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May 19, 2022

Best Web Servers 2022 Based on New Research

Currently, Nginx is one of the most popular open-source web servers on the market. It supports Linux and Unix and can handle many concurrent connections. It has also proven to outperform Apache in benchmark tests. You can also download and install Nginx modules at the Nginx wiki. These are free to download and install. You can learn more about Nginx by reading its FAQ.

Nginx supports Memcached, an industry standard. While Memcached has a negative impact on performance, the benefits outweigh the downsides. Because Nginx is not processing requests, it can focus on its area of responsibility. Additionally, it uses the MPM system to process static content. It also embeds a language processor in each worker. As a result, you can swap out modules to improve performance.


The LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the most popular web servers. Many hosting companies use the OpenLiteSpeed edition to power their sites. Although Apache was the most popular web server, there are other, better options. Nginx is a powerful reverse proxy and HTTP server that can run both websites and applications. It's also known for its performance, especially for serving static files, and has special modules for PHP and caching. This version also supports load balancing.

While Apache is still the most popular web server, many developers are switching to LiteSpeed as a drop-in replacement for Apache. Instead, this new web server does not require changes to other programs or your operating system. It also reads Apache's configuration files without requiring you to reinstall them. LiteSpeed is a new webserver developed by LightSpeed Technologies, a company in New Jersey. It can serve thousands of clients simultaneously and can manage loads of traffic without any tech hardware or drive storage changes.

LiteSpeed provides other important features, including caching, optimization, and CDN services. It is easy to install and works as a drop-in replacement for Apache. Many people prefer this version to NGINX, as it is less complicated and has fewer issues than Apache. OpenLiteSpeed is the best web server for 2022 and beyond. There are many reasons why OpenLiteSpeed is the best server for your site.

LiteSpeed has many benefits, including speed, scalability, and compatibility with the most popular web server. Its streamlined web administration console allows you to use it as a drop-in replacement for Apache. It also supports many popular Apache features, including mod_rewrite and security. It is compatible with leading hosting control panels. You can install OpenLiteSpeed on your own with a drop-in Apache web server or a professional service.


The Hiawatha webserver is a lightweight, secure web server with many features. It is designed to run on older hardware and is secure against common web application attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and CSRF. Users of Hiawatha web servers do not need to know advanced HTML or CGI code to configure them. This lightweight server is ideal for anyone who isn't an expert in the field.

The Hiawatha web server can run on Unix and most flavors of Linux (as opposed to Windows) and is also compatible with containerized environments and virtualization environments. It supports web applications and features intrusion detection, a response to denial-of-service attacks, and TLS with perfect forward secrecy. This server can also run on older hardware, such as embedded systems. The Hiawatha webserver is available for free so that you can try it out for yourself!

The Hiawatha webserver offers security from XSS attacks, SQL injections, and CSRF. Users can monitor their servers through Hiawatha Monitor and control a single webserver via CommandChannel. With so many features, it is easy to install and manage. Its compact size makes it an ideal option for older hardware and embedded systems. This web server will not slow down the operating system of your PC.

In spite of the fact that the Hiawatha webserver is a lightweight web server, it has many features that distinguish it from other heavyweight web servers. HTTP/2 for Nginx has advantages for both users and website operators. Lighttpd Setup, a long-established web server, is easy to install and configure. It also comes with Grafana Dashboards for analytics and custom reporting and a Kea DHCP Server for dynamic IP address assignment.


If you want your website to load quickly, you should use SiteGround. They have servers in 6 countries and use cutting-edge technology, which means your website will load within milliseconds. Google's performance standard is a few seconds, but SiteGround servers load your site in milliseconds. The company is constantly working to improve its server infrastructure, which has Google Cloud and ultra-fast network connections power. Of course, your future readers will appreciate that you have taken this matter seriously by delivering fast load times.

Customer service has been rated very highly by users all over the world. Customer service is staffed by professionals who can help you with any questions you may have. You can also find various support options online, such as documentation, video tutorials, and blogs. Additionally, they offer live chat and ticket support. You can even get an account upgrade to get priority support, which the most knowledgeable support agents provide with shorter wait times.

If you're looking for a hosting company that caters to developers, you can't go past SiteGround. SiteGround has an excellent user experience and a dedicated community that is always ready to answer your questions. Although it's not the best option for a more complicated website, it's an excellent choice for beginners. The only downside is the support for a website that's a few years old, but that's not a huge disadvantage.

Another reason to consider SiteGround is its ease of use. There's something for every user, from beginners to experts. Beginners can integrate a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal site with SiteGround using 1-click installations. Advanced users can use a variety of pre-installed tools and staging environments. The site management dashboard is extremely easy to use, and the platform is optimized for developers and DIYers.

Moreover, SiteGround's infrastructure is very robust and reliable. Their server response time is consistently under a second, even during peak traffic hours. The uptime guarantee is impressive. The servers have a solid reputation and network connection with leading carriers. Furthermore, SiteGround offers 24/7 high-end security. Ultimately, it's hard to find a better server for your website than SiteGround.

1. Best Web Hosts in 2022 and Beyond

When looking for the best web host for your needs, you should consider several factors. Price, security, uptime, and website performance should be carefully balanced before signing up for a plan. You want to avoid getting trapped in a long-term contract or signing up for a low-quality hosting plan. Here are some tips for finding the best web hosting service for you. Balance your budget and expectations with a price. The best hosting companies offer a combination of both.


Despite the fact that the prices for annual renewals are slightly higher than entry-level plans, Bluehost is the best web host in 2021 and beyond. Compared to other hosts, Bluehost offers an unlimited number of websites. Plus, you can get a free domain name for a year. However, you should remember that you'll have to pay for your domain name if you want to cancel your hosting after the lockdown period. However, if you're willing to keep your domain name, you can transfer it to another web host. You'll also get no penalties for early termination and no term commitments. There is also no need to worry about hidden fees since Bluehost gives a free $150 credit.

Despite its popularity, not all users can benefit from Bluehost's free tools. Those with advanced needs may want to opt for other hosting companies. Although Bluehost is not specifically for beginners, its free tools can prove to be valuable. Its cloud-based technology lets it handle large numbers of websites with ease. The company's cPanel Control Panel is enhanced, allowing users to create custom security measures to protect their websites from hackers.

When choosing a web host, you should consider the level of customer support. You should have access to live chat representatives if you need help. If you don't have time to log on to the support chat, you can always rely on an extensive knowledge base that includes step-by-step guides and video tutorials. While most issues can be resolved by searching the knowledge base, sometimes you need a more personal approach.

The Bluehost support is generally satisfactory, although it's worth noting that the support agents may not take their jobs seriously or are overworked. The knowledge base could use some updating, but Bluehost's services are solid and business-oriented. You can choose from a shared web hosting with a 1-click WordPress installation, server VPS, and dedicated server plan. You can also find cloud and WooCommerce hosting options and managed WordPress and unmetered bandwidth.


The interface is user-friendly and allows easy customization of plans, domains, and emails. The company also offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space on Premium and Business plans. The premium plan also comes with unlimited MySQL databases. The business plan also offers unlimited email accounts. There are only a few downsides, however. The price tag isn't bad for the amount of bandwidth and storage you get. If you're on a budget, Hostinger is definitely an exemplary choice.

In my testing, Hostinger showed promising loading times. The fastest website took only 1.56 seconds to load. The slowest load time was 1.9s. I was able to beat some of the more expensive competitors in this department. Likewise, I didn't notice any significant drop in traffic. Overall, Hostinger has a very high uptime. The company's customer support staff is available round-the-clock.

Uptime is another important metric for a reliable hosting company. A high uptime rate is crucial for a top website, as site visitors won't stick around if your page is taking too long to load. The uptime of Hostinger's servers is impressive as they have consistently been 100% up during the last year. Hostinger's speed is another important aspect of SEO. A fast-loading page is important for business success, and its uptime guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate.

Hostinger's customer support is decent, but there are some issues. First, they don't offer phone support. But if you have an issue, you can always contact their customer support via live chat or email. And secondly, it's not difficult to use. Hostinger's single plan is cheap, but the price tag can make a large difference. Moreover, it offers a free website migration service.

In the past, Hostinger was a hidden gem in the world of web hosting, but it is now one of the major players and stealing the market from the sharks. Hostinger is the perfect combination of affordable prices, a pleasing user interface, and solid performance. Moreover, many positive reviews for the company have given them a positive reputation. And with that, Hostinger will be one of the best web hosts.

InMotion Hosting

With over 1.2 million domains under its belt, InMotion Hosting is a major name in the hosting industry. To serve its customers, the company boasts two data centers in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. Its support team is responsive and knowledgeable, and its knowledge base and blog are both well-populated with useful information. Their company website also has an active community forum and knowledge base, making it easier to find answers to any questions.

The company has a solid reputation in the web hosting industry, and they provide customers with desirable hosting features. PHP 7 is supported, and the company offers custom server caching to enhance your site's performance. You can choose which data center you want to use to host your website, and InMotion offers free automated backups and 24/7 support. Considering that the company is already a major player in the hosting industry, InMotion offers your website a solid and affordable option.

InMotion Hosting has a number of different plans. Their entry-level plan offers enough space for one website and comes with 50GB of disk space. The company also offers a free domain name for the first year, free SSL setup, and two US data centers. Overall, InMotion Hosting offers a variety of features to meet the needs of website owners. With two US data centers and more than 3,000 articles, InMotion is one of the best web hosts for 2022.

InMotion provides daily backups of your website. While many of the larger web hosts offer free backups, InMotion offers a daily backup service for its clients. InMotion's backup manager also provides excellent data backup features, but it's not free. Backups are essential for any website, but they are still a great option for those with limited budgets.

InMotion offers multiple shared plans, including a launch plan and a business plan. The Launch plan allows you to host up to two websites and 25 subdomains. The Power plan gives you enough space to host up to six websites and has features like a shared SSL certificate and one-click shopping cart installation. The Pro plan offers nearly unlimited resources, priority support, and four times as much storage space.

2. What to Look for in Good Website Hosting Services

There are some things to look for in a great website hosting service. These are the Security, Reliability, and Uptime. If you're unsure what these features mean, read on for some information. You can also consider other factors, such as the amount of support you get and the quality of customer service. But which one should you choose? This is a complicated question, but here are some basic guidelines. Make sure you choose a hosting service that meets your needs.


While there are many factors to consider when choosing a website hosting service, uptime is one of the most important. The uptime of a website is the percentage of time that a website is available to be accessed. While downtimes can happen, most hosts will not take down a website for more than four hours. However, if your website is unavailable for long periods of time, you may not be able to access it. Make sure you check the uptime of your website hosting service before you sign any contracts.

While some uptime guarantees reimburse you for hosting costs when your website goes down, they cannot make up for lost opportunities or income. For this reason, it is a smart idea to research uptime guarantees in more detail rather than relying on claims made by hosting companies. Using tools such as Pingdom and UptimeRobot to monitor your site's uptime is a great way to see if your hosting company offers this kind of guarantee.

Choosing a company with a long track record of reliability is also a sharp idea. Make sure to read independent reviews about a hosting company before signing up with one. These are usually more reliable than the websites of the hosting companies themselves. Good hosting companies use the right hardware, invest in additional layers of firewalls, and have great disaster recovery protocols. These features are vital for your website's uptime. In addition to solid uptime, a promising hosting company offers fast, secure, and reliable service. With adequate uptimes, you can focus on growing your website and expanding your business.

While an uptime guarantee is useful, the uptime of sound website hosting services is far more important. To determine how good a host is, you should check the provider's uptime track record and customer ratings. Be sure to read the fine print before signing any contract. Some companies will claim 100% uptime, but the fine print will explain that planned maintenance on the server is not qualified as downtime. While a refund for downtime is great, it will not fix the damages caused to your website.


You should look for several things in a great website hosting service. For starters, make sure they are proactive about security threats. You also want them to respond to any incidents as quickly as possible. Some web hosts include security scans and vulnerability monitoring in their packages. Regular updates and security scans can help catch problems early, allowing you to make the necessary changes to your site. Another important factor to consider is whether your web host offers a support team that is knowledgeable about security issues.

A reliable website hosting service should inform clients of the security measures they take to protect their websites. For instance, regular file scans should be performed on their client accounts. Clients should be able to view these scan reports. Most decent hosting services provide this service as part of their support plans. In the event that malware or viruses do attack your site, they should help you remove them. The hosting company will often install malware-removal software to help you protect your website.

In addition to security tools, a good website hosting service should provide automated backups and antivirus scanning to protect your site from security breaches. The best web hosting companies also offer free SSL certificates. These certificates protect the information of your customers. While cloud infrastructure is becoming the fastest-growing segment of the web hosting market, it's not a safe environment. In fact, nearly one-third of businesses don't have a solid security program in place.

Another important feature of a good website hosting service is security. Sound website hosting services take physical security seriously. These data centers take measures to limit the risk of physical attack. They also have policies that limit the number of websites hosted on their servers. If your website is vulnerable, your host can help you prevent this by installing security tools. Using security solutions will also help you harden your website. If you're not comfortable with the security features of your hosting service, you can always choose a different provider.

Customer support

Live chat is one of the best options when it comes to good customer support for website hosting services. It allows you to speak to a live person, but it also lets you conduct business at the same time. Friendly support teams usually have full backups of your site, so they can quickly restore a working version of your site if needed. It is also far faster than a phone call, which reduces the possibility of someone being overheard and influencing the conversation.

The response time of a support team is a key aspect of customer service, as this relates to how quickly they respond to your request. When it comes to choosing a web host, you should be certain that the support team will respond to your queries within a reasonable amount of time. A response time of one hour is not uncommon. Customers can only wait so long to get help, so it is vital that customer support representatives are ready to pick up your calls at any time.

In addition, to live chat support, look for customer reviews. Read as many reviews as possible, as this will provide you with a fuller picture of the web host's performance. When speaking with support representatives over the phone or via email, ask them a variety of questions. This will give you a better understanding of their training and response time. You can also ask for a demo to firsthand the website hosting service.

Customer support is crucial for a web hosting company. The customer support representatives must be knowledgeable about the company's products and be able to show empathy when your problems arise. In addition to stellar customer service, a top web hosting team will give you a quick resolution to any technical issues you may encounter. A good customer support team will ensure that your customers get the website hosting services they need and will not feel pressured to make a decision based on a lack of support.


Your website is essential to your business's identity and day-to-day operations. It serves as your primary means of communication with clients and company-wide organizations. Therefore, you can't risk relying on unreliable hosting services. A reliable hosting service puts the needs of its clients first and offers a money-back guarantee. Local Management, for example, has spent years building industry-leading website hosting protocols, including multiple points of redundancy, off-site backups, and disaster recovery.

The reliability of website hosting services is another important factor. With the help of a support team, you can resolve problems that arise with your website. Whether it's a server problem or a server issue, a reliable hosting company will work to correct the problem and ensure that it doesn't happen again. Whether you choose a company that provides live chat or a ticket support system, you'll be glad you took the time to read this article.

While reliability is important, it shouldn't be the only factor. A reliable host should also offer you uptime and downtime, both of which are vital when choosing a web hosting service. Downtime can reduce the loading time of your website and harm your ranking on search engines. A reliable web host will also maintain security measures to prevent cyber attacks. Whether it's a web hosting service or a server-related issue, you'll need to be careful when choosing the right host for your website.

If you're worried about the uptime of your website, you should consider changing your web host. In case the website hosting service has been down for several hours, you might want to switch to a better one. However, it is not uncommon for downtime to affect your site's ranking and user experience. Therefore, reliability is essential to consider when choosing a hosting service. In fact, the more downtime a host has, the worse it will be for your business.


The price of a good website hosting service can vary widely. You should consider many factors, such as the type of site you're creating, how much you're willing to pay, and your overall business goals. This section will look at some of the top reasons you should be paying a decent price for a suitable website hosting service. You'll learn about the benefits of website hosting services and some of the factors you should watch out for.

If your site is simple and does not require a lot of bandwidth or security features, then you can probably get by with a cheaper hosting solution. On the other hand, if you have a major online retail operation or a medical practice, then you'll want to invest in a more robust hosting solution. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a more expensive option for the more robust features. However, make sure you check the features and pricing of the website hosting service before making the final decision.

A reliable web hosting service will offer many features that make your life easier. These include a website builder, a content editor, email management tools, DNS management, disaster recovery, and popular content management systems integration. Many of these services also offer affiliate programs and monetization opportunities. These are just a few reasons why website hosting services are popular among small and large businesses. If you are thinking about getting a web hosting service for your site, be sure to do your research and check out the prices of a few different providers.

The price of a good website hosting service can range from under $10 per month to over $100 per year. Some hosting plans are more expensive than others, while some domains cost more than others. Knowing this information is essential for budgeting. However, it is important to remember that the most basic website needs a domain and hosting, so starting out small and increasing your expenditures as your business grows is OK. This way, you can afford to build a dependable website without spending too much money.

3. How to Find the Best Web Hosting Services With Email

If you are looking for a good web hosting service that offers email, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find an overview of several top-rated email hosting providers, including DreamHost, HostGator, and InMotion. There are also free options available. Read on to find out which is best for you! There are many free email marketing programs available on the internet. These include newsletter creation, subscriber list management, and customer relationship management platforms. You can also find free script libraries and cPanel applications.


Among the advantages of InMotion web hosting is the use of email for customer support. You can access support through email, chat, ticket system, phone, and Skype. InMotion Hosting provides you with a comprehensive knowledge base and blog, as well as an active community forum. If you have technical problems, you can also post on their discussion board. The customer support team is available 24/7 to provide assistance.

InMotion hosting services include cPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 24/7 technical support, free advertising credits, and pre-installed WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, and Drupal. You also receive a free domain name for one year, as well as free SSL certificates via LetsEncrypt, which protects your website from hackers. You can also choose from a number of other plans.

Providing email hosting is an excellent idea for any small business. Many companies rely on email as a standard protocol for sending purchases, newsletters, and other correspondence. Whether you want to send out promotional emails to customers or receive purchase confirmations, email hosting provides peace of mind. Email hosting also comes with industry-standard software, as well as comprehensive technical support. If you need email hosting services for your website, InMotion is the best choice.

Another advantage of InMotion web hosting services with email is their advanced layered caching infrastructure. It enables customers to enjoy great loading times for their websites. Additionally, the company's 24/7 support means that you can always contact them if you have questions or need help. All you have to do is register and sign up for a free trial account with the web host. You can then begin receiving emails as soon as the trial period ends.

InMotion's customer support team is responsive and helpful. You can ask questions through chat or email or use the online support center. For help, InMotion has a wealth of support content, including FAQs, product guides, tutorials, educational channels, and various web-based tools. If you need technical support, you can find the answer to your questions by searching their Knowledge Base. And if you need a quote, they will be able to provide it.


Whether you're looking for a basic plan or something a little more complex, HostGator's email plans will meet your needs. Each plan offers email services and is equipped with security measures that keep your information safe. If you're wondering if HostGator's plans will meet your needs, you'll want to read the customer reviews below. These reviews will give you an idea of what to expect from your email hosting plan.

In order to set up an email account, you need to sign up for a web hosting service. HostGator provides email services through their website and includes instructions on how to set up the account. You'll need to choose an email name and password based on your naming convention. Be sure to create a password that is both unique and secure. For extra security, you can use a password generator. If you'd prefer a branded email address, you can pay an additional fee.

If you're not satisfied with your service, HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. HostGator also offers an email-based support system that will guide you through the process of setting up an email account. And because most web hosting companies have customer support representatives who can answer questions, you can expect to receive email support from them.

The website is extremely easy to manage with HostGator's tools. You'll be able to manage your account easily with their backend, and you can upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server if you need to. The prices for these hosting plans are low compared to other hosting providers, and many have free trials. Whether you're looking for shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server options, you'll find the right hosting solution for your business needs.

Regardless of the type of service you need, HostGator offers the flexibility you need to build your online business. Their cPanel interface allows you to manage all technical aspects of your site. It includes tools for uploading content files, setting up sub-domains, and even creating a branded email address. If you're new to using email, HostGator makes it easy with its graphical user interface.


If you're looking for web hosting services with email, you've probably tried a few of the other providers. But how do you choose the right one? DreamHost offers several email plans, and the best part is that you can add additional mailboxes at any time. To get started, simply visit their Manage Email page. There you can view your disk storage usage and choose a monthly or yearly payment plan. When you have selected the plan that suits your needs, you should choose the number of mailboxes you'd like. Then, select the Buy Mailboxes Now button.

If you're a developer, you'll be happy to know that DreamHost offers Subversion, a version-control tool for managing source code. While most web hosts restrict their users to using software marketplaces, DreamHost offers an option to set up your own repository. It also assumes that developers won't use Git repositories. As a result, DreamHost users can use this powerful tool without hassle.

If you're looking for cheap web hosting with email, you can try DreamHost. This American-owned web hosting company has been around for over a decade. Its range of hosting plans includes email hosting, basic shared plans, managed dedicated servers, and virtual private servers. There's also a monthly payment plan that suits you, and they offer discounts if you opt for a yearly plan. DreamHost's email hosting service is available for businesses of all sizes and is also highly customizable.

As for the pricing, DreamHost has two different shared hosting plans. The Shared Starter plan starts at $4.59 per month with an annual plan. It comes with a free domain name and SSL certificate. It also offers free website creators, such as Remixer. Unlike Bluehost, DreamHost email accounts are paid separately, but they're not too expensive. This plan is ideal for novices and inexperienced web developers.

DreamHost has a lot to offer. It offers a great value and an excellent range of products. As long as you don't need email, you can be assured that you'll have plenty of resources to keep your site running smoothly. And you can even upgrade to a higher plan if you need it. All you need to do is decide which one suits your needs best. And then just relax!


When it comes to web hosting services with email, there are a few important things to look for. First, you need to determine your email requirements. For most people, sending a few thousand emails a month is not a significant amount of traffic, but if you're planning to spend a lot of emails, you might want to consider a paid service like SendGrid. There are several pricing tiers available, from free to premium.

You can monitor undeliverable emails through tools provided by SendGrid. Its dashboard features three different views for tracking this data, as well as an API for parsing this information programmatically. To make sure your emails are not getting flagged as spam, you should check the sender reputation, which is calculated by aggregating all your SendGrid activities. When this metric falls below a certain threshold, your emails may be flagged as spam, and your IP address could get blocked.

If you have a small business and want to send emails regularly, you may be interested in using a free account with SendGrid. Its free plan allows you to send up to 40,000 emails per month. A free account lets you send up to 100 emails a day. The only downside of this free plan is that you'll be limited to sending 100 emails per day. You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial, which allows you to send up to 40,000 emails for free. If this doesn't seem like enough, you can always use a paid plan to send your emails.

While it's possible to build your own email infrastructure from scratch, it's time-consuming, costly, and can be difficult to scale. SendGrid takes all of this worry off your mind by providing you with a turnkey solution. It improves email deliverability, reliability, and ROI. The Bronze Plan comes with 40,000 free email credits per month, access to an SMTP API, premium support, and more.

4. What Makes Great Web Hosts?

If you are running a large website, a great web host should be able to handle such a volume of traffic. In the event of an attack, a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack could bring your website down. A DDoS attack is when a malicious party attempts to flood your website with traffic until it crashes. Fortunately, great web hosts have tools to deal with such attacks and mitigate the effects. Backups are another important feature of a great web host. They should back up databases frequently, and automated backups reduce the chance of human memory errors.


A common question among website owners is, “What makes GreenGeeks stand out among web hosts?” This review will explain why you should choose this hosting provider. The panel on the GreenGeeks website is easy to navigate and integrated with cPanel, a popular visual control panel for hosting services. It provides basic controls, though you may wish to upgrade to a premium account for more features. Fortunately, GreenGeeks offers a money-back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Moreover, reseller accounts let you purchase webspace and resell it to other people. You can even deploy CMSs with a click of a button!

GreenGeeks are a fantastic choice for those concerned about their environmental impact. Their hosting plans feature many features, including free domain name registration for one year, unlimited storage space, and free website transfer. Furthermore, all GreenGeeks hosting plans include free Cloudflare CDN, Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and free domain name. Lastly, GreenGeeks also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it even more attractive.

For those with limited knowledge of web hosting, GreenGeeks' live chat helps you get the help you need within minutes. Furthermore, their knowledge base contains numerous tutorials and self-help articles to answer your questions. A search bar is available on the account console, too. In addition, to live chat support, GreenGeeks also offer free site migrations, and they have an elastic platform that allows for easy resource upgrades and decreases.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a fantastic web host for a variety of reasons. One of these is its uptime guarantee. They guarantee 99.9% uptime, and if your site experiences a small downtime, they'll refund you with service credits. This is a pretty high percentage, and it means A2 Hosting consistently outperforms other web hosts. Another great feature of A2 Hosting is its free automatic backups and Turbo and Boost servers.

A2 hosts use SSDs to increase speed and performance. A majority of shared hosting companies only have one data center in the US, which means that data will travel for a long time before it reaches a screen in North America. But A2 has 4 data centers around the world, covering Europe, Asia, and America. That means that your site can be hosted in the closest data center. That's a big deal if you want your website to load faster.

A2 Hosting is a solid choice for people who don't need to host a large website. They offer multiple hosting plans, each geared toward speed and efficiency. Their entry-level plan offers 25 email accounts, while upgraded plans give you unlimited email addresses. Additionally, A2 is a domain name registrar. You can purchase a custom domain during checkout. A2 Hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is impressive for a web host.


If you're looking for a reliable and affordable web host, Bluehost is one of the top contenders. The Bluehost Choice plan includes a free Office 365 subscription. You'll also get three backups per month, free domain privacy, and automatic backups. You can even get a dedicated IP address for your website. These features will come in handy if you're developing a website or web app.

Support is available round-the-clock and includes live chat, phone support, and email. There's also an extensive knowledge base, but live chat support is hit-or-miss. However, if you have any questions, you can use Bluehost's knowledge base. While this may not be the best way to resolve issues, it is better than nothing. If you're unsure about the quality of support, check the FAQs. If you don't find the answer to your question, there's always a support representative ready to help.

While some hosts may offer live chat support, this is not the case with Bluehost. While the Bluehost knowledge base provides answers to most problems, it's not always enough. If you're unsure about how to install a certain feature on your site or how to modify an existing one, the knowledge base is your best bet. If you're still not satisfied with the support, you can use the 30-day money-back guarantee to get your money back.

MidPhase Hosting

There are many reasons to use MidPhase Hosting. This web host offers a money-back guarantee and an array of support options. In case you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel your account for up to 30 days and receive a full refund. However, keep in mind that this money-back guarantee only applies to signup fees, not domain registration or SSL certificates. If you choose a dedicated plan, this guarantee is void.

This web host has built a solid customer base with over 120,000 sites. It employs over 200 people who are tagged as Mpowered, which means they think outside the box and work towards challenging goals. Their employees also work with great decorum, which makes them feel confident and at ease. The company was recently acquired by UK2 Group, which is known for hosting over a million domains in 140 countries.

Prices for MidPhase hosting plans vary. The basic plan is $8.95/month and allows up to three websites and three databases. Additional databases and subdomains can be purchased separately for an additional fee. In addition, MidPhase hosts unlimited sites and subdomains and also offers SSL certificates. Each plan has its pros and cons, and you should know what you'll need from your hosting service before making a final decision.


Nexcess offers comprehensive backup services for its customers. You can set up backup schedules yourself or call the customer support team for assistance. Nexcess will securely store data from your website and allow you to restore it quickly. A free trial period is offered, so you can test out Nexcess' hosting before you commit. Fortunately, there are many perks to this web host. Continue reading to learn about its key features.

Nexcess is not for everyone. Although the interface isn't difficult, it doesn't have much help, and it relies on your knowledge to get the most out of it. If you're familiar with standard hosting services, Nexcess is the right choice. This hosting service allows you to choose the location of your server and does not offer upsells. The downside is that Nexcess isn't suitable for novices and users, but if you're a professional, Nexcess might be just what you need.

Security is also a top priority at Nexcess. Its data centers are protected by physical and video surveillance. This gives your business credibility and helps it rank well in search engines. In addition to security, Nexcess offers backup and restoration solutions to protect your data. If your website contains sensitive information, Nexcess offers PCI-compliant hosting. This means that your website can accept credit cards securely and without worry about security breaches.

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