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May 23, 2022

Best Web Hosting Reseller Program [Comparison and Analysis]

If you consider setting up your web hosting reseller program, you will likely wonder which companies are best to partner with. I have listed a few companies with the best web hosting reseller program options: HostGator, SiteGround GoGeek, Liquid Web, InMotion, and iPage. Read on to learn more about each company. There are many benefits to reseller hosting, and we'll review the pros and cons of each in this web hosting comparison.

a. HostGator

hostgator reseller plans

The HostGator web hosting reseller has several pros and cons, but in the end, they all amount to the same thing: great prices and excellent service. Those who want to create a profitable reseller business should check out HostGator's reseller plan, as it includes everything you need to start a web hosting business. InMotion is another good option, as its reseller plans come with everything you need to get started – you don't have to worry about branding or billing clients. It also provides 25 cPanel accounts for your resellers, so you'll never have to worry about getting a client!

In addition to the reseller schedule, HostGator offers an affiliate plan that lets you make money by promoting their services. Essentially, HostGator becomes the hosting company behind the scenes for the customer. However, with the reseller agenda, you promote your brand and sell products related to hosting. The benefits of the reseller plan are clear, as you'll be in charge of support issues and earn money for years to come.

b. InMotion

An InMotion web hosting reseller schedule is an excellent option for new and experienced resellers. InMotion's easy-to-use platform makes website creation a snap, and features like pre-configured hosting packages and the BoldGrid website builder are a huge benefit. The company is also the owner of BoldGrid, a popular WordPress website builder, which offers an excellent deal for the price.

inmotion reseller hosting

InMotion's reseller agenda allows you to choose from six unique white-label reseller plans, including a VPS plan. Each plan comes with white label assets, SSD garages, free billing software, and cPanel and WHM access. The platform also comes pre-optimized for WordPress, and the company also offers content marketing services. The InMotion web reseller plan is available at three different price levels and can accommodate any budget.

While it's easy to skimp on customer support upfront, it's essential to consider how responsive the company is to your needs. Downtime can cost you countless calls from unhappy customers. If your hosting plan includes customer support, ensure they can get to you quickly – a bungled migration can cause countless problems for months. To test the customer support of an InMotion web hosting reseller package, check out reviews from customers who sell hosting. Ask questions such as: How quick was the response time? How well did you resolve the problem? And how technical is the company's support team?

c. SiteGround GoGeek

While the SiteGround GoGeek web hosting reseller offers many advantages, there are some things to keep in mind when using the service. First of all, the price isn't low. Once you get past the promotional period, the monthly rate becomes $35. This isn't worth it unless you only want to build a small business. You may be better off looking elsewhere if you have a larger budget.

siteground reseller hosting plans

There are many GoGeek web hosting reseller programs available. Choose a plan that is right for you. For example, starting a personal website, you can choose the StartUp plan, which allows up to ten thousand monthly visitors. Then, you can upgrade to a GrowBig plan, which is perfect for medium to large businesses. You can use the GrowBig plan to host multiple domains and get higher bandwidth and disk space.

Another option is to join an incentive-based web hosting reseller option. You can earn a commission each time a customer buys a plan from you. However, remember that these programs require you to pay up-front and are not ideal for beginners. If you plan to serve a large number of clients, you should use a cloud vendor since they will have the ability to scale resources as needed. If you plan to serve a smaller number of people, you may want to choose a budget option.

d. Liquid Web

A good reseller hosting company is going to offer a well-rounded reseller plan. Liquid Web's reseller hosting plans are well-rounded, but Hostwinds offers higher server specs and is the Editors' Choice for reseller hosting. Both hosts offer good reseller hosting and security features, including firewalls, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and virtual private networks. Both hosters have malware scanning and removal services and free nightly backups.

Liquid Web Reseller PRograms

Liquid Web offers managed WordPress hosting and cloud site hosting. While these options are suitable for larger businesses, they're not the best for newbies and amateurs. Dedicated servers require more work and aren't suitable for beginners. The extra cost for dedicated servers might be worth it, however. If you're a freelance developer, you might want to consider dedicated servers if you plan to develop websites for your clients.

Liquid Web provides decent documentation on their website. It's not the most comprehensive or easiest to use, but it's complete. The documentation is organized well, but it could be better categorized. However, there's a fast search function. There's no way to thoroughly test the servers' performance, but basic checks show they're responsive and quick. Liquid Web does not guarantee that a reseller can resolve all customer issues, but they guarantee they will do so.

e. InMotion's reseller program

The InMotion reseller schedule offers a wide range of solutions for people who want to start their own hosting business. Its reseller plans are built with web developers and designers in mind, and the option is highly customizable and features a one-click installation of over 400 apps. In addition to reseller hosting, InMotion offers a one-time $250 setup fee and a custom pre-built website for your business.

inmotion reseller hosting

InMotion's reseller program offers a money-back guarantee, typically three times greater than the industry average. You can expect monthly payments, but you can also request payments more often. Payments are made via check, PayPal, or wire transfer. You can also select from a small selection of banners. The hosting plan will also include the necessary technical support and billing tools to help you manage your business and grow your client base.

InMotion's reseller option is easy to implement. InMotion provides three storefronts. If you do not know how to install and configure the backend, InMotion staff will provide you with assistance. Reseller Advantage, available for an additional fee, provides the support staff and resources you need to start your business. Reseller hosting plans are incredibly affordable, but you'll need a sound support system.

f. HostGator's reseller program.

To get started in HostGator's reseller program, customers can purchase an entry-level plan that includes unlimited disk space, free emails, and a decent cPanel. All reseller accounts include billing systems and free website building software. Upon reaching 50 paying customers, resellers can upgrade to a dedicated server. In addition, they can access over 4,000 website templates, so there's no need to purchase a separate theme.

After signing up for the affiliate opportunity, you can promote HostGator's services to your customers. You can earn up to $125 per signup with the HostGator affiliate program. You will also be paid through Impact Radius every month. To make the most of this program, you should promote it to your customers. Once they make their first purchase, you will receive commission payments through your affiliate link.

If you're a web developer, you might be interested in the GreekGeeks reseller program. It's tailored specifically for developers and includes multiple PHP versions, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and support for Perl and Python. It also includes customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The good news is that the reseller program at HostGator is affordable and includes everything you need to start your business, including cPanel accounts and SSL certificates.

g. SiteGround

If you are a web developer or designer interested in starting a hosting business, you should consider joining the SiteGround web hosting reseller program. SiteGround's reseller plan is designed specifically for web development and design professionals. You can purchase a minimum of five credits to become a SiteGround reseller. The credits you buy are equivalent to one year's worth of hosting. You can purchase multiple accounts if you want.

Siteground reseller hosting plans

You will also enjoy various security features with SiteGround's reseller hosting account. All its servers are secured from hacker attacks, and you can benefit from its automatic software scanning feature. SiteGround's reseller hosting plans include unlimited FTP accounts, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, and free SSH and SFTP access. This makes it easy to build your own web hosting business and make money.

Another advantage of SiteGround's reseller plan is using the same domain name for both sites. You can also use the same domain name but with a different name. You can even switch between accounts if you wish to expand your business. You can make money by selling SiteGround's reseller hosting packages and earning commissions from every sale. Just remember to provide a link to your SiteGround reseller page.


1. Top 10 Reseller Web Hosting Companies

Reseller web hosting is a business that allows you to sell your own standard web hosting plans. It has many benefits. If you are a reseller, you can make huge profits. You can quickly get started with little investment. Here are some tips on choosing a reliable reseller hosting company. Read on to find out more. Listed below are the top 10 reseller web hosting companies. You should choose one according to the features of your website.

a. Liquid Web

The main reason that Liquid Web is a top 10 reseller hosting provider is its variety of plans. Liquid Web offers many options for your clients, from shared hosting to dedicated servers. They also have a great price point, with dedicated reseller hosting starting at just $99 a month. On the other hand, dedicated servers usually cost thousands of dollars a month. For clients with high-traffic needs or unusual hardware/software requirements, Liquid Web may be the best choice.

Liquid Web Reseller PRograms

The website is easy to use, and setting up an account is a snap. Signing up only takes a few minutes, and you'll be able to log in within five to ten minutes. After choosing a plan, simply enter your payment information, and Liquid Web will verify the process. Alternatively, you can contact their support team through live chat or email.

Another critical factor in deciding on a reseller web hosting company is their support. Liquid Web promises that all support tickets will be answered within 59 minutes, and they have an extensive knowledge base with answers to common questions. In addition to the knowledge base, they have an active community of developers that can answer questions and help newcomers get up and running quickly. Liquid Web is an ideal option for beginners because it offers excellent value for money and has a reputation for providing high-quality service.

b. InterServer

The benefits of using InterServer over other reseller web hosting companies include unbeatable tech support, unlimited storage, and a full-service customer support department. This web hosting company also offers a money-back guarantee and a twenty-four-hour online chat support service. The company also offers free hosting services and colocation plans for those looking to save money and get the most out of their hosting.

interserver web hosting reseller plans

BigRock has one of the cheapest plans available, offering five Linux-based plans. It offers discounted pricing for two-year prepayment and many other payment options. For the most part, these plans are flexible enough for any reseller. Moreover, customers can customize their plans to suit their business needs. The company is small but impressively feature-rich, and its plans are easy to customize.

c. iPage

iPage's reseller program is designed for those who want to make extra income by selling website services. In addition to discounts on iPage services, resellers also receive a powerful Reseller Console. This powerful tool helps resellers manage their client's accounts and brand the experience for their customers. To join the iPage reseller program, resellers must agree to the company's terms and conditions.

iPage reseller program

The iPage affiliate program is free to join and can be completed within minutes. After signing up, you can embed promotional banners or text links that refer customers to the iPage website. iPage will provide you with code to embed on your website or blog. Your referrals will be logged into your affiliate account, and you will receive a commission for every sale they make. If you have more qualified referrals, your commission will be higher.

Affiliates can earn commissions from iPage through three different payment methods. The iPage affiliate program pays commissions through a Paypal account or via checks sent to the customer's address. However, affiliates must abide by IRS regulations and comply with all applicable laws. If affiliates earn $600 or more in a calendar year, iPage will send them a Form 1099. If they earn less, they may still be required to report their income, which could result in taxes.

iPage customers can choose from a variety of hosting plans. These include shared VPS, dedicated servers, and WordPress. You can also install various applications with ease. You can also use iPage's free domain to jump-start your marketing efforts. For a limited time, you can also avail yourself of its 30-day money-back guarantee. The iPage reseller program has many benefits for its resellers.

With its reseller program, you can set your pricing and benefit from various additional features. Dedicated servers, for instance, are customizable and offer access to the latest languages and development tools. All plans include an iPage control panel. Hardware includes multiple-core Intel Xeon CPUs, RAID-1 mirrored storage, and plenty of RAM. This is an excellent deal for hosting resellers.

You can get a discount on iPage hosting by joining the affiliate program. You can earn commissions when a visitor purchases iPage hosting. Discount links are trendy nowadays since they direct users to a private offer area. Aside from promoting iPage, affiliates can also earn a commission. If you sign up for the affiliate program, you can make money from affiliate marketing.

If you're a newbie in web hosting, iPage is a great choice. Their prices are meager and are easy on the wallet. Basic plans come with over $500 in free extras, including free site migrations and $100 in Google Ads credit. GreenGeeks offers free site migration services and a flexible platform that allows you to scale up and down without losing quality. You can use up to 10TB of storage space and an accessible business listing and choose between four dedicated hosting options.

d. Kamatera

In addition to offering a large selection of reseller plans, Kamatera offers a zero-risk hosting business model, which you can test for thirty days. In addition to a wide range of hosting products, Kamatera also allows you to white label their hosting services and customize them according to your needs. For people looking for a good reseller hosting company, Kamatera is one of the best options because it allows you to do so without having to invest in costly resources.

Most reseller hosting companies have multiple reseller hosting plans. The most basic plans come with Linux derivatives, but you can upgrade to a Windows server. These servers have a maximum horsepower of four IPs, 104 virtual CPUs, and 524,228 MB of RAM and would cost you $4,252 per month. If you need Windows-based servers, you will have to spend extra money.

Cloud-based web hosting services are another essential feature that distinguishes Kamatera from other reseller web hosting companies. With their self-provisioning and configuration cloud hosting platforms, you can change the amount of space and hardware on your server in a matter of minutes. Cloud-based cloud hosting allows you to add or remove components and move the server to another data center to increase capacity and speed.

e. GreekGeeks

GreenGeeks is another top reseller web host. Founded by Trey Gardner, it is committed to being the greenest web hosting company in the world. As of December 2014, the company has hosted over 500,000 sites and has been listed in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for four years. They have an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 99% and have been in business for over 15 years.

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

Among the many benefits of reseller hosting is the ease of use and high-quality support. The reseller plans at GreenGeeks include unlimited domains and email accounts. Furthermore, their reseller panel includes cPanel and Softaculous for easy management. Additionally, reseller plans include eCommerce capabilities, such as free premium SSL certificates and shopping cart installations. Furthermore, you can enjoy reliable security and a strong customer support team.

The company has five data centers. Four are in North America, with a fifth located in Amsterdam. International visitors to your website may experience a slower page load. However, GreenGeeks' hosting plans come with free CDN integration, which enables faster page load times by using geographically distributed proxy servers. Besides, GreenGeeks also offers a variety of hosting types.

f. A2 Hosting

Listed among the top 10 reseller web hosting companies, A2 Hosting offers three tiers of dedicated server plans, including unlimited storage and data transfer. You can choose from many features, including free SSL certificates, cPanel for managing your websites, and two GB of RAM and two CPU cores. You can also enjoy a free SSL certificate, and all plans are hosted on Turbo servers, which means they are significantly faster than their shared counterparts.

A2 Reseller Hosting

A2 Hosting offers two types of plans, Turbo and regular. Turbo plans offer more resources and the fastest speeds, but regular plans are still suitable for resellers. Turbo plans do not include WHMCS, a crucial tool for client management. On the other hand, Turbo plans come with WHMCS, which is available for $10 per month. A2 Hosting's regular plans are also suitable for most resellers and are complemented by a comprehensive control panel.

As a top 10 reseller web hosting company, A2 uses cutting-edge technology to host your websites. They use high-speed SSD storage and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Depending on the server configuration, Turbo servers can also accelerate your website up to 20x. Additionally, you can choose to host your website on a server in the closest location based on your requirements – Detroit (US), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Singapore, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.


2. How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Package

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best reseller hosting package. This article will talk about HostGator, InMotion, SiteGround, and WHMCS. Once you've decided which one is right for your needs, you can choose the best reseller package to promote your brand. You can even get a fully white-labeled control panel, so you can fully customize the admin console of your website.

a. HostGator

If you want to become your own web host, you should sign up for a reseller hosting plan. Reseller hosting is a good choice because it allows you to earn money by selling websites and domain names. While you'll need to pay the same as the original owner, you'll be able to charge a higher price for customer acquisition. HostGator offers a number of reseller hosting packages.

hostgator reseller plans

There are five different levels of reseller hosting plans with Hostgator. Each one provides increasing amounts of disk space and bandwidth. Their lowest level plan comes with 50GB of disk space, while the highest level includes 200GB. Every reseller hosting account includes unlimited domains, MySQL databases, cPanel control panels, and free billing systems. They also provide over 4,000 website templates. Many of their reseller plans offer up to 80% off transfers as an added bonus.

A reseller account with HostGator includes cPanel with white-labeled or non-branded domain name support and unlimited custom email accounts. This will allow you to customize your domain name and promote your web host company. You can also add unlimited email accounts to your reseller account, which is a lucrative feature. The price of reseller accounts varies depending on what you need. However, if you're planning to run a website on your reseller account, you should consider purchasing a reseller account.

b. InMotion

If you want to be your own boss, you can start your web hosting business with one of the InMotion reseller hosting packages. InMotion hosting packages allow you to assign unlimited cPanel accounts to your clients. You can also edit hosting packages and manage SSK certificates. You can customize your reseller account, assign resources, and manage your customers' domains. With a free reseller account, you can manage your customers and assign them to cPanels that you can customize.

Inmotion Reseller Hosting

If you're a web developer, you'll be pleased to learn that the InMotion reseller hosting packages come with free domain transfers and full e-commerce support. These hosting packages feature Softaculous for 1-click installation of many popular applications, including WordPress, osCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop. The plans also come with free domain privacy, a feature that protects personal information from queries and for-profit businesses.

The Elite plan has unmetered bandwidth and storage and offers unlimited email marketing. The R-3000S is InMotion's highest-end shared reseller offering and is ideal for large web hosting companies with 50 or more clients. The Elite plan also includes ECC RAM, which is highly recommended for high-performance environments and eCommerce websites. It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and free trial.

c. SiteGround

There are many differences between SiteGround's enterprise hosting packages and other hosting providers. With enterprise hosting, the website provider will manage your site. These packages do not include a dedicated server and are not suitable for beginners. SiteGround's enterprise hosting packages are tailored to your needs and are designed to meet the unique demands of your business. The prices for enterprise hosting plans vary widely, and you should discuss this with the provider to ensure you get the best deal possible.

SiteGround Reviews

One of the essential features of SiteGround reseller hosting packages is its reliability and speed. Their servers are fast and reliable thanks to advanced speed-boosting technology and tools. The company takes security very seriously and encrypts user data and software. This prevents hackers from getting access to sensitive information on your website and makes your site more secure. You can also choose a plan that can accommodate many websites at the same time, saving you money.

SiteGround also offers a reseller hosting package specifically for web designers and developers. This plan can help you generate more revenue. They have a credit system, so you can choose the level of service you need. For instance, you can get an unlimited plan for $19.99 per month if you want to offer unlimited hosting. A SiteGround reseller account also comes with unlimited bandwidth. As the name suggests, it's ideal for web designers aiming to provide hosting for their clients.


One of the best ways to differentiate your reseller hosting business from your competition is to offer WHMCS as a part of your reseller hosting packages. This easy-to-use software automates your reseller hosting business's client management, billing, and support functions. It integrates with 200 popular control panels and service providers, making it an excellent choice for web hosting resellers. This is also a great option if you want to offer multiple languages to your customers.

WHMCS is an advanced, authentic, and recurring billing system. It makes managing your payments and tracking your clients' billing details easier. WHMCS licenses are available for $20 per month. If you are considering purchasing a WHMCS license, you can save money by using a free alternative such as Blesta. Blesta is an alternative to WHMCS and supports overselling.

WHMCS also includes a knowledge base for users, making it easy to get started. WHMCS will make your reseller hosting experience a pleasant one with an abundance of features. You can easily manage payments, manage customer profiles, and generate income predictions. You can even support multilingual clients with the help of a knowledge base. However, if you don't feel comfortable asking for help, WHMCS also offers self-help resources and guides.

e. cPanel

Several cPanel reseller hosting packages are available. Some reseller packages are white-labeled, meaning you will not have to disclose your identity as the hosting provider to your customer. This type of hosting offers a high level of support and will be a great starting point for a reseller. Other reseller hosting packages may be more restricted, like those that offer only shared hosting and limited space.

In addition to shared hosting, cPanel reseller hosting is an excellent option for resellers who do not have extensive technical skills. These hosting packages come with cPanel support, which is particularly helpful for those with little or no knowledge of server administration. A server requires knowledge of Linux, all the OSI layers, and time. With a reseller hosting package, you do not have to worry about all of these aspects, which means you can focus on what matters most to you.

A managed cPanel reseller hosting package offers peace of mind with the added benefit of complete control. Managed cPanel reseller hosting packages offer total control and include automated and manual security updates, kernel patches, and general server security features. Unlike shared hosting packages, cPanel reseller hosting packages allow you to create individual cPanel accounts and sell them to other resellers. The cost of a reseller hosting package varies based on the features.

f. InterServer

InterServer's reseller hosting plans offer comprehensive features, including unlimited Ultra SSD storage and cPanel. These plans also come with free SSL certificates and in-house security, known as InterShield. InterServer offers reseller hosting packages in five different categories, allowing you to add as many sites as you need. These plans are usually for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting or need more resources than shared hosting can provide.

interserver web hosting reseller plans

When choosing a reselling plan, make sure it fits your business needs. You may have to deal with the hosting company directly if you have any questions or issues, so make sure your choice offers customer support. To make sure you can contact customer support, you can read reviews of the service provider. Check whether the support team can respond to support tickets promptly and solve problems quickly. Also, ask whether the support team is technical-savvy.

InterServer offers 24/7 technical support with an excellent customer service team. Support is available via live chat or a toll-free number, and you can expect a quick response. They also provide a knowledge base, troubleshooter, and discussion forum. Their customer service is exceptional, and they have been the host of many awards for excellent customer service. If you're looking for a reseller hosting package, InterServer might be good.


3. Best Reseller Hosting in the World

Changing hosts can be an expensive affair, especially if you're running a large website. You could end up with downtime that causes endless client calls. Some hosts provide free migration services, which are invaluable for large accounts. Even if you do opt for a free migration service, a bungled transition can result in countless problems for weeks or months. To make your move as seamless as possible, consider using the services of a professional migration team.

a. GreenGeeks

While other providers may offer 24/7 support, GreenGeeks offers live chat and email. Their support is available during business hours and offers live chat on weekends. If you do need help, the website also offers articles, videos, and tutorials. GreenGeeks also has a knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions. Customers are encouraged to ask questions via the knowledge base and chat with a knowledgeable customer support representative.

greengeeks hosting review

The support team is available to help with any issues, and they have a free site migration service. The team at GreenGeeks provides full instructions for the transfer, and it usually takes from one hour to 48 hours. You can even get a domain name transferred for free from another provider. To use this feature, simply provide the necessary information for domain registration, such as the authorization number and administrative e-mail contact. GreenGeeks assures you that the data on your website is secure.

As the world's leading web host, GreenGeeks is committed to protecting the environment. Their commitment to going green is well recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They have even earned the title of EPA Green Power Partner. In addition to being environmentally friendly, customers can share their commitment to being green with their site visitors by adding the “Green Website Tag” to their website. Choose from several design options that fit your company's brand image and your particular needs.

The management team at GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider. Their servers utilize the latest technologies and server hardware, and their customer service is top-notch. They also offer a wide variety of hosting services, including eCommerce and website monetization. They are a good option for beginners and non-techies since they're green and eco-friendly. The management team at GreenGeeks has over 40 years of experience in website hosting. The company focuses on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility and donates three times the amount of energy used to run its servers. They also participate in carbon trading programs and have been recognized as a “green” web hosting company.

b. SiteGround

Reselling hosting is a business model in which you buy bulk packages from a web hosting company and resell them to your clients. You can choose to do so through a third-party reseller, such as SiteGround. You can contact them through three methods: chat, email, or phone. SiteGround has one of the best customer support teams in the industry. Whether you have a technical issue or are in need of a quick solution, SiteGround can help you.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews

A reseller hosting package from SiteGround offers a simple interface and white labeling, which means you can brand yourself. The reseller web hosting plans from Hostgator comes with WHMCS billing software, as well as the option to sell domain registrations. You can sell unlimited hosting accounts, as well. Both companies offer unlimited subdomains, emails, and FTP accounts. The reseller plans from both companies offer the same features.

A SiteGround reseller plan comes with unlimited data transfers, 100,000 monthly visitors, and a robust backup engine. Backups are scheduled automatically and can be configured on-demand. In addition, you can maintain a website for your clients with SiteGround's Site Tools, which offer support for different website files and databases. SiteGround's reseller plans lack WHMCS, which is a billing and support management system that streamlines the process and offers the fastest support.

One of the most affordable white-label reseller hosting plans is SiteGround's Reseller Hosting. Several white-label reseller plans from SiteGround offer more resources and traffic. Moreover, there are unlimited websites and 40 GB of Webspace available on their Cloud plan. Moreover, SiteGround's Enterprise Hosting packages allow resellers to build custom solutions tailored to their specific needs.

c. HostPapa

With five pricing plans, HostPapa has something to fit every budget. The plan you choose will determine how many sites you can host on one account and what kind of features you will have. There are also three different types of hosting: Shared, WordPress, and managed shared. The plans all come with excellent support. Live chat and ticketing systems are available to help you with any problems you may have. If you still don't have any questions, you can schedule a free 30-minute one-on-one session.

hostpapa reseller hosting

HostPapa provides free domain registration for WordPress and eCommerce sites. Moreover, the company offers free domain registration for XYZ,.online, .cloud, .club, and .blog. This means that your domain is protected against malicious attacks. And as a bonus, you don't have to pay for a separate domain name for your hosting account.

Customer support is one of the key components of any reseller hosting service. HostPapa's 24/7 customer support can be reached through a chat popup on its website. They also offer email, fax, and telephone support for their clients. The company is proud of its outstanding customer service and is always ready to assist clients. And since it's so easy to contact them, HostPapa is also known for its extensive packages.

If you're looking for affordable hosting plans, HostPapa might be your best choice. The company offers free domain names and website builders. The company has solid customer support and uses renewable energy, and its headquarters are located in Canada. It also runs a single data center, but the company doesn't disclose where it is located. Currently, the company offers three shared hosting plans. While aimed at small businesses, these are still great options for personal websites as well.

d. Kamatera

If you're looking for reseller hosting worldwide, you may have come across Kamatera. This hosting service specializes in cloud hosting, and their preconfigured reseller setup makes reselling easy. They offer thirteen availability zones, a range of server setups, and a variety of operating systems. They also offer cPanel, Plesk, Website Panel, and other alternatives.

The company offers 24/7 customer support, flexible pricing, and no setup fees. They also have a free 30-day trial period, and their plans start at just $4 per month for a single vCPU. They are also highly scalable, with only minutes of lead time between requests. In terms of price, Kamatera is one of the best reseller hosting options in the world. And their support is second to none.

One of the great things about Kamatera is that their reseller web hosting plans run on an enterprise-grade network, meaning they're protected against power outages. These servers also offer features like Redundancy Connections, Raid-10 redundancy, and solid security. Kamatera is the best reseller hosting in the world, and they boast data centers in NYC and Toronto, so you're never far from assistance.

As a cloud infrastructure service provider, Kamatera also offers self-provisioning cloud server solutions. This allows you to increase or decrease your server capacity instantly. Plus, you can add or remove hardware components instantly! All this is possible with Kamatera's self-provisioning and configuration capabilities. It's also possible to launch a new cloud hosting server from an existing one – even one in a different data center!

e. ResellerClub

ResellerClub offers a diverse range of hosting products. These include cPanel/Plesk shared hosting, Reseller Hosting with WHM, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Cloud Hosting. ResellerClub also has a robust reseller opportunity with an API and WHMCS plugins, as well as a ready-made storefront for its re-sellers.

ResellerClub offers four plans for resellers, ranging from basic Linux hosting to a dedicated Windows server. The Linux plans have a WHM control panel, while the Windows plans use Plesk. The server plans have unlimited storage, bandwidth, and dedicated IP addresses. Each plan has the same number of websites and resources, but different features are included. There are free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN. The resellers can choose between Linux or CentOS.

The best ResellerClub plans come with numerous additional features. They include Cloudflare CDN, unlimited email, website builder, consumer control dashboard, and more. Among these features are an unlimited amount of storage, turnkey webpage installation via Softaculous, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a reseller, you can use ResellerClub as a platform to host your websites and earn more money while serving clients.

The ResellerClub platform is highly scalable and enables an unlimited number of clients and flexibility. Cloud plans come with cPanel, which makes managing your website easy. ResellerClub's Ultimate plan costs 200GB of disk space and 2,000 GB of data transfer. With unlimited clients, ResellerClub plans are ideal for those who have more demanding websites or are looking for a flexible hosting plan. They also offer 24/7 support and claim to pay for your website migrations.

Did I miss any of the best web hosting services? If so, please let me know in the comments below.

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How to Use a Rocket.net Coupon Code to Get the Best Deals on Your Next Web Hosting Plan

Brian Lett

Brian Lett is a full-time blogger and expert in affiliate marketing, reviewing the best software for running the online operations of your business. Join me to learn how you can grow your business at record speeds. In the past, I have managed huge online marketing departments for my company marketing, SOSComplete LLC.

Brian Lett

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