirements of your company or organization. However, ensure that the service you choose offers both types of services.

Regarding security, you can't go wrong with cloud-based QuickBooks hosting. Most offer high-grade protection and other advanced features to protect your information. However, some cloud hosting providers also take extra precautions to keep your data safe, including encryption. High-quality security measures are among the best qualities the most acceptable QuickBooks hosting providers should share. You can find them on the web or at a nearby office.

A good QuickBooks desktop hosting service should allow remote desktop access. Remote desktop access allows multiple apps to run simultaneously. QuickBooks desktop hosting providers should offer high-quality service that enhances workflow and collaboration. Getting your data hosted on a server will also allow you to eliminate the need to purchase new hardware and maintain it regularly. The best QuickBooks hosting providers will also offer two-factor authentication, which is vital for increased security.

c. Guaranteed uptimes

Besides guaranteeing uptimes, the most alluring QuickBooks hosting providers should provide 24×7 customer support and various security tools. They implement enterprise-grade security systems to prevent possible data loss and have 24/7 support via chat or email. They also employ several security measures to protect your data, including firewalls, data encryption, and an Intrusion Detection Prevention System (IDPs).

If possible, check whether a QuickBooks hosting provider has been in the cloud for a long time. The most promising cloud service providers will have extensive experience with financial applications. Besides, look for the ones that Intuit authorizes to protect user data. And ask whether the cloud service provider's plans are flexible enough to cater to your company's growing needs. Moreover, check the reviews and testimonials of other clients.

Intuit Authorized QuickBooks Hosting Providers guarantee 99.9% uptime and stable, high-speed internet connections. This ensures a smooth transition across platforms and a smooth experience for users. They also provide round-the-clock obsessive support for their customers. Their users praise the speed and ease of setup. This guarantees a smooth, uninterrupted experience for both the user and the company.

A reliable provider should have these features: a high uptime percentage and daily backups. Guaranteed uptime is also essential when choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider. A provider that shares these qualities will also offer support and updates as the business grows. It's also important to know that a certified provider has bank-grade security protocols and has been approved by Intuit.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provides efficient collaboration and helps multiple users work simultaneously. With this service, they can manage their budget and bill payments while they work from various locations. The company's files are securely stored and audited. Additionally, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting offers audit trails and is hosted on a fully-managed dedicated server. A QuickBooks Cloud Hosting provider can improve their customers' productivity by addressing these needs.

d. Experience

Regardless of the size of your business, it would help if you had reliable, fast, and secure QuickBooks hosting services. A reputable provider will use enterprise-grade security systems to protect your data if you need to host sensitive client information. To ensure that the data you store on the cloud is secure, a provider must have SOC 2 certification and an advanced security system. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

The top QuickBooks hosting providers understand accounting inside and out, which means they can help you earn more revenue, find new billings, and create stronger relationships with your customers. These qualities are valuable in an accounting service and should be shared by the top QuickBooks hosting providers. Experience is also a great way to determine which provider sufficiently suits your business needs. Consider hiring a QuickBooks hosting provider with a proven track record of success and experience to protect your data.

While choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, consider their customer support. A good provider will offer remote support and backup data if you have problems. The top providers also provide dedicated support and 24/7 remote assistance. This is a significant benefit when you need to get your business up and to run. It can also be beneficial when you want to share your data with outside accountants. However, if you are unsure about the security of your data, it is best to choose a company that offers cloud hosting services.

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider is the quality of their staff. If your business requires support from an accounting professional, a good hosting provider will be able to provide it. Experience and support are the essential qualities to look for when selecting a hosting provider. Make sure to check with them and see what their reputation is for customer support. The most suitable providers will also offer you a guarantee on their work.

2. How to Find the Cheapest QuickBooks Hosting

Because many small business owners are on a tight budget, how do you find the cheapest QuickBooks hosting provider? There are several ways to find out. First, you can search third-party review sites and official websites of renowned hosting providers. You can also ask peers for recommendations from reputable providers. The reason for doing this is that crashing the local system prevents you from using the installed software and takes a long time to fix.

a. Cloudwalks is a licensed Intuit Commercial Host partner

Cloudwalks is one of the leading providers of third-party QuickBooks hosting services. They are preferred among accountants, CPAs, and small and midsize businesses. Their cloud-based services ensure speed, security, and mobility while keeping costs low. In addition, you can expect to get a free migration to Cloudwalks from your current hosting provider.

QuickBooks hosting is available in three different plans. Standard hosting is designed for businesses with one or more QuickBooks licenses. This plan includes access to all features of QuickBooks online and allows you to add more users if needed. In addition, dedicated hosting will enable you to customize the physical server to your preferences. On the other hand, shared hosting will enable you to share a single physical server with hundreds of other users.

QuickBooks is accounting software that uses high-tech tools to simplify financial and account-related tasks. Because of its convenience, QuickBooks recommends a cloud hosting provider that can ease the account-related processes. With a few clicks, you can access QuickBooks from anywhere. The software is available on both Mac and PC platforms, making it convenient for both users. With the right cloud hosting provider, you can access your accounting software from any location with an Internet connection.

b. Cloudvara is a licensed Commercial Host partner

You have come to the right place if you're looking for a reliable hosting service for QuickBooks. Cloudvara is a licensed Commercial Host partner for all versions of QuickBooks, including the most recent desktop versions. In addition to hosting QuickBooks, Cloudvara offers support for other business applications, including Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300, Act CRM, Drake Tax, FileMaker Pro, and more. In addition to QuickBooks hosting, they also offer cloud management services on Microsoft Azure. You can count on complete migration assistance and around-the-clock support with Cloudvara.

QuickBooks cloud hosting includes several safety and security measures. The company will protect your files and manage all aspects of cloud work, including backups. This option is ideal for businesses with multiple users because you don't have to worry about various computers or software licenses. In addition, you can easily share your data with external accountants. Moreover, this service is cost-effective and offers a variety of service plans.

The best way to choose a QuickBooks cloud hosting provider is to consider the features of each of the services. The parts you need should fit your business's needs and requirements. The service also includes security and virus protection. In addition to fast and secure hosting, QuickBooks Cloud hosting offers various business services. You can choose from QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise with an array of features.

c. Summit Hosting offers a free trial

Summit Hosting is a great option if you're looking for a cloud-based solution to host your QuickBooks software. This company offers dedicated servers and 24/7 support, and their pricing plans are transparent with no hidden fees or costs. If you already have a QuickBooks license, you can use it with the cloud-hosted version of Summit or rent an appointment for a monthly fee. Both options offer the same features so that you can manage your accounting software from home.

If you want to test the cloud-based QuickBooks hosting option, Summit Hosting offers a 30-day free trial. Their services have several benefits, including a dedicated server and free Microsoft updates. Their price range for a single user is $75 per month, but this can increase as the number of users grows. You can get a free trial of QuickBooks hosting from Summit and a 45-day rolling backup.

Dedicated servers offer better security than shared server hosting, so your company doesn't have to worry about the privacy of your data. In addition to the dedicated servers, the company provides cloud-based solutions for Sage and QuickBooks and is an Intuit Certified Hosting Partner. Besides QuickBooks hosting, they offer other services, including Sage HRMS and CRM. Summit's servers also have advanced security measures, including encryption and extended validation.

d. Ace Cloud Hosting offers a 10-day free trial

Ace Cloud Hosting is a commercial host for QuickBooks Desktop applications and Drake Software. You can choose from multiple plans ranging from $34 per user per month to $400+ per month for dedicated QuickBooks hosting. Ace Cloud Hosting also offers a free daily data backup of your data, along with 99.9% uptime and SOC-2 security audited servers. You can try out all of the features of its QuickBooks hosting plans by signing up for a free trial.

The company is dedicated to providing enterprise-class hosting services and is always willing to offer special offers to new clients. Existing clients can also take advantage of referral bonuses and other exclusive service benefits. These are just a few reasons why Ace Cloud Hosting is such a good choice for small and medium businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the free trial today. You'll be glad you did.

QuickBooks hosting has multiple benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. Its collaborative platform is ideal for construction teams because it allows all users to view the same file simultaneously. This helps contractors track the progress of their project from anywhere without losing any data. Ace Cloud Hosting also uses advanced security measures to protect data from cyberattacks. Aside from 256-bit data encryption, Ace Cloud Hosting also uses enterprise-grade firewalls to prevent attacks from cybercriminals.

e. Cloudvara offers a high-performance server

If you need a fast, reliable, and secure QuickBooks hosting service, Cloudvara has you covered. They are an Authorized Standard Host for all QuickBooks applications and also host a variety of other legal and accounting software. Cloudvara also offers a virtual desktop to access from any device, including PCs, tablets, iPhones, and Android phones. In addition, they offer Microsoft Azure Cloud Management services,, complete migration assistance,, and product updates.

Cloudvara's prices are based on the number of users in your system, with a three-user system costing $147 per month. If you need SSL Certificate, you can add a separate security layer for $10 per user per month. In addition, In addition, Cloudvara guarantees 99.5 % uptime. Data is stored on multiple servers across multiple locations. They also adhere to HIPAA security standards and SOC reporting. Lastly, Cloudvara offers a scalable option based on your requirements. To see pricing, simply enter the number of users you expect to use and click “Calculate.”

MyVAO uses the highest security standards to ensure the smooth operation of your QuickBooks file. They guarantee 99% uptime and create daily backups for security. Users can access their data from any device and take advantage of 24/7 obsessive support. They are also very user-friendly and can answer all of your questions quickly. In addition, they have a 24/7 customer support team that will give you the help you need to get your company running smoothly.

f. Cloudwalks offers a guaranteed uptime

If you are looking for a cost-effective cloud accounting solution, Cloudwalks offers QuickBooks cloud hosting for $29 per month for up to 30 users. Unlike QuickBooks Online, which is only available for free, Cloudwalks supports unlimited users, making it the best option for small business owners. In addition to offering guaranteed uptime, Cloudwalks offers round-the-clock technical support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

When you choose a cloud-based QuickBooks hosting solution, you can rest assured that your financial data is safe and secure. Cloudwalks' hosting servers are equipped to protect your files from accidental deletion, accidental access, and hardware failures. Cloudwalks offers a variety of options to fit the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, including QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. In addition, QuickBooks Pro on the Cloud allows users to collaborate on the duplicate accounting files at any time. Users can set how many users are authorized to view and edit the duplicate files and access the duplicate files on multiple devices.

Before signing up with any cloud-based QuickBooks hosting provider, ask about their uptime guarantee. If you do not find a company that offers a guarantee, you might want to look elsewhere. Cloudwalks' guarantee is a great way to decide which company is best for your business. In addition, if you are worried about the system's uptime, they can offer you a free trial period to determine if the service is exemplary for your needs.

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