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May 31, 2022

Best Hosting Plan For Blog Writers [Let’s Celebrate Bloggers]

If you are looking for the best hosting plan for blog writers, then the first step is to decide on your goals. Do you want to start a small blog, or do you want to eventually grow into a self-hosted situation? Some bloggers are perfectly content with a free hosting service, while others may want to migrate at a later date. It all depends on your goals and how much customization you want. In this guide, I will explain what to look for in a good hosting plan for your blog, and what features you want.

a. HostGator Hosting

hostgator hosting plans

The features and flexibility of HostGator are hosting plans are comparable to other shared hosting providers. All plans include unlimited storage, email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and a domain for one year. You can choose between two plans: Hatchling and Baby. Hatchling is great for one website, while Baby is perfect for multiple blogs. You can add additional features on top of the basic plan for a small monthly fee.

HostGator has a great customer support organization and a 99.9% uptime, which is above the industry average. You can get help at any time, seven days a week. You can also access their resource library to find plenty of technical articles and support. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best plan for your blog's specific needs. But if you're a budget-conscious blogger, HostGator is probably not the best option for you.

Hostgator website builder

Unlike Bluehost, HostGator's monthly plans start as low as $2.75 per month with a 36-month commitment, making them an affordable option for launching your blog. You can also take advantage of its free email and $150 Google Ads credit. You can also sign up for Bluehost's $100 Google Ads credit, which is an added bonus for establishing a blog.

With so many different hosting plans available, it's important to choose the one that meets your needs. HostGator offers plans for both beginners and more experienced webmasters. All plans are affordable and have solid reputations in the industry. Whether you're starting a blog or building a small business, HostGator can help you succeed. HostGator offers a standard package with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, and guaranteed uptime.

b. DreamHost Hosting

DreamHost Hosting Reviews

While many people think that a VPS hosting plan is the best choice for a blog, DreamHost has a number of shared hosting plans that are just as affordable. The most basic Dreamhost plan costs only $10/month, and the company offers affordable cloud hosting upgrades. Its most basic shared hosting plan is the Shared Starter, which allows you to host one website and does not include email hosting. Upgrades to unlimited hosting and VPS are available for the most advanced users.

Customer support at DreamHost is extensive. Email and live chat are available around the clock. The support team works seven days a week from 5:30 am to 9 pm Pacific time. DreamHost claims to answer your emails within 24 hours, but if you're new to blogging, callback support may cost you a few bucks. In addition, to live chat and email support, the company has a knowledge base packed with how-to articles.

DreamHost Pros and Cons

As a small, relatively cheap host, DreamHost offers a variety of options to meet your needs. Its main shared hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, popular apps, and even a website builder option. You can also opt for a 97-day money-back guarantee. It also offers 24/7 live chat support, which may prove useful when you need assistance. Regardless of your blog's size, DreamHost is likely the right choice for you.

If you're new to blogging, a shared hosting plan may be the best option. DreamHost's Google Drive plan has unlimited bandwidth and storage, and automatic backups. The Turbo Boost plan comes with unlimited storage and unlimited NVMe and claims to be 20x faster than the average shared server. If you're looking for extra power and speed, the Turbo Max plan offers five times more resources than the Turbo Boost plan and has achieved a ranking among the fastest plans.

c. Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost review and plans

A reliable and affordable hosting company can make or break your blog's success. Bluehost offers a number of plans to choose from, each with different features. The Bluehost best hosting plan for the blog depends on your budget and needs. For the most part, this service is good enough for personal blogs, but for more sophisticated websites, the company has more expensive plans that you can purchase. Here are some of the main benefits of Bluehost. Read on to find out how it can help you grow your blog.

The Bluehost website calculates the total cost for its users based on the features you choose, and you'll also need to consider the additional services, such as premium SSL certificates. Positive SSL costs about 50 USD a year and includes unlimited bandwidth. Dedicated IP addresses cost eighteen dollars in higher levels, but are included for free with a higher hosting plan. As with all hosting plans, make sure to read the terms and conditions before buying a hosting plan to avoid surprises later on. Furthermore, remember that subscriptions automatically renew and the cost for renewing is equal to the original contract amount, even if you don't use them.

Bluehost Hosting Reviews (1)

Bluehost is the ideal place to start if you're new to blogging. They've made WordPress integration easy and quick with a single click. You can set up your WordPress-optimized website in under twenty minutes – perfect for the beginner. Additionally, if you're a business, Bluehost lets you add additional websites to your portfolio and subdomains. This makes it easy for you to scale and add new businesses to your blog.

d. InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting plans

If you're new to blogging, you may be wondering if you should choose an InMotion hosting plan for your blog. This hosting provider has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. They have offices in Virginia Beach, VA, and Los Angeles, CA, and have an A+ service rating with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a consumer protection agency that reviews and rates companies in the U.S. and Canada.

InMotion Hosting is a small hosting company that has been around for over ten years, but its marketing strategy has changed. While they have evolved their marketing strategy and service offerings over time, their basic philosophy remains the same: they're the nerds' choice. Using their system is easy, and they offer excellent customer support and training resources. InMotion shares its parent company with other web hosting companies, including eHost, HostGator, and Bluehost. They are independent but compete on performance and service. This makes them a viable option for anyone looking to build a blog or small business.

Another benefit of using InMotion hosting is that they have a green data center. They have partnered with Trees for the Future to plant trees to offset carbon footprints. The company has also built a green data center in Los Angeles. With these features, you should achieve excellent loading times with no problems. This hosting plan for blog owners will help you create an environmentally friendly and user-friendly blog.

The InMotion hosting plan for blog owners comes with numerous free extras. They offer free SSDs, site transfers, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You can choose the lowest-priced plan if you're just starting out, and get a free SSL certificate and some marketing tools. If you're just starting and need a simple blog, InMotion is the best choice. There are three different pricing plans, so you can find a plan that fits your needs.

e. Cloudways Hosting

If you are looking for the best hosting plan for your blog, Cloudways might be for you. This company offers a host of different plans for different budgets and needs. Cloudways allows you to scale your server as needed, so you never pay for more than you need. You can also scale up or down your plan as needed, and Cloudways is very flexible with its plans. You can even transfer your ownership to another person.


While many bloggers prefer Dreamhost as their host, other options are available. You can use Cloudways to host your blog for a fraction of the cost. You will enjoy the fast speed and reliability of this hosting plan. Founded in 1996, Dreamhost is also one of the oldest hosting companies on the Internet. It is highly recommended for anyone starting a blog. There are several other benefits to Cloudways that make it the perfect plan for your blog.

For security purposes, Cloudways doesn't use a CPanel-based cloud platform. Instead, they developed a custom control panel for their customers. This allows them to have a custom control panel, with plenty of features, without compromising on user experience. Lastly, their customer support is excellent. They respond to your queries 24 hours a day. You can even get a 25% discount if you are a new blogger.

Cloudways Hosting Review

Among the features of Cloudways is its inbuilt caching technology. Cloudways customers have reported that their site loads faster after upgrading the PHP version. However, upgrading your PHP version is not advisable for every website as some plugins will not work with the latest version. If you have any doubts or problems, contact the Cloudways support team, who can help you update hosting WordPress pages. Then, just remember that a daily backup of your website is always recommended before changing.

f. Hostinger

If you are a blogger, you will be glad to know that Hostinger is an excellent option for hosting your blog. Among its features, Hostinger offers several budget-friendly types of plans with unlimited bandwidth and storage, including free domain names. Each hosting plan is also equipped with features for running a successful blog, including a free SSL certificate and at least one email account. Moreover, you will also get a free SSL certificate and up to 100 email accounts.

hostinger review

Apart from offering a variety of affordable blog hosting plans, Hostinger also provides quality performance and ongoing support. Unlike most other web hosts, the cheapest plan costs $2.59 per month, but it does come with limitations. The cost of the free plan does not include a free domain, complimentary SSL certificate, and a limit of 100GB bandwidth. Nevertheless, this is still an excellent option for those starting a blog or a personal project.

The support service is available 24 hours a day. However, prospective customers cannot contact Hostinger representatives through live chat. However, they can submit a general inquiry ticket and get a response by email. In addition, Hostinger provides a money-back guarantee. However, unlike many other web hosts, Hostinger's support team is not as attentive as other hosting companies. The downtime is costly even if your site crashes, and any downtime could affect your business's bottom line.

hostinger cheap hosting

Hostinger also offers additional features, such as dedicated IPs and speed boosts. Moreover, they offer free domain names to their customers and domain registration and transfer. They also offer great value for money. With their low prices, Hostinger is an excellent choice for bloggers. It's worth checking out if they're right for you. And if you're looking for a business-oriented web hosting plan, Hostinger may be the best option for you.

Apart from the free domain, Hostinger offers other features which make it a great choice for bloggers. In addition to free domain names, every hosting plan at Hostinger comes with 100 free emails. Moreover, Hostinger's SSD-enabled servers help speed up your site. The cost of hosting a blog on Hostinger is less than that of Namecheap. However, if you're not a full-time blogger, it's best to go for a business plan.

Regardless of your budget, Hostinger offers high-speed hosting at reasonable prices. While you won't find as many bells and whistles as other top web hosts, its price is a great selling point. The company has been in business since 2004 and claims to have 29 million customers in 178 countries. As a result, Hostinger is one of the larger companies in the space today.

How to Choose the Best Blog Domain Host

If you are considering creating a blog for your personal website, you'll need to choose a promising blog domain host. Here are some tips for choosing the best blog domain host for you:

a. HostGator Hosting

If you are looking for a domain host, you've probably already considered HostGator. This company offers a one-click installation of several popular applications. You can also register a free domain and use it for a year. You'll also have the option of transferring an existing domain to HostGator, and they offer step-by-step tutorials, extensive articles, and live chat support.

Hostgator easy website builder

In addition, HostGator provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is an industry standard. Downtime can cause lost revenue and a bad user experience, so having a high uptime is essential. You can also find useful resources in their resource library, which includes video tutorials and support forums. Those are important features to look for in a domain host. If you're serious about building a successful website, then HostGator is the right option.

Lastly, HostGator's unlimited hosting plans are perfect for newbie bloggers. They include unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and an SSL certificate. You can also use unlimited email addresses and domain names. Many hosts advertise “unlimited” packages, but most simply use the word unlimited to describe the limits of their plans. This is unsatisfactory if you need to use more than one blog at a time.

hostgator main benefits

Aside from offering a high-quality server for newbie bloggers, HostGator also provides 24/7 support. Starting as little as $2.64 per month, you can get a secure and reliable server and an excellent price. Choosing the right domain host is essential if you're unsure how to use the site. And if you're not a coder, consider looking for an alternative platform. Nevertheless, HostGator is one of the best web hosting sites for bloggers.

b. SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround Hosting Reviews

If you're planning to create a WordPress blog, SiteGround is your host. This company offers free hosting, a free CDN, and automatic Cloudflare integration. You can install WordPress on your site for free or use a website builder like Weebly. Weebly is designed for static websites but is a great option for blogs as it offers drag-and-drop building and store functionality.

Alternatively, SiteGround has dedicated servers available, which offer up to 2 TB of storage space and 16 GB of RAM. You can upgrade to a dedicated server for $229 monthly and even go beyond the 5 TB bandwidth limit. You can even choose to host your blog on your physical server instead of using one of the shared hosting plans. Either way, you can enjoy a dedicated server with full root access to your website.

SiteGround Pros and Cons

You'll find a clean welcome screen when you log in to your account. To get started, you need to select a purpose for your account. Select “Start a new website” and choose WordPress installation as the software. Then, log in to your WordPress dashboard and select the theme that will work well for your website. You'll be prompted to enter your email address and password. Finally, you'll be asked to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

When choosing a hosting service, you'll want to ensure it is fast. SiteGround uses the latest technology to make sure that your blog loads quickly. It also uses a cloud hosting platform with auto-scalability and 24/7 VIP support. Besides this, they provide high-speed SSD drives for all accounts and HTTP/2 technology. You can customize your plan, including the free Content Delivery Network (CDN) and multiple locations. This all means that your blog will be accessible on any device.

b. iPage Hosting

If you are looking for the best blog domain host, look no further. iPage offers a wide variety of hosting plans to fit any budget. They offer various features and cheap plans, allowing even the newest users to build a reliable website with minimal effort. This service is excellent for starting a blog and small businesses and offers an unbeatable 1-year free domain and unlimited disk space. You'll also find friendly customer support available via phone or live chat.

iPage Hosting Plans

iPage's servers are located in Waltham and Boston. Both data centers have over a million websites. Its hosting plans don't have a space or bandwidth limit, but they do have a ‘normal' usage limit. This limit will be based on how much data you're using and how much bandwidth is available to you. This limit will ensure that your site stays up and running even if the traffic spikes. iPage can handle the load.

While several factors make a blog domain host exemplary, first-byte time is the most important. A page loads quickly has a greater chance of converting visitors into customers. Page speed is also crucial when attracting traffic, and iPage's hosting centers are enormous and highly automated. They are also regularly backed up and are connected to electric generator systems. Despite these negatives, iPage's core services are solid, and you can get a free domain and SSL certificate for your first year. There are other fees, but nothing too major.

iPage Web Hosting Review

One of the biggest pros of iPage is that you can use a variety of third-party plugins and apps. Besides that, iPage's easy integration of PayPal, ZenPhoto galleries, and Google Apps makes the platform a great option for many e-commerce sites. Another pro is that iPage offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial.

c. InMotion Hosting

best inmotion hosting review

InMotion is a blog domain hosting company that allows you to install WordPress and other popular CMS. It also offers a premium builder that has 500 templates and is easy to use. It also offers customization options, such as color schemes and graphics. The premium builder is also easier to use than WordPress, and you can create a flash intro for your site. While most vendors have moved on to HTML5, InMotion still offers the ability to install custom applications.

InMotion offers multiple data centers throughout the United States so that you can host your site near the concentration of users in your area. This means that when you post a new blog or update an existing one, you can access it from the data center closest to you. You can also benefit from InMotion's free SSL certificate, which makes your site HTTPS (secure). This is important because Google prefers HTTPS sites. Furthermore, InMotion also offers a free domain with each account, which allows you to add a domain on your own.

inmotion hosting security

The InMotion Support Team: InMotion has a knowledgeable support staff that helps customers with WordPress issues. It also offers affordable dedicated hosting and VPS options. They have a stellar reputation for customer service, which is essential if you have a question or need help. With all this in mind, InMotion is a great blog domain host for your next blog. You can read the complete InMotion review below to get started today!

InMotion offers three levels of WordPress hosting. Each level comes with BoldGrid page editing, unlimited disk space, email accounts, and data backups. InMotion also offers powerful VPS and dedicated hosting plans. A free domain will cost you less than a dollar a month. And since InMotion is so popular, you can count on them to provide excellent customer support. You can get your blog hosted quickly and easily.

d. Bluehost Hosting

If you're new to blogging, Bluehost might be your best bet. The platform features a beginner-friendly cPanel interface, making it easy for anyone to manage all their accounts in one place. With clear icons, it's easy to navigate and find features. You can even customize some aspects of the interface for more control. Bluehost has a large community of bloggers, so getting help with your account should be easy.

Bluehost website security

Aside from offering a free domain name, Bluehost offers excellent customer support, so you can get help whenever needed. Plus, Bluehost gives you a free domain name for the first year. That's a huge plus – you don't have to spend money on a third-party domain seller to get your first domain name. And you won't have to worry about paying extra at the start, as Bluehost offers $150-worth of credits to help you get started.

While it may be easy to overlook the many features offered by other blog domain hosts, Bluehost is perfect for beginners, providing everything a beginner needs to set up a site. Its easy-to-navigate cPanel makes setting up a blog easy, and there's plenty of uptime. However, if you're an e-commerce business, you may need dedicated hosting with more resources and higher speeds.

Bluehost free apps

While it's essential to choose the right platform for your blog, choosing the right blog domain host is equally as important. The best platforms should provide fast site speed, robust security, prompt customer support, and reasonable pricing. Plus, you need to know your budget, so choosing a site that works within your budget will be necessary. Finally, choosing the best blog domain host is crucial in launching a successful blog. You'll be up and running if you use a reliable host.

You can quickly discover the best web hosting services by reading this guide.

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