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July 24, 2022

High-End WordPress Hosting – Which One is Best? [Stunning]

There are several high-end WordPress hosting providers. We'll discuss Bluehost, Liquid Web, WP Engine, and SiteGround. Which one is best? Let's take a look! Which is best for your WordPress website? Here's a breakdown of all of these providers, including their features. You may even find a new favorite! Start here if you're looking for the best high-end WordPress hosting provider!

a. Bluehost

If you are looking for a high-end WordPress hosting plan with many social media plugins and SEO tools to help your site rank on Google, Bluehost may be a good choice. Besides offering managed WordPress hosting, this company provides several features and options that can help you create a website. You can also benefit from their support team and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Firstly, you can go for a shared hosting package. This package is suitable for small business and hobby sites and allows multiple users to use the same server. Because the server is shared, Bluehost monitors it regularly. This package is the most common among all their hosting packages and is ideal for blogs and hobby sites. However, shared hosting is not suitable for large businesses. Moreover, it's not recommended for busy-traffic sites.

The support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, you can also reach them via telephone, email, or live chat. You can also view their YouTube channel for more tutorials. You can also read the documentation in Bluehost's knowledge base if you don't understand something. It is also essential to check out the company's website to see if you can get in touch with a representative.

In addition to the control panel, Bluehost also offers premium extensions and plugins. They also include a free domain name with their plans. However, if you cancel your hosting plan, you'll have to pay for the domain name. But, once the lockdown period ends, you can transfer your domain name to another host. It is yours as long as you renew. Bluehost also has no hidden fees and penalties for early termination. You can also use their support center to troubleshoot any issues.

b. Liquid Web

When choosing a host for your WordPress website, you must consider the benefits of a high-performance hosting service. A managed WordPress hosting service can make your website run faster by using HipHop VM (aka HHVM), a specially designed execution engine for PHP, the backbone of WordPress. It can also keep your website secure by automating WordPress updates, which will free you up to focus on creating great content. Liquid Web also offers traffic management and site security, allowing you to make the best of your website.

A high-end WordPress hosting service can mean the difference between a smooth, easy-to-use website and a broken one. Liquid Web offers two control panels, both of which are user-friendly and allow you to administer your domains, emails, and installed programs. cPanel is the most common control panel, with its simple layout and search bar. Plesk is more user-friendly and can be used with Windows hosting.

If you're an agency, a fully managed Liquid Web hosting service can allow you to expand without any problems. You can grow as your business does and still use the same server. It offers support 24/7, which can help you with any issues. Liquid Web also provides free Cloudflare CDN services, which help deliver site content instantly across the globe. If you're in business to make money with your website, it's essential to have a quality, high-end, managed WordPress hosting service.

Liquid Web is one of the best choices if you're looking for top-performance WordPress hosting. With outstanding page speed and uptime, Liquid Web offers a higher price than most low-cost web hosts. You can choose from various plans, starting with a simple WooCommerce plan for $39/month. In addition to top-of-the-line hosting, Liquid Web offers Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint, making managing your business's email, file sharing, and database storage easy.

c. WP Engine

While most hosting providers offer similar features, WP Engine goes above and beyond the competition. As a managed WordPress host, WP Engine keeps the core WordPress software up to date. They do so by testing new updates on their servers and only applying them to stable websites. Additionally, you can defer new updates for up to 30 days to ensure your website is secure. With WP Engine, you never have to worry about security threats again.

WP Engine's speeds are consistently fast, with 19 servers in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. WP Engine offers sites with average load times of 1.6 seconds, below the two-second mark. In addition, the company offers a free version of its Page Performance Tool for those who want to check their page's performance. Bluehost, on the other hand, offers several managed WordPress hosting packages at lower prices than WP Engine.

WP Engine has extensive online resources, including tutorials, videos, and knowledgebase articles. You can learn how to create a new subsite, set up server caching, and send emails using WP Engine. You can also find helpful articles in the company's blog and resource center. Their customer support page is useful if you need assistance with a technical issue. It's also possible to leave comments regarding WP Engine's customer service and features.

WP Engine partnered with StackPath, formerly MaxCDN, for its CDN service. CDN provides a top level of site speed through geographic location and reduces latency. WP Engine also offers free CDN capability with all of its plans. This way, your website is ready whenever you are. It's the only elite WordPress hosting that offers so many benefits. It's worth considering!

d. SiteGround

SiteGround's customer support is outstanding, and the team comprises highly knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly people. They provide live chat support around the clock and ticket-based and phone-based support. You'll also get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt technology, a free CDN, and more. In addition, they have data centers on three continents, meaning that you can choose the location of your server based on your needs.

For those who want a top-performance WordPress hosting plan that includes various features and excellent customer service, consider SiteGround GoGeek. They're highly regarded in the WordPress community for providing individual security and speed solutions. You can even use their 24-hour support, which is unmatched in the industry. SiteGround has shared hosting plans, managed WordPress, and cloud platform hosting plans. Additionally, they have unique programs for resellers, enterprise clients, and WordPress users. SiteGround also offers custom solutions.

SiteGround offers six backups: automatic, free, optional hourly, and manual. Unfortunately, it uses N2 machines, which have slower CPU clock speeds. It's also important to note that Kinsta performs weekly database optimization, while SiteGround doesn't. So while they offer automated backups, you might require a backup more often than once. If you need regular backups, however, SiteGround provides these for free.

If you're looking for a more advanced hosting plan, you should try Siteground's Cloud Hosting. You can choose from 4GB RAM and 40GB storage and upgrade to 10GB RAM and five TB of monthly data transfer for $240 a month. All plans come with free SSL certificates. In addition, you can upgrade from shared hosting to a cloud hosting plan if your website proliferates. It's also possible to upgrade to a dedicated server if you need more space or bandwidth.

Suppose you're an advanced or intermediate user. In that case, you can utilize tools for developers like WP-CLI Access to SSH, PHP version control, Integration with Git Multisite SFTP, and other tools to easily manage your website. This is a company that you can trust.

e. HostGator

To host your WordPress website for a low price, you should consider a high-end host like HostGator's WP-1000S. Not only is this plan very affordable, but it also includes unlimited bandwidth.

If you're looking for an affordable WordPress hosting service, consider HostGator. Its servers are strategically located around the globe, and it uses industry-leading server hardware. Their data centers are also protected by top-tier HVAC systems, UPS battery backup units, and continuous infrastructure monitoring. If you have questions about your website's security, HostGator has a knowledge base and telephone and live chat support to help you.

The WP-1000S plan from HostGator comes with unmetered space and fantastic speed. You'll be able to load your site in 2 to 1 seconds, and it has an uptime of over 99% over the past few months. Besides unmetered bandwidth and space, HostGator's plans include free domain name registration and site migration services.

In addition to their affordable plans, HostGator also offers some robust WordPress hosting plans. Starting at just $5.95 per month, the WP-1000S plan from HostGator includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and a free domain. You can also choose from a plan that includes a dedicated IP address. The higher the number of sites, the more robust the plan will be.

f. Flywheel

If you're looking for a top-tier WordPress host, you might want to consider Flywheel. The hosting provider's dashboard is straightforward to use and will allow you to easily manage your site, even if you don't have any experience with WordPress installation. In addition, it will enable you to create and test changes to your pages before rolling them out, and Flywheel tech will roll these out for you as you request. This could be the right option for you if you're a beginner or an agency.

Managed security is a huge benefit, and Flywheel is no exception. They'll handle all security issues for you, and you can even choose not to have any significant WordPress versions installed on your server. You'll also have full access to support from a live expert, and Flywheel offers 24/7 chat, phone, and email, so you can contact them whenever you have a question or problem. In addition, your site will be updated regularly and will run smoothly, and you can expect to receive regular backups, security patches, real-time monitoring, and more security measures that you can trust.

Collaboration is another significant benefit of Flywheel, and its ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients is a huge plus. Flywheel's collaboration tools allow you to invite more team members to work on joint projects, and you can even track their performance. A robust section lets you assign roles, assign tasks, and monitor progress. It also features a feature that enables you to invite clients to collaborate with you without having to share your login information with them.

Performance Insights is an additional paid feature that helps you optimize your website's performance. With its advanced tools, Flywheel can identify your site's performance issues and suggest improvements. In addition, the stats section provides a summary of how many visitors your site has, while the Backups area contains thirty previous backups. There are also tools to enable caching, staging, and Flywheel's CDN.

1. When You Should Use High-End WordPress Hosting

If you are new to WordPress and have a limited budget, you might want to start saving early and switch hosts later. You'll only need to switch to a high-end WordPress hosting plan if the performance of your website is crucial. You can use general hosting if performance isn't as important as speed. However, some available hosts do not allow non-WordPress code. If you're looking for the most professional and heightened-performance hosting option, you'll need to look for a plan to enable these types of codes.

a. Content delivery network (CDN)

When you use a content delivery network (CDN), your website loads content from multiple servers worldwide. For example, if you have visitors from Europe who visit your website from Iowa, they will see content loaded from the European POP. CDNs use geolocation and IP Anycast routing to detect where users are and then route their requests to the nearest POP. Therefore, the more information a CDN has, the better.

CDN services utilize GZIP compression on server-side files, which reduces the size of HTML, stylesheets, and JavaScript files. Reduction reduces the file size of these files by 70% and is enabled on all significant CDN services. You may want to check with the CDN provider's tech support if you're unsure how to connect it to your WordPress site.

A CDN helps your website load faster. When visitors access your website, the content is stored on servers worldwide, which means your site will be faster. In addition, the servers are distributed worldwide, making them easier to handle large traffic loads. Therefore, you'll enjoy faster page loads, which means more sales. Finally, and most importantly, CDNs help you protect your website from DDoS attacks.

While it's easy to set up a CDN, finding a service that can configure it for you is best; sign up for an account with a CDN service. These services offer free plans but may not include the latest security measures. You can use a free CDN service if you don't need complete security protection.

CDNs are the best way to ensure that your website is served quickly worldwide. You'll be able to view your site's source code in a browser, and you'll be able to see images, and CSS served from CDN domains. For help, you can call the customer support hotline of BelugaCDN. They're open 24 hours a day.

b. WordPress hosting dashboards aren't user-friendly

You might be wondering why WordPress hosting dashboards aren't user-friendly. Well, you aren't alone. I have also noticed this issue. Many hosting platforms don't have a user-friendly dashboard and don't even know which software they host. The downside is that many of them have unnecessary features or options. It would help if you considered using a managed WordPress hosting service to keep your site updated.

A managed WordPress hosting plan will include a custom control panel and a pre-configured WordPress application. This means that you can quickly start building your website with minimal effort. While you can opt for unmanaged hosting plans, they usually lack vital features, including an intuitive dashboard and SSL. Many managed WordPress hosts also offer 24/7 support through a ticketing system. There's a good reason why these hosting plans are more expensive than shared ones.

Whether you want to create a blog, a portfolio, or a business site, you can use WordPress. It allows you to create content quickly, but it is not user-friendly. You'll need to learn to navigate WordPress's menus and customize settings. For example, most dashboards are not user-friendly, but you can change how you see them by clicking the “edit” link in the admin panel.

If you're using a managed WordPress hosting service, it may be time to disable some plugins and increase speed. Some hosts even offer Docket Cache to convert objects into PHP code. Using this plugin will speed up the WordPress Admin Dashboard. However, check for critical errors, as this could make your website inaccessible. You should also debug your site to check for active plugins and themes.

c. WordPress hosting plans offer tools for staging sites

WordPress staging sites are used exclusively for the development and are not accessible to the public or search engines. WordPress developers often use multiple environments for the same place. Staging sites provide a safe environment where changes can be tested without the risk of downtime and poor user experience. WordPress staging sites offer a variety of benefits. Let's explore three of them:

Managed plans. Managed WordPress plans offer the best support. They have excellent customer service and specialize in WordPress. While a WordPress hosting provider can't provide all the tools needed to optimize your site for performance, they can take essential maintenance off your plate. Typically, a plan for 5,000 monthly visitors isn't suitable for a place that receives five-million visitors monthly. If you plan to grow your site beyond five-million visitors, you should choose a plan with higher performance and additional features.

Using a managed hosting solution is an excellent choice for your needs. WordPress-managed hosting companies will take care of updates, create frequent backups, track security threats, and optimize the site performance. In addition to managing your site, they also support WordPress staging sites. Choosing a managed WordPress hosting plan means you won't have to deal with tedious maintenance and can focus on other areas of your business. In addition, most WordPress hosting plans include plugin updates, while WP Engine only offers them on a fundamental level.

Managed WordPress hosting is the most popular option for managing your WordPress site. It has free migrations, advanced security, and a clean control panel. These hosting plans are also known for their cloud-based WordPress hosting, which means faster load times. These plans typically load two to five times faster than other providers. You can also expect to enjoy 24-hour support and top-quality customer service. For a budget-friendly managed WordPress hosting plan, check out SiteGround and Bluehost. These providers are highly recommended by WordPress.org and are one of the most popular.

Some hosts offer hourly billing options, which can be convenient if you have a short-term project. They also provide in-depth optimization features for WordPress sites, robust security, and expert support. If you are a small business, a top-flight plan can cost up to 900 Dollars per month. These plans also offer more storage and bandwidth than a beginner plan. So whether you need a small business or a large corporate site, the right program can help you create the perfect website.

d. WordPress hosting is a good solution for beginners

If you're a beginner in the world of website creation, WordPress hosting can be a lifesaver. With exemplary service, it's easy to create a website, manage it, and update it when necessary. Beginners don't need to worry about the technical jargon and endless customizations that come with more advanced solutions. You can install WordPress and start posting content – no coding or customizing required! A WordPress hosting service should also have support staff available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you make the best choice.

When you use WordPress hosting, you'll be able to use a control panel designed specifically for WordPress websites. This makes the setup process easy and the flexibility of customization options virtually unlimited. Its intuitive dashboard, free website building tools (website builder), comprehensive documentation, customer support, and 24/7 technical support are also convenient. In addition, Hostinger's plans include free domains, 100 domain-based email addresses, and WordPress acceleration features.

As with any other service, you should check if customer support is available around the clock. Most hosting services claim to offer support 24 hours a day, but only a select few live up to this standard. You also want to consider the security features of the hosting service. Make sure they have good malware detection and prevention measures. With the proper security measures, you can rest assured that your website will be secure from hackers.

InMotion offers an hourly billing plan for the same price as WP Core. The service's cheapest plan includes 100 GB of SSD storage, but higher-tier programs offer more storage space and features. InMotion also provides expert support and content marketing. Their content creators create epic content that attracts visitors. The company has been known to have problems with uptime, but it has resolved these issues in recent months.

Managed WordPress hosting takes care of your technical aspects and provides security measures, virus protection, and daily backups. With this option, you have the added advantage of expert customer service, better security, and a host that is responsive to issues. It's also worth considering if you're a beginner or have little experience with website development. Then you can switch to a more advanced WordPress hosting service, if necessary.

2. 5 Benefits of High-End WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting provides many benefits. Managed hosting usually offers a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard lets you view your website portfolio and perform routine maintenance tasks. With Pressidium, for example, you can perform backups and copy your site to a staging server. This hosting allows you to manage multiple sites from one place, which is ideal for freelancers, agencies, and small businesses.

a. Managed WordPress hosting is suitable for companies, agencies, and freelancers

Managed WordPress hosting has several advantages. First, it offers superior support since providers specializing in this platform can better identify and fix problems relating to WordPress. In addition, they know how to optimize a WordPress site's settings to achieve optimum performance. If you are not technically savvy, you can use managed WordPress hosting to get your needed support. A managed hosting provider will provide quick and easy support when encountering problems.

Companies that offer managed WordPress hosting typically have a more extensive infrastructure and global reach than individual hosts. A managed WordPress hosting provider may offer servers in 34 different regions, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. By strategically locating your servers closer to your customers, you will experience lower network latency and TTFB, and your site will load faster. Managed WordPress hosting is not suitable for small businesses or startups; it is ideal for companies, agencies, and freelancers.

A managed WordPress hosting plan allows you to negotiate unique security solutions and services with the provider. In contrast, unmanaged mass hosts are generally anonymous, and it is difficult to contact them to request security fixes. In addition, WordPress security and data protection are crucial to the success of your online business, and a hacked website could threaten your livelihood. Managed WordPress hosting can solve both problems and offer your customers a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Apart from speed, managed WordPress hosting offers security and a range of other features. These features include increased CPU cores, improved memory, and a faster server. Managed WordPress hosting also offers optimized hosting infrastructure for WordPress, making it suitable for companies, agencies, and freelancers. An elite-quality package includes optimization, caching, and an optimized PHP version. In addition, you can even choose a template that features custom security and other features.

b. It offers a robust suite of security services

While there are several different types of managed WordPress hosting, they all offer a range of features and services. The cheapest plan has 100 GB SSD storage. However, higher tiers provide much more. InMotion hosts include free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, automatic backups, and unlimited bandwidth. The security suite protects from hackers, malware, and DDoS attacks. In addition, the company's support staff is available around the clock.

Two-factor authentication offers a further layer of security when logging in to an account. This method requires users to enter a code received from a mobile phone and a password. Then, a managed WordPress hosting service scans the site for malware and removes infected files. In addition, brute-force attack protection will protect your site from being targeted by a hacker by trying out different combinations of characters. With rate-limiting features and two-factor authentication, managed WordPress hosting offers a complete security package for WordPress sites.

Kinsta is one of the most secure WordPress hosting providers available. Kinsta is a leading WordPress hosting service provider and hosts many of the largest brands in the world. They offer automatic scaling, strong security for customer data, and fast customer support. In addition, the company provides a variety of plans for small and large businesses, making it an excellent option for anyone looking for a secure, reliable WordPress hosting solution.

c. It is a development environment

Using a local development environment for your WordPress site is a great way to avoid compatibility problems. You can quickly test new themes and add-ons on your development environment without waiting until your website is live. Additionally, WordPress often rolls out platform updates that cause unexpected issues and compatibility errors. A local development environment allows you to work anywhere with a stable internet connection. And since it is a development environment, you do not have to worry about your site being viewed publicly.

Managed WordPress hosting services provide an optimal hosting environment. Managed WordPress hosting services have experts in WordPress to monitor your website, maintain security, speed optimization, and uptime monitoring. They also offer support and assistance for your site's migration and scalability. They have 24/7 support to help you with any problems you may encounter. The team also guarantees the cleanup of malicious code. You can enjoy peace of mind while working on your website, and a managed WordPress hosting service will make the process a breeze.

d. It is a staging area

If you run a WordPress website, you have likely heard of staging sites. Staging sites let you test your changes before publishing them on your live website. This is especially useful if your site is complex and has many different parts. You can also use a staging site to troubleshoot WordPress problems before publishing them live. Staging sites are an excellent way to avoid downtime when making changes to your website.

A staging site is a replica of your live website. This site will allow you to test changes without risking your live site. Since your live website is not visible to search engines, you can test your changes without affecting the live site. In addition, you can download the staging site as a PDF and use it for future reference. If you are using a staging site for testing purposes, use it.

To set up a staging site, first, you will need to create a database for your staging site. Go to your hosting dashboard and choose “MYSQL Database” under the Database section. Then, add users to the database, prove their credentials, and grant them permissions. You can also select your database from the “users” tab. You can now begin testing. Once the test site is live, you can then proceed with your live website.

Staging sites are significant if you are new to WordPress. You may not know how to access the backend of the website. As a result, you may make errors or make changes that cause your live site to be inaccessible. Staging sites allow you to test changes without disturbing the live site. You can also use the staging site to learn how to make changes without causing too much damage. Finally, you can also use the staging area to make changes to your website without worrying about breaking it live.

e. It saves time and money

When choosing a web host for WordPress, you'll need to consider several factors, including expertise, how much time you want to spend, and the technical side of things. You'll also want to ensure your chosen company isn't unusually priced. Top-tier hosting companies will provide a host specially tailored to WordPress and save you time and money. Listed below are some of the benefits of top-tier WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting companies to take care of all technical aspects, including backups. The backup includes everything from content and data to themes and plugins. So you can simply restore the backup and start over if anything goes wrong. They will also automatically update the WordPress core files, preventing downtime. This way, you can focus on content and monetize your site. The bonus? You can save even more time and money!

High-end WordPress hosting is essential for those who wish to scale their business upwards. You won't need to worry about managing multiple WordPress websites, which requires more administrative work. Your new website will load quickly and effectively without hassle. Furthermore, you'll need a more powerful hosting platform if you have more than one website. Top-tier hosting will save you time and money in the long run.

Managed WordPress hosting providers offer better security. They run security checks on your site regularly and may actively remove malware. In addition to safety, managed WordPress hosting platforms provide faster performance. They can optimize their servers for WordPress and offer daily backups. The speed of your website will be affected by how fast your users can access your content. The best hosting providers use built-in caching to optimize their websites for speed. In addition, managed WordPress hosting providers often offer CDNs.

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